Angelina Jolie Takes Zahara Toy Shopping In Chicago

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie was snapped taking Zahara, 2, to Timeless Toys in Chicago on Thursday. Angelina is in Chicago to fim the movie ‘Wanted.’



  1. winnie says

    To # 73 Val,

    Perhaps I phrased my post badly. I wasn’t talking about being in labor. And to be honest, i have had time to rethink…….. i’m sure brad loves Zee very deeply, but I also think he see’s the PHYSICAL family resemblance between hmself and Shiloh.

    I agree that you can love an adopted child just as much as a biological one. But I do not believe for one minute that he loves Zahara MORE than Shiloh.

    I think the love is probably spread pretty evenly, with the exception that Shiloh has an atonishing physical resemblence to Brad, and that he can see.

    I do not think BP wants his biological child to feel like an outcast, regardless of what AJ or other posters on this site say.

    I am not blasting adoption, I’m just exercising my freedom of speech rights. I’m writing about what I have observed in respect to the interpersonal behavior between Zahara and the other children. Ever since Shiloh was born I have thought that Zahara has behavior problems, and that has nothing to do with her being adopted.

    I’d like to ask you something though, what if Shiloh were the adopted child, and Zee the biological child. Assuming of course that the behavior was the same?

    I guess then I would be blasting biological children.

    I think you can say what you have seen, without it being
    “she is blasting adoption”

  2. Val says

    Winnie, I disagree with you. Adopting a child that you love is the warmest feeling inside. I am an advocate on adopting. When I my husband and I adopted our beautiful daughter Katelyn, it was the warmest feeling inside. We knew Katelyn for a while and we became so attached to her because she had been through so much abuse. Same with my son Christopher. So what if I didn’t spend hours of labor with them. I love them so much that I am glad I was unable to have kids because my eyes were open on adoption. Adoption is so special, so warm, so generous… think about it some more before you blast it.

  3. winnie says

    I don’t agree with those of you that say that Brad Loves Zahara more than Shiloh, I think it’s the other way around. Methinks that Angie pushed him to be seen with Zahara on special “DAddy/daughter outings” to push her agenda of “Z” being the favored one by all.

    There is no doubt in my mind that “Z” is the favored one of Angie because they are so much alike:

    Attention seeking (will do most anything for this)

    Selfish, Zahara has never tried to share ANYTHING with Shiloh

    willful only what “Z” wants is important.

    Jealous of Shiloh and Pax, fights with them both.
    Bites and kicks them both.

    Gives dirty looks to Shiloh when Brad is giving Shiloh attention.

    A Temper tantrum when her wants are not filled immediately.

    Has no empathy for siblings?

    Is only happy when she is carried.

    I think that in the same manner that AJ is dark are freaky, Zahara is too, by not bonding with the other children and for the causes mentioned above.

    As far as Brad and Shiloh are concerned, on the few occasions he has had Jolies permission to hold her, he gives Shiloh this look that says your mine, I’m your Daddy, and I’ll always be your Daddy. No one can ever take that away from us. I’ll always love you.

    I have never, ever seen him look at “Z” that way.

    He may be deeply fond of “Z” but I don’t think it’s the same. Not because “Z” is black, or adopted, but because he desperately wanted a baby of his own.
    I think it’s the same for women who go through agonizing fertility treatments, they want a child of their own.

    You can call me a hater if you want, but I know that you can’t change human nature: wanting a baby of your own, watching it grow, seeing it born, feeding it. Those are things no adopted child can ever replace.

    I KNOW just by looking at his expressions that he loves Shiloh more than “Z”

    If Angie ever decided to split, Brad would have a claim to Shiloh, but probably not to any of the other kids. Even though they all have his last name, I seriously doubt that Angie has allowed him to adopt Madd, Pax, and Zahara for fear on Angelina’s part that he would want 50/50 custody. She can’t do anything about Shiloh as she is a biological child. At some point he may be separated from the others, but Shiloh is, and will always be his.

  4. Didi says

    I would have to agree with everyone who is saying that Zahara’s hair needs some help. Unfortunately, black hair cannot be cared for the same way as white hair. It is much more fragile, and prone to dryness. Good hair-care is important at a young age to prevent breakage, that could compromise growth later on in life. Angelina just needs a couple of lessons from a salon specializing in black hair. Zahara will thank her when she gets a little older!

  5. oriana says

    Deeds, I think Jenn is a warm and outgoing woman. She has lots of friends that seem to enjoy her and are supportive of her. Celebs and old time friends alike. Cheryl Crow for one has spoken highly of her and I think she is true to her friends.

    On the other hand, I have never seen any pictures of Angelina Jolie with any girlfriends, it seems she leans towards men. I find it odd that she doesn’t have any female girlfriends?

    I myself love to yak with my friends, on here and at home, go shopping, out to lunch, cook together, dinners, BBQ’s, etc. I see this from Jennifer and to me it says a lot about her personality.

    You have a nice day today!

  6. terri says

    I’ve never heard of oiling interfering with the natural oils in a baby’s hair. But Zahara is two anyway, and most black mothers that I know have started putting something in their children’s hair by then. Anyway…

    Zahara looks cute. Angelina looks beautiful.

  7. oriana says

    Deeds, when I said I think Jennifer blew it, I meant as far as having a child or children with Brad. I think she is a good comedy actress but I loved her in the movie with Jake a few years ago. I don’t think her recent movies since the split have been that successful. Neither have Angelina Jolie’s for that matter and I do think she is the best actress of the three, including Brad.

    I am not truthfully a big fan of any of them but I think Jennifer by far has more morals about her than Angie ever will have. Why people bring her name up constantly and feel the need to bash her is a mystery to me.

    I think Brad is very happy with Angie, I think he is in love with her and is devoted to her and the children. I do think she is friends with Brad and I don’t think he would go along with the people that insult her constantly. Angie knew that he thought highly of Jenn, she even said that he told her in the very beginning he was married to his “best friend”. I do think that Jennifer is insecure and would like to see her find lasting happiness.

    I remember years ago Brad was giving an interview and said she was a talented artist (painting) and he was very proud of her. I have always thought if he hadn’t met Angie, would they have gone to counseling and worked things out, but I think she was bound and determined to be a big time film star and wanted to put off having children. She may possibly regret that now.

    I also think Brad’s family still have affection for her and not out of pity either, no one held a shotgun to his head to make him stay with her the years he did.

    Hope this hasn’t been too long and boring a response to you!

  8. Deeds says

    oriana, would you please enlighten me on the subject of Jenn Aniston? You seen to know quit a bit about this subject. Not you, but I find most people that are on this web site start frothing at the mouth if something nice about Jenn is said. You don’t have that trait, thank goodness, you seem honest and true to yourself that is why I’m asking you. I know this is a babyrazzi website, but she is brought up a lot. Why do people think that Jenn is such a threat to AJ? I don’t believe Brad thinks so. If he still has intimate feelings for Jenn I don’t believe he would have set up house with AJ. I think there is a differance between loving a spouse and love he has for his children. I think he is dedicated to his kids. I don’t understand why Jenn is thrown into the mix, she doesn’t belong there, and I doubt if she will ever try to belong in BJ’s And AJ’s family. JMO

  9. tania says

    jennifer aniston must be carzy by now! she dont know whats she’s lost! if i were herself i will bore 5 baby’s for brad pitt……

  10. oriana says

    This is the most hateful looking child I have ever seen! Of all the celeb kids, and I am sure a lot of them don’t like the cameras either, but you don’t see the perpetual frown and scowl that this kid has. It is a shame she wears such a mean look all the time for she does have a beautiful smile, which is rare. No one can say this girl doesn’t have expressions!

  11. courtney says

    its cool that their having a mommy-daughter day, but it seems to me that shiloh is never in the picture, and when she is, shes either covered up, or doesnt look happy, the only time ive seen shiloh look happy is with brad, brad wanted kids, he wnated them with jennifer, angelina never wanted to have her own, she wanted to adopt, like she always has! she does not pay enough attention to shiloh, brad is the one who always holds her and u see him with her way more than you see angelina with her. it should be mother and DAUGHTERS day out. poor shiloh!! quit neglecting that baby!!!! i dont see how no one else sees it!!??!?!

  12. traveller says

    I believe AJ loves all four of her kids equally. If a stranger were to look at my family, they’d think my mother loved my sister more than me. Even as adults, she spends more time with my sister than with me. I know my mom loves me just as much, but she just has a lot more in common with my sister. Their personalities meshed better than hers and mine. They had similar interests and thus spent more time together. No big deal. I assume it’s a similar situation in the JP household. In fact, most households probably have a similar situation.

  13. N says

    I think Z is pretty. It looks like her hair was combed it just got messed up. If her hair is dry their are oils made just for babies that she can put in her hair. They aren’t cheap…but they work. At 2 yrs old its going to be hard to keep her hair neat all day….Especially if its short. Its going to unravel. Common sense…. people.

  14. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Lol that looks like such a typical two-year-olds gurny face. its quite sweet, and Angelina can always blackmail Zahara with it when she is a teenager. That colour does look great on her. Oh, thanks for the PittWatch link ZBella!

  15. Holly says

    why do so many of you people feel the need to parade your terrible comments and opinions about people on this site? for starters you know nothing about them and whats with all this ‘oh but I HEARD angie say in an interview’ or ‘i SAW in a picture angie doing this’!! THATS DOESNT PROVE ANYTHING! all the GOOD mums out there know that what most of these people are saying is absolute crap about ange and brad loving some children more than others. we see this couple and their kids through the eyes of a camera maybe for a few minutes of their lives. pretty sure its impossible to say you know for a fact what they’re like!! and saying stuff like ‘oh that little girl is ugly’ and so on….just get a life! everyone on this site is not perfect so dont pass judgement on others, especially BABIES!!

  16. YVONNE says


  17. says

    Yes, like you said Oriana, they are a very close family and that is what counts and I definately think that they will be successful. A plesant night to you and everyone else ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. oriana says

    desiree, don’t get me wrong please! I think that in time, Brad will love Pax as much, but he was there right after he left Jen and Angie said herself she noticed a special bond between the two. I think that is still there. I know without a doubt he will be a good father to him, but the extra time with Maddox does count and that is life. I will say I think this is a close family and they will stay together. I am not a big fan of Brad or Angie but as far as the children go, I feel it will be successful.

  19. says

    Yes actually I do think that he loves him as much as Maddox. Just because Pax spent 3 1/2 years with no mother or father and then came to them doesn’t mean much. That’s what adopting a child is all about.They knew that he wasn’t with them since a baby and that definately doesn’t mean that they will love him any less.Call me crazy but that’s my honest answer. I see where you are coming from Oriana, but photos ,videos, interviews and all that only say part of the story. I 100% beleive that they love all 4 equally.

  20. oriana says

    Hi Zbella, yes, it has been RECENTLY that we have seen her carrying Shiloh more often, she is older now and may be wanting more of Angie’s attention. But none of the pictures come close to her showing the affection that she did in the pictures with Zahara when she was Shiloh’s age. That is what caught my attention early on. Even walking thru airports she would be talking and cooing to her, plus kissing and smiling with a maternal look on her face. I still have not seen that.

    I think they will adopt more kids and it will shock me if Angie has another biological child, her heart isn’t in it, I think she only had Shiloh to please Brad in the first place.

    Sounds like you have some lucky much loved children, and that doesn’t surprise me at all!

  21. oriana says

    desiree, I am sure that you are a good mother and you love all of your children equally, unfortunately, not every family or mother is like that.

    My opinions are formed by looking at Angie’s expression, demeanor and actions in her pictures, it is not just a picture alone with the children that made me feel this way.

    She has kissed, stroked, even in the videos, cooing and speaking loving to Zahara, not just the interviews she gave about her, she deeply loves her and her nuturing and loving way she carried her and held her, I have NEVER seen that out of her with Shiloh. I think she loves Shiloh to a small degree, but it does not compare with her feelings for Zahara, you can see the emotion on her face when she looks at Zahara.

    And I think Brad loves Shiloh also, but I have seen him carry Zahara a lot more than her, when she could walk, and Shiloh was a baby, in her stroller or a nanny had her, Brad and Angie can’t help themselves, I think when she was sick and they first brought her home, the bond was formed then, and it can’t be broken. I have no doubt at all that Zahara is the favorite child in the family.

    And do you really think that Brad loves Pax to the same degree he does Maddox? No way!

  22. Zbella says

    I agree with desiree. I also have 3 children and spend most of my time with my 5 year old. She’s a social, people pleaser. She has simply been around the longest, so we have the most pictures of her too. She is a ham and loves cameras. My son is shy and quiet. He likes to sleep by himself, no cuddling to sleep… However, I held him until he was 2 1/2 – no carriers or strollers! He is a mama’s boy. Then my baby, I didn’t leave her until she was 9 months old for more than 2 hours! She came everywhere with me and I nursed her the middle of the night. They are each spoiled in their own way.

    I have seen tons of pictures of AJ holding Shi recently and I love them. I used to wonder too, but now I think it’s just that they are sheltering ALL their kids more with the crazy paps.

  23. says

    I would not like to believe that parents actually love one child more than the other. As a mother to 3 beautiful children myself, I could not even imagine something like that. I don’t think that just because you spend more time with one child means that you love him more than the others. I try my best to spend equal time with my 3 kids but somehow my 2year old daughter always manages to be with me the most. Obviously I don’t think that Brad or Angie loves any of their kids more than the other. Yes we see photos, but we don’t know what happpens in their private lives. Of course, this is just my opinion, and I respect yours but I just can’t agree. I remember in an interview recently AJ had wonderful things to say about all her 4 kids and it seemed to me that they are equally loved. This is what she said about Shiloh:
    “Shi’s so full of light and love, she’s just a little honey, and very, very funny. I think I’m recognizing some of myself in that one — she’s going to be a little bit of trouble!” Of course this doesn’t prove anything about what I just said but a lot of people claim that they have never heard AJ say much about Shiloh.

  24. oriana says

    Who said there was anything wrong with her? Other than being a spoiled brat, she does look hostile, mean, and hateful most of the time, and yes, it is probably because she hates the paps in her face, but LOOK at her expression, it says loud and clear how she feels!

  25. oriana says

    There have been a 100 to 10 pictures of Zahara with Angie and Brad over Shiloh. She is always attached at the hip to one of them. When she was Shiloh’s age they didn’t blink without her, that has not been the case with Shiloh. Yes, I definately think Brad loves her more than Shiloh and Angie has proved that also by her statements as well as actions.

    Not my fault, I just formed by opinions by observing them and listening to them talk.

    Zahara is hostile like her pictures look. She is demanding and I sure gets her way in the household. I remember Angie saying Shiloh woke up every morning with Zahara screaming in her face! So yes, she and Brad allowed that to happen and I have no doubts she is still in control.

    I do think she is adorable when she cracks a smile, it changes her whole look, and maybe when she gets older she will do it more often.

  26. Jill. says

    I am sorry but I will differ, Z looks hostile in this picture but her smile is priceless so I will keep my fingers crossed for a time she gives us a taste of it.

  27. Miapocca says

    From what they have all said..Z has a very strong personality , meaning she bosses them she gets her way……… it might not be a case of being Favoured…I think Maddox and Whorelina have the strongest bond, because they were by themselves for a long while before ALL the others came,..

  28. says

    Zahara is favoured above Shiloh by Brad and Angie?? And a person knows all of this by just looking at photographs of these people?? Right…..

    I also agree wit Essie.

  29. Essie says

    Well, I am Black and have been for a lot of years and I do know that you don’t mess with the natural oils in a baby’s hair.

    I cannot believe some of the people on this board . . . saying such awful things about babies. Not just Zahara but other babies. Your lives must be really terrible if you feel compelled to say such mean, evil things about an innocent baby. (Saying babies “look dirty.” What kind of person says that?)

    Okay, fine, you don’t like the child’s mother. Big deal. Babies don’t choose their parents. Some of you need to look at yourselves and discover why you are so nasty when it comes to children.

  30. oriana says

    I do think she tries to make time with each and everyone of the kids, but it has been very obvious that Zahara is much favored over Shiloh, by Brad as well as Angie.

  31. minkysmom says

    why come everytime angie has one of her kids other than shiloh somebody says something about her not caring about her. you can’t hold all of your kids at one time, and it’s good to have one on one time with each, if Nony had paid attention she would see a pic on this same site with angie holding shiloh.

  32. kimmy says

    It’s cool that she has adopted these babies and is taking care of them. That being said, I really don’t find this one attractive. She is precious as all babies are but that doesn’t mean she is a good looking child.

  33. oriana says

    Isn’t there some kind of conditioner she could use? I actually think she looks cute with her hair like this, better than sticking up looking wild. I wonder if it is soft or coarse, looks like a brillo pad sometimes. I have several girlfriends that are Black and they have soft hair.

  34. Zbella says

    If you are Brangelina fans, you may enjoy The webmistress there is very positive about the Jolie-Pitt family.

    I love that color on Z. Her hair looks fine to me, but I’m white, so what do I know? Z looks clean and well loved, that is what matters.

  35. says

    actually you do put oil in black babies hair!
    If you don’t have black kids…don’t comment on nothing that you know nothing about!

    And oh yeah..yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Zahara looks pretty!

  36. Deeds says

    I forgot to mention that Z’s facial expression is priceless. I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of that look!

  37. dori says

    Z looks cute and it’s a shame the photographers scared her like this. Angie on the other hand looks so pale and thin not pretty anymore

  38. oriana says

    I have never seen her in that dress before, it is a nice color on her, and Shiloh did look nice in Zahara’s old dress. Definately nice to see her in something other than Black and dressing like a boy all the time.

  39. AmyY says

    I think they are doing excellent jobs with their kids. I only have two and its still hard to make sure each gets some undivided attention time. They also educate their kids on all the different cultures! The only thing I think they go overboard on is the toy department. I think Ive seen a million pictures of them in toy stores. We only buy our kids toys on birthdays, Christmas or as a special treat. I think you spoil them if you get them something everytime they ask but hey, they are their kids so they can spoil them as much as they want I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Essie says

    You don’t put oil in a baby’s hair. Talk about being an idiot!!! Go educate YOURself!!!

    What a child’s hair looks like or what color a child wears should be unimportant compared to how that child is cared for. And these kids are obviously cared for and loved.

    As Traveller mentioned, worry about Britney’s boys. They can use prayers from all of you “caring” people.

  41. traveller says

    Angelina commented in an interview that she puts Zee’s hair up, but Zee just tears it out. So maybe, she had the child’s hair done nicely and she tore it down and it had to be hastily redone before they left the car. The kid’s 2 years old. If she doesn’t want her hair up, what are you going to do? If it were me, I wouldn’t even bother if the kid’s just going to mess it all up. At least Angelina tries.

  42. traveller says

    #11 – Why do you think Shiloh is taking a back seat? Can’t Angelina spend some one on one time with each of her kids? What about the pictures from the arts and crafts store in NY? She had Shiloh and Maddox with her then and I don’t remember any comments on Zahara and Pax getting the short end of the stick. Honestly, if the only thing you can find to pick on Angelina about is which kid she takes with her to a toy store, then she’s obviously a wonderful parent. If you feel the need to be concerned about celebrity children, then perhaps you should go pick on Britney Spears.

  43. onatear says

    Jodie, try to stop educating the world, or us bloggers, with your infinite knowledge about hair. Angelina will take care of the kid…..
    Otherwise, love the bracelets and the one-on-one with mommy.

  44. Jodie says

    her hair needs some oil in it. it looks very dry and un managable. these two are idiots. they need to educate themselves.

  45. C says

    Puffs are fine. I think that they are so cute! It’s just that when you do puffs the hair being pulled in the ponytail should not be sticking up like it is. It’s not a big deal though. She is adorable no matter what her hair looks ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not sure why you are so upset over my comment #14. Calm down!

  46. Essie says

    If you people think Angelina reads any of this crap you’re nuts!!! Zahara has worn that dress before and Shiloh’s dress was a hand-me-down from Zahara. You people are so stupid!!!

    And, exactly what should Angelina do to Zee’s hair?? She’s 2 years old and her hair is in two little puffs. If that’s not acceptable to you people then tough. Take care of your own kids and stop worrying about other people’s kids.

  47. **s says

    I”ve always thought the Brangelina kids are cute, but I do have to agree with #2, do something with her hair. Ask for help and some pointers if you need to…..

  48. celine says

    Z’s face is a classic. Best response ever to silly paps. She’s a tall, very cute girl with lots of character.

  49. Tatiana says

    Glad she is wearing a dress. i always think those stars read comments online. Because you can see a shift in behavior. So now Zahara, Shiloh are wearing dresses like any little girls. After all the Suri’s pics in cute dresses Angelina is trying to dress them nicely, wonder if she did not see Suri’s pics last week.

  50. Lauren says

    Those poor kids. Imagine how they must feel everytime they go out, that cameras are going off in their faces. It’s nice to see Angelina dressing her kids in colors other than blacks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  51. christie says

    don’t make ridiculous comments about the look on zahara’s……… looks like the paps have startled/scared her!!she’s so cute in that colour!!

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