Tori Spelling Anxious To Have Another Baby!

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling, 34, is already thinking about having another baby!

“I’d love to have a little girl, but whatever is in the cards is fine,” Tori, who gave birth to son Liam in March, told People magazine. “I want them to be close in age. I feel that’s important. So sooner rather than later.”

Tori has been enjoying watching her son grow and spending time with her mom, Candy, with whom she has reconciled after a falling out.

Liam’s latest trick is “to pull up his little T-shirt and show girls his belly,” says Tori. “He’s already had his first makeout session with a girl who’s a month older. She planted a kiss on his mouth and he loved it!”

He’s also taken up exercising with mom, says Tori, who has shed 22 lbs. since welcoming her son. “I recently went to my first baby and mommy yoga class. It was so cute to see him in there, because he was so obsessed with the other babies. He was all Zen afterwards. ”

As for grandma Candy, “Liam lights up when he sees her,” says Tori. “He’s made us all realize how important family is.”



  1. Shalnetha says

    I loved you in 90210 and I loved you even more as a mother keep up the good work. No matter whay people seems to think about you, your not here for them your here to be the perfect mother that you are.

  2. Anne says

    Oriana! !!! Dean gives u the creeps!! He appears to be a very affectionate and considerate husband and father to all his kids and u have an attitude problem. Maybe yr hubby has fault with u and u choose to pass it on to Dean.
    Grow up.

  3. Zbella says

    You mean from giving birth? Wow! It took me a few weeks to loose the first 20 pounds.

    I do not like Tori. She annoys me. I also don’t like old photos.

  4. Taylor M says

    I do not mind seeing the same pictures at all because I am a very nice person! Unlike my unstable imposter.

    Their little baby is so sweet.

  5. Uniquely ~Taylor Mastronni says

    I hate when they keep posting old pictures.Who wants to see a picture that has already been posted on here before……….Retards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. carleigh says

    I really have gotten to like Tori Spelling since she became a mother. Before I thought she was an overindulged, spoiled Hollywood little rich girl (she is rich and maybe a bit spoiled) but after watching her show my opinion has changed dramatically. She is just adorable as a mother and you can tell she’s just crazy in love with her sweet little boy!

  7. Molly says

    I hate it when parents talk about their kids “making out” with other kids. I doesn’t seem right sexualizing their behaviour like that. It’s a bit sick if you ask me!

  8. Lauren says

    Liam is cute. I was watching the Season 1 marathon of their show last nite. Can’t wait for the 2nd season to premiere.

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