Sara Gilbert & Partner Welcome A Daughter

Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert, 32, and partner Allison Adler welcomed daughter Sawyer Gilbert Adler on August 2nd.

The pair have a son, Levi, who’s 3 years old.

Sara, who played daughter Darlene on Roseanne Barr’s hit ABC sitcom, now has a recurring role on ER.




  1. karlee says

    i would never turn gay. i am christian. a very strong one. and i will NEVER turn gay or bi. way to go me. but i think christianty is better than muslum..

  2. karlee says

    i never knew that sara was gay until i read a magazine today. she kissed boys on the set of roseanne. then how is she gay? i am taotally confused! r her and allison still togther?

  3. me says

    I guess that is what makes christians different from the muslims and also why christianity is dwindling very fast.A muslim would never talk the way you so called christians are talking,what is wrong is WRONG AND THEY STAND BY IT.well,i do not care what you say,HOMOSEXUALITY IS WRONG AND I AM TOTALLING AGAINST IT.

  4. dawn says

    I totally agree with you 32, you can be tolarent and loving even if you disagree with someones lifestyle, no need to be hateful just because someone lives a lifestyle that you don’t agree with.

  5. kimmy says

    me- I’m also a Christian and we are taught to love everyone and not to condemn them. Who is it that Jesus associated most with? It was the sinners (the prostitutes, the tax collectors, the so-called religious leaders known as the pharisees). I also don’t agree with that lifestyle but I can still be kind, love and befriend a homosexual. I really think that Christians have it all wrong today.

  6. me says

    It is clearly written in the bible.Homosexuality is BAD.No matter how you people want to twist/view it,IT IS BAD.Yes,my religion preaches tolerance,but DEFINITELY not tolerance for homosexuals.

  7. kimmy says

    Wow- for people that preach tolerance, you sure don’t have any tolerance for someone that might be against that particular lifestyle. Why does everyone have to agree with homosexuality and if you don’t that makes you a horrible person? Shut up and let people have their opinions.

  8. Dawne says

    Who made you so important that you becom gods judge on earth. Worry about your own life and let God be the judge of us all. That’s how it is supposed to be. All babies are a blessing and should be congratulated. At least she has parents who love and support her.

  9. celta says

    Sara and her partner don’t need my approval, but I feel bad for their kids. Jodie Foster is another who’s had 2 kids with her partner. Anyway, what’s important is that they love their kids and are good parents. Heterosexual couples can be rotten parents as well.

  10. nosoupforyou says

    I don’t think they want or need your approval.

    No need to inflate your importance.

    Go back to church.

  11. Leah says

    Oh Windy blow away!! You have no leg to stand on since in another site your dating a married man! Gay people shouldn’t tolerate you!

  12. Mum says

    Congrats to Sara and Allison! I loved Roseanne. One of the most brilliant shows to emerge from the 80s. And no, she’s not a scientologist.

  13. me says

    I wonder where all the anti-scientology crusaders are.Their faith makes them hate people like Tom Cruise but they can tolerate gays.Well my faith does not allow me tolerate gays,so NO CONGRATS TO THEM !!!!!!!!

  14. Nicki says

    Congratulations on thier little girl. Not a fan of the name they picked for her, but hey it’s thier kid. Best wishes to the family.

  15. carleigh says

    Sara and Allison are a female/female lesbian couple. They have been together for awhile and the first child Levi was carried by Allison and this time Sara carried the baby. Both of the children were a result of artificial insemination. Good for them if it’s what they want.

  16. Lauren says

    Congratulations! I was watching the Roseanne marathon on Nick @ Nite last nite. She was so little when the show started. 🙂

  17. Sandra says

    They are half sisters. Sara adopted the Gilbert last name after watching her older half sister Melissa get a star on the walk of fame.

  18. traveller says

    No, they are adopted sisters. Melissa was adopted by the parents and Sara is their biological child.

  19. pika says

    Funny, I was just watching an oooooold Roseanne last night and thinking about how young Sara was at the beginning of that series.
    Congrats to the new parents!

  20. dori says

    Yeah great…congratulations She always seemed depressive to me. Not a big fan of Sara Gilbert but I Wonder if she’s related to Melissa Gilbert.

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