Kevin Federline Seeking Primary Physical Custody Of Sean Preston & Jayden James

Britney Spears

In the above pic Britney was snapped in Venice Beach for a video shoot on August 7th.

Kevin Federline has filed an order to show cause for primary physical custody of his two sons with ex-wife, Britney Spears, according to a source.

The documents were filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday by Kevin’s lawyer, according to the source.

Britney and Kevin’s divorce was finalized less than two weeks ago. At the time, the couple agreed to split custody 50-50 of Sean Preston, 22 months, and Jayden James, 10 months.

But a source close to Kevin told People magazine that Kevin was worried Britney was exposing the boys to “unnecessary risk” and that his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, “hopes to get Kevin primary custody.”

In June, when the couple were wrangling over their divorce settlement, Kevin was still resisting signing the papers over growing concerns about Britney’ erratic behavior.

Britney, who spent a stint at Promises rehab center, has been a fixture on the nightclub and party scene. The news of Kevin’s request for primary custody comes as photos have surfaced of his ex-wife reportedly topless in a hotel pool.



  1. Ilove my kids says

    I wonder B do u tell your baby boys u love u rock them to u even love your baby boys.

  2. oriana says

    #88, I am sure I would agree with you if I wasn’t so FAT! This way you can’t see the wrinkles! Ha! Bring on the Bananas Foster!!!!

  3. oriana says

    I think she looks bloated. And with all her money, she doesn’t seem to care how her hair looks. I think she has some serious mental problems.

  4. kimmy says

    did she already put extensions in her hair again or this that still a wig? Also, it seemed like she was on her way to losing weight, now it looks like she’s gaining it back- probably form drinking.

  5. N says

    Also, Her mom is a flake. If her mom wants to see the kids she needs to repair her relationship with Britney. You dont go through the ex-husband that used and disrespected her. His dumbass knew what he had when he started dating her. She was seird and did stupid things before she had those kids. There is videotape that proves it. He still decided to have kids with her!

  6. oriana says

    We know she went to two rehabs? We also know if she blinked, she wasn’t at the first one that long! I guess N thinks one or two days is successful!!!! The second one she was pissed the whole time she was there and blamed everyone for it, and what good did it do her? More pictures of her posing half naked and running around in her underwear! I remember seeing the video of her where she almost dropped her baby, but not the glass she was holding! She is a total mess and Jenna and people all over the world can see it!

    Bar after Bar, night after night, why should anyone take her seriously as a mother when she doesn’t take herself that way? We have seen looks of rage, despair and drunkeness on her face, she looks like a zombie in some of her pictures. And she went thru a period when she went out for a while? When did that period stop?

    I for one am sick of her, and Kevin might have shot off his mouth and not been Mr. Perfect in the past, but at least he appears to be having his sons best interests at heart now, and when her mother and family have to go see the boys when with him, it plainly speaks to the fact that Britney needs help, guidance, and counseling.

    And she looked like a WILD woman with the look of rage on her face when she was hitting the car with her umbrella, and please, NO, she wasn’t rehearsing for a role like she tried to cover that up with!

    Thank goodness there are people like Jenna who are not blinded by these episodes and irrational behaviors these out of control celebrities do! And thank you Jenna!!!!!

  7. N says

    We know she went to two rehabs and completed the program at promises. We know she went through a period when she went out for a while….but we also know that while she was married to Kevin she never went out and thats all he did. We know of 1 time when her child was not strapped in properly. There is a debate rather its unsafe for her children to be in forward facing car seats….when its obvious they fit the weight requirements just not the age requirement. Per my instructions I have in front of me now….it is based on the weight or age…not both in conjunction. We know she attacked a paps car with an UMBRELLA. We know she drove around with sean on her lap once.
    We know that Kevin smokes next to them also.

  8. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Vanessa Del Rio, in response to #64, we know a heck of a lot about Britney’s life actually. We know that she went to rehab several times but failed each time, we know that she went through a period of being out drinking every night instead of being at home with her babies (who were already going through the trauma of Mummy and Daddy divorcing), we know she repeatedly takes her kids out in the car without having them properly strapped in, we know she smashed up a car with a baseball bat, we know she has even driven around L.A. with a one-year-old ON HER LAP, we know she has endangered her kids on several occasions, we know she smokes next to them, we have even seen her saggy snatch, we’ve seen all of this!

    What I haven’t seen is anything whatsoever to suggest that she is even a DECENT mother, never mind a good one. So I think that we are quite justified to have these opinions, based on the facts that we have been shown.

    Its very hard to make any sense of your posts sweetie. I suggest you take some grammar classes, or stay away from here until you at least reach your 12th birthday. As for your attack on Oriana, you’re just jealous because you’ll never be half as classy as her!

  9. says

    Why don’t you both try swinging?
    maybe, Oriana can get her some!
    Nicki, that sounds like a wh@re name!
    but we know that your sn@tch is dried up..
    Oriana, get real..I don’t want your son..i just want him to tuck his d^ick in, and suck up that pride,and have you join him…….in outing yourself!
    Admit, it this how you pick up old hotties!
    Elton John….wouldn’t even look at skinny d*ck way! lmao

  10. oriana says

    I may just have him buy me my own Mimi’s!!! And you can have a FREE FOOD card for life there!!!!!!! Ha!!!

  11. oriana says

    Nicki darling, ignore Ms. Porn Queen! She is pitiful! She wants my son but can’t have him! I want him to hold out for Elton John so he can buy me a big mansion!!! Ha!

    I am dreaming about tomorrow!!!! Big Breakfast!!!!

  12. Aimee says

    What’s up with these men going in for full custody? David Hasseljoff … Oh, gee, I remember ~ child support. I’m tired of moms being held to a higher standard than fathers.

  13. Nicki says

    74. Vanessa Del Rio—- I didn’t read one word of what you typed. It was all caps and seemed angry.
    If you want porn, you won’t get it her. PLEASE take that crap elsewhere. Thank-you.

  14. says






  15. Nicki says

    71. Vanessa Del Rio — I’m not surprised you use a “pro” porn stars name for your own. I can imagine, by the way you typed your last post, # 71, that you talk the same way. You sound like you have a big c@ck stuffed in your “pie hole”.
    At best # 71 post made no sense.
    Leave the baby sites and go back to your porn sites. PLEASE.

    And if I EVER see a “banana FROSTERS” some where, I’d be surprised, but will think of you.:lol: Go back to your porn and please leave it out of the baby sites.

  16. oriana says

    #71, why are you so hooked on my son? He is GAY!!! He doesn’t want you! You won’t have a chance with him, sorry! He dated a girl once and it didn’t work out, so please, give up the dream and hope. He is happy in a committed relationship and is secure in his life, try Ricky Martin!!!!

  17. says

    good! maybe you old H@es can get some!
    I see that you love being on each other saggy n*pples!
    Actually, Vanessa Del Rio is a pro P@rn Star, and I just used the name! GAWWD that is how I know that you wear a chasity belt, and Nicki can’t seem to find the key just yet! Keep kissing away, Nicki….You know Oriana…son is Sweet…I am pretty sure in the back of her mind, that she has had feelings about that! The apple don’t fall that far from the tree..ya Know?

    So maybe you can put the Banana frosters to get use! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL JUSTIFY YOURSELVES..let it out!

  18. Nicki says

    Oh oriana enjoy every bite of your Banana Fosters. It it so yummy!!! I just might have that tomorrow also. Especially now that I will be thinking about it all night. Enjoy!

  19. oriana says

    Johanna my Dear, thank you very much!

    Vanessa Del Rio, who are you again? I do change my mind sometimes when the poster makes sense to me and I see that I am wrong in some of my opinions. However, I do usually stick to my guns if I think I am right. There are a lot of people I don’t agree with sometimes but I do understand and see where they are coming from and they are very logical. Your concern for my life is touching, thank you! I try to keep busy, when I am not being lazy, and everyone knows I am active with Special Olympics and the Animal Shelters, love my pets so much! I recommend you try it too!

    Nicki, thank you many times over and over for your support, Oh, I LOVE to kiss Nicki’s ass!!! May just do it all weekend, especially since she loves Banana Fosters so much! Will have one just for you Nicki!!!!!

  20. Nicki says

    #64 Vanessa Del Rio= ?????? on the Angie and Shiloh arrive in Chicago thread. Apparently she is trying to make it look like more than one person is attacking oriana.

    oriana always holds her own, and she does a fune job doing it.

  21. Johanna says

    #64 you are obviously a regular poster on this site so why not come forth and let Oriana know who you are instead of hiding behind another name?

    Oriana it must be someone who tried ripping you apart on the TomKat thread and wants to attack you again on this thread.

  22. says

    I think that all of you are @ssholes!

    I don’t think that either one of you(s) know sh#t, about what goes on in this girl’s life! Oriana, you change your mind so d@mn don’t even know what you believe!
    just as long as some poster say something, and you feel like getting your soup coolers greasy!
    You are pitiful to can tell that you have no know that they have outside activities for lonely people that need friends! YMCA, YWCA,and the Salvation Army!’

    Because this cyber lounge isn’t going to get it!

    IF god, saw fit to take her kids away..he will do so, but you(s) are not god, can’y anyone judge her, but god…so you are running your flaps for nothing!

  23. boo says

    I hope he gets custody, Brit isn’t ready to be responsible, I think she still has issues to deal with and in the mean time, those boys are better off with their dad!

  24. B says

    I think that they are both immature and stupid. Not “bad” parents. I think that they should not have had those children, but htey did and now they both need to grow up! It shouldnt be a case on who is a better parent because they both should step up! Those boys need some stability in life and the only way they are gonna get it is if thier parents become adults. Brit and Kevin both need to let go of thier pride and anger towards each other and just do what is right for the kids. Ya she is young and she is allowed to have a life. But when you have kids at whatever age you have to grow up! Its a part of being a parent. If you want ot party and screw everyone then you dont have kids. Its plain and simple. I just hope that they both grow up and show those beautiful boys what it is like to have a happy stable family life so they can grow up to be healthy productive normal men!

  25. celine says

    enlighted ppl correcting star’s mispellings and wrongs with such dedication. so full of intention for good deed. how can they respond to what she’s saying when there are so many mistakes. those nobles souls can’t even think when faced with such inappropriate spelling. star please re-write your message, maybe next time they’ll get it and respond to u about that: that britney can have a sex life – and a fun one, rather than a sick, boring suburban one – and she can also raise kids, and it’s fine!

  26. DMITZ says

    #39 name isn’t important:
    Read again. I said I wasn’t judging her on what she wears.

    I’m commenting on her behavior. And Carleigh is right! Once you have children, you should put their needs in front of your own. I am 27 yrs old and used to LOVE partying. I had no kids prior to getting married and when clubbing 2/week (more when I was younger). I had no rules and no one depending on me. If I drank and made a spectacle of myself, I wasn’t hurting anyone but myself (and others had I been driving). What in the world is more important than setting a good example for your children? My husband and I still go out to clubs occassionally, to the movies, dinner/drinks, bars, but ON OCCASSIONS. And one thing’s for damn sure. We always designate a driver, whether it’s one of us or friends. It’s not the same anymore b/c if anything stupid happens that could have been avoided, we would never forgive ourselves. Our decisions in life are based upon how they affect our children.

    Britney (IMO) has shown nothing but selfishness and irresponsibility. And yes, I will judge her for shaving her head b/c we all know she did it irrationally. What women to you know (other than Sinead O’Conner and Demi Moore) have shaved their heads if it wasn’t related to an illness?

    If she were doing these things and she didn’t have children, I would be like, “Okay, craaaaaaaazy”. But the fact that she’s a mother of TWO YOUNG and INNOCENT children makes me think she’s a bad mother on top of many other things. I will judge her just like I would judge any other mother who would display this type of behavior in their life.

  27. minkysmom says

    well Britney doesn’t even let her mother see the kids. The only time Lynn sees them is with Kevin. At least he is trying to provide them with some stability. I think that Lynn and Kevin should have the kids until Britney gets better. I think she has some emotional problems.

  28. eminencegrise says

    She does appear to have gone off the rails a bit.

    Of course, Kevin’s no prize, either.

    They’re each as bad as the other.

    Poor kids.

  29. says

    i loathe kevin

    I don’t think that he ever cared for her at all!
    I think that he is after the gold! I don’t think that care one bit!
    I remember her crying when she discovered that she was pegos with her 2nd baby…she already knew that her relationship wasn’t working then…They seperated before JJ was born! I think that she deserves another chance!
    If You had the media hounding you everywhere you go. and your going through might snap to! I know that i would! It is a time when people deserve their privacy!
    If she want to have a couple of drinks, and maybe she did get a little buzzed..who don’t? Those pix don’t mean sh*t!
    it is a million words, and actions behind pix!

    So stop acting non realistc!

  30. Nicki says

    Ooops sorry about my typos to all the grammar police. I made alot. And I see them all. Please just comment on content of post or not at all.
    I hope Britney gets the help she needs and not push everyone out of her life. It is nice to see Alli back in her life. Hopefully she will help her.
    Her baby boys are adorable and deserve a coherent mom.
    As much as I can’t stand Kevin, I believe he is the best for them right now. Maybe if she straightens her act up, and stops going out EVERY night, then I might give her the benefit of the doubt. Best to her babies.

    (oh yeah sorry for any and all typos )

  31. oriana says

    It has been obvious to me ever since she got out of Rehab she didn’t get the help she needed and she was pissed over going in the first place! She is on a downward spiral, who wipes greasy chicken on their clothes, unless you are a two year old? She looks and acts like trash to me and it is pitiful! She can afford the most stylish and beautiful clothes they sell, heck, people would give them to her! She is well aware young girls (even her own little sister) look to her for a role model, and she acts as cheap as they come!

    Either she doesn’t give a shit, or she is sinking lower and lower on a daily basis! At this stage, Kevin would prob be the better parent and he is no prize for anyone!

  32. Nicki says

    50. oriana ~~:lol: I think she goes for the Vodka and such, but she is stumbling around and looks like a $5.00 hooker when she goes out. Then meets up with a college student (yeah they don’t have loans to pay off) and the first night she is topless with him in the pool, kissing on him! WTF. 🙄

    Her fans will say-Oh can;t she have fun?– Yeah in this day and age it is “just fun” to be topless and swapping spit with a stranger in a hotel pool. OK, they must be 12 yrs old. NO? Scary. I pray for all you Britney defenders—I hope you don’t do what she has been doing for the last 8 months. Best wishes to her, and all of you who think she is just fine. Peace!

  33. Nicki says

    jelly, go away. Did you see the pic of her in the white (huge holed) eyelet dress, by the a very cute dress, but she had on hot pink panties and a tourquois bra undre it, they shown through like the 4th of July fireworks. I was just looking for it. Can’t remember where I saw it , it was a few days ago. But if you insist I will find it and post it.
    A couple beers is different than leaving clubs with your eyes 3/4 closed, and (remember a couple months ago) and your driver pulling over so you can puke your guts out.

    I hope Britney gets it together, I believe she loves hers boys, but I think she needs some type of help, I think some type of medication.
    I think Sean Preston and Jayden are very cute. But they deserve a mom who is coherentr. I wish her the best, because of her two babies who need her to be.

  34. says

    so, sh ecould of had a couple of beers!
    IF you don’t drink beers..NICKI..then that is you!
    SO what?! down her huh?

  35. Terry says

    I am glad to know that someone who would sell a story to make money is taken at his word…….those could be old pictures taken a few months ago…or even last week we just don’t know…….Their are a lot of people who will say what ever just to make a quick buck and it is so easy to say anything about Britney and it is( The Gosple). Come on if she were as bad as everyone wants to belive. OCS would be taking temporary custody of those kids or Kevin would already have them……….

  36. says

    ooooo you guys act like you are so prim, and proper!
    She is young! You guys don’t know what went on with her, and you guys opinions don’t amount to a hll of beans!

    ARE YOU LISTENING! she hasn’t been out in a while, you see one pix of her out, and you think that it is the end of the world! GET OVER IT! She can have a life! And who says that she didn’t know the man…Do you know that? I don’t think the media even knows that! Lie I said” they can make up any story, they want, and you naive gossipers will soak it up, and sit on your @sses, and judge her! I wish that everybody life was out in the see what she is going through!

    If your parents was like hers, and Micheal Jackson’s you would be the same way to!
    you would think that people wouldn’t be so shallow, but they are! AMERICA IS SO SHALLOW!

  37. Nicki says

    40. carleigh ~ Well said. I only want to add about the topless pool pics, a man she met that night. A man she doesn’t even know.

    I think Britney needs to get some help. Stop going out every night. Nothing wrong with going out a night or two, but all the time is ridiculous. She is constantly in need of attention.

  38. Emma says

    I don’t think Kevin should get custody, Britney may make some bad decisions, but why take her kids away. In almost all the pictures of her and her kids, they seem pretty happy, and you can tell she loves them.

  39. carleigh says

    Technically when Britney had those two babies she gave up her rights to be selfish. When a woman becomes a mother, she allows pieces of her heart to walk around outside her body…my kids are my heart. If she was at all concerned about the image she is presenting to the public and trying to regain some sort of foot on the threshold of a comeback then she’s going about it all wrong. She’s a loose cannon and the topless pictures of her in the swimming pool w/ a man are in a public place…… gives me a cold, cold shiver going up and down my spine to think if she behaves like this blatantly in public just what in the world is going on behind closed doors? Everyone says that a person shouldn’t judge someone because we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors??????? Makes me wonder how much worse could it actually be behind the closed doors of Casa de Britney!!!!! OMG!!!!!! Take those kids and give em’ to Kevin and save them BOTH!

  40. says

    dmitz…she went clubbing with Paris..for a week!
    And she ended it! You can’t hold that against her!
    ANd everybody isn’t like everybody else! You might of had kids early, and enjoyed it, but maybe she thought that she was going to be in a ideal relationship..with her kids, and her man! She probably didn’t think that he was going to use her, and dog her out! It is always so much easier for people to assume what they think of her, but you are no tin her shoes, so you don’t know! How do you know that she was wasted? were you there, were you a fly on the wall? Like I said” the media can tell you anything, and depending on what story teller is telling the story..they can make it sound soo dramatic!

    I wish everybody would get off of the fact that she shaved her head! GAAAAWWWD! are you going to hold that against her! Maybe she had post partum depression! You know that does happen to Many of women out here, that just had babies, not to mention back to back! Just because some of you didn’t go through depression, that doesn’t mean that she didn’t!
    Maybe, she needed someone to love her, and he mother wasn’t there for her…when she needed her the most! TEAM FEDERLINE…..PLEASE!

    SO just because someone has bad taste in dressing you are going to hold that against her, that is crazy!
    IN that case..we need squad cars, and patty wagons to take everybody that don’ t have fashsion the physc ward! ANd it was stated that her assistant messed those clothes up, and she fired her!

    GO TO T.M.Z.

    I think that all people do is judge one another. Who are you(s) to judge? NOBODY….it may be somebody that you know..hate the way you dress, the way you wear your hair, the way you wear your jeans, the way you laugh, the way you wear you eye brows…etc

    NOBODY IS PERFECT. She is human, not GOD! neither are you!

  41. RoBlondy says

    Let the woman enjoy herself! I think that the paparazzi harrass her! I am sure she is a good mom too. Just because she is a woman she cannot enjoy herself?
    She is NOT married anymore!

  42. DMITZ says

    Age should have nothing to do with it. Britney (quote) said, “I want to be a young mother”. Her fault, her actions, her life, so she needs to deal with it.

    If she wanted to be partying she shouldn’t have gotten married and had children so young.

    Yeah I’ve heard the saying “Momma gotta have her fun too” but wait till your children are grown or at least make smarter decisions.

    For the people that keep saying we don’t know what happens behind closed doors – c’mon! She went clubbing every night w/Paris, spent much wasted time w/Paris and other party hoppers instead of with her precious children (that she wanted!), showed her kootch to the whole world, let her bobbies hang out in every top she wore, shaved her hair off, went in and out of rehab and STILL hasn’t gotten it together, feeds her kids junk, and gets topless in a hotel pool KNOWING those pics will get out! None of my judgment has anything to do w/her bad choice of wigs/extensions or wiping grease on her clothes and letting her dogs/kids run wild, or her bad sense of fashion.

  43. N says

    Shar and kevin still get along because they are probably still screwing each other. Also, as long as he is giving her some money….(that he got from brit) .. she is probably fine.

    Kevin wants more money. Period. Point. Blank.

  44. Terry says

    You are right Reese had different parents I don’t think they had her out making movies between the ages of 6 & 8. Her parents were probably more grounded than Britneys. Lynn has another daughter who at the age of 16 is moving with her 19 year old boyfriend…….Who is now earning alot of money so Mama still has control over her Finances. Her parents should have kept her grounded. You should always let your child follow their dreams to become something better. But keep life as normal as possible….thats all I am saying…..Her kids haven’t been hurt in her care……the High Chair was the Nanny and if I remember the story correct they were both still in bed after being up late parting…….

  45. Zbella says

    True – but from what I have heard Shar and Kevin still get along. I don’t know if that is true. I heard he does care for all 4 kids together at time.

    Being young is not an excuse. Reese was younger than that when she had Ava. I know a great dad who has 3 kids and he is 25. Youth might have something to do with it, but it’s not an excuse for being a bad parent. Babies need very constant care. They need the same loving person to hold them, cuddle and feed them every single day. Poor boys.

  46. Terry says

    I ‘m sorry but some of the negitive stuff that is said really amazes me. To say that a child belongs in Foster care is so wrong. Their are a lot of good Foster Patents out their but so many of the aren’t and can do more harm to these poor kids (all kids not just Brit’s). I agree she is spoiled young and learning. If you really looked at her face when she is with her kids and quit paying so much attention to what she is wearing or if her kids are wearing diapers or tee shirt in there own backyard on a hot summer day. Then I hope that your life comes under a microscope as well.
    As parents we all make mistakes some more than others and to those of us who live in a rose colored life where everything is perfect. Deep down we wish we had the guts to be bad sometimes…….We are lucky enough that we weren’t brought up in a world where fame and money was what we were taught. And to be a bread winner at her age left her without a childhood if we blame anyone we should blame our society. She is trying to figure out where her life is going.

  47. says

    He don’t care! he just want more money! what are you people not understanding? he is a male jiggalo, gold digger, dustbucket, etc!

    How can he actually care about his kids….if he did, he wouldn’t of left Shar pregnant, and his 1 year old daughter! What about those kids?

    Are you telling me that JJ, and SP are more important then KORI, and KALEB! You don’t know nothing about know why? she is not that famous, and she is not in the public eye! The media doesn’t hound B ,as much as they do her! GET OUT OF HERE!

  48. says

    KEVIN….Is a bad person all the way around!

    He used her to get what he wanted, and that was her money! She was in love with him(hard) He knew that he didn’t love her! Everytime that you would seee them together, he would have multiple bags of stuff! And just because of a couple of pix..(remind yourselves, that you don’t know the story behind these pix) the media can say anything! She could be going to grab something to eat, and BAM a pix is taken, and the captio would be “BRITNEY is eating soo much, It looks like she is suffering from Bulimia” NOW..I bet you all they have to do is slap a old pix up there, you know..after her 2nd baby was born, and I bet you that the world would believe it! THAT just goes to show you, how naive some of you posters are, and the everybody else!

    I don’t believe that one bit! I think that she is young, and in due time she will learn that nobody in this world cares for others, or her!

    If people actually cared…then why continiously rag on her?

  49. Zbella says

    If I were the judge, I’d rule for Kevin (lesser of 2 evils). He cares enough to fight for them. He does not almost drop them or drive them around in car seats facing the wrong way or feed them doritos for dinner or hand them off to a different manny/bodyguard/boyfriend every other day.

  50. Jodie says

    she disgusts me. i think those boys would be better off with anyone but her. maybe even in foster care.

  51. N says

    Britney is a spoiled celeb that needs a stylist… there aren’t any pictures of her using drugs…(lohan) she has never been cited for a DUI (many celebs have, also some of them are parents) there haven’t been any videos of outright drunkeness (hasselhoff) and he still won custody of his kids in court. The courts aren’t going to take her kids because she is a non-dressing, no-common sense, supposedly whore.

  52. N says

    How do you know that Britney is a bad parent? Your opinions of her are based on media speculation. No one knows what goes on inside their homes.

    Except for child services who has actually visited hers.

    Those boys (I believe) are better off with Britney. Kevin is out of work. He has no income except for what she gives him and the football ad which is probably gone. Oh…I forgot all the clubs he goes to and gets paid for sponsoring parties. He can’t even take care of hisself without her money, nannies, bodyguards, and Lynne.
    From what I recall he abandoned his family with Shar to begin one with Brit. Dont forget he was a stepdad to Shars two kids from a previous relationship. This morally upstanding man left Shar while she was pregnatn with his child….he already had a child with her ans was supposed to be a positive influence for her other 2 kids. SO…..what lessons in responsiblity can he teach?

  53. Lauren says

    How do you know that Kevin is a bad parent? Your opinions of him are based on media speculation. No one knows what goes on inside their lives.

    Those boys (I believe) are better off with Kevin. Britney is spiraling out of control. She can’t even take care of herself let alone 2 kids under the age of 2.

  54. N says

    Is everyone forgetting that Kevin left Shar who was pregnant with his child to philander with Britney. He is not as morally upstanding as you ladies think or ashe puts on. His eyes in every picture he takes tells it all. (For the slower thinking people…he is a user of some sort). Sounds to me like he needs more money to live in that gated community and pay for all his nannies and bodyguards.

  55. says

    Ok…so i mispelled a couple of words..So, what is your understood every word..that i typed!

    thank you Terry!

  56. Terry says

    To call a person Trash because they can’t spell is just wrong…..Give everyone a break and stop trying to make yourself feell better because you can spell…….Britney is young and has and will make mistakes. Never says Never about what you will or would not do if you were in someone else shoes. Kevin just wants more money from Britney and she no longer is will to pay for her mothers loyalty…
    If her Mother helps Kevin then she never has had Britney’s best interest at heart…..She might not have to agree with what her child is doing ,but she could be their guiding her and staying close instead playing on the other side…..
    When she is out doing her wild ass stuff like I am sure everyone has done at some point in their life her kids are not watching……

  57. Stephanie says

    star, you need to learn to spell. It’s ironic you’re ranting about trash while using bad words and mispelling things.

  58. says

    how can people call her trash?
    what is trash? Are you saying that just because people was born in Alabama..that they are trash!
    What gives you the right to call people trash?

    Just because you live in the surburbans..don’t mean that you are above being trash! might be trash to another group of people!

    They is Ghetto trash, Posh trash, etc!

    Why is she trash? because she has made mistakes in her life for the public to see!
    If your mistakes were out there for the public to see..I think that they will call you trash also!

    she is 25 years old! When I was that age I still didn’t know sh@t! I was learning as time went along!

    This girl..don’t have naybody in her corner..It is like she is trapped in a jar…trying to make her way to the top..trying to push the lid she can get some air, but at the bottom of the jar is vicious snakes…hissing at her..trying to bring her back down! THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!
    God will see her through! I think that media is like the devil!

  59. says

    K FED..JUST WANT MORE MONEY case closed




  60. N says

    We know so has to go out to get food….remember he said she cant cook! But why should she have to stay home?

  61. N says

    He is an unemployed womanizer….. He wants more money. His alimony runs out in November.

    Did not mean to post twice…disregard #9. There were mistakes.

  62. Cyberkitten38 says

    i agree with august…so long as there’s no revolving door in her home to men when her children r there..what’s the problem? She IS an adult and IS allowed to have a life too. It’s one thing to be doin these things with her children there..or neglecting her children to do these things..but how do u all know those boys aren’t with their father when Brit is out and about?

  63. N says

    So…he can screw around with some dj…and she cant have male friends. Her children were with him. As long as she doesn’t do these things around her kids…why does he care what she does when they arent with her. He hasnt stopped dating and going to clubs when she has the kids.
    The only place we have seen her take them is to F’ing starbucks, out to eat, to club millenium, on the boat, and shopping. These are bad places to take kids?

  64. N says

    So…he can screw around with some dj…and she cant have male friends. Her children were with him. As long as she doesn’t do these things around her kids…why does he care what she does when they arent with him. He hasnt stopped dating and going to clubs when she has the kids. So what she takes the kids out with her when she has them. The only place we have seen her take them is to F’ing starbucks, out to eat, to club millenium, on the boat, and shopping. These are bad places to take kids.

  65. Elsa says

    While I would have in the past, thought he wants more $, in this case… you have to wonder. This girl is OUT of control. It’s a shame either of them will get custody.

  66. onatear says

    The lesser of 2 evils is still lesser, and from the continuing behavior of their mother, maybe the little boys would be better off with their dad full-time, and just seeing mom when she was able/up for it/??? who knows. I think she loves them, but as Tina Turner says,”What’s love got to do with it?” Brit is not showing us her best mothering skills.

  67. dori says

    I am sad that Brit can’t seem to pull it together. These pics of her lately really turn my stomach I had great hopes of her turning things around and making a comebcak but it doesn’t look good at the moment.

  68. dori says

    Do you honestly believe he would make a better parent than Brit? He’s a partier and womanizer too. Between the two of them who do you think would honestly be a better parent?If he gets custody he gets more money from her. All he’s ever wanted was her money.

  69. minkysmom says

    you don’t see him in pictures with the kids b/c apparently when he has them he keeps them at home!!!!!!

  70. dori says

    Kevin is still trying to get more money thats’ why he wants custody He’s not interested in the welfare of the kids. Have you seen any pics of him with the kids???

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