Angelina Jolie & Shiloh Arriving In Chicago

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina and Shiloh were snapped arriving via private jet in Chicago… sweet! The rest of the family were with them, but they are just not pictured here.


  1. oriana says

    She is a beautiful child, but it is her LACK of expression, lack of interest or energy that caught my attention, the only picture I have ever seen of her interested in anything was eating and the one playing with Brad’s sunglasses. Maybe she is just a slow learner and there isn’t anything wrong with that, I am just used to seeing, and enjoying seeing the other celeb babies with some life to them, even if it is crying. And when I saw the pictures of Violet and Suri crying I thought they were both cute, and I am sure both spoiled and indulged also, and again, nothing wrong with that either.

    Beauty doesn’t always make a child or a person the most interesting to be around either. She just appears dull to me.

    I used to think Brad was very handsome, Troy, Legends of the Fall, but he appears so slouchy and hagged looking, I don’t see that any more. I have always said Angie is gorgeous, and talented but I never saw her as a role model for anyone until she adopted Maddox and started going to all the third world countries. I do see many more good acts out of her and I hope she continues with her family values.

  2. says

    How can anyone criticize the looks of Shiloh? She is absolutely beautiful. Must be blind, if 26, 28 and 29 can make cruel comments like they did about a gorgeous baby I would love to see what they look like, probably not good.. double baggers probably.

  3. Tia says

    Hugh’s daughter IS ADORABLE! I honestly think she is one of the cutest babies ever! ( besides me own 😉 haha!)

    NIcki- I enjoy all the pictures, i am also a huge fan of this family, so it is nice to see these extra photo’s 😀

  4. zette says

    Nicki i have seen all those pics already. And still can say in all honesty that she is expressionless. I like them but , i can not glorify them. I have my own family. Time will tell who was right about this issue. All the children pics out there with Dannielynn, Kingston , Violet, Suri , Zahara etc.. they all have an expression, either they are happy or not. Do not get me wrong i wish she is ok.

  5. Nicki says

    oriana~ Yes I have always been a fan of hers, since Gia. Actually right before that, she did something on TV. It was about women on the frontier. I believe Dana Delany stared in it. I have no idea who else, it was so long ago. Angie played one of the kids of someone, or something. But she stole the scene everytime she was in it. I found out who she was and have watched her most of all her movies. I did miss her playing Goorge Wallaces wife, the one she won a GG for.

    I always thought Brad was good looking, a pretty boy. I remember watching him as early as Dallas:lol:.(and NO he didn’t shoot J.R.:lol:)
    I like most of his movies, but I think Angie is an incredible actress ( and now an great humanitarian).
    But first it was her acting.

    I like them together, I think they make a nice couple and have a wonderful family.

  6. oriana says

    Hugh’s kids are good looking and look happy, I really think his is a normal family and a loving one. I have seen pictures of his son and he is very handsome but the little girl is just precious!

    Just curious, have you always been a fan of Angelina Jolie? Before she hooked up with Brad? If so, what was it about her that you admired?

  7. Nicki says

    Yes oriana I am a fan of the Jolie-Pitt family.
    I think Hughs daughter is adorable, but his son Oscar is adorable also. I think he will be just as good looking as Connor Cruise.

  8. oriana says

    Angie does look nice in Red. Maddox seems happier than he did with the photogs the other day too. Nicki, you sure are a huge fan of this family! I like the Hugh Jackman family, his little girl is the absolute cutest to me!!!

  9. zette says

    A 14 months child does not react like that, every mother on this site know. I like them , but iam not a butt kisser at every turn. I am just saying what is true. She is always expressionless, if her mouth is not open ,she is looking down . Even in prague in the backyard she is not playing, like a child that age should. If she does not have a problem, maybe there is something wrong in the household. Because children are a reflection of what is going on in the house, they can not fake it.

  10. Nicki says

    oriana~ or anyone else interested, just click on the pic and it will enlarge, you can see clearly the dinosaurs on his arm. Oh yeah, and how cute he is and how beautiful Angie is.
    FYI, the two smaller pics of Zahara and Pax don’t enlarge, but they are noticable.

  11. Nicki says

    Here is too see all the pics from Sunday.

    If you scroll down past the Mad and Angie ones you will see the pics of Zahara and Pax and thier arms.
    If they add new pis, which they do frequently there, you might have to scroll down more. As of right now, they are the first set and the second set.

  12. Nicki says

    Your welcome Tia.

    oriana~ No that is not a birthmark on Zahara. Maddox and Pax have them too. They are dinosaurs, I guess like the temp tattos. Maybe something they got when the visited the Dino exhibit, or just got in the gift store. The pics of Angie and Maddox coming out of Borders Books on Sunday showed he had 2 on his arm. Saturday coimg out of the museum he had 1.
    With the hordes of paps trying to get thier pics, I’m sure they carry her for out on the street for 2 reasons. Safety and it is quite simply the quickest way from point A to point B. She is only 2 and a half, safety wise I would too.
    Wouldn’t the tabloids love a pic of her falling, like kids do, so they can spin it and say how she wasn’t being watched, etc:roll:.

    It wasn’t too long ago people wished Zahara would just smile. Well we see that, so I’m sure we will Shiloh smiling before long. I don’t think she has a vacant stare. She looks like a baby, a very cute one who looks like her daddy in the latest pic.

  13. Tia says

    who cares if she is a happy, or if she is smiling, or frowning?…she is a beautiful baby..i think she looks exactly like Brad..Nicki, always with the extra pics! Thank You!

  14. oriana says

    I don’t think she is retarded just not animated about things. Zahara is a survivor and a fighter, I fully believe if not for Angelina adopting her she would be dead by now. She is lively and a spoiled brat to boot, but I think she is very smart and I think Angie admires her spunk. Shiloh is probably very boring compared to her.

  15. zette says

    People were all over Angelina ,when she said she was a BLOB. She knew what she was talking about , she is the mother and knew she has a problem. As a mother myself , i know how a child should respond. It looks like has no life and is just there. hope she is not retarded. But strange the media did not pick on this yet.

  16. oriana says

    Nicki, is that a birthmark on Zahara’s arm or a drawing? They carry her soooo much all the time I have never seen her really walk like the boys, on her own. I wonder if they put her down and let her walk inside the museum? I have read various comments that they want to shield her from the cameras walking with her leg curved like it is. I thought her leg was improving?

    Shiloh has a pretty face but again I see the vacant look on it, surely the cameras weren’t that close to her to be up in her face! I think she is old enough now to have shown some sign of facial expression. I am not being mean, I just really am starting to wonder if there is something wrong with her developmentally wise? I hope not, for I think she is a beautiful child, but looks more and more like Jon Voight to me everyday.

  17. Athina says

    I have yet to see an happy Shiloh. New pics same old expression. She has a problem we are going to know soon enough. She has a vacant look, at that age it is not normal.

  18. Nicki says

    oriana~ so you did have the Banana Fosters? It was delish, so I will have to try it there soon.
    I don’t think Jamie went to college, but he study at USC school of Cinema & Television (my friends brother went there)
    Matt Damons new movie was very good, saw it last week. Hubby and I liked it and the theater was full.
    Off for the day. Enjoy yours.

  19. Lilo says

    Poor Shiloh! I hope Brad leaves her. I think if Brad Pitt had a baby boy, it would turn gay because of the big lips. I think it would not like its big lips and feel like a woman and thus decide to become a women.

  20. oriana says

    Lilo, I don’t agree with you at all! Although I am sure her mouth has been a lot of places I wouldn’t want mine to be there is nothing wrong with kissing her children on the lips!

    And don’t see Jennifer Anniston as smart or sexy, she may be a sweet girl though!

    Nicki, I got the cajun omelet, I love the cajun sausages, brought half of it home for had my Bananas Foster!!!!!!!!! Delish! Hubby got French Toast.

    I did know that she went to Lee Strasberg school but didn’t know about any college or not. I can see where she would do research on her charities and her causes for she is extremely serious about her work. I admire Colin Powell and would have voted for him for President if he had decided to run. I don’t see her as a super intelligent person but more like dedicated and wants to be as educated as possible on the subjects she has interest in. One actress I do think is very intelligent is Jody Foster.

    I do think and have always said that Angie is a very good actress but not in the league with Meryl Streep or Glen Close for that matter, but compared to Jennifer and Brad, no contest!

    I wonder if Angie’s brother went to college?

    I have never tasted asparagus before, and will have to try a Hibiscus next time for sure!!!!!

    Tia, loved the movie, I enjoy Matt Damon, now to me, he is very gifted, co-wrote Goodwill Hunting with Ben and his mother is super smart too! I think he is a good person, good family man and am happy for his success. I do see more Bourne films ahead!!!! Very fast paced movie and the theatre was full. Hope you ladies have a good weekend, try to get some rest!!!

    I am wondering also about Xena? I know her son is supposed to get married before too long so maybe she has been busy helping plan the wedding, I just hope everything is okay with her!

  21. stella says

    You are born intelligent…not because you go to college!! I know a lot of highly intelligent individuals who never went to college. Sorry body!!

  22. Tia says

    Oriana- It IS hot here….my hubby and I saw that movie last week! it was wonderful…plus Matt is good looking…so it was easy to like the movie!!

    did you enjoy it?

  23. Nicki says

    Lilo-your sick.

    oriana~ How was your lunch?brunch or breakfast? My was wonderful. I had an aspragas omlette with a hibiscus. I brought my muffin home, it will be dinner or breakfast tomorrow. Wonderful food.
    Let me answer about the college question, if you don’t mind. She didn’t actually go to college per say. She graduated from high school at 16, took a few classes but ended up studing acting at the Lee Strasberg(pardon spelling) school for actors in NY. She did modeling and some music videos to make money. I do remember one Meatloaf video because I saw it a couple months ago. But she did a few.
    She is self read and quite knowledgable, especially with her UN work. Nothing but praises from all who work with her. Colin Powell has been quoted (sorry forget the exact quote) she isn’t just another pretty face that shows up. She does her homework and knows what she is talking about. He is impressed with her commitment and knowledge about what she is fighting for. So to answer your question, No she didn’t graduate from college. But I’d say she worked harder than some college grads. on doing what she believes in.

  24. Lilo says

    I don’t think Shiloh likes the kiss her mom is giving her. Shiloh looks like she is about to cry or something. Get away from her you lesbo Angelina! Don’t worry Shiloh your daddy Brad Pitt will save you!

    I find it totally gross that Angelina is giving her daughter a kiss in the mouth. I’d feel uncomfortable if my mom did that to me especially if I knew she used to do ” it ” with other women and was into bdsm and fedom and and using knives! Poor Shiloh! Run away from her and run to your daddy Brad and someday your new mommy will be the smart and sexy and sweet Jennifer Aniston!

  25. oriana says

    Zbella, I agree that she is one of the most beautiful and famous women, but intelligent? What college did she graduate from?

  26. Zbella says

    She is one of the most famous, beautiful and intelligent women on the planet. Yes, some people are so green with envy that they mistake it for hate. Others admire her.

  27. dori says

    It’s not some that are horrible people it’s pretty much 1 or 2 people using several different names to spread their hatred on this website and unfotunately the webmistress doesn’t moderate this site at all like the OTHER BABY WEBSITES do.

  28. stella says

    why do people hate this woman sooo much?? You on’t know her!! All we see is what photogs wants us to see…and for those one who says she is beink kiss in the neck, well Angie is wearing her glasses a litle low, don’t you think??

  29. Holly says

    you have to be kidding that these comments are moderated? i think all negative comments should be deleted immediately and i think many would agree with me

  30. oriana says

    Hello to you my dear Tia!!!! Hope all is well with you and not too hot where you are! Fixing to go see Matt Damon in his new movie, hubby wants to go see it, heard it was very good!!!! You have a nice evening sweetie!!!!!

  31. oriana says

    daisy, I have never seen Angie with matted hair. Her hair is beautiful, I am not a fan of hers or Brad’s, but she is clean looking and yes, she does need to put on some weight but the woman is a natural beauty and that fact can’t be denied. Sorry!

  32. oriana says

    Thank you Deeds, I appreciate your considerate comment. Have a nice day!

    Nicki, hugs to you, and I hope the lotion you use has some vitamins in it, I am OLD and I need all the help I can get, just ask Lola and her buddies, they know!

    Will think about you at Mimi’s tomorrow!!!!!!

    #84, how did you know I love Soup! Especially homemade potato cheese soup, and corn chowder, my favorite!!!! You are psychic!!!!!!

  33. Nicki says

    Your in luck, i just showered and put on lots of lotion. I’ll make sure to put extra on my ass, so you won’t need the chapstick. Maybe Lola is jealous, don’t be too hard on her.

    And most of us respect your opinions and comments. I enjoy our little conversations. Don’t forget to tell me all you had to eat at Mimis Cafe. I know how everyone loves that.:lol:

  34. Deeds says

    Kudos to you Oraina, very few people will admit they made an error on this site. Also you are willing to recognize no one is perfect. It is a refreshing stance.

  35. oriana says

    Lola, could you please send me some chapstick? My lips are dry and cracked. I am planning on kissing Nicki’s ass a lot more and I need help, Thank You!

    And for the rest of you, when I do see that some posts makes sense and I see their point of view, what is wrong with me agreeing or even apologizing sometimes? I am not perfect and I do respect other’s opinions and comments.

  36. Jodie says

    the child looks a bit shocked to even have skin contact with her mother. probably the first time she’s ever got so close.

  37. Karima says

    Shiloh is a cute baby , but i think she has a problem. Everytime i see her ,i think she has autism. Hope i am wrong. She does seems slow. Because at that age ,they are restless, curious but she she does none of that.

  38. Lola says

    There goes Oriana again, kissing ass. I wonder how it feels being the resident ass kisser. Ironic that ass kissers make her sick. I wonder if she makes herself sick.

  39. Nicki says

    oriana~ Thank you, I am leaving now. computer running slow, so checked in. Am leaving after I comment to #74.

    Are you delusional?? This is what you posted–

    74. Deeds | August 9th, 2007 at 10:52 pm
    Nicki, I don’t recall asking your our anyone else’s opinion on my latest posting. However I would welcome anyone’s opinion except for yours. Did you have fun making your $ signs instead of the letter S? Do you think we were all fooled by that? You are so out of your league. AGAIN LEAVE ME ALONE!

    Who the F^ck else is going to answer the question about having fun using the $ signs????? You are an idiot. You welcome everyone else to answer…Oh but not Nicki (the person who used $$$$). Do the voices in your head tell you what to say?
    I used that because awhile back I realized young, 13-15 year olds are here frequently, so I try not to swear, curse, or whatever you and your voices call it.
    Your an idiot, to pose a question to “anyone but Nicki” when the only person the question pertains to is me, Nicki. Talk that over with the voices in your head. Maybe one of them will make some sense to you.
    I’m glad to be out of your league, you are nuts.

  40. Deeds says

    Nicki, I don’t recall asking your our anyone else’s opinion on my latest posting. However I would welcome anyone’s opinion except for yours. Did you have fun making your $ signs instead of the letter S? Do you think we were all fooled by that? You are so out of your league. AGAIN LEAVE ME ALONE!

  41. oriana says

    Nicki, they have a branch of one of those schools in Chicago also so I am sure Maddox will be attending. I see the whole family speaking French and I think it will be wonderful!

  42. oriana says

    Makes sense to meeee!!!! Ha! I would love to see her happy and laugh more for she was totally cute as could be in those pictures! It is not quite 8:00pm here! Have a good evening my dear Nicki!

  43. oriana says

    I have never thought she was “slow” just no personality. And I have never thought she looked dirty.

    Kids that have looked dirty to me are Julia Roberts kids, sorry if that offends anyone!

    Julia and her husband even look dirty to me also, along with hobo looking Brad, Amy Winehouse, plain nasty looking, also Britney and Courtney Love. I think Angie actually keeps the kids very clean looking.

  44. Nicki says

    68. oriana ~~ All I can give you is my take on it. But the paps at school were behind an iron fence, gate type. That is why we got the same angle shots everyday. That is why they went in the same way, or maybe the only way to go in?, everyday, and picked them up the same way. I think, of course, JMO, that there were many paps there. Maybe 3 or 4 to snap the shots, and they were away from them. In Chicago, NY, LA, where ever, there are at the least 15 (and you know there are more) paps cameras going off , in thier face, and they are right up in thier way, they give them no space. I will say that Zahara hates the paps, thre paparatzos, but they do have space in certain areas. Like you said they could live in a hole in the ground, and they would still get a shot of them.
    I can remember at age 6 or 7 or maybe 8, I HATED my pic taken, but I also never had to deal with 25-30 cameras going off at once just going to the toy store, trying to go to get the “new Barbie” or new clothes for her.

    So I think she was laughing and smiling, also notice she was pointing out the cameras, 2 or 3 clicks as opposed to 25-30 at once, she was Ok with, and they made a game of it. And they were behind an iron gate. Just my take on it.

    Hope all is well, early for you, late for me. Have a great night and hope to “talk” to you soon.

  45. Nicki says

    67. Deeds | August 9th, 2007 at 10:02 pm
    Opps I meant Traveller. #43?
    Well that doesn’t make any sense at all, because traveller in post # 43, mentioned NOTHING about JA or the Forbes fixed poll. #43 traveller commented about young children. Get your $h!t together or else stop trying to make $h!t.

    Doesn’t change the factts no matter how much B$ you add into it.

  46. oriana says

    Nicki, I am puzzled why Zahara was laughing and smiling in some of the pictures when Brad was taking her to school with Pax and now she is back to her scowling and frowning. I really think she hates the paps as does Maddox. I guess she had some good days and was in a playful mood.

    I saw the pictures of Shiloh when she was with Brad in the yard playing with his glasses and I don’t think the photogs were up close then, I have actually always seen a blank vacant look on her face, I think she is beautiful and some children just don’t have personalities. Violet, Kingston, even Brooke Shields little daughter has laughed and smiled sometimes and the paps are in their faces too.

  47. Nicki says

    oriana~ of course she carries a blank look on her face, do you know how many papparazzis stalk them? They have them still posted at their driveways in anywhere they have been spotted. If anyone has seen a video the camera clicks are LOUD and ANNOYING. What baby wouldn’t be surprised by it. Oh OK, little Suri wouldn’t be, because they keep her in a controlled enviroment. The wedding they had a photographer, from a magazine, thats ok, but not 30 cameras going off as you walk into a toy store, a resturant, off a private jet into a transpot vechicle.
    Of course any young child would be confused by the noise. They are doing the best they can. As oriana stated before “they could be in a hole in the ground” and they would still want thier pics. I agreee 100%, and they are getting thier children used to it the best they can. Best wishes for the whole Jolie-Pitt family. I’m sure they will always be happy.

  48. Nicki says

    #64.———–For all you people who can’t stand me. I made a mistake on 64, shoot me, whatever, my fault trying to proof-read after posting. Laugh, make jokes, whatever. My post at 63 still stands.

  49. Nicki says

    Ooops, before everyone jumps on my mistake, I meant # 42 in my second line of post # 63. Sorry, I made a typo!!

  50. Nicki says

    60. Deeds –If you are responding to #42, Nicki, then this is for that. If you are responding to # 44, then please disregard this.

    Nobody said it applied to “non A list actors” , it depends on how ever you work the averages. I used to work for an up and coming Golf company. C-list in the world of Nike and Titleist, but we competed and we had a few “majors” on our team. Some would endorse a putter, maybe a driver, or our shirts. But how the company worked the averages, and used it to thier advantage. “So and So” wears only our shirts!. “So and So” only uses our putters!
    That alone puts our shirts at 100% and the putters at 100%.
    So a percentage total is, at best useable to the advantage of whoever wants to benefit from it.

    Jennifer A. Hasn’t been in a movie since 2005. So how can she “top” a list that comes out i, now, now in 2007????
    I mean, please, it is laughable at best. I guess the only answer is to work the percentages!!!! Can you say “desperately trying to get an offer?”
    She should stick to TV and rake in millions more. She is of age to play a teens daughter. Look at Jennie Garth,(younger than JA) mother of three and playing a Mom of a teen daughter. Don’t watch it myself, but read and people seem to love that show.
    Percentages work how you make them work. RHI and FWM and one other, sorry forgot it, made jack $h!t at the theaters. So how ever she topped the list, (percentages, ha, ha) good luck to her with an actual movie. A lead in any movie. Forget it. She should just get back on TV, where she did good!!!!

  51. says

    I’m not even going to bother to post anything aganist what the haters had to say, because its the same crap, always have to find something negative to say. I must say that I agree with Traveller 100% though.

    Anyway, kiss or no kiss, this is a wonderful pic, and if you look at the video they both looked happy. Shiloh is a lovely baby who looks so much like her daddy. Awwww. More pics of these kids please! Love Brangelina 🙂

  52. Deeds says

    #44 Just because a actor is not an A list actor usally thier films don’t cost as much to make, however that does not mean the movie will definatly bring in more money. It all depends on the percentage of the public that chooses to see it. If it only applied to non A list actors then AJ and BJ names wouldn’t be listed in the top ten behind Matt & Jenn’s name. Who knows maybe they want to take a break or slow it down a bit.

  53. Tia says

    This baby is beautiful…if you have negitive comments keep it to yourself people!

    Of course they always travel when you have a mom and a dad who are movie stars! come on now! At least they arn’t leaving their children with nannies!

  54. Manon says

    Shiloh is soooo cute baby girl and she loves to kiss her mummy, too daddy . She look like her daddy , Brad more lots . I really love to see family’s pictures and they look so happy family together lots. My favortive family is Jolie-Pitt more .

  55. says


  56. comment says


    and you don’t want attention, ever, not even a wee bit, perhaps from your boyfriend or husband?

    What a load of crap you wrote. Where I come from there’s a saying: if you lie in leisure and spend, you’ll soon have none left.

    Angelina should crawl in a cave so you can stop looking at her pictures and criticize? Why don’t you stop looking at her yourself? Maybe then these greedy paps would stop taking their private pictures to sell so they can make the mortgage on their dream homes.

  57. ky says

    Journal: Who the hell cares about your shitty news? It’s a baby site, not a murder site, post your crap elsewhere!

  58. renee says

    these people have enough money to live very well for the rest of their lives. they don’t “have” to work while they have so many young children to take care of. they don’t have to be in the spotlight — they could totally pack up and lay low in some out-of-the-way town somewhere and the paps wouldn’t continue to follow them if they were no longer in the hollywood spotlight.

    angelina wants attention; she is not putting her family first. it’s all ego.

  59. Limi says

    1. Angelina has proven to be a very well-rounded Mother. Personally, I applaud her and brad’s attempts at some form of normalcy. Apparently there are quite a few household traditions for the family that do not change regardless of where they are.

    2. Prior to working on Beuwolf and Wanted she hasn’t done a ‘major’ movie in a while. She’s been focusing on her role as a mother and has stated that she and Brad collectively plan to take a few years off to really focus on their children. Did you quit your job when you had kids? My parents didn’t, and I turned out fine. And for the time being only one of her children is even old enough to be a regular in a school system so her toddlers are more then welcome to travel where their parents go.

    3. I don’t care who you are, when you’re as popular as Brad and Angelina its almost completely impossible to BUY privacy. People will find you, others will make up rumors about where they’ve been etc. There isn’t any feasible way to win that argument. Kids are kids, sometimes they cry it doesn’t mean when HER kids cry or get scared or have a bad day they’re being abused. Deal with it, not every kid is happy 100% of the time.

    In summary…stop making assumptions about people’s lives. You know absolutely nothing about them beyond rumors spread by shallow people.

  60. oriana says

    She is one of the cutest babies although she does seem to wear a “blank” look on her face all the time. At least her tongue isn’t hanging out constantly! She looks like a boy but a really cute one!

    They could be in a hole in the ground and some photographer would find a way to snap pictures of them, just too popular with the public.

    Z doesn’t look traumatized to me, she looks pissed off, as usual! Finally nice to see her in something besides black and boys clothing for a change!

  61. K says

    The paps can run after them and take pictures of them from far, that they cannot control but many celebrities like Demi Moore and Bruce Willis even moved away from hollywood for a while when their kids were growing up to rmove them from this all. I remember another picture of Pax with Brad in NY scared shitless with a horde of Paps. To say that they can’t do anything about it is naive. They can, they have all the money and resources to buy privacy. She knew paps knew where she was going and that Mad cried the day before because of the paps but that did not stop her from Bringing Z who was also traumatised. I am sorry I may be harsh but it is unfair to them. She can leave the kids at home like she does usually. She should quit work for a while altogether and give time to those kids to adjust. It is like she is arranging them around her schedule not the other way around. Kids need stability. Just my opinion.

    P.S I sincerely believe there is a better solution the this.

  62. NGG says

    44 – traveller, you put it beautifully – “those poor people just can’t win with you guys”.
    traveller, I agree with you 100 %.

  63. traveller says

    My niece had that same expression on her face constantly when she was 1 year old. No big deal. She eventually grew out of it and is now a very expressive (and not at all slow) 2 year old. People really shouldn’t judge babies. All kids develop differently, at different times, and with different idiosyncrasies. Another one of my nieces used to pull her hair out of her head and eat it. She did this for about 6 months and then one day she just stopped. Kids are weird.

    #37 – Protect them how? The paps follow them everywhere. What are they supposed to do? Never leave the house? Then you’d be accusing AJ and BP of child abuse. Honestly, those poor people just can’t win with you guys. These pictures were taken while they were de-planing. How are they supposed to avoid the paps in this situation? They had to get off the plane.

  64. Nicki says

    traveller ~ The list in Forbes has to do with percentages. What they are paid per money, cost to make movie, and how much said movie brings in , profits. It was kind of a screwy list, but based on how they used the percentages
    that is how it worked out. Her base pay per movie is much lower that A list movie stars, so the movie makes a bit more profit, even if it only does fair to midland (RHI, FWM, etc). If she even stars in more than 1 movie in the next 2 years I’d be very surprised.

    20. Clare — Angie took her out of the carseat, because the carseat was not properly secure, not Shiloh. The driver didn’t have it secured correctly. And Angie being a wonderful caring mother took her out so it could be secured right. Maddox is 6 years she has had YEARS of experience securing her children in thier carseats. She isn’t Britney!!!:lol:

    I see lots of expression on the back of her head and the side too. She is adorable, wish we could have seen her cute little face.

  65. Lola says

    You are right deeds, she could have sinuses, but she looks very dirty. She is the dirtiest celeb kid. Julia Roberts kids were always dirty, not they are cleaner, Shiloh rarely looks bathed.

  66. Lola says

    The fact that most members of this family are rarely happy says a lot. Now only Angelina has that ‘I can do it, let me hand in there smile’ on her face. I feel for the kids but something gotta give sooner than later.

  67. Deeds says

    #19 you will have to check with Forbes magazine, they say Jen Aniston is #1.
    Maybe Shiloh always has her mouth open because she has sinus problems.

  68. Heidi says

    I think her mouth appears to be open because she has very pudgy cute lips (takes after her mothers large lips) I think it’s only the shape that makes it look that way.

  69. Malayka says

    Something is really bothering me. First I see Maddo crying a few days ago with Angelina on set, now on another site, I have seen Z crying because of the paparazzi, shouldn’t these people do more to give these children stability and protect them more from the paparazzi. I worry for them.

  70. Trooper says

    Well all babies are different but sincerely this is not the cutest baby even for a mile. Infact if she was a non celebrity baby she would not warrant a second glance. I know many of you are fans but that should not make you blind tothe fact that Shiloh is rather plain. Her head is too big and at 15 months, she should stop hanging her mouth wide open like that. It is true she seems slow.

  71. Jodie says

    32 – you do not know my age!! for your information i am in my 20s and have beautiful babies of my own, so no, my plumbing has not dried up!!

    33 – funny enough, i have seen a lot of pictures of myself as a baby and have not seen my mouth hanging open in any of them! i also don’t have any pictures of my own kids with their mouths hanging open. it’s just an observation. This child’s mouth is ALWAYS open and she has a very vacant expression. I wonder if she gets enough attention? Her mother seems completely dis interested in her and there are a lot of other children in the home competing for attention.

  72. NGG says

    You can criticize my English as much as you want – it is my second language. But it is intolerable to read how some of you, girls, give all those terrible evaluations to a small child. Especially taking into consideration that a lot of you have your own children…
    Post #26, choose your words please. Do you know how wide your mouth was open when you were 1 year of age?

  73. says

    I don’t care what it understood it!
    I think that you old women are hags!@
    You wish that it was stillleft in you to have a beautiful baby like this! get over it honey…Your plumbing is dried up!

  74. Jodie says

    that’s fine 29, of course she is entitled to her opinion.

    i do genuinely find it odd that this child’s mouth is always open. that is all.

    and 30, I noticed that too! lol 🙂

  75. H says

    name is not important #27- You must be slow, as well. It’s not called “rush n roulette,” it is Russian Roulette.

  76. N says

    Why does the child’s mouth being open make her slow….same argument. #27 gave her opinion of you instead of the baby…deal with it. Im giving my opinion (before any of you ask) because I can.

  77. Jodie says

    why does that make me slow? having an opinion? yes, she’s a baby but she still looks slow.

    Your post is very childish imo.

  78. Jodie says

    this child is very plain. Her skin is blotchy and she just so average. Not pretty at all. And no, that is not a kiss! lol

    That child’s mouth is always hanging open. Is she slow?

  79. N says

    I cant even see her face….What expressions do you want to see from a picture that is capturing the back of her head and a picture of her supossedly kissing/not kissing Angie.

  80. K says

    Someone must have tipped AJ about the tabloid rumours of her ignoring Shi, now she is seen carrying her all the time yet when she was younger Brad alwys carried her. Interesting. I don’t thinks he is a cute kid either. Her head is too big and she looks like a boy too much. She also doesn’t seem to have that much life in her. Even int hese pictures she is devoid of expressions.

  81. Moira says

    This family seems dirty to me all the time. Before you think am mean, look at those pictures, Shiloh does not look bathed. Occassionally Maddox looks clean but the rest look dirty espesially Brad and Shiloh. What is on Shiloh’s neck?

  82. Lizzie says

    I won’t lie, I don’t find Shi cute at all, nothing agaisnt her or her parents but she is just like any other baby, among celebrity babies she is actually one of those really plain ones. May be she will grow into her looks but as of now, she would be no big deal if it were not for her parents and I guess those who call her cute are just doe hard fans.

  83. Clare says

    I hate to bust your bubble but it actually is not a kiss, the video is on and she was getting Shi out of the car because she had failed to strapped her in properly so one of the bodyguards was helping out, they were moving and Shiloh’s head fell forward against Angelina, her mouth is always open (thats ok she is a baby), but it was very brief and no it was not a smuck. Though mother and daughter seemed to be laughing when she was trying to strap her in.

  84. traveller says

    Um, Jennifer Aniston? Why is she number 1? She hasn’t done anything in ages (not since the Breakup). I can understand why Matt Damon is #1, but Aniston? I think not.

  85. Essie says

    Well, Matt Damon and Jen Aniston get photographed ty the paparazzis often also. However, nobody asks them to “lay low”!!!

    Perhaps people will begin to complain about Matt and his wife carting their two kids all over the world and the lack of “stability” in their lives!!! That would be interesting to see but I bet it doesn’t happen. Somehow, Angie is the only parent who gets criticized for that.

  86. says

    ooooh my! she is a doll!
    She look just like BRAD!
    oooooooooooo she is a cutie pie!
    I think that this picture is adorable!
    She is kissing her mommie…awlllllll

  87. Deeds says

    Maybe AJ & BJ can take a collective sigh. The papparazzi might give them a break. According to Forbes magazine Matt Damon is the #1 actor, the best investment actor also the most profitable actor. At the female list Jennifer Aniston was picked #1 in the same catergories as Matt Damon, plus she is #1 on the ultimate star payback list. Don’t shoot me, I didn’t make the list Forbes did. If you don’t like thier list let them know not me.

  88. N says

    Why should they lay low? They dont have the right to travel and live their lives as they please? The pictures are beautiful….especially the one with Shiloh and Angie kissing. Proves all the haters wrong. What do you have to say now.

  89. Essie says

    Angelina is completing the movie that she was filming in Prague. They will spend about 3 weeks in Chicago to complete it.

    How can these people “lay low”? They are major A list stars. They are stalked by the papparazzis all over the world. They can’t help if their pics are taken. The photographers get major money for pics of Angie and Brad and especially the kids. They spent a month in France on vacation and were still tracked down!!! What are they supposed to do? Lock themselves in their house and never come out?

  90. renee says

    doesn’t this family ever stay put? angelina is definitely running from something; this is not happy wife-and-mother behaviour…..

  91. onatear says

    Aaawwww….Kissing mommy.!…two of the world’s most beautiful females! Darling pictures, thank you..

  92. Heidi says

    Shiloh is for sure a real doll! So cute, and the other children are adorable too..great looking family. However, these ppl need to lay low for a bit…is anyone else sick of seeing Brangelina?? This woman seems so fake to me…but that’s just my opinion. It’s almost like they pretend not to like the spotlight, but never stay out of it!!

  93. liliwaton says

    how nice..mother and daughter together..hope those haters who don’t like this family should just drop and stop all these negative about this family..brangelina rocks!!!

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