Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen Continue Their Nuttiness!

Denise Richards

I think this falls under the totally bizarre category!

Amid his custody fight with Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen has made an eye-popping claim: His ex-wife wants to have another child with him.

“There was a request for a donation,” Charlie, who is now engaged to Brooke Mueller, tells TV’s Entertainment Tonight, as reported on the Web site for its sister show, The Insider.

“Without getting into it here,” Charlie, 41, tells ET’s Mark Steines, “there is a specific document relating to this that I am going to reserve for a court.”

Asked if he would take this alleged offer from Denise seriously, Sheen replies: “I would sooner, in exactly what I’m wearing, walk on the surface of the moon. Does that answer it?”

Denise denied Charlie’s claim, telling The New York Post’s Page Six column Monday: “I don’t want another child right now. I have my hands full.”

In response to Denise’s denial Charlie replied, “She can make every claim in the world. But what she stated in something she wrote would completely and totally defy that.”

Denise, 36, filed for divorce from Charlie in March 2005, when she was six months pregnant with their second child. In November of last year, a court legally ended their status as a married couple. However, their divorce is not yet complete.

Still at issue is the final division of assets and custody arrangements over their daughters Sam, 3, and Lola, 2. Charlie is requesting looser visitation rights – that won’t require him to be supervised – with the girls, according to legal documents filed in a Los Angeles family court Friday.

In speaking to ET, Charlie also apparently comments on the story that Denise sent flowers to congratulate him and Brooke on their engagement last month.

“What I find curious and somewhat amusing is that the press knew she sent flowers before they arrived,” says Charlie.

Lordy! Can’t these two work these things out  privately and maturely! If Charlie is making the “sperm donor” story up he is a mean little bugger, and if it is true that Denise asked Charlie for a sperm donation that is really weird!


  1. Lisa says

    I think that they should have joint custody. I enjoy seeing Denise out with the girls. They are so cute.

  2. Have Some Sense says

    so you’re suggesting that an addict can’t change and will always be addicted?

    And you’re facts are skewed: Charlie has been married twice; He has kids with two women, and there were legally divorced (to be able to marry) in Nov 2006.

    How is it that Denise can make all the allegations she likes, but Charlie is making it up? They both went/are going to court with the details. She had transcripts of the phone calls & likely he will present phone records showing 20 calls/day from her; as well as her requested sperm donation.

    Crazy as a box of frogs – both of them

  3. ky says

    Denise is a good mother despite what everyone else thinks! She’s brought them girls up without Charlie, those girls don’t need him!

    You go Denise! xoxo

  4. N says

    You ladies would be surprised how many men pay for sex. Its more than you would believe. You would be surprised how many women prostitute themselves and dont realize they are. Or maybe I shouldnt say dont realize….they dont think they are.

  5. minkysmom says

    I think they need to be back together. I wouldn’t be acting a fool over some man I don’t want trying to have his baby and stuff. I think he wants her too. And far as his fiancee goes, she knew what she was getting into, he used to be into all kinds of paid sex and drugs, and admitted it!!! He may be different now, but he’s not a new man.

  6. oriana says

    Charlie is a sex addict, admitted that himself in the past, he is a good actor, and I enjoy his show each week. She is beautiful but I think it is all about being famous with her, and what has she starred in lately?

    He seems to be on the right track now and hopefully so.

  7. eminencegrise says

    Let’s see, Charlie is a known womanizer who’s admitted visting prostitutes, has a history of drug use and alcohol abuse, been married/engaged a number of times, fathered children with three different women, and now ‘engaged’ whilst he is still legally married to someone else.

    And you’re calling DENISE unstable?

    FFS, people!

  8. Lauren says

    These 2 so called adults need to grow up. They’re acting juvenile and childish. Can’t they realize the harm this is going to cause their kids? They need to resolve this privately.

  9. KLou says

    Charlie is abusive. No ifs, ands or buts. I don’t know anything about Denise, but I can tell you that it is a living hell getting away from an abuser, and they will say anything to make you look like a fool. It is not easy to have a parent ordered to Supervised Visitation, and the fact that he has been for so long indicates that there is some substantial risk to his daughters and/or Denise. It’s not as easy as “grow and…”, because when you are dealing with someone who is abusive, they don’t care all that much about the kids. What they care about is control. Often they use the children to continue to abuse their partner.

  10. carleigh says

    Neither one is better than the other, they are both weird and their kids are the one’s to suffer in this game of he said, she said BS!

    Grow up, take a parenting class, keep your mouthes shut and learn to put the kids first before you wreck those little girls!

    Denise is a super skank and always has been and Charlie has had issues with drugs and alcohol…where’s the lesser of two evils in this picture?

  11. Elaine says

    I have to say I don’t think Charlie needs the publicity – his TV show is very successful isn’t it? – while Denise only seems to be in the news for her private life. It is understandable that Charlie would want unsupervised access with his children, which it appears Denise does not want him to have.

  12. lauren says

    Denise is a fantastic mother, she has brought them kids up without Charlie! He doesn’t deserve to see them girls! You go Denise, lv ya girl xoxo

  13. says

    I think this is just pointing out what we’ve all known for some time, which is that Denise is desperate for attention and has always used her girls to get it. Now Charlie is pinpointing examples of her needy behavior because he’s moved on. She probably never thought he would. I totally believe Charlie, and the part about the flowers is just hilarious!!

  14. phnxgirl says

    I don’t think anyone is “crazy”. I think Hollywood in general makes people this way. I think there are people out in the “normal” world who have more messed up lives then these people, it’s just not broadcast every day.

  15. kelsie says

    I have no problem with Denise,but I think charlie should get cusdody.He could keep the girls out of the media,and let this whole crazy thing die down.

  16. DMITZ says

    How is the way you are criticizing Denise any different than how others hound Britney? Same thing, different person.

    You’re right, I don’t know what’s going on w/Britney personally and neither do you. All we go off is speculation of the disasterous Britney and crazy baby mama drama Denise.

    Relax and let people express themselves.

  17. DMITZ says

    #2 Britney is probably crazier and less stable than Denise. There is so much evidence to back that up.

    I do think Denise is crazy and I believe Charlie’s allegations.

  18. says

    This is what i was talking about! I can’t stand this woman!
    She needs help ASAP! And people want to hound Britney!
    Over what some scumarazzi’s say! How do they know..are they a fly on her wall?

  19. oriana says

    Sam looks soooo much like Charlie! I really think there is something psychological going on with Denise too!

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