Tom Cruise & Suri Adorableness!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was snapped giving Suri a kiss while out and about in Berlin, Germany. Awwww! What a sweet pic!


  1. oriana says

    Thank you Nicki, I wondered which one was the oldest. Suri certainly seems much more energetic, animated and more aware of her surroundings than I have ever seen Shiloh act. Even when Brad had Shiloh by himself in her little white dress months ago, I didn’t see too much interest out of her. I wonder why? I really think Suri is one of those bright happy children, I saw Dannielynn and she was jumping up and down, laughing, just enjoying herself, I love how Larry dresses her too.

    Maybe the other kids have such strong personalities they just overshadow Shiloh but she doesn’t seem to playful to me at all. Sorry!

  2. Nicki says

    oriana~Suri is older by 6 weeks almost. She was born on April 18, the same day as Grier, and Shiloh was May 28 or 29th, the day after Kingston. It is much eaiser for two parents to watch one child running around, than it is for two parents watching 4 children running around.
    Plus Katie has a minimun of 2 body guards with her and Suri. Angie usually has 1, unless overseas.

    Don’t forget alot of people believe Suri was actually born 2 months eariler than than they said she was.
    I have no proof of this so I will say I saw a birth certificate that said Suri was born on April 18th.

  3. oriana says

    Which baby is older, Suri or Shiloh? The reason I ask is Suri seems so much smarter and more alert! She is walking and running, and seems to be so interested in her surroundings, big difference in the development in the two little girls. Suri is as cute as she can be and she appears very bright to me. Both girls are pretty but Suri just seems to shine! I do think that Shiloh will be the most beautiful when she gets older but Suri has surpassed her developmentally with leaps and bounds!

  4. oriana says

    Tom looks a little tired to me. Suri is just adorable and sooo cute, now this is how I love to see a little girl dressed! She is just one of the cutest kids I have ever seen! They don’t have any hangups over dressing a little girl like a little girl and she is very sweet!

  5. oriana says

    Tia, second time? I didn’t realize that was the second time she went into the water, so guess I haven’t seen all the pictures. Yes, she does have on a life jacket and Katie was adjusting her bathing suit. I saw the look on Katie’s face and she didn’t look happy about it at all to me.

    I also looked at the pictures when they were in France and Suri never actually went in the water there in any of them, Katie was holding her the whole time and mostly up in the air, but Suri didn’t seem afraid to me in them. Guess she just doesn’t like the water at all!

    And I have heard for years Tom is a very controlling and strong willed person, I even read once where Nicole said so but who knows if any of it is true. He looks very strong willed to me and yes, I did read where Jada Smith said she was in control of her house, but if that was the case, wouldn’t she want her house to be, just her family? Not sharing it with all of Tom’s sisters and his mother?

    I know you are a huge fan of this family, I myself like Tom as a family man and an actor, but no one is perfect and though it is obvious Suri is his pride and joy, there may be another side to him you or I aren’t aware of that you wouldn’t approve of.

    Katie is famous ONLY because of Tom, she is not a style Icon, she has only recently started dressing more stylishly and wearing her designer clothes, and heels with everything, she was not an A-List actress and her popularity or shall I say celebrity has escalated due to Tom. She will give in to Tom when he sets his foot down and I will be shocked if that changes.

    That being said, I do think they are both good parents and hope that continues to be.

  6. Tia says

    Oriana, if you did look at the pics then you would actually see…it looks like Tom actually wanted to hand Suri back to her mother but she wasn’t paying attention at that moment as she was adjusting her bikini for some time but Tom took her out straight after he had Katie’s attention. The picture of Katie and Suri you’re talking about is after Suri went in the water for the second time. Sure Tom is most experienced having two other kids and stuff but it might have been Katie herself who wanted Suri is the water and please “Tom is controlling stories” came out from the tabliods and not from DIFFERENT people. What came out of people close to them is that Katie is in change of their home and I do believe Tom will do anything to make Katie happy and feel comfortable. He is a nice guy period.

    I don’t think what they did was bad or terrible. Suri was in safe hands and had a life jacket on, as well as was held tight by her dad.
    When she started cry if they had gave in straight away with out letting her know that its ok and safe she will be scared for life and from the pics what I got was Tom did exactly that he showed her it was fine and took her out when she kept crying.

    In France for the wedding Katie hold her in her hand and went in the water but Suri didn’t go inside the water, she was holding to her mum for dear life and at times she looked scared of it and here is a picture.

  7. jen says

    Miapocca, a real loser, you can’t accept that suri is the most beautiful in the world, only you and a couple of your friends, said negative and prejudice comments to this very adorable and cutest baby.

  8. joy says

    Jodie # 126, Open your eyes, and see the the truth, suri’s eyes is the combination of tomkat, sometimes she stares like tom.

  9. jade says

    126. Jodie, you are such a liar and vicious creature, look at baby suri very well, she looks like tom in some of her pictures.

  10. oriana says

    Tia, I remember when Katie had her in the water when they were at the wedding, she looked very happy and having a good time.

    But this time, the water did look very deep and choppy to me, and I saw the looks on Katie’s face when Suri was clinging to her, she didn’t look any better when she handed Suri to Tom either. I do think Tom is controlling as it has been reported many times by different people and I think Suri was upset.

    I have no doubts she is loved and well taken care of by both of them and I said that, I just don’t believe that Katie will stand up to Tom, not even for her daughter and I think this time she should have said NO, she didn’t want her in the water during this situation.

    I looked at all the pictures and didn’t see anything to make me change my mind. Sorry!

  11. Tia says

    #67. Nicki, thank you for people like you who actually took time out to look at the other pics before judging them so harshly. Bravo!!!

  12. Tia says

    126. Jodie/Libra, you changed names but you still sound the same. You should get over it! It has been 2 yrs there is nothing to come out!!!!!! Changed the subject.

    Oriana, I can’t believe those comment are coming from you.
    People, all you see is pics of a split second you’ve no idea why she cried and if you go to a fan site and take a look Suri was in the water twice the first time she was fine. Maybe that is their way of teaching Suri not to fear the water by showing her its aright and when she kept crying they took her out! All this people who sound concerned for Suri they are not they just trying to knock Tom down using his child now. That little beautify is very much loved by both parent and it looks like they’re doing a great job raising her.

  13. oriana says

    Connor is very handsome! The older daughter is plain looking and tomboyish to me! Connor and Kelly Ripa’s oldest sons are two of the cutest kids ever!

  14. says

    Funny,how those in defense of hag and spawn cant wait to jump down someones throat but play victim when they get whipped….

    Learn to accept that people are different and they all have different opinion…Suri on the street with an ordinary joe will not turn any heads…she is know for being these wierdos daughter, nothing exceptional, I have seen better, Connor is a whole lot more goodlooking than this wierd looking one….

  15. **s says

    I think Suri is Tom’s daughter. Though I have never been a big fan of katie or him, their daughter is gorgous. I love seeing pics of her. She looks very happy to me.

  16. Shadow Girl says

    And the same to u, IT. Last thing we need is another teenager with a pathetically overblown ego, thinking IT needs to yell at us for no reason.

    Time to go back to the crazy house, hope they’ve embroidered your name on your straitjacket, you’ve been in there long enough, sounds like. Piss off buttmuncher.

  17. says

    you wish that your fat@ss had a boyfriend!
    Tom C. don’t care about you(s) you are wasting your pathetic lives! I truly don’t have a life!
    Anyway slobs..We don’t give a f@ck if you have a heart attack over tom cruise… it will 3 less people in this world that are stupid!

  18. Shadow Girl says

    Oh boo hoo, IT. Cry me a big pathetic freakin’ river! It’s plain to me that pro Crudes have not done any research on the dick and just blindly worship him.

    Uninformed rantings like the one above just make me laugh because the idiots that write it have no common sense whatsover…so WILLFULLY misinformed! I think the clams are out…better bring on the wine and sauce. Yum!

    BTW: I do research, my boyfriend helps me, and we’re both well informed politically correct people… I think people should politely disagree, such a shame that good manners are not in practice anymore.

  19. N says

    Reality Check…. I have not said anything about Scientology on any blogs. I know nothing about it and i’m not interested in knowing anything about it. Learn how to read and address the correct people.


  20. Reality Check says

    You ladies sound like cackling hens.

    1st of all, how many times have pictures caught some of your bad moments (especially for those of you who aren’t photogenic)? I take my children in the water all the time, even if they fuss about it. I don’t want them to be afraid of water so it’s worth trying to get them to face their fears. Did it ever occur to you that Suri freaked out this day but has had fun on a different occasion that TomKat brought her out there? My daughter is like that, loving the water one day and hating it the next. That doesn’t mean they are bad parents. Seriously, is there nothing better to do than criticize them?

    And Shadow/Mia/Lib/N your comments are soooooo boring and sooooooo repetive. Don’t waste your time telling me to scroll past them because I do. All I have to look for is your $cieno words and L Ron crap and know where you’re going w/it. I think YOU are the only one hung up on that. What religion are you? I bet we are all different and if you want to call 1 man out for his crazy beliefs, go on and do it. But that has nothing to do w/them not loving Suri or treating her good. So what if they have crazy beliefs or try to force it on others? How are you any different from so strongly opposing it and b!tch!ng about it in EVERY post you make? You are just as bad if not WORSE than his is!!

    You don’t even know what you’re talking about. You just want to complain on every TomKat post until you get a good debate going but it’s tiring. Move on. Get past it. Let it go. Say new things! Make intelligent conversation!

  21. says

    blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!

    It is his kid! He can do what he chooses! You are not the one with millions…he is! Alot of celebs go swimming with their children (TOBY McQuire, his daughter Ruby Sweetheart, and Jeniifer! SO..get over it!

  22. Jodie says

    those pictures of suri in the water are shocking. tom cruise is a nut job, every one knows that, and katie holmes should be ashamed of herself putting her child in that position. they are both truly awful. i would never make my child that scared and put her into deep water, life jacket or no life jacket.

    i agree with whoever said suri looks strange when she cries. very freaky. i find something very odd about this child and i can’t quite put my finger on it. but she’s definately not biolgically cruise’s and she’s definately a fair bit older than they say she is.

    no doubt it will all come out eventually and fans of this family are going to be left feeling pretty silly.

  23. says

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    and further more don’t none of you b*tches run this blog!
    I didn’t come here to make friends like you oriana..making friends over the interenet don’t entertan me! I don’t five a phuck what you think, or nicki!
    You are nothing to me..You are faceless, like everyone here!
    And if i didn’t type sh*t phucking sue me!
    and what make you so phucking special..because you visit a blog, and think back to when you were young again? PLEASSSSE! Nicki, you kno wyour husband don’t grind sh*t but his dentures. GET THAT Sh*t out of here!

    Shadow Scum..OOOO i know that you feel so have a bunch of tight @sses on your team!

    and who is trying to compete with anybody over the interenet..lonely wh@re! THIS IS YOUR LIFE..I JUST POP IN, AND OUT! ARIES SUCK @ss!

    LIKE I TOLD DORI…you don’t run anything…I will visit here when I choose! B*tches!

  24. Shadow Girl says

    Whooo, I haven’t laughed like this in a long time! Punky Brewster or ” IT” as I call it finally figured out how to turn the caps lock off! Seriously, get a life and get a man.

    Are you blind from fingering yet? I personally don’t feel the need to lower myself by exchanging childish insults like ” I wish your mom aborted you” BS. Maybe you need to grow a SEMBLANCE of a brain. Anyone else knows here that my opinions are well informed, as I like to do research.

    I think $cieno’s a cult, extorting $$$ off of unsuspecting people who just want a little spiritual enlightenment. Never mind the churches and temples that have been around for thousands of years! We all know Crude’s a gay fatwad midget who likes to bang anything with a dick.

    I find Suri unremarkable, unamazing and nonspectacular. I don’t see what the big deal is, I mean, she’s just a kid like any other. $cienos will treat her like the L Ron Dumb@rse secondcoming. Anyone that’s gullible enough to be sucked dry out of money and brainwashed into the cult had it coming.

    At any rate, IT makes me laugh like nothing I’ve read in a long time. The misinformed rants and personal attacks I just laugh off. HILARIOUS!

  25. oriana says

    Nicki, Ha, Ha! Always a nice laugh from you. And my thanks to hubby also! Ha!

    Going to MIMI’s Fri. or Sat. morning, will let you know!

    Ignore the rantings of some PITIFUL PUNK! Ha!!!!

    Take care, enjoy your night!!! Off to dinner, BLT with potato salad! Yummy!

  26. Nicki says

    Opppps make that 47 years older than her. But who cares we are both “older” women according to “pitiful Brewster”.
    All the best.

  27. Nicki says

    oriana~Thank-you very much.and thank you for your post at #113. Your sweet to say that. Oh wait a minute, is that flirting with you??………….OH, OK, my hubby says no it wasn’t, it was just nice of you. Thanks.
    Actually my 24th will be Katie and Toms 1st. Yes they picked the same day as ours. You know I don’t care for Tom, but do wish Katie all the best.
    And Suri was born the day before my birthday. But I am 100 years older than her.:lol:almost…..maybe 48 years older:lol:.

  28. oriana says

    First of all PUNKY, you can’t count, you can’t spell, what can you do? Besides throw slurs at people and instigate bullshit on here? You are pitiful, you are pathetic, I said that as a joke but it is TRUE!!!

    Now say what comes to mind about me, no big deal, Nicki is a nice person and that is why I defend her.

    Shadow can stand her ground, you can’t compete with her,

    you wrote earlier to someone, shut up and die already, is that the best you can do? The Simpson got you beat all the way!!!!

    Now I don’t feel like playing with you tonight, so spout off your ingnorant rantings to someone else, PUNKY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Nicki says

    114. Punky Brewster—I usually don’t read your posts because you “SCREAM” through them. I made a comment to oriana~:lol:— relax. You remind me of the old woman in town hanging at the corner, eating cat food with a plastic spoon, talking to herself, and yelling out strange things as people pass by.

    I don’t flirt with anyone…..I have been happily married (to a man) for over 23 years. In 3 months it will be 24 years, so if you don’t mind his will be the only PELVIS I WILL KINDLY BUMP, and add GRIND.

  30. oriana says

    Stalking you? How do you figure that? Can you count?

    I do think 102, came before 103 and 107!!!!

    I do think you are pitiful, but since you said, kindly, I will be nicer to you.

  31. says



  32. oriana says

    101, faith, where am I wrong? What did I make up that wasn’t true?

    Isn’t Tom’s life pretty much an open book?

    Hasn’t it been reported many times, he is controlling?

    When did you see Katie wearing high heels with practically what wears constantly BEFORE she became so chummy with Posh Beckham? When? Where were all the designer clothes, and shoes, before then?

    Didn’t she say out of her own mouth, Tom was her idol years ago? Did I make that up?

    Tom is amazing, their life is amazing, all things are just AMAZING according to her when it comes to him! Did I make that up too or didn’t she say that statement many times?

    So my comments about what I think are my opinions, they may not be AMAZING but that doesn’t mean I need a psych because of what I think, not that I don’t need one, but not because of my thoughts about her kissing Tom’s ass!

    Nicole Kidman has more talent and class about her than Katie Holmes will in her lifetime! And I am sure she is a sweet person but just immature to me and a follower, not a leader!

  33. faith says

    59. oriana, You are so arrogant, what is happening to your brain, you need to see a psychiatrist.

  34. Jen says

    Now Shadow girl you’re the most nasty person to ever grace this blog. The things you say about a child is beyond believe. If you haven’t realized by now you’re actually making people who might not like Tom Cruise defend him and change their mind because of the things you say so you not doing yourself a favor so please leave this place.

  35. Jen says

    #96 that is a very cruel thing to say! I know Shadow girl is very nasty and you need to give her as good as you get but what you said …..

  36. says

    NO..but we don’t want to read your anti tom cruisades!
    take that sh*t to your poor mind ridden mother!
    GAAWD she should have aborted you as soon as she knew that she would have a thing like you!
    I wish that your dumb father would have kicked her in the stomach..when she was knocked up with you!
    NO..shadow monkey sh*t go bite on doggie n@ts! Tom has more money..than you will ever have! broke piece of sh*t!

  37. Shadow Girl says

    *Sigh* and once again we have some ignorant teenage sods with too much time on their hands. These are my opinions, wee little girl, and opinions that they are. And yet when other people side with me, we’re accused of multiposting. This was settled a long time back, so take that argument away.

    If anyone doesn’t like my comments, then don’t read them! Quite honestly, just ignore what I say! You’re not forced to read mine by any means. You don’t like me, TOUGH $HIT! Bite me and go play with yourselves or something. Just leave me out of it.

  38. Johanna says

    Shadow is that the best you can say? Aren’t you tired of babbling your BS about TC and his family? That is a disgusting comment you made and to make that remark towards a child is rude and immature. You talk like a man! You can spit out all your TC/Scientology all you want, but obviously by these comments here you will be conversating with yourself. Many of us here adore Suri and would prefer if you would take your gross opinions somewhere else. Isn’t there a anti-Tom website somewhere? Your comments are filthy so keep them off this babysite. I hope the WM removes your comments. You sound like Lib trying to force your gross TC comments on everyone else.

  39. says

    No shadow girl..I know that you would love to have everybody worked up over you, but hon please..
    Yes, a big bear like you need their sleep! Instead hibernating in the winter, your wobbly @ss do it in the summer! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  40. Shadow Girl says

    Bite me, b@tch! OMG, I got IT all worked up again! I do have a penchant for that, don’t I?

    Time to get back to the cave, IT. Beat it.

  41. Analise says

    Shut up about the bottle already. Granted this kid is around 2 yrs old, but she doesn’t belong to any of you. Look at how “Papa” Tom poses for the cameras while Suri receives a message from Xenu. Precious!

  42. says

    Suri is soooo beautiful This is a lovely pic. Tom looks like a wonderful father. Nicki, the video was great. Thanks.
    Also, I see nothing wrong with her still drinking a bottle. My 2yr old daughter has to drink her bottle before she goes to bed at night.
    As for the just jared pics, how do you people know that Tom was the one who made Katie take her into the water? Remember the pics at that wedding in France where they were at a beach? Suri was happy and kicking and laughing in the water. She’s a baby for crying out loud! They are different all the time. Sometimes they are cranky and scared and very unhappy and moody.My gosh.

  43. says




  44. bambamswife says

    I know that these celebrities don’t have a private life and that is the price they have to pay. Such nit-picking of every little thing is just unreal. Kids are kids. My son was affraid of the water and so is his daughter, my grandaughter. Your comments are just unreal. Oh Tom is this, oh Katie is this, oh Suri is this. WOW!!!!!!!!!! totally unreal. She is a typical beautiful little girl. My son had tons of hair and oriental looking eyes when he was a toddler. Everybody grow up and stop arguing on a baby site and just enjoy the cute pictures of these children. Shame on some of you.

  45. theresa says

    I don’t think Suri was scared of the water. I think she must have seen some aging Sardinian women bathing topless on a nearby rock and freaked out. Yeah. That’s GOT to be what happened. And that also explains why Katie looked so concerned. There are some things we just don’t need to see! Suri, unfortunately, has learned that at a very early age.

  46. Shadow Girl says

    Wooo! Bi@tch fight!

    Subtitle for pic, ” I love u Suri, I can’t wait until you bring home boyfriends for me to take up the butthole.”

    GAY Crude, GAY! I got no prob w/gays, what irritates me is $cieno thinking it’s a disease that has to be cured. L Ron Dumbarse is just that, a dumb@ss!

    Bite me, pro Crudes. Go ahead and take a nice chunk out of my @ss…while you’re at it, take a number. I’m sure there’s more ignorant sods out there who’d like to kick me @ss too.. get in line!

  47. Amy says

    We don’t know them personally so maybe they’ve tried to get her to swim in their own swimming pool to start with and this is her many tries.
    We did this with our daughter one year with the same results and the next year she jumped right in. They’re just trying things out to see what she likes. No different than any other parent. She is a baby of course she is going to cry and you can’t always give in without them trying it first. As you can see from the pics Suri started crying way before going into the water and we don’t know why she cried. I doubt its because she knew they were going to put her in the water…like someone suggested it might be because she saw her father dive in and was scared and as a concerned father and mother when they realized Suri is still crying in the water Tom took her out so please people come down and don’t be so harsh about people and thing we don’t know.

  48. says

    oh yeah, maybe his other kids are with their mother!
    They do have a mother!

    Katie also might look concern because “THIS IS HER FIRST CHILD” TOM has 2, she has 1

    did I clear that up for you morons?

  49. says is nothing wrong with teaching your child to swim..
    It is plenty of babies, that have swammed on the ocean, with their kids! GET OVER IT! This is just another thing to bash Tom cruise, because he doesn’t care what you naysayers say! YOU CAN’T STOP HIM, WITH YOUR EVIL!

    Katie was looking concern, just like mother’s do…when their baby get a shot for the first time! If it is the 1st time for her to do anything( maybe getting her ears pierced, of course she is going to cry!

    SIT BACK DOWN, BITTER HOUSEWIVES of this punk @ss country, we don’t wantto hear it!

  50. oriana says

    Punky, I do dye the edges and I see to it regularly. Thank You. Fire Engine Red is perfect! Again, thank you for your concern.

    As for my Gay son, I hope you wear comfortable shoes for you will be standing in a long line of people that are sick about that! Yep, he’s Gay, and I am proud of him, doesn’t bother me at all, he’s a good person and actually thinks there are Aliens out there! Ha!

  51. oriana says

    #74, Casey my Dear, I can’t count the number of times people critize me on here and prob will continue too, I am used to it, and much worse has been said about me!

    I do agree I sounded harsh, I always said I thought this was a close family that I liked, I know without a doubt that Tom adores Suri but I do think he is strong willed, I also think Katie is weak and easily led by him but do think she likes it. I guess time will tell how she goes along and if she resists any.

    To me, the look on Katie’s face spoke loud and clear.

  52. Jane says

    I’m addicted to Suri…she is very alert and expressive and she always looks like she’s got something on her mind. lol

    Do you guys thing the way Suri is now is more to do with genetics, or the way she is being raised…if you remember they didn’t exposer her to the public the first 5 months of her life and also do you think the silent births Katie was said to have had has effect on her?

  53. Casey says

    I always like seeing pictures of Suri, she is full of life and so animated. I also loved the way she reacts to animals, she is afraid but so interested in them. I agree Suri amy have been crying over something else entirely. She doesn’t seem to resist the water in the pictures. I would reserve harsh judgement on these two since they seem like good parents. I think Tom and Katie really do love each other and whether or not he is controlling, Katie seems happy and as long as he is not forcing her to do drugs or anything nasty, I see no harm in that. Many successful people are percieved as controlling, some women like their men that way. I think saying that Katie made you sick Oriana was a little harsh but that is your view, but nevertheless it is too harsh. I see you do not also like it when people attack you in a similar way.

  54. Jen says

    #56. was NOT ME!

    Oriana and Nicki, you’re only looking at one pics….if you see all sets of pics. It looked like Suri started crying when Tom jumped in the water and Katie comforts her, she continues crying then Katie gives her to Tom, he tries to comfort her in water and she continues crying, that is when he gives her back and the picture when Suri looks afraid is at the end when Tom dives in water again. Oriana, you can’t pass all those judgment on Katie based on one pic. Maybe they have tried to get her to swim in their pool before and she likes it and they were only testing to see if she is going to be ok once she is in the water and clearly she is not happy then they take her out. Come on people lets not pretend we’re better than them Tom Cruise is a great dad and would not hurt his child in any way.

  55. tina says

    just a question but where are the other 2 kids? we see loads of suri katie tom even nicole but where are the other two have they been dumped in the backround?

  56. says

    Oriana, you talking about your g@Y SON MAKE ME SICK!
    I am sure that katie can give 2 squats about how you feel for her! And again..she might be flattered that you are actually suffering..due to her being happy!

    I just know that will make you feel better! SCADOODLES!

  57. oriana says

    Nicki, Thank you precious for the support to me, I do think Suri is adorable and stated that many many times! I just didn’t like the unhappiness and concern in the pictures.

    Hugs to you my Dear!!!!!

  58. oriana says

    I just looked at the pictures Malayka, Katie doesn’t look happy in any of them to me!

    And for those critical of me, I do think I posted in the past how cute Suri has always looked in her pictures and she is adorable, but Tom does come across as harsh to me in this set and Katie as weak. Just my opinion and that is that!

    And I can’t help but wonder how Katie will react when Tom starts his Scientology crap with Suri when she gets older!!!!!

  59. oriana says

    Megan, I am not like “so old” I AM old!!!! I am 59, so close to 60 you could kiss it!!!! Why the hate? I didn’t say I hated her, I said she made me sick! There are lots of celebs that make me sick and I would like to smack across the face, O.J. Simpson, Gloria Allred, Lindsay Lohans mom, although I don’t consider her a celebrity!

    Nicki, I am fine honey, I knew it would get some Katie fans in an uproar but I commented how I felt anyway. Katie and Tom both demonstrate how much they care about Suri, but way before Suri was born, Katie said Tom was her idol and she dreamed about marrying him, he is strong willed and controlling, many people testify to this fact, so quite naturally she will come second fiddle to him and his wishes.

    I just thought from a mother’s thinking and maternal instincts, when a child is scared, she would be stronger.

    I clearly saw concern and worry in Katie’s expression.

    Jill, I am not the one with the bad day, Suri was!

    Lizzie, if you read anything I wrote about this family in the past then you would know I like them as a family and like Suri a lot, she is totally cute to me and I for one always said she was Tom’s child and looks just like him, so shut the hell up, you don’t know what you are talking about! I don’t like Tom’s so called religion but I do as a family man and an actor, but Katie is immature, she is weak and much stronger women backed down from him, Nicole included!

    And maybe she was crying about something else, but from the pictures I seen, I didn’t get that impression!

    Nicki, hope you don’t get flack about me tonight!!!!

  60. Nicki says

    Malayka ~~ Thanks for the other pics, I apprieciate it. Yes he does seem to hold her close and say something. Maybe comforting words, I hope, from the small pic I saw he looks like he is not smiling. JMO. No big deal, I just hate how she looks terrified and Katie doesn’t look at all happy. But whatever, we can agree that 97% of her pics she is precious and adorable.
    I just am not liking these water pics, but I have no doubt she is loved. I love the pic of her seeing the puppy. That is my favorite!
    Much thanks for the pics!!

  61. Malayka says

    I am sorry Nicki, I had forgotten that only members have access. But yes there is a picture when Tom is holding her to his chest and he did look like he was trying to console her. Yes she does look scared but she does not try to cling to Katie when she is being immersed in water like kids do when they don’t want to go into water. Which leaves a probability that she would have been crying over something else entirely. Also notice that she is not trying to get out of water whens immersed again, that is not typical of a child who wants out. Just my take on the photos.

    Sorry you can’t get in, but another site may have it. I will try to get it for you.

  62. Nicki says

    Malayka~ Thanks for the link, but you gave me the home page and I don’t have a user name or password………….so I didn’t see anything. But thanks for offering. OK, I didn’t see the pics you saw, but she was clining to to Katie before going into the ocean…………..

    And I won’t post the other pics of Katie looking upset. They are there. If you can post an actual link or two, maybe I can see what you mean. I am sure Katie loves her daughter with all her heart, you can tell by the painful look on her face while handing Suri to Tom and while her baby is screaming in the ocean. I think Tom loves her too, but I know her Momma loves her with all her heart.

  63. Alice says

    Suri looks so cute and just when I think she can’t get any cuter, she just surprises me with a new level of cuteness.

  64. Megan says

    Isn’t Oriana supposed to be like so old? Why the hate anger and bitterness? I agree with Malayka, Suri could have ben crying over something different since we do not see her resisting to get into the water like she was doing the last time on Parker’s nuptials.

    If Katie was a kiss ass with no back borne, she owuld have left Tom long ago to when every one seemed to be against the relationship. She strikes me as strong minded but likes a strong shoulder to lean on. He beliefs are her business.

  65. Malayka says

    Nicki I don’t know about the sequence but here is a picture of Tom comforting Suri.

    It may even have been something else making Suri cry for all we know since a second look at the pictures does not show clinging to Katie or refusing to go in the water. Actually in all pictures she seems to be crying about something else. One thing I know about kids who don’t want to go into the water, they cling onto something outside the water to resist getting in completely.

  66. Nicki says

    Wow Oriana~~~ I’m sorry for the crap you have to deal with after I posted. Makalay, Jill Lizzie and Lola, back off……….Isn’t everyone entitled to their own opinion??? Which .by the way oriana….is too. I happen to agree with what she has said….although I read through it all fast because 3 or 4 of you were attacking her at once. She isn’t allowed her own opinion??? What is this Scientology attack????

    I think Katie is a cutie, I love her new haircut, I think she loves her daughter, but those pictures are disturbing at best. Suri is clearly terrified and wants no part of the big Ocean.
    Hi oriana, I agree with you.

  67. oriana says

    Lola, I am glad I make you sick, because you are not my cup of tea and that is no big loss for me! As for Mia, I enjoy her posts and do agree with her on some things, not all but some. As for Lib, she is my mentor? You are stupid and she will tell you so as far as that is concerned! Ha!

    I don’t post my own ideas? Again, you are stupid!

    Katie, is a major kiss ass, not only to Tom but as a clone of Ms. Beckham, that was clear to me long ago also! She made me sick after seeing her in shorts on the beach with high heels on!

    Yes, I am perfect, I lead a perfect life and I am in a perfect world! That is a ignorant remark! My husband and pets are perfect too, and oh yes, I am a perfect cook also!!! Ha!

    No, I don’t know these people personally, only what I read and Tom’s life is pretty much an open book.

    And of course, it could be all lies, he isn’t controlling or demanding, he is meek and humble and considerate and a wonderful role model for all men!!!!!

  68. Clare says

    Suris is just my favourite baby and the video where she seems to be running to everything and from Tom and Katie is so cute for words.

  69. Nicki says

    49. Janice – She always looks cute when she isn’t TERRIFIED. And Katie looks like she is totally concerned about her, but Tom has her in the Ocean anyway. He is smiling like a picture fool hound, and his daughter is terrified. He doesn’t even give her a thought or a caring comforting hug to say it’s alright.

    50. Gina –Could you please attach a link for the so called “in order” pics you claim? I see a screaming child who looks terrified. Please enclose an actual working link for these so called in order pics. Much apprieciated.

  70. Jen says

    Oriana complaining about people without without a back borne is rich, what? You kiss ass more than anyone on this site. I know you have it bad for this couple but please don’t see yourself in Katie.

  71. Lizzie says

    Oriana stop boring us. You don’t seemto even care about Suri, you just sound bitter and angry. If you don’t like them, too bad.

  72. Jill says

    Oriana get your ass out of your mouth and give us a break, it you have had a bad day that is your business, we saw Suri a day after that incident happy what is your problem?

  73. Malayka says

    Oriana, first you don’t know these people you don’t know what happened before or after that incident. You are too judgemental for your own good. I guess you and your husband lead a perfect life. If Katie likes her life like that, it is her life. She chose Tom, you have no right to say she makes you sick after seeing a couple of pictures. Suri looks happy most of the time and am sure that didn’t come from having a dysfunctional family.

  74. oriana says

    Gina, if it makes a woman happy to kiss her husband’s ass, at the expense of a child being scared, then I feel sorry for you if that is how you feel!

  75. Lola says

    Oriana, it is rich coming from you about Katie kissing ass when you can’t stop kissing Libs and Miapocca’s ass all the time. You hardly ever have your own ideas and you seem to have no back borne. I am sure am not the first to tell you this so please don’t talk about Katie kissing Tom’s ass making you sick because you have no back borne at all and most of your rants echo what your tutors Lib and Mia tell you. You know what, you do make me sick!!!!

  76. oriana says

    Malayka, I would like to think I would lay my life down for any child if it came to that but I honestly don’t know if I would or not. I do think that Katie and Tom both would for her. I also think that Tom is controlling and demanding and she will go along with him whether she agrees or not. Sad as the case may be!

    Marilyn Mason is a freak and that girl he is with is a fool in my opinion.

    I would root for any woman to walk away from a controlling husband that puts outrageous demands on his wife, and by that I mean some of the Scientology crap he idolizes, not putting his child in water! She makes me sick because she will sit back and allow her child to be afraid and not speak up or stand up about it if she didn’t agree with it! I didn’t say it was grounds for breaking up a marriage did I?

    And where could she go? Doesn’t she act? She has parents! She has money, and if she was broke, she doesn’t need to be a puppet! She is a mother for God’s sake! So No, I don’t feel sorry for her one little bit!

  77. Gina says

    Oriana what is wrong with kissing ass to your husband if that is what makes you happy? Not every one is an over zelous feminist you know. Besides those pictures are not in order, go to and see the order, Suri is crying, Katie comforts her, she continues crying then Katie gives her to Tom, he tries to comfort her in water and she continues crying, that is when he gives her back and the picture when Suri looks afraid is at the end when Tom dives in water again.

    Look these are pictures and you can never know enough to judge that vehemently may be you can voice your concerns but Katie makes you sick ???? Please……

  78. Janice says

    How is it possible for the cutest hollywood tot to even get cuter? Look at her. And Tom does not look too bad either. Mmmmm.

  79. oriana says

    Gina, did you see the look on Katie’s face? Did that look to you like she was the one who wanted her in the water? With Suri clinging to her, would you put your child in the water with her acting and looking like that? And who said Katie didn’t care about her? I said she needs to grow some backbone to say NO to Tom, and I stand by that!

    And No, I don’t know what was going on, I just think that she is a big KIss Ass to Tom!!!!

  80. Malayka says

    Oriana why so harsh on Katie, I could mention more starlets in hollywood in worse relationships and worse lives, Lohan, Britney , hey Marylyn Mason has a girl of 19. Katie seems to love her life, not every one is assertive and her beliefs are her choice. Why would you root foe her to leave her husband and hurt herself and her child? To go where? Sleep around in la la land, is that better than a scientology husband? They seem happy and very cute. So what Suri didn’t like water? Many kids don’t, the only difference is there not cameras t capture those moments. Would you lay down you life for Suri? Well Katie would so calm down and go easy on the insult am sure she would never willingly let any harm come to her.

  81. Gina says

    Oriana, you just many many of us here sick ranting like that about pictures when you hardly know what is going on. May be shortly before Suri had enjoyed the water and changed her mind. She is not the first baby to cry and how do you know it wasn’t Katie who wanted Suri in the water? This is the first time we have seen Suri cry and you all judgemental about total strangers you don’t know and you don’t even know what happened, she could have had fun in the beginning then swallowed water and changed her mind. Both parents seem to care and have her best interests at heart. She looks like a beautiful well looked after intelligent child full of life. Do you think she developed into that beautiful kid because Katie didn’t care? Give a break, you can’t love her child more than she loves her.

  82. Miapocca says

    Scientologist believe in their contact assist shit…if you have a bad expereince ..they mak eyou relieve it several times till your reaction to the situation is if Suri hates teh water, she will be getting in a few more time till they can read happy engrams off their scientolotot….thats what I call scarred for life ….child abuse more like it.,..

  83. oriana says

    Katie makes me sick! I would like to slap her right across the face!! Suri is prob a brat, no doubt about that, I also think she likes the water, she didn’t seem to be crying and afraid a few weeks ago when Katie had her in the water when she had the black bathing suit on with the big buckle, Suri seemed to be enjoying herself then. In these pictures she was clearly scared, not just throwing a tantrum!

    Katie should listen to her mother’s instincts and not Tom’s demands! I used to think she would one day balk at the Scientology crap and stand up for herself and her daughter, but now I seriously doubt it, she is too brain washed and manipulated, and enjoys her lifestyle with Tom to make her own decisions. I don’t respect her at all and hope she gets exactly what she reaps from this relationship!

  84. oriana says

    Katie should had enough guts about her to say NO to Tom when he wanted Suri in the water! It’s plain to see she was scared! It is clear to see, what Tom wants, Tom gets! Katie, grow some backbone!!!!

  85. Nicki says

    33. Andrea —

    Now that is the time when a bottle would make her feel safe. And maybe not put her into the OCEAN, if she was screaming, even Katies doesn’t look happy about it. Try the water thingy in a pool, and see how she reacts. Katie looks pissed in some of the pics. One has Suri hanging onto Katie, she clearly did not want to go into the huge OCEAN. I didn’t see one pic were she wasn’t crying. Going into or in the ocean where she enjoyed herself.

    The life perserver looks very safe, but clearly after all the pics of Suri we have seen, happy and full of life, this isn’t one of then.

  86. Gina says

    What I love about Suri is her energy and her demeanor that always ‘.I can do this, I can do that…even that…wait I will also do that… about that…. ‘ LOL So cute.

  87. Jill says

    I like that #37. Give it to them straight. Those theories are so last week. *yawn* Suri is too cute and that is what we should celebrate.

  88. Miriam says

    Look at that, they look so cute father and daughter. I have always been a Cruise fan but Suri made me fall more in love with the whole family. She is really some thing.

  89. says



  90. Lizzie says

    Carleigh you summed up what I wanted to say. Isn’t she quite something? Tom and Katie are so lucky to her

    Grier looks tall for her age but Suri looks alert for her age. She seem intelligent but we should not forget she has only six teeth which is normal for a 15 month old. All these conspirancy theories are kinda boring anyway. They are always the same with no new Ideas. Now Suri is something else. She is such a happy naughty thing.

  91. staci says

    I just saw the pics. omg suri looks so scared. she is really scared of the water. poor child. hello she was already crying way before she went in so why would they still want to put her through all that. weirdos.

  92. Andrea says

    I just saw pictures of Suri in the water with a life jacket on, crying like anything.

    I’ve never seen lifejackets like that where it goes up the back of the child’s head. Anyone?
    I would never put a child that young in deep waters. Accidents do happen.

  93. Jane says

    OK, it’s Adam Sandler’s daughter who is 15 months. Violet is 20 months. Whose appearance does Suri’s match more?

  94. Jane says

    How old is this child though? I think she is 16 months, officially, but compare her with the 15 month child a few pics down (I forget whose, sorry) .

    I still think there was a bit of sleight of hand going on before she was officially born. I know children with a lot of hair look older than they are but there’s more to it with Suri. (IMHO, obviously)

  95. carleigh says

    Suri always looks like she’s got something “mischeviously cute” on her “hhhhhhhhmmmmm if Daddy puts me down I’m taking off!”…she’s just completely sweet, very bright and alert! I don’t “like” Tom persay, but seeing him with Suri is mellowing even my stalwarthy opinion of him. It’s quite hard not to enjoy seeing pictures of a Daddy loving on his little girl..and Suri is just a heart melting little doll..even the most staunch TC “Haters” can’t deny how sweet she is! Love, love, love Suri Cruise, she get’s prettier and prettier all the time!

  96. K says

    Suri always looks like her brain is at work. I never see her looking like she is not upto something. Love that like munk.

  97. Malayka says

    Nicki, I love that picture too, heck I love most Suri pictures and this site is so much better when Suri Cruise is posted, she has so much life and energy you can feel it from the picture and she is too curious and always uptoo a lot of mischief. Beautiful child. Will never tire of her pictures.

  98. Jess, says

    MY GOODNESS. Suri looks too indulged for her own good. lol look at her, i would indulge her too. The video on TMZ is one of the cutest I have seen, Suri throwing a tantrum at the end was too cute. I love seeing pictures of this family because they are fresh and happy, I just may become a fan to Tom Cruise one of these days.

  99. Nicki says

    kelly~ your welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed it, I did too. Sorry couldn’t do a direct link, but glad everyone who wanted to got to see it.

  100. Jen says

    Aww, that is such a cute pic. Tom and Suri are very sweet.

    Sassy, from what I read Isabella and Connor are in Australia with their mum…they share 6 months custody and Nicole will also starting filming in Berlin in September so we’ll probably see them then.

  101. minkysmom says

    How come babies can bf as long as they want but it’s not the same with the bottle? as long as the babies teeth are getting clean and she isn’t sleeping with it, I don’t see a problem.

  102. Pika says

    Theresa, you crack me up! My son had his “ba” for quite awhile, but all it in it after his birthday was water. He’s 12 now, and doesn’t even have an overbite. Everyone’s different.

  103. Julie says

    Okay, stop criticizing her for the bottle. She’s not your baby. Anyway, of course I can’t get enough of Suri, she’s delicious! I saw the video on TMZ, and if you listen closely, SURI SPEAKS! It’s very quick, but that’s the first time I’ve heard her little voice, and she sounds very sweet. She obviously loves her mommy and daddy 🙂

  104. Sassy says

    Regarding the bottle issue – My son was off the bottle at year old, I had so much trouble potting training him..
    Suri fine, as long as they are brushing her teeth and not allowing her to fall asleep with the bottle in her month..
    Suri is just soooo beautiful, I can’t wait to see the next baby..I hope they have one soon…
    Where is Isabella and Conner Tom other children, I never see them any more???

  105. Laura says

    Aww, Suri is adorable, I saw the video at TMZ. lol Suri is full of energy. Seeing Tom like this is nice, he looks like a great father and husband he is growing on me again…a cute family.

  106. elisa says

    This pic is priceless ! Tom adores Suri ! She’s such a cute lil doll ! … look at her beautiful blue eyes !!!!!!!!!

  107. oriana says

    becks, 18 mos. is okay, when I see a three year old with one is when it is time to say it has to Go!!!!

  108. becks says

    whats wrong with a bottle my little boy gave it up at 9 months but my daughter is 18 months and still drinks from one so what? but suri is lovely and adorable she always dressed like a baby girl should be x

  109. theresa says

    oh geez the humanity! someone quick! take the baby bottle from suri! she should be drinking from something more mature by now!!! give the child a vodka bottle!!!

  110. Nicki says has the video. Suri is running and looks very happy. (she does still have that baby bottle though)

  111. Lauren says

    Suri is getting more and more adorable. I love seeing new pictures of her. Katie and Tom make beautiful babies. 🙂

  112. DMITZ says

    Adorable! People have made comments that Tom’s pics are staged, yet they are just as up close as Britney and Angelina’s previously posted.

    Suri is getting so big. She is such a beautiful baby.

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