Reese Witherspoon & Deacon

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Deacon is so adorable! And rumor has it that Reese and Ryan are reconciling! I hope so much that that is true! They totally should!


  1. Tandra Staton says

    I think if Reese decides to go back to Ryan that is her decision. What goes on in their personal affairs is their business. It is nice to see a young couple like them be together as long as they were being in the public’s eye. Grant you she is a celebrity so her life may seem like it is for all the public to know. But I think you can be a celebrity and have some privacy. Ryan being unfaithful to Reese I definitely don’t agree with. But like marriage vows say, “For better of for worse.” Maybe the time apart that Ryan has from Reese may cause him to realize the changes he may have to make within himself. Also, we don’t know what went on behind clothes doors. There are three people in a relationship (You, him, and God) and if that is God’s will, they will reunite. I truly believe everything happens for a purpose and a reason that only God knows.

  2. Reese cup says

    Now this is a good mom!! nothing like that skank Britney who’s always exposing her boobs or buns.

  3. oriana says

    Reese’s background and family unity may play a part in her wanting to get her family back together, and she will definately consider the children’s wishes, and they do care about Ryan just like they do her. I see it as a strong possibility for them to reconcile, IF, he has changed and she knows it for a fact.

  4. aliciasweets85 says

    Wow, he’s a porker!
    Neither Reese nor Ryan is all that overweight, why is this kid so fat?

  5. Twy says

    Where is that print bag from? I Love it!!
    Reece is a super smart girl, practical and classy, She will not be going back to Ryan. It would make all those years of him cheating on her acceptable.

  6. says

    Nice pics, but I don’t think that their kids are extra cute. They are wonderful parents though. I know that most likely they won’t get back together because they have been separated for a year or something like that, but they were always one of my favourite couples! It was very sad when they broke up. I do agree with nicki though, that they will put their children first.

  7. Essie says

    From which is a pretty reliable gossip site:

    This sounds sensible to me. I cannot imagine a young woman like Reece going back to a cheater like Ryan. How could she ever trust him again. And, the children will be just fine.

  8. Nicki says

    I was about to ask about his arm too oriana. Looks like it might be a cast? Doesn’t seem to hurt him, carrying things with that hand.
    Reece and Ryan have two very adorable children. I think they will put thier children first.

  9. Jan says

    I thought Reece and Jake were giving their relationship another heave ho?
    I am not sure if I want Reece and Ryan together again. Yes they were our ideal couple, have two cute kids, and like anyone out there with parents divorced, when your parents are thinking of a reconciliation, its a very good feeling, but, there was a reason the two of them seperated and divorced in the first place: His wild behaviour and adultery. I hope that she is being very careful in getting back together with him. Like the saying goes “you cant teach an old dog new tricks”. I just hope he is willing to change his lifestyle to for them. If not, this is going to be another let down.

  10. Suzy says

    I have that green bag! It’s a Jcrew! Reese seems like such a lovely woman, and not just by her choice in bags 😉

  11. says

    I hope that these two get back 2gether! I love when people try to stick it out..for the best!

    Her Kids are adorable!
    Anyhow: I read that B*tchnise Richardson, is trying to fight with Chalie Sheen, over his visitation rights, about seeing his children! She want it to be supervised..with her nanny so she can spy on him, word is that she is super jealous of Charlie’s Fiancee! It was quoted that she sent them flowers on their pending engagement, but that was false!
    Just another Photo Op(feel free to read, click on my name…..for details! enjoy!

  12. Lauren says

    Deacon is big! He’s such a cutie.

    I really hope Reese and Ryan reconcile. They make such a cute couple and have a lot of history together. I hope it’s true. 🙂

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