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The luminous and ageless Michelle Pfeiffer, 49, was snapped receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today. She was joined by her husband, David E. Kelley and her two children, Claudia Rose, 14, and John Henry, 13.

She once said of her daughter:

“I was shocked at the prejudice, voiced in some quarters, over my decision to adopt a mixed-race baby. It’s really surprising that people still put so much emphasis on it. None of us are pure anything. We’re all a mixture. Claudia is a beautiful child, and some of the most beautiful people I’ve seen in the world have been of mixed race. As mother of both an adopted child and my own birth-child, there is absolutely no difference in the huge amount of love I feel for both my children. I always knew I wanted to adopt a child and also have one of my own. There is no difference at all.”

And I thought this was interesting…

There was a study done of the faces of beautiful women, quantifying the ratio of the width of the mouth to the width of the nose, attempting to find the perfect proportions for the perfect face of feminine beauty (the ratio turns out to be something like 1.7). The movie star with the most perfect proportions for feminine facial beauty, based on this measure, turned out to be Michelle Pfeiffer.


  1. says

    i think her son is handsome and her daughter looks flawless just like her!is there nothing this woman cant do?!im such a big fan of hers and am dying 2 c wat role she plays next!hope 2 c her on the big screen soon!-kalene

  2. says

    i luv how michelle is soooo cool about adopting and loves them both the same! she inspires us all and we should all be just like her in not being predjudice like some of the people in the world.besides being a great mom she is a great actress and role model!to me she is like super woman she is unstoppable!i just hope to be like her someday, as an actress and a mother!she is my fav actress and always will be because she inspired me to be an actress one day! michelle pfeiffer rox!-kalene

  3. mercer says

    i’m happy 2 c that you called her michelle’s daughter and not the adopted one. i hate that soooo much,so many families r made through adopting. i love it.

  4. sally says

    So nice that she adopted quietly and didn’t make such a big deal out of it like some other celebs.

  5. oriana says

    He has aged but this is a super nice looking family! I thought her first husband was cute too!

  6. Nicki says

    (((((clap, clap)))))))))) 17. Analise~~~ Great Response, again, (((clap, clap, clapping))) for your response.

  7. Buzz says

    RE: above post.

    Sorry, was wrong about Grease 2. Appears she had the nose job before that movie. But the pics of her when she was in high school? Definite old nose there.

  8. Buzz says

    The nose thing is hilarious. Because she had a nose job back in the day. So her ‘perfect proportions’ are not natural. Don’t believe me? Google her high school pics or even better, Grease 2 and check it out for yourself.

    Patricia Heaton, a woman who is completely candid about her own plastic surgery, once said in an interview that there was a magazine out on the newstands doing a cover story on an actress who was going on and on about how she did not believe in plastic surgery. Patricia said “Funny thing is, we have the same plastic sugeon.” It was Michelle Pheiffer on the cover of Good Housekeeping. This was 5 or so years ago.

    She is beautiful, that is for sure. But not 100% natural.

  9. Kamineko says

    Michelle is stunning! Does this woman EVER age?
    Her daughter is gorgeous. This family looks contented, well adjusted, and happy with one another. Michelle is an angel for adopting.

  10. Nicki says

    5. dori~ My godson was born in ’86, half white/half black. He is beautiful child. He has at this time a problem or two with him parents, but he is and always be part of my family.

    The silly comments,( and you are being way too kind to those who made then) were hurtful and hateful. But I’m glad things are “getting better”. Today it is (I’ve lived in the south) and it seems to be almost gone, the hateful crap.

    Best wishes to ALL and EVERY child trying to live thier lives!!!

  11. phnxgirl says

    Michelle is gorgeous and I had no idea she has an adopted daughter. Her daughter is lovely, and will probably be a super model she is so tall! Or Maybe Michelle and her hubby are just short. 😉

  12. dori says

    Heidi & Nicki I agree 100%… I have adopted mixed race children that are grown like her daughter. I also love Michelle Pfeifer as an actress.
    It’s nice to see people being open minded and accepting of mixed families. When I was raising my kids in the 80’s there were plenty of people who made silly comments because they didn’t get it.

  13. Heidi says

    Her daughter is so beautifrl! I’m such a fan of Michelle. Her marriage has lasted and she has 2 gorgeous children and she’s a beautiful actress. She proves that you can be famous and still have a private life. I think Brangelina could learn a thing or two from her!!

  14. Nicki says

    Michelle is one of the most beautiful women ever. She ages so beautifully. Her children are stunning. I think she got pregnant after she got Claudia, maybe the kids are a year and a half difference, or a bit more. Claudia is beautiful and her son is so cute. I think he looks more like her. (I liked the other pic from the Hairspray premiere with Claudia’s hair down) Beautiful family!

  15. Lauren says

    Michelle looks soo beautiful for her age. She has a beautiful family. I can’t wait to see her new movie. 🙂

  16. oriana says

    There is only one year difference before her son and daughter? Her daughter looks a lot older and she is gorgeous!

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