Gwen Stefani Still Breastfeeding 15-Month-Old Kingston

Gwen Stefani

In the above pic Gwen and Kingston were snapped on the beach in Malibu on July 9th.

Midway through an exhausting world tour promoting The Sweet Escape, Gwen Stefani is still going strong. The 37-year-old married mom and musician spoke to UK paper The Guardian about husband Gavin Rossdale, her neuroses and having son Kingston on the road with her:

On her marriage to Gavin Rossdale:
“It’s one of those mad love affairs that you can’t live with and you can’t live without, and you just keep going and going. And time goes by and you get the rocky times then you get the intense love times, then you get the reward of having the baby. It’s just this ongoing saga. I’m interested to see what’s going to happen next, you know?”

On bringing 15-month-old son, Kingston, on tour:
“If I had to leave Kingston at home and not bring him with me everywhere then I wouldn’t do this. I know that’s not going to last, and he’s going to get more demanding and there will be school and stuff. But for now I get to do it all.”

On the decision to keep breastfeeding:
“I don’t know when I’m going to stop breast-feeding, I’ll just keep going while I can – like, he’s getting his teeth so it is a little bit scary. He’s bitten me a few times! Breastfeeding is just obviously really convenient with my lifestyle.”

On feeling neurotic and keeping in shape:
“I try not to be but I’m super-neurotic about diet. I’m neurotic about trying not to be neurotic! I’m like every other girl. I have to try really hard my whole life to try to be fit. And I’m super-vain. And I want to wear cute clothes. You know, I was chubby when I was a little girl. And I have all those issues everyone else has. But I try not to. And I’ve learnt over the years that it’s such a waste of time. And people like me whether I’m a little bit fatter or not.”

On plans to reunite with No Doubt:
“It would be ridiculous to say there was no tension. Because my solo career has been going on and on. It was never supposed to be this long.”

On what’s next:
“Make babies, make music. I’m on repeat mode.”

That’s awesome that she is still breastfeeding!



  1. Cynthia says

    I know some may not get it still or still dissagree, but I just wanted to say that while a 15 month old baby/toddler may have teeth, he may not have all his teeth.
    I breastfed my almost 3 year old until she was 13 months old and she only had two bottom teeth when I stopped.
    And now I am breastfeeding my now 11 month old and she has 3 new top teeth and 2 bottom teeth all in the front and I’m considering stopping for my benefit because she just started testing out her top teeth ie biting/scraping my nipple as she comes off just to get the last sip.
    And I want to continue to breastfeed until my daughter has her molars because I’ve had time to think about it and with breastfeeding you don’t have to worry about your little toddler with not the greatest chewing capabilities (not that they definately don’t eat and gum it up) having any nutritional deficiancies into their second year of life.
    But again, I have weaned a 13 month old and it turned out fine with her moving onto soy milk and solids.
    And I am approaching that decision making time again with my 11 month old now that she has scraped my nipple over the last 5 days or so.

  2. Ri says

    I am stil breastfeeding my 13 month old and breastfed my 4 year old until he was two-weeks shy of being two years old. It is a personal choice and is very important to me. I do wonder though what does it do to your hormones because since my second child I have been irregular with my cycles, like having one every two weeks does it have something to do with breastfeeding who knows? I am willing to sacrifice to breastfeed until my son is two or until he stops on his own, which ever comes first. Whatever is best for the child is my motto.

  3. bams says

    Wow, I am truly saddened at the ignorance here. So many moms think the truth about breastfeeding is hype? I think they believe that because it is more comfortable for them. Breastmilk will always be best. Why are we so eager to give our infants inferior nutrition? Our bodies are designed for breastfeeding. I think it is selfish to say “my breasts are mine” or, i don’t relish wet, sore or soggy nipples, or “the only women who can breastfeed are those whose husbands…” bring home enough money. All these statements show ignorance. Breastfeeding can fit into just about any lifestyle and never loses it’s benefit for the baby/child. Of course older babies and children will require more than just breastmilk but the bm is still very beneficial. It has antibodies that help babies and toddlers from becoming very ill. It also soothes irritated intestines and helps prevent costipation. It also lowers mom’s risk of different cancers AND bf baby girls have a lower risk of developing breast cancer as adults. There’s way too many more benefits to get into right now as I am sure they would be met by deaf ears any way (or blind eyes I guess). I do feel it is a sad, sad thing to rob yourselves or your baby of the breastfeeding experience. The bond shared by a breastfeeding mother and baby is like no other. Of course we will all have different opinions on what age is appropriate to wean, but we should not bash mothers who continue nursing beyond our “ideal age”. I firmly believe that one day breastfeeding will be the norm again and formula will be as close to obsolete as possible. And please tell me this, all you formula promoters, if formula is so great why are there human milk banks specifically for premies? Why don’t they just make do with formula?

    ~WIC breastfeeding peer counselor~

  4. Diana says

    An afterthought… The World Health Organization recommends that babies be breast fed until they are 2 years old! Breast is the best. Angolina Jolie also is breast feeding Shiloh after 12 months. On a personal note I’ve met a 24 month old who survived e-coli because mom was still breast feeding. Toddlers of that age usually die if they ingest e-coli. Food for thought.

  5. says

    Now it sound likes JJ is on her high horse! We all have our choices and we all think ours are the best. So I breastfeed, and I think that is the best for my child. JJ only eats organic and she thinks that is the best for her. I do by the way eat as healthy as I can, I am very concerned about what I eat and how it affects my child, but I do sometimes make poor choices. Like JJ said in #54, we don’t always have to be supermoms.
    By the way, in reference to JJ’s post (#58), in case you didn’t know, unless it is a soy based formula, baby formulas are made from cow’s milk and unless you are absolutely certain of the orgin of that particular cow, chances are that cow has been exposed to “additives, pesticides and growth hormones”. So I am not quite sure how that makes formula better than breastmilk.

  6. kimmy says

    JJ- I’m 2 months along and I don’t plan on breastfeeding either. I think it’s all a bunch of hype if you ask me.

  7. JJ says

    Fair enough #62…that makes perfect sense. To each their own. if I choose not to BF, I shouldn’t be condemned for it. After all that is my choice. Just like it is my choice to be a vegetarian and not go to fast food chains….choices are great, aren’t they??

  8. N says

    I breastfed, pumped, and used formula. My son did not take a pacifier past 6 months. Started using a sippy cup at 13 months and does not suck his thumb or anything else.

    Ladies…. Each child is different… why is it so hard for you guys to understand that.

  9. kimmy says

    # 60- I feel sorry for you. I would probably go psycho on someone if all I ate was that. Don’t you feel like eating something really fattening and unhealthy every once in a while especially during your period? But kudos to you anyway. It’s cool you’re trying to be healthy.

  10. JJ says

    #59 If you eat plastic McDonald’s food you are giving your child very very unhealthy milk via your breasts. I am a vegetarian and i only eat organic food. I have not stepped into a McDonald’s in over 15 years and neither will my children ever eat at a McDonald’s or Burger King, KFC or Taco Bell…never!

  11. JJ says

    Did you know that most food these days contains additives, pesticides and growth hormones found in meat and other livestock. Whatever the mother consumes is passed onto the child via breastmilk. Breastfeeding mothers can give all sorts of nasty noxious chemical agents to their offspring. So before you pat yourself on the back #55 – think about what you are eating…I bet that many mothers that breastfeed their infants end up taking their kids to McDonalds as toddlers and to other unhealthy fast food restaurants. I know of many hypocritical moms that praise the virtues of breastmilk and then when their child begins to eat solid foods take them to McD’s for chicken nuggets and fries…where is the logic behind that one???

  12. oriana says

    Very nice post! Yes, the Formula companies do say Breastmilk is best and it definately is. I think breastfeeding is best for a baby, but when a Child gets a certain age, as a toddler, it is time to stop it. 3 years old is way too old to still be breastfed, there are other ways a mother can give comfort to her child without giving the breast to suck on, it isn’t the milk that is coming out, it is the habit of the mother’s breast. And 4 years old is ridiculous! At that age a child is getting nutrients and vitamins from food and milk.

    I have read in many journals that a pacifier can cause buck teeth and is not a good idea to give a baby. I didn’t write the articles, I just read them. I see nothing wrong with using q breast pump if the mother is unable to nuture her baby due to working or whatever.

    2 or 3 teeth won’t hurt a mother breastfeeding, but when a kid has a full set of teeth, it is time to stop.

  13. CeeCes says

    Reguardless of if she is still BF I am thrilled to here that Gwen nursed her son for as long as she could. That is a great thing for the fans now to see and remember when they grow up.

    So you know, even the formula companies admit that breastmilk is better than their formula (and btw those first formulas were evaporated milk and sugar not the healthiest). Breastmilk has stuff in it that has not yet even been identified by formula companies let alone included, and there is currently no way to include the antibodies and whatnot that the mother makes while nursing her child.

    Just because you and your family have not suffered from formula does not mean that is the best thing for you, just that it allowed you the nutrients needed to get through your infancy. Think how much better you might have been if you were breastfed 🙂 (Heck I know multiple people who swear smoking was OK because they had relatives that lived to 80y.o. while smoking, anomolies happen)

    I have two children 3 and 1.5. They were and still are nursed. The elder girl is hugely upset that I have started to wean her. She is very confident and extroverted, and part of that is from the knowledge that she can be comforted when needed (though she only nurses at night and in case of major injuries, they have even shown that nursing helps to alleviate pain)

    Though the nutrients at this point are mostly gained from solid foods, they are comforted and protected by nursing. They still are rarely sick, have had only 1 ear infection each, and neither suck their thumbs (never even wanted a paci.)

    I planned to nurse at least a year but never got around to really weaning. The WHO (world health org.) recommends bf to age 2, and it is common in some parts of Europe to go to age 4 or beyond. There are times when I seriously did not like nursing, but my child’s comfort can be more important then that. I even had talked to my sister about how bf a child who can talk is weird, but that was before I had a child who can talk and tell me why she wants to nurse and how sad it makes her to stop.

    Oh and I have worked full time during my children’s lives except for 3 months after each of their births. Even if you bf once a day, your body will accommodate and your child will benefit. You never know what is in that baby bottle, but when I see a child with one, I like to think it is breastmilk because I know they get that extra bit of health that can help prevent the asthma, allergies, and so many other problems that have seemed to crop up in this latest generation of children. However, I am just happy to see a baby feeding. Do I feel superior, No. Do I feel proud, YES!

  14. JJ says

    I rather spend my time getting a manicure than using a breast pump. Mothers need “self-care” and spending all their time catering to an infant and not spending enough time on themselves is a recipe for “burn-out”. I know plenty of women that chose not to breastfeed because the whole process was too exhausting and time-consuming. These same women also chose not to use a breast pump because again, it was time-consuming and exhausting to pump and sterilize bottles and fill bottles, etc, etc.
    Just because a women chooses not to breast feed her child – it does not make her evil or a terrible mother. Women that breast feed seem to feel superior to women that don’t breastfeed as if somehow the breast fed child will belong to some superior race and will become part of an exclusive club that specializes in recruiting children that have been breastfed only. Give me a break! I’m sure there are plenty of rocket scientists and brain neuro-physiologists out there that were not breastfed and went on to become highly educated, intelligent people. You know women – you do not have to be “super-mom”. It’s okay to not be able to do it all for your family. Some women are hard-driven to believe that they are a faliure if they don’t follow the “rules” put out by the medical profession or society or other women.

  15. Kiley says

    Mom’s who work can certainly breastfeed for 2 years. It’s called a breast pump and if anyone has the desire to continue breastfeeding than this is a great option for many mothers who don’t look at work as an excuse to quit nursing.

    And btw, I breastfeed and give a pacifier.

  16. JJ says

    I am pro pacifier. I grew up with pacifiers – I had a whole collection of them. Women – if you want to breast feed nobody’s stopping you. I personally don’t care for breastfeeding. I don’t relish the thought of wet, soggy, sore nipples. The only women that have time to constantly breastfeed their child for several years are the ones whose husbands make a substantial income to support the family so that the mother can stay home and nurse for 2 or 3 years.
    Most women don’t have that option. That is why women use pacifiers and breast milk alternatives…because it helps them remain sane when they are juggling a family and raising an infant and working full time at their job. Not everyone is a stay at home mom and has unlimited time to breastfeed and pick up their baby every time it cries. Pacifiers, binky’s / blankies and stuffed teddy’s are a god send! Amen!

  17. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Thats what breasts are for! How can you find that disgusting and “animalistic”. Thats like saying you shouldn’t use your mouth for talking anymore or your hands for holding.

    And give the kid a pacifer? Firstly, pacifers (called “dummies” here in the UK for a very good reason) are unhygenic, can slow speech development and cause buck teeth.

    Secondly, what parent would rather give their baby a piece of plastic and rubber to comfort them than do it themselves in the most natural way possible. What would you call that, “virtual mothering”?

  18. Danica says

    Ahhhhh, listen to you people! Give the kid a pacifier? Do you think that kids would need pacifiers if they were allowed to suck on a breast and get milk from it? Why is it that bottlefed kids who are weaned from the bottle after a year so desperately want to suck on a thumb or a pacifier? It is because their need to suck is still there, which means if they were breastfed they would continue to do so after a year. They should self wean. I do not make my child breastfeed. He does it because he still wants too. I get no satisfaction in breastfeeding him other than I want to do what is best for him and it is a free drink! So there ya go.

  19. Leigh says

    Let her be, most kids now days are still on the bottle at that age. What is the differance with brest feeding. Do you know how old you were when you came off of the bottle or breast fedding.

  20. JJ says

    At 15 months children should be given a pacifier or their favourite blanket or stuffed teddy for snuggling and cuddling. Personally, I find the idea of breastfeeding gross!
    I know the sole purpose of breasts is to feed infants but I just do not like any aspect of it. It’s so carnal and animalistic. It reminds me of primates. I don’t think it’s beautiful at all.

  21. Zbella says

    JJ – I certainly do – prefer the way my child rather than my husband sucks on my breast. To me breasts were created to feed my children, not as a toy for men. 🙂

    After a certain point, say 15-18 months, breastfeeding is more for comfort, not milk. All my kids nursed when they woke up. To me that is our special snuggle time and you cannot replace it once they wean – they are running around, too busy to sit still in my arms so gently. It is a special bond.

  22. JJ says

    #41 Perhaps you prefer the way your child sucks your breasts as opposed to how your spouse sucks your breasts. Sometimes I think it’s the mother who desperately wants to continue the breast suckling process. It’s the mother who doesn’t want to let the child mature and become independent. It’s a way for the mother to feel needed and “special” as if she alone is the centre of the child’s universe and she possesses the ‘nectar of the Gods’ in her breasts. It makes a mother feel powerful and “in control” of her child’s health and future. I think that mother’s need to let go of this mentality once a child is a certain age. Breast milk no longer provides the required nutrients and antibodies to a child at the age of 2 or 3 like it did when the child was an infant. Breast milk has an “expiry date” (not to be confused with cow’s milk expiry date).
    There comes a time when the child no longer requires breast milk for sustenance. And I’m not saying that cow’s milk is better – there are other forms of non-dairy “milk” drinks that a child can have besides cow milk (which the human body cannot effectively digest and tolerate).

  23. oriana says

    Melissa, I guess you didn’t read post #22 where I said absolutely breast milk is the best for a baby.

  24. N says

    What happened to pumping the breast milk….. I think its kind of weird to see a 3 and 4 year old tugging on the breast. The child can still receive your breastmilk through a sippy cup or a bottle.

  25. Denise says

    Just because you breastfeed it does not make you a better mom. Some women are not comfortable w/ it and some are unable to and I am tried of mom’s who do breastfeed getting on a high horse thinking they are better than others. I have seen a lot good and crappy mom’s who breastfeed and a lot of good and crappy mom’s who don’t. If your loving mother it does not matter how your child is fed.

  26. Zbella says

    Oriana, That’s a difficult question. I try not to judge. 3 would probably be the limit for me. I think 4 1/2 would be too old in general. But, if a child has Downs or endured some trauma and is in need of that special bond for longer, to each his own. It’s none of my business so I don’t really care.

    In fact, I think it’s better to nurse “too long” than not at all. So a mom is “too” nurturing? Too loving? That’s better in my opinion than the alternative. I understand that some women were raised to think it’s gross or sexual to breastfeed. Of course it is a mother’s right to choose. But those of us who are natural and comfortable with it don’t need to worry about a specific age or number of teeth.

    I aimed for a year with my daughter and made it to 2! I aimed for 2 years with my son and he weaned himself at 15 months. I am aiming for 18 months with my baby (11 months) – so we’ll see!

  27. Danica says

    I am breastfeeding my 13 month old and plan to continue until he is at least two and let him self wean. Yes, he has teeth. No, he doesn’t bite. Yes, he eats food. Breastmilk is so much better for toddlers than cows milk. Cows milk can cause some children to have anemia. The world health organization recommends breastfeeding until at least age two. AT LEAST! I have to laugh at the ignorance on this board. It is sad to me though how uneducated people are.

  28. Melissa says

    Are you a mother? You have no idea what you are talking about. My son is 9 months old and had 4 teeth. A child’s main source of nutrition for the first year of life is milk (mother or cow aka formula). So i am breastfeeding my son and he has teeth, you think i should stop because he can chew? He eats cheerios and a few jars of baby food a day, that would be inferior nutrition. Why would i do that, when i know i can provide him with the perfect food? Maybe you should read up on nutrition and breastfeeding, it may open your eyes to the health and emotional benefits to this very natural method of feeding.

  29. Analise says

    The bias is against formula, not the breast. This blog is a good source of that. I breastfed for 2 months. My preemie is thriving and ahead of term babies her age. Yes breastmilk is great, but there is nothing wrong with formula.

  30. Kiley says

    I am so shocked to hear that so many people are cluless about the benefits of breastfeeding. It just seems so ignorant to me. All you have to do is check out La Leche League, kellymom, or any other site about breastfeeding. IT”S BEST FOR THE BABY. I am not saying that everyone needs to breastfeed, it’s a very personal choice. However, just because you chose not to, does not mean it’s not the absolute best for your child. Formula won’t kill a baby, but it’s not natural. I could go on forever about this. It just makes me sick that so many people have issues with this.

  31. says

    Kingston is so cute! I adopted my 1st two kids, so I didn’t breast feed them. But I am breastfeeding my 7th month old and I think that I’m planning to stop once she reaches a year.

  32. D'Anna says

    I love how people think formula is so great. It’s an inferior product and not even second best for your child.

    Bleh, if it’s so great, maybe you should try it.

  33. Zbella says

    Oriana, JJ & Kimmy – too funny 😉 Getting teeth has NOTHING to do with weaning. My eldest I nursed for 24 months. My son for 15 months and my 11 month old is going strong. They got teeth between 7-10 months.

    I don’t care if people choose to bottle feed and formula feed, but please don’t judge those of us who feed from the breast. It is a selfless thing to do and deserves praise, not critisism.

    PS Breast milk IS better than formula, although formula is fine. Now they are saying plastic bottles are causing problems so I’m really happy my kids were 100% breastfed – from the source!

  34. kimmy says

    Show me proof that breastmilk is the absolute best for the baby. I was bottle fed, my husband was bottle fed, his three brothers were bottle fed and my brother was bottle fed and we are all in good health ( knock on wood). Formula was even used 40 years ago when it wasn’t yet scientifically proven to provide nutrients .and it still does. You get just as many vitamins in formula as you do in breastmilk.

  35. kimmy says

    Hey Gwen- when the baby starts getting teeth, that’s when you probably need to stop breastfeeding- just a thought.

  36. oriana says

    #25, I raised two sons, thank you!

    Yes, it is completely up to the mother to decide when she wants to stop. Teeth at 3 months! Amazing!!! Sounds like your baby is growing fast and I think will prob excel faster than a lot of children.

  37. So Obvious says

    Ummm yeah she’s weaned him already. I read that interview as well! I totally laughed at the person that said teeth are for chewing yadda yadda, my son got teeth at 3 months old and I nursed him for almost a year after that. Get your head out of the clouds!
    Breast is best, breastmilk adjusts to the childs needs unlike formula which can lead to child obesity, I guess it’s your call as a mother but I’d take the healthiest option!

  38. Malayka says

    I think it is really nice if she is still breast feeding but she should stop soon. They are just a cute family.

  39. me says

    Oriana,I really think you should stop posting on this blog.You have never had a child and so do not know jack about raising a child.Leave the postings to the MOTHERS.

  40. oriana says

    sara, yes indeed breast milk is the best for the baby. I think for a BABY not a toddler. Teeth do come in at different ages and you are definately right. I just feel that teeth are for chewing, not sucking, and if a child is old enough to chew and eat, then he or she should be weaned from the breast. I speak only for my own thoughts, it isn’t necessairly right. The breast can be comforting to much older than two or three, but I don’t think it is the best for kids that old, that is all.

  41. sara says

    Someone said they were glad she wasn’t breastfeeding.


    Why would *you* be glad? Did it effect you in some way personally? Because you couldn’t or wouldn’t BF that long no one else should? Teeth come in at varying ages, and if a child is latched on properly teeth never hurt. (unless the child purposely chooses to bite, and then yes you have a problem)

    Breast is best for babies, it strethens immune systems and provides comfort and endless benefits. I BF till my babes were two, that was when it was right for me. It is not up to anyone to decide when that should be for anyone else.


  42. Aimee says

    How funny, I breastfed my two sons until they were 2 1/2 & 3 1/2. It’s called child-led weaning & Le Leche.

  43. dori says

    sounds like she wants more kids the article did sound kind of choppy with language I can’t imagine her speaking , oh well.

  44. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    Did she really say that she’s super-vain?? Doesn’t sound like something she would normally say. I find this whole “article” odd.

    I love looking at this baby..he’s precious. All the celebs with babies should get together and let their little ones play together..what a great photo op for everybody!! LOL

  45. JJ says

    Once a child begins to grow teeth – it’s time for the bottle with the latex nipple (let the child gnaw on a rubber nipple all he/she wants) or it’s time for the transitional sippy-cup…Breastfeeding when a child has teeth and is prone to biting – no thank you…Personally, I’m not planning to breastfeed at all…my breasts are mine!!!

  46. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Thats great if she is still feeding him, lots of people seem to forget that its what is best for the baby. In a lot of countries it is completely normal to breastfeed a child up until age 3 or 4. If I had a biological child I would probably feed him or her myself until age 2 or something, if I could.

    I think its weird when you get 8-year-olds still being breastfed though (I watched a programme on C4 about it, couldn’t believe it).

  47. carleigh says

    It’s sweet to hear how much she and Gavin love each other and that after 5 years and a baby that they still have such a deep loving relationship that get’s better and better over time. Kingston is just a completely adorable child, I’d love to see them have a little girl but I’d take another boy because they just make absolutely gorgeous babies together!

  48. Lauren says

    That’s so cool that Gwen is still breast-feeding Kingston. My aunt breast-fed her son until he was 2. Go Gwen! 🙂

  49. Nicki says

    She isn’t still breastfeeding him. I don’t have the link, and the article was long but here is the bit that was here. She was breastfeeding in February, and that was the biting. She isn’t now. (No big deal, just get the facts right, make other breastfeeding Moms feel less than “motherly”)

    Back in February, Gwen was open about her nursing experiences with Kingston — then 9 months — telling an Australian reporter in a just-released news piece,

    Breastfeeding is just obviously really convenient with my lifestyle. I don’t know when I’m going to stop [nursing]. I’ll just keep going while I can — he’s getting his teeth so it is a little bit scary. He’s bitten me a few times!

    She now confides that ‘I only stopped nursing a few weeks ago’ at 13 months, having made it a bit over a full year.

    The breastfeeding is over, thank you! That was really fun, I really enjoyed that…but it’s over.

  50. Miley says

    I think its wonderful she is still nursing Kingston! At least she isnt like “MOST” hollywood Moms…give them a bottle so the NANNY can feed and take care of them. GWEN ROCKS!!

  51. oriana says

    To me, if a child has teeth and is old enough to chew food, why chew on his mother’s breast? Why still be breastfeeding, yes, to me, that is not an awesome thing!

    I am glad she isn’t breastfeeding any more!

  52. Kiley says

    I think it’s great that she is still breastfeeding. Even if she nursed for a year her child got so much. I still nurse my one year old and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I can’t imagine with her busy life being able to nurse, so my hats of to her for taking the time to share such an indiscriblable thing with her son.

  53. Nicki says

    I’m not sure what the “source” is for this article.(because they usually never work when I click on “source”) But she isn’t breastfeeding anymore. I read, sorry will try to look for the real one, that she did stop. This is a gossip magazine that cuts and pastes different articles to make it look like they had an interview.
    Kingston is an absoultely adorable lil boy, He is lucky to always be with his Mommy and Daddy, but always with Mommy. He is very cute.

  54. oriana says

    He has bitten her a few times and the webmistress says it is awesome she is still breastfeeding? That is what she considers awesome? Pitiful!

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