Geri Halliwell In Top Form In St. Tropez

Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell

Wow! All of Geri’s workouts with her hunk of a trainer have really paid off! Here she was snapped looking fit and fabulous in St. Tropez on August 4th!

Here she is workin’ it in London on July 31st. I can imagine that he is very motivational!

Geri Halliwell


  1. Julie says

    The big guy with the teeny dog is funny. I think he’s walking a bit ahead of her making him look even bigger. And her belly button looks strange because she had it pierced and removed the piercing. I had mine pierced and took it out when I was pregnant, never put it back in, and it looks like that. Um, I mean mine looks the same except for the rock hard abs and no flub! I gotta get to the gym…

  2. AmyY says

    Hey belly button does look weird and he is way too huge. He looks like the incredible Hulk. I hate when guys are that big… totally disgusting!

  3. Alyssa says

    Her belly button looks weird and big because she probably had a tummy tuck. When they do that they have to make a new belly button.

  4. Andrea says

    #1 Melissa:
    I noticed her belly button looked strange as well.
    Boy, that trainer… Did he star as the Hulk or something? Don’t pick a fight with him!

  5. phnxgirl says

    Her belly button is the first thing I noticed as well, and then Oh my goodness!!! Holy crap that guy is HUGE!!!! I don’t know if Geri is just really tiny which makes him look bigger, but he looks like he could walk thru a brick walll with ease.

  6. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    I am not saying she has had any cosmetic surgery or anything because I don’t know or care, but I know some people that have had tummy tucks and that’s what their belly buttons look like. So who knows??? That trainer is a monster!! HE’s HUGE!! I think he could whip anybody into shape just by looking at them!

    Her body looks pretty good I guess but her face seems a bit rough. Au naturale is so odd when u are used to seeing them w/ 5 inches of “natural” makeup. Is she still singing? What has she been up to besides the sweet little baby girl?

  7. says

    Holy crap…that trainer could pick her up and throw her! He’s enormous! The juxtaposition of the giant guy next to the tiny dog is hilarious.

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