Britney & Jayden James

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney was snapped with Jayden James while out running some errands in Santa Monica over the weekend. She looks pretty and Jayden James is adorable!



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  2. oriana says

    carleigh, anyone could see when she ran into the ocean in her underwear she was wanting attention! She has a swimming pool, more than one, and access to pools at the fancy hotels she stays at. And we all have seen she has many bikinis. She is unstable and I think very unhappy. I think she is miserable with her life and is on a crash course. I just hope something tragic doesn’t happen, and it could, very easily.

    The boys are adorable, both extremely good looking and I think she really loves them. She is a good person, has a good heart and is sensitive. I think her heart was broken with Kevin and down deep she hasn’t gotten over Justin either. She needs guidance and a strong helping hand but she appears to reject anyone or anything that is offered to her. Very sad and it is going to get worse.

    I think the kids need to be with her mother and Kevin could help her out a lot with them.

  3. oriana says

    carleigh, anyone could see when she ran into the ocean in her underwear she was wanting attention! She has a swimming pool, more than one, and access to pools at the fancy hotels she stays at. And we all have seen she has many bikinis. She is unstable and I think very unhappy. I think she is miserable with her life and is on a crash course. I just hope something tragic doesn’t happen, and it could, very easily.

    The boys are adorable, both extremely good looking and I think she really loves them. She is a good person, has a good heart and is sensitive. I think her heart was broken with Kevin and down deep she hasn’t gotten over Justin either. She needs guidance and a strong helping hand but she appears to reject anyone or anything that is offered to her. Very sad and it is going to get worse.

    I think the kids need to be with her mother and Kevin could help her out a lot with them.

  4. Jodie says

    67 – how dare you? you ignorant piece of scum.

    You know nothing about me, whatsoever.

    slap my mother? are you serious?

    go get yourself an education and some manners.

    jesus christ.

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  6. dori says

    now what were we talking about? It gets so distracting in here with the petty arguments sometimes I forget to post about the children>>>>LOL LOL LOL
    oh yes i feel sorry for brit in one way because she can’t seem to do anything right… she is a young mom who is single and that means she has a social life outside the home. She may very well be a good mom and be provide a good home for her boys none of us is in her home so we don’t know for sure. Not to mention she is a star and has an image to project to the public but on the other hand the image she’s projecting isn’t well thought out. She seems to reject authority yet she desperatly need guidance in her career image. I sincerely hope she’ll allow someone into her life that can help her in the right direction.
    Her boys are adorable and I hope she can pull herself together.

  7. dori says

    I don’t care what you think of me so get over yourself your opinion of me means absolutely nothing.
    I make comments…. you don’t like them it’s more your problem than mine.
    In case you haven’t noticed we all have pour own opinions this isn’t junior high school, we aren’t here to impress anyone.

  8. oriana says

    It’s funny that N can tell someone she is Nothing when she is a big Nuisance and Nothing herself, as I stated months ago! Ha! One thing you don’t need to worry about, N, I don’t recall trying to kiss your ass at any time!

  9. carleigh says

    Leigh…in theory your post sounds like a good sound piece of advice..however it’s not plausible. “We” aren’t the one’s bothering poor Britney she goes looking for the press whereever she can find it, if they don’t get a pic of her popping into Starbucks for coffee in the morning they will surely get a picture of her running out of the ocean in her underwear or shaving her head in a salon or worse yet riding in the car with her baby boy on her lap…she draws out and seeks the press because she craves it like a drug addict, she needs and feeds off the attention of the press. Maybe if BRITNEY did us a favor and kept her clothes on, stayed at home once in awhile , went to rehab and cleaned herself up people wouldn’t be so harsh on her?? Ever think about that???

  10. Leigh says

    what is up with everyone. Maybe if Britney was left alone a while she could do better. All though I think is is doing good. She looks like a normal mom playing barefoot with her children. Wait maybe that is the problem with everyone she is normal. She has not let the money get to her head. She knows where she come and acts like it . Just leave her alone for a while.

  11. Jodie says

    11 – i agree with you. Definately FAS.

    That piece of trailor trash should be ashamed of herself.

  12. N says

    Sorry dori….Nice try. I told you guys she would say i was a multiposter too. I have been posting on this site way longer than Punky. I have never liked you or oriana if you can remember. So…. I post because i want to. Just like o kisses ass because she wants to. Just like you cant seem to fathom that you aren’t important enough for people to do what you think they are doing. I dont like you. It seems like Punky doesn’t like you either. Thats the only coincidence we share. Sorry to bust your bubble. dori you are nothing.

  13. Johanna says

    What is wrong w/you PB? Quit arguing! This is a baby website! And don’t go spewing off on me about the nonsense you posted above.

    It’s hard to skip over your posts since you are arguing on all of them.

    Let is go hon.

  14. dori says

    I think we’re all good and sick and tired of you spewing your hatred all over this babywebsite. Like I’ve said before go find a website for children your own age and get out of here YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE>

  15. dori says

    whenever people gang up on Punky Brewster/Daily Jones/Shadow girl/ and whoever else IT is that day N appears to stick for it….HMMMMMMMM a bit obvious isn’t it?
    No one wants to read your filthy garbage talk.

  16. oriana says

    I read this picture was taken at 10:30pm, kinda late, if it is true, who knows, but kinda late to be out with the kids, totally beautiful picture though of her, I wish she would seek the help she needs, I think she has a good heart.

  17. Tiffany says

    Why is there always fighting on here and not comments about the celebs and their children? Doesnt it get old to some of you gals?
    Grow up and quit talking trash about everyone who leaves a comment on this site.
    Jeez….it gets so old…….

  18. says

    skip over it! honey! skip over it! I don’t care what you middle aged housewive say!

    I only argue with DORI, MIA, and CARLEIGH..Oriana, on occasions..oh ..i forgot shadow scum! Well are not on the go back to knitting! THANX!

    p.s. I didn’t ask if you cared….i don’t care if you don’t care, or not! WHO ARE YOU AGAIN?……………………………..JUST AS I THOUGHT!

  19. Johanna says

    If you click on different posts on this website you will find that PUNKy is fighting w/everyone.

    She is the child that came to this website and for what? I don’t care how old she is, what color she is, or what she has to say.

    This is a baby website, quit starting fights PUNKy.

  20. says

    #43) personally I don’t care if you like me, or not!
    I know that it means the world to you MIA!
    I On the other hand..have plenty of friends, and I don’t need to forge cyber friends!….WHEN YOU GET DONE TAKLING, and TYPING WITH YOUR NUBBY FINGERS…I wasn’t talking to you! I know that you are in need for that Pr*ck Dori, but why don’t ypu, and Dori..consider swinging with each other! JUST A THOUGHT! SCRUMPY!

  21. N says

    I actually have heard some 30 yr olds use that term. I I would agree that I have heard the 20 somethings use it more. I didnt know you had to be a certain age to use it. I doubt Punky would use the term F-off…..she did say she was black.

  22. Miapocca says

    yes, because young people use the terms KICK ROCKS, HIT THE ROAD, AND SCRUMPY.

    Let me tell you this in terms we can ALL understand:

  23. N says

    Alot of you ladies have nerve to talk about anyone….. Its funny that you believe you can talk about anyone anyway you like and think no one is going to give you the same in return. This is a blog…..some of you ladies blog about the celebs….while others blog about the bloggers (users of this site). If you dont like it….. dont blog. Dont get mad when you become the target……

  24. says

    actually..nobody was talking to you!
    But since your ancient @ss can’t comprehend what KICK ROCKS MEAN…it means HIT THE ROAD for all of you that are hitting 80 yrs of age! HIT THE ROAD! SCRUMPY!

  25. Miapocca says

    Shut up Punky. No one wants to read your childish comments. While I try to ignore and scroll past them, there are just too many!!!!

    Kick rocks? What are you, like 8?

  26. says

    yawn…………………………… are so lame!
    maybe you should be on a dating talk show..maybe you will pull your head out of your @ss! you are so boring! eat acid, and keel over,and DIE

  27. carleigh says

    Poor little PUNK she just can’t say anything without resorting to cussing and spewing a bunch of trash and nonsense……….must really be difficult only having so many things to say with such a limited intelligence and such a small vocabulary.

    Maybe instead of watching Jerry Springer, you would be better advised to start EDUCATING yourself and EXPANDING your knowledge. I believe it is you who lives in the trailer park in Smalltown, USA.

    Poor little PUNK!

  28. says

    #35 Who cares what you think! I don’t give a phuck if you keel over, and crash!
    And when you get through busting your guts open..she still don’t know you! She can care less what a mom’s jeans wearing crab like you think! WHO ARE YOU AGAIN?……………….NOBODY! Ok…moving along!

    #34 that was some stupid sh*t to say! It sound like you are from the trailer park area, and you don’t get to venture out of your little dirt poor town (population 20)
    EVERYBODY, EVERY COLOR like Britney! So you really can kick DUST! meth addict!

  29. carleigh says

    Hey phnxgirl, it’s nice to see ya back again, it’s always nice to have one of the old bloggers come back again!! The “PUNK” just wants to think she got me all upset..not going to happen,ha ha ha ha… I responded to simply point out that while she/he is making the comment about Britney not knowing or caring who I am, that maybe he/she should rethink about the comment because I’m sure Britney has NO idea who that person is. I don’t care about her comments regarding Britney or if she doesn’t like my comment, I responded back to be a smart ass!!!!!! LOL….some people shouldn’t flatter themselves so much.

    We now have a PUNK on this site…..LMAO!!!!!!!! Welcome to Babyrazzi you little foul mouthed PUNK ! I still think Britney’s a complete NUT JOB and that’s not going to ever change she’s went completely down hill and some momentary lapses into semi-good taste aren’t going to change my opinion, it is what it is and she’s tacky! (But has beautiful baby boy’s)

  30. freaky15 says

    this is some white shit yall leave brittney alone and worry about yall, go wash some dishes or find somthing else to DO GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Tiffany says

    I think she looks really nice and the smile she has on her face seems very genuine.
    I also think Jayden is a very cute and HEALTHY boy. I do not believe that he has FAS, I just think that he does not know what to make of the cameras in his face and maybe it has him a little confused with all the flashes going off.
    I dont understand why people want there to be something wrong with her kid? Why would anyone “want” that for anyones child? I think it is rude and insensitive to insist that someones child has something wrong with it. Unless you are a pediatrician who treats her kids then please shut the f*#k up and quit making diagnoses that you cant prove to be true.

  32. oriana says

    pitiful brewster,

    Why would I want to try to make him decide he isn’t Gay?

    He is, He won’t change, don’t want to try to make him change, he’s happy, I’m happy.

    Now why don’t you try to tell yourself you are not a FOOL and you are not stupid?

  33. says

    f@ck you Oriana!

    Go ahead, try to convince your son, that he isn’t gay!
    Give him some old Snatch! PLEASE!
    SO WE WON”T have to hear you talk about him!

  34. says

    maybe you can give her some water…for all the crack rocks that Ms Lumpy titties has been licking!

    Calm down..hahahahaha that was funny! Very funny!
    I guest she tried to get gangster over the computer,aye!


  35. says

    No, but she really don’t care about yours either!
    I didn’t ask you if you care for my opinions, or not!
    I don’t give a sh*t what you care about!
    Do you think that she don’t know me? Who are you to make that decision? UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
    NOBODY, ok just as I thought!~
    I think that she would rather hear some uplifting compliments from a decent person, than some dummy that feel bad about herself! and It is obvious that you feel bad about your self Sh*tface! NOW as I was saying…….KICK, and LICK ROCKS! SCADOODLES!

  36. phnxgirl says

    Carleigh, girlfriend, take a deep breath. 😉 It is okay, don’t let people get to you like that. This whole comment section is about having your own opinion so don’t let others make you upset like that.

    I think Britney’s face looks wonderful in this pic. I think she is a really pretty girl, she just needs some help sometimes with wardrobe choices. Her babies are both gorgeous boys!

  37. carleigh says

    Hey Punky…why don’t you eat SHIT!!!!!!!!! I wasn’t blogging to you and don’t care what your opinion is because you know what………I’M entitled to MY OWN!!!!!!! I can post whatever I want and you can do the same…so you go as you eloquently put it……..”go kick rocks” and I’m sure Britney has no idea and doesn’t care two hoots about a dumbass like you! NA NA NA

  38. Nicki says

    Usually I leave Britney alone because I could care less about her……..but her boys are precious. I wish someone had the side by side link of Jayden and Sean Preston. Sean Preston had on a lil newsboy style hat, he was carried by the bodyguard. They looked prescious. Britney acutally looks good in this pic. I hope she does right by her baby boys. They deserve that. Great pic of Jayden, very cute, and Brit looks like she has it together. Good for her and her boys.

  39. Julie says

    I actually think she looks really good here. Her face looks beautiful…very healthy looking, and she looks very happy.

  40. says

    ^^ do your dumb@ss feel happy..NOW?
    Yes, you might not like the way she dresses, but she don’t know you, and she probably don’t give two sh*ts about your opinion! So kick rocks!

  41. carleigh says

    Britney! Britney! Britney looks like Shitney! I won’t apologize for her obvious tackiness!

    Jayden is precious and at least she knows how to dress her children properly.

    There I said one negative thing but also ONE positive thing.

  42. Carran says

    Again, little Jayden looking very upset. I guess it could be the cameras and such but it just seems to be happening to much to ignore.

  43. dori #1 says

    They both look great. It sure is a roller coaster though isn’t it.? One day things are fine…. the next ….who knows?? I do wish her the best I would love to see her keep it together and make a comeback with her new album. One thing is for sure…. she sure does know how to keep herself in the media’s eye. For that I think she’s smart!!

  44. N says

    Britney and Jayden look great…. but why does he have on a sweater. It seems like it would be too hot for that.

  45. oriana says

    Stephanie, he doesn’t! I do think he has kind of a blank look on his face a lot but he is a normal baby, I just don’t think a happy one. I do think she cares deeply for her kids but she is such a mess, she can’t hold it together for much longer, she is a disaster! I don’t think you are trying to be mean either but I studied babies with FAS, they are pitiful looking, this child is just fine!

  46. Stephanie says

    Jayden James obviously has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. He has the characteristics–thin upper lip, eyes are far apart, and the smooth philtrum (which means that the grooves between the nose and the upper lip are not there). I know you people will probably respond that I’m saying this to be mean, but seriously, look it up on FAS websites.

  47. oriana says

    He looks like Britney’s mom, his shoes are so cute! I like her dress, she looks nice, she should let the wigs alone and just show her normal hair.

  48. Lauren says

    Britney looks better and happier than other pictures. I pray she lives a happy life and takes care of those babies.

    Jayden is a cutie. He looks like Sean. His hat is cute. 🙂

  49. Midge says

    She definitely looks better here than she has in any other pics lately. Her outfit is a bit odd, but, as some have said, she is more covered up than normal for her. And, her smile looks more real than it usually does.

  50. the real yummy brittaneyi says

    well i think she looks pretty and she looks really happy. Her babies are both healthy and handsome. so people just needs to leave her alone

  51. Kat says

    I agree with the above 2 replies!! Why do people always feel the need to critisize celebrities?? It is soo boring and pointless! Britney’s boys are too cute!

  52. Maybe you should get one 2 says

    She has more clothes on than usual, now why are you complaining? Because you wouldn’t look half as good as she does in this outfit? Sure I would never wear the outfit, but I don’t want the attention either.

  53. says

    NO^^buy yourself a mirror! she can wear what she wants!
    As long as she care for those babies! i don’t believe all of that mumbo jumbo! the mags will say anything!
    GO BRITNEY SPEARS! i love you, come back, and show these lonely housewives how to shimmy! GO B!

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