Angelina Jolie & Maddox

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina and Maddox were snapped during a visit to LA Studios in LA on Friday. Reportedly, while there Angelina held an early birthday celebration for Maddox, who turned six on Sunday!



  1. BOB says


  2. oriana says

    I remember him saying just before she adopted Maddox that he was worried about her mental status and since then he has said he is happy she is with Brad and wished them good luck, I think he wants to make amends. I don’t recall him saying anything about his son’s mental status so wonder why he doesn’t visit with him?

  3. Zbella says

    Considering the fact that I am no longer close to my parents, I understand AJ’s decision to keep JV out of their lives. I have invited my parents to visit several times in the last 3 years and they have come once (mom) or twice (dad) but I have not returned “home” in over 4 years. There is no reason to open yourself up to negative, unsupportive and judgemental people – blood or not.

  4. misty says

    I think this is a cute pics of them, but so are all the pictures of angelina jolie with all her family.

  5. oriana says

    My goodness! First time I heard of her or saw her picture! I don’t think she looks anything like him though. Thanks for the info!!!!!

  6. Nicki says

    oriana~ who knows about the tab reports? 1/16th truth with a whole lot of maney making crap thrown in to make it exploitive, to sell thier tabs.

    Skylar has been showing up on all the premieres he has been to for at least the last 3-4 years. He says she is his goddaughter. Some gossip is that she is actually his daughter, and he is finally stepping up, half-way, hence the goddaughter title. But he has been helping her break into movies–She actually has a part in the new Bratz movie. She has had a few bit parts in others, not sure which ones. Acess Hollywood, Insider, etc has had the 1-2 minute clips of him on the carpet. Most recently for his Transformers movie. If I can remember her last name I will try to find a link to a pic of her. Probably not tonight, unless it pops into my head by divine intervention, but I will tomorrow, sometime, try to post a link for her pic.

    And like I said, nobody but Angie and Jamie know if he is Toxic or not. It is thier choice. I have a toxic family member, an in-law, who I love to death, but isn’t conducive to a happy, healthy family life. I love her, but prefer her to not be around 99%, especially with young children. Thats just my experience so I can see Angies point, even if I don’t know why. You don’t talk bad about them, you just try to make due without them.

    I will look for a link or two about Skylar so you can see her. She has been with him at many premieres and such in the last 3-4 years. I think she is 19 to early 20’s. No more than 22. I’ll check tomorrow for you and let you know what I’ve found.

  7. oriana says

    Nicki, where did this Skylar come from?

    I do think that there is deep rooted hurt feeling still with Angie towards her father and I think he has suffered. I think he would make amends if she would allow it.

    I think Brad doesn’t make any difference between any of the kids, actually, I think he cares more for Zahara than he does any of them. It does seem that all that meet Zahara enjoys her immensely, she definately seems to be the strongest personality in the house like Angie said.

    I just think the kids are missing out on a grandfather but I am sure they are close to Brad’s parents.

    And you are right about looking like someone not always being the best thing, I just think that he would adore his little granddaughter so much. I do think he had concerns about Angie’s stability and he probably knows things about her we don’t either. The past is the past though and I wish she would open up to another chance with him. I read that Brad was encouraging it but again, that may not be the truth as was reported.

  8. Nicki says

    oriana~she does look like him. She looks just like Brad and Angie too. Looking like a person, in my opinion, wouldn’t make it an automatic benefit. I mean who knows him better than Angie and Jamie? Or I guess you could throw in Skylar, his “goddaughter” who has been hanging with him for the last few years.
    I believe she will do whats best for her children. If she feels he is toxic, then so be it. She doesn’t or ever has talked bad about her dad, so I don’t think she tells the kids anything bad about him, if anything.
    If they make up great, if not, oh well. She has do do what is best for her family.

    As Brad has said-Biological (actually he used the word blood) or not they are all his children. There is no difference.

    Best to you……..have you been back to Mimis? Going there Saturday for brunch. I will toast with my hibiscus to you! Enjoy!

  9. oriana says

    NIcki, I do think all the children would enjoy him and he would treat all of them good, but Shiloh is the only one that looks just like him to me and she is his only biological grandchild, that is what I meant. I think they would all be happy with one another.

  10. Nicki says

    oriana~ Why would only Shiloh benefit from knowing him? Wouldn’t thier older children also?
    She will get pregnant again. In her Readers Digest interview they asked her-Do you want more children? She said “Yeah, yeah. More biological, more adopted.”
    I’m thinking they will have at least 1 more bio, and adopt a few more. JMO.

  11. oriana says

    Nicki, yes indeed she is a famous star and a huge STAR! I am not a fan but I do see she is in popular demand. She is one of the most gorgeous women in the world also. I think she is too skinny and boney and don’t see a nice figure at all, and didn’t before she lost so much weight. I do think she is a good actress and I think she is a good mother. I see more kids (adopted ones) I will be shocked if she gets pregnant again.

    I also see Brad staying with her, no one else wants him, and she cares for him and will keep him for the kids if for no other reason. He will hang onto her coattails from now on out, she is by far the most popular and most talented of the two!

    I think she suffers from some form of mental illness, has esteem issues and has some weird hangups. I also think she has done a tremendous amount of good works and will continue to do so. I don’t see her as an icon by any means but I know you are a big admirer and supporter of this family. She will be around front and center for years to come and I see her continuing to help make the world a better place.

    I would like to see her reunite with her father and I think Shiloh would benefit from being a part of his life.

  12. me says

    i love angelina jolie and everything she’s done! she looks very pretty in these pictures…especially the first one.

  13. oriana says

    Nicki, it is a nice dress and I am so glad to see it isn’t black! Ha! I do think it may be denim or could be a light gray or blue. Nice chubby legs too. I wish we could see her down walking and playing more, she does walk now. Look how Suri runs and plays! First time I saw anything from popsugar! Her head looks really big, still think she looks a lot like her Grandpa, she is a pretty baby indeed!

    Thanks for the pictures and the kind words my Dear!!!!

  14. Blair says

    Cute! I love that every picture I see of Angelina and Brad is them WITH their children! They seem like such loving and devoted parents.

  15. Nicki says

    oriana~ this pic is for you.

    Shiloh in a dress, ok you might say yeah but it’s gray. I think it looks denim. But who cares, she is dressed like a girl.:lol: Hope you like it. Oh yeah you don’t see her face, but with the blonde hair and her size, you know it is Shiloh….in a dress no less.:lol:

    Hope all is well with you, haven’t been searching the other threads tonight, hope all is calm. Even if it isn’t I know you can hold your ground quite well. Kudos to you! My best always, take care.

  16. Nicki says

    OK…….Just responding to anyone……….Who thinks Angie will EVER be forgotten????????? She is an icon. Not just for being an A-list Academy Award winner, still, in high demand as an actress, plus a UNHCR since 2002, and one of the most sought after actress in the last 5 years. No chance of that ending soon, with all the curiousity people want to know about whats going on with her. (granted it maybe the tabloid morons buying up every issue with any negative thing about her and her relationship, but that just adds to her popularity). She will always be remembered because people always seeking out info about her. Even the people who say they are bored, don’t care about her, always click on the stories about her.
    Colin Powell, Condi Rice, many others that deal with her on the policies she is fighting for, think and talk about her highly. Nothing but the utmost respect when they answer questions about her. She knows what she is fighting for, and she walks the walk. She is respected among the political movers and shakers.
    So she isn’t just an Academy Award winner, she is way much more. Most of the people she is friends with would never make the gossip pages. They aren’t Lindsay, Britt, Paris (what a joke), or the other publicity seekers. Just real people who try to make things happen.
    So if any one of the Angelina Jolie “bobble head” dolls come out, I guess I would hang onto it for the future generations. What a great idea.

  17. DEEDS says

    Yes my point was to help children. I thought it would be nice to also pass down memerobilia of the people that are in high profile today yet might be forgotten during my great grandchildre’s era. I’m not a sports buff, I wouldn’t hold on to a sports bobble head figureine. Again you have completely missed my point. please do not respond to any more of my comments posted on the babyrazzi web site.

  18. Nicki says

    Deeds, I would hope that the point was to help underprivledged children, but if you want to pass along bobble heads to your grandchildren, then maybe you should add some major sports players in there to help with your estate, so they can maybe have one that can make them a bit of cash. Who knows, a Barry Bonds or a Derek Jeter might be worth maybe $100, maybe even $250. Bless your grandchildren.

  19. DEEDS says

    That is a great idea Nicki. Then we could start an AJ collection and pass them down to our childrens children. I would be like having a memo of Kathrun Hepburn!

  20. Nicki says

    Great idea! And when she becomes pregnant again they can do another one of her pregnant and all the proceeds can go to help underprivledged children also. Wow a win- win situtation all around.

  21. DEEDS says

    I feel like asking a silly question, nobody needs to be offended. Here goes
    Who thinks AJ needs to gain weight or keep her big head and little body to pose for Laura Croft bobble-head dolls. They would be out just in time for Christmas and all of the proceeds could go to charity. I wonder if AJ would go that far to help underprivledged children. JMO means no bashing

  22. Kamineko says

    I’m beginning to wonder if Angelina might not be suffering from some illness, she is so unhealthy looking lately. She needs to hire a nutritionist and eat to gain a few curves. She used to look so feminine and soft, now she is just skin and bones.

  23. DEEDS says

    The photo I saw Maddox looked like he was shy or sad. He is getting bigger, maybe he’ll learn to smile more.

  24. oriana says

    The little tyke looks like he was crying! I can’t stand the photogs!!!!

    Nicki is absolutely right!!!! Miserable hot in New Orleans in the Summer, just miserable!!!!!! But oh, I wish I was down there!!!! Ha! Aunt Sallies, here I come for pralines!!!!!

  25. Nicki says

    16. dori #1 ~ Brad owns 3 homes. One in NO. (actually maybe 4 homes) They did buy the one in NO, and lived there for the filming of CCOBB. But they do travel, and Angie said they would be back there, they felt welcomed, and at home there, as did Brad. I don’t know if they will settle there, but I doubt they will spend summers in NO.:lol:thats just my experience with LA. (summers are brutal)

  26. dori #1 says

    I saw these pics on another website linked from here. There were 6-8 more pics of this day. They look great …Angie looks healthy and Mad sure is getting to be a big boy.
    Nicki.. saw the pics ….they are great… thanks
    I am confused the party was in santa barbara I thpought they lived in New Orleans or was that temporary for the shooting of Brads flick?

  27. dori #1 says

    I saw these pics on another website linked from here. There were 6-8 more pics of this day. They look great …Angie looks healthy and Mad sure is getting to be a big boy.

  28. K says

    Thanks Nicki, I agree Z should dress like a pretty little girl once in a while happy birthday Madd.

  29. oriana says

    Great pictures Nicki!!!! They all look happy and like they are enjoying the day to me! I just don’t understand why she insists on dressing Zahara in black soo much, she is determined to make sure she doesn’t look feminine in any way! The boys are so lucky to be a part of this family and more fun times to come for all of them. This was a great idea for a party!!!

  30. Lola says

    I can see even in private they are stilted and miserable. I guess misery is the new black. Frankly I didn’t see any warm family happiness in any of those pics. But thanks Nicki for them.

  31. Essie says

    Wow Nicky. Thanks for those pics. Looks like a great birthday party!!! All the kids look like they are having a blast. The weather is always perfect in Santa Barbara!!

    I don’t understand the obsession people seem to have with Angelina’s weight. She looks about the same weight as most actresses in movies and television. And I seriously doubt she has any health issues. In fact, she appears refreshed, relaxed and healthy after their French vacation.

  32. Tia says

    Thanks again for the pics Nicki!! very cute!

    I really love when i see angie with her children. She looks soo happy. This woman was ment to be a mom.

  33. Lauren says

    Maddox is a handsome little boy. I remember when she first adopted him. He’s a cutie. 🙂

    Angelina could stand to gain a few pounds. She’s looking a little ragged.

  34. Nina says

    I Love angliena jolie! she is my idol!
    I love the things she does for the world!
    shes caring and kind!
    She deserves what she wants and what she gets!
    all my love angelina

  35. says

    I just love something about these pics 🙂 On another site you could see that Maddox was a little bit upset and AJ picked him up and comforted him and he was just hanging on to her. She appears to be a great mom. You should have seen the look Mad was giving the paps. he was definately mad. Angie looks great, nothing new there. Love Brangelina 🙂

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