Nicole Richie Explains How She Took Five Home Pregnancy Tests

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie was so surprised to discover that she was pregnant, it took five home pregnancy tests to convince her that she was having a baby.

“It took me — it really took me a long time to really — for it to sink in,” she says. “I actually didn’t even really believe it until I heard the heartbeat.”

Nicole was speaking to Diane Sawyer for an exclusive interview running in three parts, Thursday and Friday on ABC’s Good Morning America and then Friday on 20/20.

The couple, who have already started a video diary for their unborn baby, tell Diane Sawyer they don’t want to know whether the child is a boy or a girl.

“We’re going to try and hold out,” says Nicole. “Try.”

So what did dad Lionel Richie say when his daughter called to tell him he’s going to be a grandfather?

“He was really quiet,” according to Nicole, who says he told her: “Now you’re going to get to experience everything that I have and everything that you’ve done to me, it’s definitely going to come back to you.”

Nicole claims that she is now clean (“I don’t take anything now”) and is confident that she’ll never get behind the wheel under the influence again.

“There’s absolutely no way,” she says. “I’m now responsible for someone else and I have to set the right examples.”

She added: “I want my child to look up to me and be proud of me and I want to be the best parent that I can be.”



  1. Tia says

    I think nicole could possibly change you know but i m eager to see what happens and how big she gets

  2. Tia says

    I think nicole could possibly change you know but i m eager to see what happens and how big she gets thoroughout her pregnancy

  3. oriana says

    #26, katie, I enjoyed your post. Amazing about those doctors! I bet it has happened to more people also.

  4. WTFDYC says

    I think she is nice but the guy is a looser. She might be a good mom but she is a total junkie. Good luck to her because that looser is going to be the father of her child forever……..

  5. Katie says

    Actually – there are “false positives” too. I had a friend with an ovarian cyst, and even the tests at the Dr’s office came back positive for 7 months straight. There never was a pregnancy or a baby though, and they finally found the cyst after all that time and insistance that she was pregnant.
    The bad part was, it wasn’t just one Dr. telling her this – she’d gone to 2 Dr’s and the ER, all giving her wrong info, before getting a correct diagnosis. So while it maybe be rare, it definitely does happen…

  6. oriana says

    reba, it does appear she has a handle on her addictions, and she does look healthy, people can change and I do sincerely hope she has. I hope she gains lots of weight too!!!!

  7. says

    You people are nuts. None of you even know her.
    She does seem to be a sweet person, im sure she will be a fine mother.
    And about the pregnancy test…… You can have a positive result, then go get tested at the doctor’s office and it be negative, so you can have a false positive.

  8. Reba says

    Oriana, thats kool. I’m really sorry that I called u a whore , but when ever I come on u say something nasty….I guess I shouldn’t talk though because I say nasty things too.
    I think Nicole is over her addictions and your opinion is yours and Mine is mine.

  9. oriana says

    Reba, if you read anything at all then you would know I don’t always say nasty things about people. If you can’t stand the truth it isn’t my fault!

    She is a druggie, she is a drunk, she is a spoiled brat and has admitted all those things, I didn’t make them up!

    If you want her for a role model, then that is your ignorance!

    I hope she is sincere, I hope she is a good mother, I hope she doesn’t go back to her usual habits and old ways, tijme will tell, but again, her actions spoke for her before I made my comments! So too bad if you don’t like them, write and tell her about it, not me, she did the acts, I just commented on them!

  10. says

    Oh Come on…what parent DOESN’T say I hope you have a child that was just like you….it;s funny not a threat, cuz as grandparents its the funny blow that brings new parents down to earth and reminds us of what we were like growing up, it is said with humor not with malice,

  11. tea says

    I hope for the child she can be at least a deseant mother! but for all of you bashing her for taking 5 tests, well I took two, the first I didn’t want to belivee, but I took the second and belived the, and I was 4 monhts by then, because just couldn’t imagine it, ( I have a very strange cycle and I was on the pill) so please remember not everyone is a saint like you!!

  12. kelly says

    mary you need to get a life. Nicole is a funny person and i am happy for her . How do you know if she is a whore?

  13. Reba says

    Oriana u are a whore . I have been on this sight for so long and u always have something nasty to say i dont even know u and i really dont like u.
    Nicole is not Boring she so kool and fun she’s going to be a great mom.

  14. carleigh says

    Andrea, that’s what the poster above stated. Your test showed up pink and positive but you probably weren’t that far along yet so the stick didn’t register the BIG PINK image just yet…but they don’t throw off a false-positive hon.

    I just don’t know what to make of this whole Nicole Richie ordeal…I just hope it’s not another Britney waiting to happen.

  15. Andrea says

    Some pregnancy tests don’t give a definite positive. I tried a kit that where the strip was supposed to turn a definite pink if pregnant, but mine was very light pink. It was unclear and I kept doing it, only to get the same results. It turned out I was pregnant.

  16. chinny says

    people always say children change them… maybe this is just what she needs to get kicked back into place.
    Good luck to her with that 😀

  17. Kelsie says

    Im happy for them,but you someone can take a positive pregnacy test,then take another and it be negative

  18. Lauren says

    Congratulations for Nicole and Joel. They seem to be happy together. I like Nicole and hope she straightens up for her unborn child. 🙂

  19. says

    Well…just to add…a positive pregnancy test means you are for sure pregnant. If it is negative, it might be wrong because you might not be producing enough of the pregnancy hormone when you first take it. Pregnancy tests can be expensive, too. But since Nicole is rich I guess she doesn’t care. But positive pregnancy tests always mean you are pregnant. There are false negatives, but positives are always positive. And you know…I am not “used to getting knocked up.” I have one baby and I peed on one stick and got a plus sign and that was all I needed to do.

  20. DMITZ says

    I hope she genuinely means that about wanting to be a good mother. Video diary, sounds like a good idea.

  21. MARY JANE( CLINTON) says

    Mybe she wanted to be sure! IT IS HER 1st time being pregnant…She si not use to getting knocked up……like you!

  22. Denise says

    Sometimes you are shock, especially if you are not expecting it. I took 4 when I found out I was pregnant w/ my daughter – I was happy but just surprised.

  23. says

    I’m not to sure but i read on just jared that she’s having a boy.

    This is such boring news… No Brangelina, Heidi or Jen and Violet for a while now…sigh..boring website now.

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