Couple Welcome Their 17th Child & Want More!

The Duggar Family

An Arkansas couple had a baby daughter Thursday — their 17th child and seventh girl — and the pair say they’re still not ready to give it a rest.

Jennifer Danielle was born at 10:01 a.m. at a hospital in Rogers, Arkansas, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar said in an interview.

“We’d love to have more,” Michelle said, referring to baby girls. “We love the ruffles and lace.”

Jennifer joins the fast-growing Duggar brood, who live in a 7,000-square-foot (650-square-meter) home in Tontitown. All the children — whose names start with the letter J — are taught at home.

The oldest is 19 and the youngest, before Jennifer, is almost 2 years old.

“We are just so grateful to God for another gift from him,” said Jim Bob Duggar, a former state representative. “We are just so thankful to him that everything went just very well.”

Jennifer joins siblings: Joshua, 19; John David, 17; Janna, 17; Jill, 16; Jessa, 14; Jinger, 13; Joseph, 12; Josiah, 11; Joy-Anna, 9; Jedidiah, 8; Jeremiah, 8; Jason 7; James 6; Justin, 4; Jackson, 3; Johannah, almost 2.

Michelle Duggar said she started feeling contractions Wednesday night and went to the hospital at about 5 a.m. Thursday.

“It actually went fast,” she said. “I guess once I started progressing, it went within 30 minutes.”

The Duggars have been featured on several programs on cable television’s Discovery Health Network. The next special, the Duggar Family Album, is scheduled to air next month, Jim Bob Duggar said.

Among the “fun facts” listed on Discovery Health’s Web page devoted to the Duggars: A baby has been born in every month except June; the Duggars have gone through an estimated 90,000 diapers, and Michelle has been pregnant for 126 months — or 10.5 years — of her life.

Wow! Congratulations!



  1. Taylor M says

    This is proof that are just a child & you are mentally ill!!! I AM THE REAL TAYLOR M. Be gone already.

  2. Tia says

    pink star you need to stop because she does love children or she wouldn’ t have had them all and to me you are the brainless pig and your just mad cause no one probaly wants you and you have no kids

  3. Uniquely ~Taylor Mastronni says

    Mrs Duggar should be caring for her kids herself and not having her older ones do it for her.She is a tramp who needs to stop producing her weird off spring. I feel sorry for her kids, she dresses them like tards and treats them like white slaves. They did not pay for anything in that house nor did they build it all my themselves like they claim to have. The reason they keep having more kids is so they will get a big tax return back..How cheezy is that? They claim to only buy items if they have the money..We all know that they don’t have any money and everything is given to them. If I knew I was going to get a big tax return I would produce alot more kids then I already have.Maybe I should she is. She is a tramp and nympho.

  4. Jodie says

    70 – i agree with you! It could only happen in Amercia. In the UK, the media would not entertain people like this. They look kind of odd to me. Jesus christ, if all she can do is breed, what kind of example is she setting to her children? And he is just a freak. What kind of a man would want to father that many kids? It’s disgusting.

    I don’t even want to think about the state of her under carriage, disgusting.

  5. Taylor M says

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  6. Uniquely ~Taylor Mastronni says

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  7. Uniquely ~Taylor Mastronni says

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  8. Uniquely ~Taylor Mastronni says

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  9. Uniquely ~Taylor Mastronni says


  10. Uniquely ~Taylor Mastronni says

    I wish I was Michelle Duggar…All that SEX…………I hardly get it as it is.

  11. Uniquely ~Taylor Mastronni says

    You are not fooling anyone #74! Everyone knows you are NOT me. Why don’t you try growing up already? I know my name is lovely but still… you could use your own name for once.

  12. Taylor Mastronni says

    Mrs. Duggar needs to have her tubes tired and stop producing anymore kids, and Bob needs to get that tally wacker snipped as well…Mrs Duggar also need to have some plastic surgery on tha streched out saggy snatch……Ewwwwwww

  13. N says

    Too many kids….. I dont believe that they aren’t getting any help from the government. They need to learn how to track her ovulation and abstain from sex at the appropriate times.

  14. lakeisha (baltimore) says

    man I don’t know how they do it! but I have to give it up to them because they’ve maintained their faith and a superb organization system. 🙂

  15. eminencegrise says

    Only in America would you find such utter nut jobs lauded in the media as something to aspire to.

    The mullet alone says it all!

  16. carleigh says

    There is also unemployment here in the US, but in most states a person has to have worked so many hours in a one year period of time and the maximum is based upon I believe 1/3 of the total amount of money that a person has made in that 12 month period. Then the person can apply for it only if they have been displaced, fired (terminated from employment) or outsourced (the department closes or the company relocates)..and then the person can only receive benefits for 6 months total or until they get another job. It’s no where near enough to live on and the requirements are so stringent that it’s near impossible to receive. My ex husband was in construction so when his employer was slow in the winter months and working out of doors was impossible he would get maybe 8-11 weeks at the most before he was able to work again..but it wasn’t anything to even pay the bills. It was enough to cover the telephone, groceries, and maybe some petro for the cars but that was it.

    I think that is odd that in England you don’t have to work to be able to receive a dime in what is the equivelent of our welfare system. Welfare and unemployment are two different things though, welfare is for anyone who is basically destitute. It’s just funny how countries differ in how they provide for the unemployed.

    Well, interesting to note the differences. Take care and have a great evening!

  17. Zbella says

    Yes, my husband and I would like to adopt – in years to come. Like I said, we are happy with 3 children for now.

    Pinkstar – good day to you as well. 🙂

  18. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Carleigh, no I absolutely do not believe that they have only had sex seventeen times, I just said that you can’t really come to the conclusion that he is oversexed when all you can PROVE is that they have had sex 17 times.

    As for the religion, I don’t have a clue what religion they are.

    Thank you for clearing up my query about the U.S. welfare system. The dole is an unemployment benefit people can get in the UK. Its not enough to live comfortably on but it is enough to survive on and plenty of people choose to claim it rather than getting a job as there is no time limit on it.

    If its true what you said about them not having to pay taxes, I think that that is a disgrace.

  19. pinkstar says

    Zbella said:

    “I never said I was going to “pop out” any number of children.

    Zbella previously said:
    “I am very happy with 3 for now and hopefully another one or two in years to come”

    Hm, that is weird, the above quotations are from your speech, and guess what, you wrote it . Now, if the rest of the kids you were wanting in the next years will be via adoption, then kudos to you. In the hope the smile I put on your face is not fake, have a day as wonderful as you are. 😉

  20. Zbella says

    My family is quite kind to our environment. We bike/walk to school/work, rather than driving a car. We use cloth diapers, rather than adding to our landfills. We buy local dairy & produce, or grow our own. Feel free to add any more suggestions!

  21. Zbella says

    Smile 🙂 I will adopt, thank you for the suggestion. I never said I was going to “pop out” any number of children.

  22. says

    I am such a huge fan of the duggars, they are such a wonderful family! Jimbob & Michelle- you are 2 awesome parents who love and care for your kids very much and want nothing but the best for them, all this negative criticism about you having 17 kids and still want more, ignore all that, let them talk, this is your lives and they should respect that, I’ve seen all of your shows, I not only admire you like so many others, but i can also see the love you have for those kids, Jennifer is so lucky to have been brought into this world by 2 wonderful parents, 16 siblings who will love & care for her for all her life. As for the duggar kids, you are super awesome, all of you have been raised well to this date, you will always will. Congrats on Baby Jennifer Danielle, best wishes, and god bless!

  23. pinkstar says

    Zbella said

    “Angie in AR – so true. I mean, come on – one family haveing 17 kids will not ruin the world economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think people who find babies and mothers disgusting have something wrong in their DNA. It’s not natural. Especially people looking at a baby website.

    I am very happy with 3 for now and hopefully another one or two in years to come”

    Ignorant people like you overpopulate this world. If you have 3 already, why do you wanna hope to pop out more in the future? Adopt if you die having LOTS of children. Your post is a manifest of egoism and selfishness to the environment you live in. And like you, they are so many, unfortunately.
    And learn how to spell to, this way you might help your offspring do their homework properly.

  24. Kamineko says

    Their business, their family. My Roman Catholic religion forbids artificial birth control, and endorses natural family planning only under certain circumstances.We believe there are good and real circumstances that preclude pregnancy for a time, such as letting th mother recuperate, financial lack, or physical/psychological illness of one or both partners, or a child. Natural family planning includes periods of complete sexual abstinence, which actually bring the couple closer, and creates more understanding of one another’s needs. I’m sure sex is not the main reason they have all these kids, they want to give glory to God with their offspring. I fully understand her wanting all the children God sends her as blessings, but I think using natural family planning is perfectly fine, and often necessary in some instances. Anyone who disagrees with what I just wrote, please don’t be unpleasant. We can just agree to disagree like friendly adults.

  25. Elle says

    I think they are really screwed up…
    The way the world is today… there is no need for so many
    Jim Bob’s offspring. It should be outlaw to have so many kids. We should take care of the children who have no family and make the world a better place.
    Jim Bob is a little too full of himself!!!

  26. Uniquely ~Taylor Mastronni says

    Just so EVERYONE knows, I would never write any thing cruel about this woman. Once again it is my loser imposter!


  27. Taylor Mastronni says

    To poster # 14 they are getting help from the state………They are welfare rats…….They get mega food stamps, dang I bet all the kids get there own food stamp card……lol….This lady makes me sick, I bet she is all saggy and nasty down there………..Poor Bob Duggar.

  28. thegrinch says

    I must say, even though I respect their decision this is in no way a lifestyle I would choose for me.

    My grandma was one out of 9 children and she is only close to one younger sister. this is very mean what I’m going to say but I understand why my grandma thought like that and I don’t judge her:

    her family was very very poor and she resented her mother so much for popping out so many children. they would have been 11 but two babies died at birth because of complications.

    My grandma was around 7 at the time and she told me she was actually relieved when the babies died because SHE was the one who had to wake up at night to help feed and change with the younger ones. while her mother slept because she was so exhausted. a 7 year-old taking care of newborns!!

    This family is not poor so maybe they are doing better in terms of finances but my grandmother’s family never got out of poverty because of so many children to feed and dress.

  29. Sandra says

    I have no problem with this family as long as they are funding their own habits of wanting to breed. I do have a HUGE problem with them having children after children so close in age and to have the older ones being the “parent” to the younger ones. I think it is disgusting to have your older kid’s part take in so much of the younger kids lives, as the parents should be the ones brushing, bathing, feeding them. In my opinion if you want that many kids then take care of all of them yourself, do not rely on your older kids to do it! I am not saying that the older kids should have no responsibility at all, as they should have some responsibility.

  30. Joanne says

    What is so wrong about having older children take care of younger ones?! I’m not saying they should be together 24/7, but having an older child help a younger one with personal hygiene, chores, etc. is a great way to teach responsibility. Families should work together, and older kids definitely need to take a role, not just play and do what they want all day.

  31. sara says

    I have to comment on this….I recently moved to Utah (Mormon Capital of the world). They have a MINIMUM of 5-6 children per family. All are “stair-stepped” in age. The wife is very subservient of her husband and is responsible for taking care of the family solely. No outside job. The husband, works and comes home to relax. The children are told to “keep sweet”. My neighbors are Mormon…the children are ALWAYS over playing at my house with my 2 girls and are starved for attention. The wife wants an education and free time to do her thing but she doesn’t get to…(now, not all Mormons are this way but the ones I live by are truly).
    They don’t have an identity other than “wife/mother”. The more kids they have, the better their celestial life will be. The children suffer, I’ve seen it first hand. Less energy for each child, less quality time One on One, the older ones have to take care of the younger ones. They resent that…..they just want a childhood without all the responsibility’s the parents should be taking care of. I have never seen it anywhere else I’ve lived…even overseas!

  32. E says

    I think this family is great. My husband is # 7 out of 12. I have never seen a closer family than his. I am #3 out of 3 biological kids, i have two adopative sisters. My family is close but its nothing like my husbands.

    8 are already married with families. 3 just got married within the last year. They have 23 grandkids with 2 on the way and they could not ask for anything more in life.

  33. Stacy says

    I have never posted a comment on this website before. I have read many and just feel I definately have something to say about this. I think they should have stopped having children a long time ago. I know, its their business. But those poor kids. Have you seen the show? I have and let me tell you, the older kids don’t have a childhood. They have a buddy system and they all have to take care of a younger child like they are the parents. Including brushing teeth together. They have to take their younger siblings with them to help them and show them, or rather teach them how to do things. The parents don’t do much but give birth. Honestly, do you really thing that those older children want to dress like the younger ones? Wearing the same color clothing on outings. I have two boys, and my oder son, who is 11 does not help me take care of his younger brother, 3. That is my job. His job, is to be 11. Play with his friends and be himself. If I dressed him like his younger brother I know he would be to embarassed to go out. Like I said, I know its their business, but I do have an opionion. Hopefully, they stop with 17. Hopefully!

  34. myrna says

    Don’t they know the meaning of birth control??? Uh….children raising children!! How comfortable and convenience for the so called “parents”…..

  35. dori #1 says

    This is the first time I have heard of them I know a couple of big families 11 and 12 kids but bot17! wow thats amazing and debt free too!
    Congratulations to them. They must have a lot of patience!

  36. Kat says

    I too have seen them on TV. They built their own house.. it is so cool though, it’s got everything in it a child could want! They are ALL homeschooled. They are sooo old fashioned though!!!

  37. Zbella says

    Angie in AR – so true. I mean, come on – one family haveing 17 kids will not ruin the world economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My lord, don’t you people know that is not very uncommon in 3rd world countries????

    A woman is fertile from age 15-40, more or less. It only takes 9 months, so do the math. And yes, there is such a thing as twins.

    My grandmother had 12 children. I do not find her disgusting AT ALL. My friend is #16 of 17. My sister in law is #9 of 10. I believe Celine Dion is the youngest of 17 or 18.

    I think people who find babies and mothers disgusting have something wrong in their DNA. It’s not natural. Especially people looking at a baby website.

    I agree though, that I do not want 12 or 17 children. I am very happy with 3 for now and hopefully another one or two in years to come. To each their own.

  38. tea says

    It has nothing to do with the babies!! If someone is pregnate,then they have every right in the world to give that child a life. But there is such thing as birth control, and if you don’t belive in that then abstinace!!! The world is not a contest to see how many children you can pop out!!! If they can suport them then they are doing better then some, but there is still the world to think about and not just the USA!!!

  39. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    My husband thinks it’s gross and wonders how they have any sex drive after all those kids..LOL
    I say, more power to ’em. It’s their business, isn’t it? I suppose we could say it’s our business if we supported them with our tax dollars but from all we know, that’s not the case.
    Americans are so funny..we’re all for a woman’s right to choose but if she happens to choose to KEEP her baby rather than murder it in the womb because she has “enough” kids already and it would inconvenience our “overpopulated” earth and damage our economy (rotflmao!! good laugh!) – then we get all up in arms and think it’s disgusting and unethical. Why don’t you go to their house and tell them to their face if you’re so worried about it…tell the newborn baby that she is disgusting and doesn’t deserve to live.
    Wish it could be equal rights for everyone, not just the people that have the same views as your own and make you comfortable. (sigh…)

  40. tea says

    I agree with Anya, my grandparents had 12, (would have had 14, but both sets of twins 1 didn’t make it) there is absolutly NO reason for people to breed like that, especially with the world being over populated as i!!!

  41. tea says

    I agree with Anya, my grandparents had 12, (would have had 14, but both sets of twins 1 didn’t make it) there is absolutly NO reason for people to breed like that, especially with the world being over populated as i!!!

  42. Anya says

    They should have had 3 or 4 and then adopt if they love kids so much. There are thousands of children without parents.

  43. MARY JANE( CLINTON) says

    people donate stuff to them~!
    Me, personally..that is too many kids!
    I know that her insides are done! CASE CLOSED!

    but it is good to see people stick together through thick, and thin!

    She used to look better…before she had sport teams!

  44. Joanne says

    I live in an area with many Orthodox Jewish families, which tend to be large (6+ kids is very common). In many of these families, older siblings are responsible for younger ones, and it works beautifully. The children are close and care for each other, the parents have help without relying on babysitters or nannies, and the families work as a unit. I admire this type of family and encourage my children to rely on each other and look out for each other in a similar way.

    I say if the Duggars can afford to raise so many kids–I believe the father has real estate investments and they also live very frugally–and if the kids are well-cared for, which they clearly are, then it’s nobody else’s business.

    Mom to 4 adopted kids

  45. amy says

    Disgusting!!! I find this absolutely disgusting!!! Poor economy, poor forests, lakes, ecology, overpopulation, etc. This is a cult, not a family!!! Disgusting!

  46. AmyY says

    I forgot to mention that my husband is one of 16 (no twins) and while their family loves each other and is tons of fun to be around, they arent as close as my family (Im one of 4) and family functions are nearly impossible to coordinate. We’ve been married 4 years and I still havent met one of his brothers because noones schedules ever match! (there are 28 grandchildren so far and only 8 of his bros and sisters are married)

  47. SO Gross on so many levels... says

    These “people” are disgusting and are doing a dis-service to their off-spring. Their kids are home schooled, the older children “raise” the younger children – this will no doubt turn out to the world 17 freaks who cannot relate or survive in the real world. The selfishness of these to adult people makes me sick. I wonder when the oldest daughters will start popping them out? By the way, they declared their home (on 20 acres) a “church” so they pay no property taxes – ZERO. This is my opinion and I don’t care what anyone has to say about it. I am entitled to state my feelings just as much as anyone who thinks they are “lovely people”.

  48. says

    I agree with # 8, pinkstar. I don’t want to sound offensive but it is an irresponsability popping children like that to the world.

    Like Isaac Asimov said, all the world’s problemas can be easily succeeded, but we need to not overpopulate the world. In that case, the money and energy invested makes impossible to not destroy ourselves.

  49. carleigh says

    Jenna…what I meant was that in their religion the woman is subservient to the man, her opinions and desires are seconded to that of her husband. The husband rules the roost so to speak and the wife does all the domestic work and raises the children. By saying he’s oversexed I meant that it seems that this woman has little choice in the matter of family planning and they view sex as means for procreating alone. Do you really believe this couple has only had sex 19 times in their whole married life??????LMAO………ha ha ha ha. Yeah right! Sorry you made me spit my soda out!

    They are not by any means rich the husband owns property, they built their new home from prefabricated materials and it’s nothing fancy, they shop at thrift stores for their clothing, the family gets certain tax deductions on their children and most of all the family home has been sited as a “church” which means that they do NOT pay any taxes or property taxes on their 20 acres of land in Arkansas at all.

    I don’t know what kind of money he makes but I hope it’s enough to take care of his brood if something happens to him or his wife! That would be awful that’s what I was trying to say.

    I don’t know what “dole” is, but maybe you are referring to something similar to the US welfare system? From what I’ve read and watched on this family they get absolutely NO financial assistance from the government. And the welfare system over here isn’t a way of life by any means. Follow my link above and you can find out more information for yourself if you’d like.

    Thanks Jenna you always do give me a chuckle when you respond, thanks again I needed that today!

  50. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Carleigh, how is he oversexed? They have 19 children, that means it is possible that he has only had sex 19 times in his whole entire life. Anyway, maybe its her that wants all the sex!

    Is this couple really rich, or are they just living on the dole (if you even get that in the US)? There are a lot of couples over here that have like 10 kids and just rely on the dole and benefits rather than going to work to support them.

  51. carleigh says

    I can’t help it..I see a very oversexed man in this picture and from what I’ve read more and more into their religion, it seems like this woman is very opressed in her ability to control her own fertility. It goes against their religion to practice birth control, while I do realize that she’s as willing as he is to participate in the procreation of such a large family…I have to wonder what will happen to this family if one or both of the parents dies?? I mean all those kids are so young, to lose one or both parents would probably mean the older ones would have to take on the majority of the child rearing and responsibility to make sure that the younger one’s don’t end up being split up in the foster care system. I am all for them having as many kids as they want, but damn it’s just the long term financial feasibility that I can’t help but wonder about. I wonder if they have arrangements made for the children in the event that something does (God forbid, I don’t wish them one ounce of ill will at all!) happen. What happens to the youngsters? Just makes me scratch my head and wonder.

  52. phnxgirl says

    I love this family. I have watched every one of their shows. They actually have a family website that is interesting. What I find amazing is that they do support themselves and do not have any debt. More then I can say for me, and I only have two kids! If I recall correctly, I think he does some sort of real estate or something. Also, they practically built that house themselves. One of their shows revolved around it. I mean the little kids were in there hammering nails. I don’t think any of the children feel unloved by their parents. I’m just surprised her uterus has not fallen out. I mean ouch, 17 kids.

  53. Sarah Bea says

    he used to be a representative. I think someone should get something snipped. Even though they are a lovely family…17 is just too much! They are not rabbits for crying out loud!

  54. Denise says

    I know when I watched the show the dad at one time was a senator but I have no idea what he does now. They said they do not get any goverment assistance.

  55. momoftwowonderfulkids says

    I could have 17 kids but I want to give my two kids the very best that ” I CAN PAY FOR”. Who is paying for these children? There is no way that they are living on the dad’s paycheck. Did you guys see the size of that house? They spend thousands on food alone. I think its sad that they are having that many children and are exploiting them on TV for money.

    I don’t think its fair that the oldest ones have to work to support the family and watch the children. I bet they will grow up to resent the parents for having so many siblings. Children need “one on one” time with mom and there is no way that those kids are getting that kind of attention.

    Is the government paying for the kids? I don’t mind helping a family down on their luck, but these people are doing this on purpose!

    Give it a rest!

  56. clara says

    I think its awesome to have a lot of kids, but I don’t like how they have siblings raising siblings. I don’t think that’s fair to grow up with such an important job.

  57. Tiffany says

    I wonder what the dad does for a job. To be able to support that many people without ANY debt? He must make a decent amount of money. I read it takes $2000.00 a month just to feed everyone. Interesting. Maybe they get sponsored because they have so many kids?
    If they can make it work then good for them. However, I do think that when you have that many children you lose the bonds that can be made with a smaller family. I can see in the future that there could be some resentment from some of the children.
    Seems slightly selfish to continue to have children when there is not enough time for the ones you have.

  58. carleigh says

    The Duggars aren’t Mormon but they are conservative fundamentalist Christians who endorse Quiverfull and the teachings of Bill Gothard..bigger suprising fact…they live entire debt-free!

    Quiverfull is a movement among Protestant Christian couples in the US. It’s distinguishing viewpoint is to eagerly view children as blessings from God and to forgo contraceptives, natural family planning and sterilization. The Christian quiverfull movement derives it’s name from Pslams 127:3-5 where many children are metaphorically referred to as a “quiver full of arrows”.

    It just seems that the shows on the Duggar family show the aspects of how it is to be in a large family and the day-to-day goings on, but for some reason the shows have never broached their controversial religion…who knows.

  59. Jennifer says

    She keeps having more children because I believe their religion does not advocate birth control of any kind

  60. carleigh says

    C-I believe that what you are referencing is if a woman has repeated c-section deliveries. I believe that Michelle Duggar has had one or two c-section deliveries, with the two sets of twins Janna and John-David are one set and Jedidiah and Jerehemiah are the other set of twins. However, a womans chances for uterine prolapse or rupturing the c-section scar increases with each sucessive delivery. Yes, having that many children can be more and more adventagious each time she gives birth.
    Here is a link for people who don’t know much about their family:

    I’ve watched their specials on Discovery Channel and I must say I’m impressed by their family and how they are raising their brood. However, I also have to wonder that although the children are very well mannered, respectful and outgoing…can having all the children back to back be so good when the mother has a child and seems to pass if off to the older children and uses them to be a “helper”. I understand needing help but not being able to spend quality time with a new child before a new one comes along is robbing that child of mother/child bonding.

    Oh well, to each their own and this family seems to know how it’s done and are doing a wonderful job! Congrats to the Duggar family!

  61. pinkstar says

    Some people are so egoist that they pop up kids without thinking that this poor planet is over populated with us, 6 billion and counting, greedy people, no room for animals or forests to live any longer, no time for resources to recover. That woman is just a brainless pig. Disgusting. And don’t tell me that she just happens to love kids, I won’t buy it. She could just adopt 15 of them. :s

  62. Lauren says

    Wow, Congratulations! Seems like a nice and loving family. I hope they do adopt. There are so many kids out there without families and siblings. 🙂

  63. says

    I have seen the show as well. They are great. Wow 17 kids! I’m struggling with 3! Lol. I only want to have one more, but not anytime soon. The kids are so close in age as well and I see that they had twins twice! Wow again.Lol. I think having so many kids can lead to health problems and sometimes yes, even death. But I also think that her doctor would have advised her aganist having more if he felt as though her life would have been in any danger. So most likely she’s safe.Congrats on their addition 🙂

  64. nioami - uk says

    I saw the tv programme too! Such a lovely family! They work together as one big wel-oiled machine! Congrats to them with their new family member!

  65. Denise says

    I saw the show also and I thought they were a great family.

    I was wondering the same thing about having that many kids. You think her dr would tell her to stop to avoid harming herself.

  66. C says

    I have seen every documentary on the Duggers and they seem like a wonderful family.

    I have always heard that having that many kids can cause problems and even lead to death (to the mom of course). Does anyone know if this is true?

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