Brangelina In France

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were snapped chatting with their flight crew on Tuesday in Angouleme, France. Brad held Zahara, 2, and Angelina held Shiloh, 14 months. They look very cozy in their pajamas!



  1. LBAAAK says

    Have said the same thing about Shiloh, same expression until I saw one of her with parents smiling and was so cute. “Z” was the same way to begin with. Have only seen her smile in a couple. How would we feel if our pic’s were taken all the time. Would hate it. Kids aren’t dumb. At least the photogs aren’t on top of them. I am praying that Brad and Angie will make it for a long long time. They have their moments just like all of us that are married, doesn’t mean we don’t love each other. They do and also love their kids and show it. “Suri” is an only child makes a big difference. We had 4 and boy what a time :). Least B & A have nannies. But their kids come first and I love them all dearly. Praying for them daily. Angie needs some weight on her tho. Hope she will start gaining soon. She is beautiful and Brad is still a hunk.

  2. nancy says

    i love uses i hope you last for ever .the kids look so loved and happy .your in my prays ever night..

  3. oriana says

    Lola, I can plainly see they do not look miserable in any kind of way! They all seem happy to me and I truely think they are.

    Those stick legs of Angie’s look horrible though, especially when she is in the chair with Pax!

    Zahara looks like she is sucking her thumb, too old for that but I see many kids doing that, Apple does all the time and she is definately way too big to do that too!

    Nice pictures, happy family and happy time, wish all kids had this opportunity for their special day or just a fin day planned period!

    Nicki, thanks for the pictures my Dear!!!!

  4. Lola says

    Nikki, thanks for those, I didn’t know they look as miserable even in private. But I guess that is just them.

  5. Cindy says

    I think Shiloh gets her blonde hair from her dad. My daughter has blonde hair and sky blue eyes while I have really dark brown hair and brown eyes. But her dad has blue eyes and sandy brown hair now but as a child it was really light blonde. It just darkened as he got older.

  6. Jill says

    Suri is a jem, seen those pictures too and she is going to make her parents run around in circles. She is just too cute. I did see a picture of Shiloh in Prague with Brad, I think there is one on this site but she was not smiling even in the stroller she was not smiling. Smiling is not issue, showing no emotion at all is, I think the issue being raised here. She shows no emotion, even Z looked sour but atleast she had expressions.

  7. says

    She was younger when she was with BBT. Now she is more mature and she’s a mother. She herself has admitted that she did some crazy things when she was younger and she’s not proud of some of them but now she has changed. I read where she said that Maddox had made her a woman. She doesn’t need to prove to the world that she loves Brad by hanging all over him and kissing him in public. As for these children never looking happy, I have seen countless pics of Maddox smiling. Look at how long it took the public to see a pic with Zahara smiling. Does that mean for the first months of her life she was not happy now miraculously she is? I don’t think so. Shiloh is still a baby. It may take a while for her to begin making expressions and smiling/laughing and all of that.Don’t compare her to the other celebrity babies, because no two people are the same.I do remember the pic Tina’s talking about where Shiloh had Brad’s sunglasses in her hands and she definately looked happy to me in that pic.Just because children don’t smile, it does NOT mean that they are not happy.

  8. oriana says

    Angie was extremely passionate with BBT, always talking about how sexy he was, didn’t see it then or now. Maybe she just wants to keep a low profile with hobo looking Brad!

  9. Isabella says

    No lo creo Mayra tu no puedes registrar un nombre a menos que sea un producto de cualquier tipo y que posteriormente sera lanzado al mercado como por ejemplo: un disco, una cancion, una marca un libro etc de lo contario no SE PUEDE!!! Si manana yo tuviese una hija y me da la gana de llamarla Shiloh o Zahara o Maddox o Brad o Angelina etc No lo voy a poder hacer por que la familia Jolie & Pitt ME VA A DEMANDAR? cOME ON!!!!! Get REAL…..

  10. tina says

    before you judge shiloh, i have seen atleast two pics of her where she is smiling:
    1. in prague with her dad where she took his glasses an was smiling at him.
    2. in new orleans one of the stroller pics where she is looking directly at the camera and smiling (she is lifting a toy)

  11. dori #1 says

    Maybe Angie was young but do you remember how crazy in love she was with Billy Bob Thronton she hung all over him and kiisng him in publis constantly… I don’t see that passion for Brad comming from her… maybe she’s more mature or with kids she’s mellowed out but I’ve seen her more enthused over men than she is with Brad.

  12. dori #1 says

    You know I heard somewhere( maybe Access Hollywood or Entertainmant Tonight) that Brad was voted the smelliest guy in hollywood no honest to goodness I tell you it’s said he has horrific body odor… his co-actors joke about it.

  13. oriana says

    I agree with Lizzie. What she wrote is the truth, not being mean spirited at all! I too would like to see more pictures of Shiloh but so far, nothing special to me!

  14. Lizzie says

    It does not take a wise man to see that the Jolie Pitt kids are not the happiest lot. Maddox used to be happy and endearing but now he is a serious little man ( by the way happy birthday). The family cannot be called the happiest ever. And it is not exactly hard to notice that Shiloh is expressionless, they took a whole series of pictures of her with Brad, they were so cute but it is weird that in all those pictures she had not one single expression. Even in those pictures when she was out in NY with Angelina, there was very many pictures but she had no expression. I start to understand why her mother thought she was a blob. She is just to expressionless. I challenge someone to get a picture where she has an exoression that shows emotion. Nothing wrong with it since we see her rarely but it is very strange. She is not a joyful child like Suri or Violet. I sure would like to see more pictures of her before making a final judgement.

  15. oriana says

    reba, what is it that you don’t understand? There are a lot of babies younger than 14 months that are extremely expressing their emotions, I don’t see that out of Shiloh and neither has anyone else!

    Most babies her age are energetic and happy, I don’t recall seeing any pictures of her looking like that. She appears dull to me. The other babies are bouncing, laughing, playful, doing something! Brooke Shield’s little girl laughs and smiles at the cameras, Mariska’s little boy smiles, is so happy, what is it with these kids they don’t appear that happy to me at all, rarely do they seem like they are in good moods, sometimes, but not often.

  16. says

    Happy Birthday to Maddox! 🙂 I can’t believe that he’s 6 already. Angie’s 1st little baby sure did grow up quickly. Awwww.

  17. mayra sanchez says

    isabella,tu no sabes si estas personas,pretendian hacerlo anteriormente,y si ella registro el nombre de su hija,o puede ser un rumor.

  18. Tia 2 says

    #56 Tess, if I were you I would not be talking about media whores when am a Brangelina fan. They are the worst media hos and if it wasn’t for the flop of that movie of theirs, we would have seen them more on their holiday. As it is they had to hide themselves out of shame. Have you forgotten that we saw them everyday of their stay in India whoring their kids? Only a month out of the public eye and you think they are the most private stars, dream on.

    And FYI. Jennifer Garner and Violet seen more than Katie and Suri and so is Heidi and her kids and Gwen and Kingston, are they media whores?

  19. Jean says

    I don’t understand the Jolie-Pitt apologists, when Shiloh starts have expressions, then we will comment on it, right now we have never seen her with an expression on her face, smile, frown or otherwise, we have seen Jayden James fewer times but at least he frowns and looks agitated, Shiloh on the other hand is totally expressionless and that is what we see. Z was a dour girl and we did notice when she smiled she has abeautiful smile.

    As for a mighty flop, it will bomb world wide and be sure I will be there to console you. So will wanted and Beowulf. Angelina is box office poison and I hope directors are taking note.

  20. Isabella says

    Angelina demando a una firma de perfumes por que usaron el nombre “SHILOH” para el perfume, acaso ella (Angie) registro el nombre en alguna parte y ahora nadie lo puede usar??? Sabes que? Yo la contrademando a ella por danos y perjuicios ya que ese nombre puede ser usado por cualquiera incluso por ella misma. Creo que todo eso fue ‘SHOW OF’ de parte deL TEAM BRANGELINA.

    Ahhh by the way Dannielyn is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  21. chinny says

    and once again, z is still in the blue…. c’mon, she’s a little girl… and for once, should be dressed like one!

  22. Tess says

    Fisrt of all, most pics of Dannielynn are at a photoshoot so of course they are going to show her best side.
    As for suri, Katie has become just like Tom- a mediawhore- and is raising her daughter to be the same.

  23. theresa says

    maybe shiloh is just bored with the whole europe thing. she’s probably ready to hit melrose and malibu again. surely some rodeo drive retail therapy will put a smile on her face.

  24. says

    That’s a really cute picture of the family. I like how you so often see Brad and Angelina holding the kids themselves.

  25. Gigi says

    I think there’s trouble in paradise. Tabloids have been able to predict such things, if they are any good, like “In Touch” and “US.” I remember when they were working on Mr. and Mrs. Smith, when Brad was still married to Jen, and they said that Angelina and Brad looked pretty cozy. Don’t be surprised!

  26. Tia says

    31- Give it up already..go worship your low life idol somewhere else.

    I love this family..shiloh is huge! what a doll!

  27. Reba says

    Oriana..I dont really get when u say
    “I don’t think that Shiloh is slow or retarded, I just don’t think much of a personality, as I said Dannielynn, Kingston, Ben and Jennifer’s little daughter, they all seemed much more with it than this kid does. I would think in 14 mos. someone would noticed some kind of expression other than what she has shown!”
    What do u mean?

  28. oriana says

    comment, the truth is the truth. I am not a Pap or trailing them. I looked at many pictures.

    Zahara was a sourpuss, she was not only always not smiling, but expressing herself, frowning, scowling, looking angry, in practically all pictures until recently. When she was 14 mos. like Shiloh is, and younger, she was attached at the hip of one of them constantly! The same has not been said, or seen, with Shiloh. And that includes Brad too!

    I don’t think that Shiloh is slow or retarded, I just don’t think much of a personality, as I said Dannielynn, Kingston, Ben and Jennifer’s little daughter, they all seemed much more with it than this kid does. I would think in 14 mos. someone would noticed some kind of expression other than what she has shown!

    I don’t think Brad and Angie are unhappy in their relationship, I think they will be together for years to come, she is a STAR, don’t like her at all, but that is a fact whether her films flop or not, Brad will stick with her, and the kids, where he wants to be, he is a big kiss ass and he will follow her where she goes. More adoptions on the way and he will be a Happy Camper as the saying goes. Too bad he looks like a bum most of the time but he always has from years ago, someone please loan him a bar of Irish Spring or Zest!!!!!!!

    Zbella, Jayden James looks like an unhappy child to me, and that is too bad indeed!

  29. comment says

    Here we go again. Judging a child on a few pictures. First Zahara was a sourpuss for not smiling on pictures captured by a bunch of greedy wolves, for idol gossipers who can’t gossip in their own neighborhoods to see. Now Shiloh is vacant, having no personality because her mouth happens to open the way her father’s is in the few pictures of her available. I wonder how you would feel if someone says these things about your child.

    And to say that two people don’t look in love is to say that 90 % of the couples in this world don’t look in love. All couples in my neighborhood don’t look in love to me. What a load of crap conveyed in this statement!

    You just want to see other people having more problems in life than you do so you can feel better.

  30. says

    #35….I comment because in case you have not heard IT IS A FREE COUNTRY, so comment on who and what ever you like and leave me alone….what the truth hurts?! Angelina IN MY OPINION is a BAD PERSON! That is all.

  31. felys says

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with Shilo, she just isn’t very expressive yet, all kids are at different paces, I hadn’t seen Z smile until just recently. It is probably because there are not a lot of pictures that are taken because they want them to be.

  32. Janice says

    First, I agree Shiloh does look vacant and does not have any personality, even Jayden James at least frowns, but Shiloh does not even frown, her mouth is just open and her eyes are not focused. May be her personality will come in later. As for the split rumours, they have been there for two years and when they become truth, we will all know, as of now, they will remain rumours. I am sure they will split after a while, they don’t seem like people in love.

    I don’t think we should blame the press since thye are just doing their job, the real people tp blames are those who expose these kids even when it is clear that the kids are traumatised.

  33. dori #1 says

    I ‘m, not sure I believe the split rumors…. it’s all for publicity these rumors go around constantly yet in all the photos they seem like a happy family. I guess no one knows for sure.
    I think the kids look spaced out is because all the camera people jumping at them yelling and taking pictures I think this is disturbing for a child . Imagine it…’re with your parents all cozy and suddenly men and cameras are surrounding you yelling look here look there questions being shouted at you it’s scary!!!

  34. myrna says

    Just a matter of time and it will be splitville for them…I just wonder…what about the children??

  35. Zbella says

    I don’t believe they have split. There there are together…

    Oriana, each & every child is SO different. I try never to compare. As you know, I have 3 young children and I make a point not to compare. Shiloh does not look vacant like Jayden James does (in my opinion).

  36. oriana says

    I can’t help but notice the difference between Dannielynn, always bouncing, jumping, laughing and playing, between Shiloh and her. Shiloh does just seem to be just hanging there, in more than one picture, I don’t see her frisky or playful any at all. I don’t think there is anything wrong with her and she is sooo cute, but not at all energetic or much of a personality. Sorry, but in all the pictures, there is a big difference, and with Kingston born on the same day, or maybe it was the day before, he has had lots of pictures taken smiling, laughing and playing, so it can’t be because of the age!

  37. tea says

    Team Aniston,

    Really, if you don’t like Angie, why are you commenting? Is it because you have no other life????

  38. MIriam says

    I love Angelina and Brad. They are wonderful parents. I pray for them and wish them the best. They have a wonderful heart. Just leave this couple be happy.

  39. MIriam says

    I love Angelina and Brad. They are wonderful parents. I pray for them and wish them the best. They have a wonderful heart. Just leave this couple be happy.

  40. Mybabysredhot says

    Its funny to hear all you hillbillys talk about Brad and Angie’s grooming habits.
    I think yall are do’en sum project’n heah. Sniff, sniff. Yup, sure as sh*t, sum project’n go’en on heah!

  41. Nicki says

    27. Lola – Can I ask with “all due respect”………face what misic?? What problems are they running away from??

    When Angie was promoting A Mighty Heart she was on The Daily Show, Jon asked whats next? She said she was still filming her next movie, then they would vacation in France. (which they did, they didn’t run from anything)
    Then she had a new movie to do (The Changeling) and she would take a year off. But also remember she does have to promote her movies coming out, Kung Fu Panda, Wanted and Beowulf. So she will still be around for the year, just not shooting movies.

    So what was she running from? I’m not sure what you mean.

  42. Nicki says

    Wow Jean- you got me curious about the posts there. I don’t read them because as you say they are always alot. I just pop in to see the pics because they usually have the very lastest ones.. After your post I checked them out. Is this one from you?

    31 Jean : 08/03/2007 at 8:00 pm
    I feel for him to have no sense of belonging. Must be tough on those kids. I hope someone has told Angelina about the mighty flop. I wanted to be a fly on the wall whens she was watching the numbers. Must be tough. With all the 300-700 posts on her thread everyday, you would think they would translate into ticket sales but alas, I am now assuming there about five people posting here As a multitude of fans (read phatoms). LOL

    I LOL with you……..this thread or the other had nothing to do with A Mighty Heart. Why don’t you comment AFTER it opens worldwide?
    Aside from the movie, they just added 25 more pics of Maddox with his Mom. I think after a month of barely any paps in his face, he realizes how crazy they are here.

    Maddox will be 6 on Sunday. Happy Birthday to him.

  43. Jean says

    All those phantom loonies on justjared dd not help her movie. Those who cast her will live to rue their decisions. She is poison.

  44. Lola says

    Shiloh seems slow because she has never had an expression on her face she seems vacant. I am glad they are back to face the music, running away from your problems never helped anyone. I hope Brad’s friends talk to him about his life and how it is drugging him down.

    I agree Oriana he meeds a bath and that hat is hideous. He also wears that shut all the time, with his money you would think he would dress better.

  45. Malayka says

    Shiloh is really big and Z looks like she has lots of life. I am not sure I like them in their PJs since it means they got them out of sleep which is rather unfair if they do it often. And its too private to expose them like that since they should by now know that there is no place safe from photogs. I wonder where the boys are.

    Essie #7 celebrities have lives outside star life and Tom and Katie will live theirs according to how they wish. Besides, you notice that most pics are from far like those where Suri was in Burberry, that means that the photgs used long lense cameras.

    Whoever was wondering, Brad is blonde, he just dyes his hair.

  46. dori #1 says

    The family looks great The time away in France has done them all some good. Wish them lots of luck.

  47. dori #1 says

    I think Brad was blonde hair and blued eyed in his younger days. In Thelma and Louise when he was quite young he was blonde.

  48. says

    Awwww I love how they are in their pajamas. Shiloh is getting as tall as Zahara. Can’t wait to see more pics of these kiddies. Love Brangelina 🙂

  49. Team Jolie says

    Thought I do have a question, where did Shiloh get her gorgeous head of blonde hair? Brad and Angie (obviously) aren’t blonde and as far as I know, neither are their parents.

  50. Team Jolie says

    The best way to travel is in your jammie-jams, and if you have the money to do it without people looking at you like your crazy (as they would on public airplanes) then go for it!
    They truly are a beautiful family and I wish them all the best.

  51. oriana says

    Angie looks like she has gained a little weight. Shiloh is really cute and looks just like Angie’s dad more and more.

    Zahara looks like Buckwheat in these pictures! Ha! And I really liked him when I was a child. The Little Rascals was so popular.

  52. joann says

    I think the greatest reward in life is your children. What you give is what you get. I respect the way Angelina and Brad are raising all of their children. It seems like they both have alot of love for the kids.

    God bless you

  53. joann says

    I love the way Angelina and Brad are always with their children. Both Angelina and Brad have class. I wish them all the luck in this world.

  54. Jenna M. (UK) says

    W.P., Shiloh does not look in the slightest bit like a Downs Syndrome child.

    There isn’t much I can say about this picture except… the back of Shiloh’s head is pretty as is the side of Zahara’s lol?

  55. Sassy says

    I am disappointed about how Brad left Jennifer, but I do love this couple and how they are adopting these children and giving them such a wonderful life, they have 4 and you don’t see their children with Sitters, Brad and Angie are so hands on..
    God Bless this Family…

  56. name not important says

    #7 get over it.
    Tom is what he is and I’m sure we all know it. But I doubt Katie is like that.

  57. Essie says

    And Mork, do you believe what the mag says??? They look together and happy to me after a month on vacation in France. But breakup rumors sale far more magazines than happy family pictures.

    And Yas, the pics of Suri are posed while pics of Angie and Brad and their family are taken from far away. That’s why the babies are in jammies and not Burberry, like Suri.

  58. Mork says

    I read in an UK magazine called ‘First’ that Brnagelina are having a ‘Trial Seperation after Furious Rows’

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