An Expectant Bridget Moynahan Out Shopping In Hollywood

Bridget Moynahan

With a few weeks to go before she gives birth, an expectant Bridget Moynahan was snapped doing some shopping in Hollywood on Wednesday. She looks great!



  1. Liz says

    Good Luck to Bridget, but why be so hard on Tom? Was he supposed to go back to being in a unhappy(?) relationship just because they were not careful? Who says he won’t be there for the baby? Give him a chance!

  2. Tammi says

    Not to be mistaken, I do wish Bridget all the best…I know she is about to experience the best part of her life thus far and Tom won’t be a focus, hopefully just a support to her and a great father to thier child.

  3. Agathe says

    Bridget, you look great girl. Best wishes to you and your baby. Boo to the baby daddy and his girlfriend. Go Team Bridget!!!!!

  4. Teenie says

    She looks like she can’t wait to give birth…as most of us did at nine months. Wishing her all the best now and in the future. Can’t wait to see this gorgeous kid!

  5. Jane says

    I can’t wait to see what this baby looks like – obviously gorgeous. Best of luck to Bridget!

  6. Nicki says

    I read somewhere, earlier this week that she wasn’t due until beginning of September/ end of August. I’m not sure but I think it was from her people. If I see it again, I will post the link. Looks like she has a few weeks to go. Best wishes on her delievery.

  7. Val Watson says

    Honestly,you people sound like you are from the dark ages. OHHH Illegitmate children!!!! There isnt any as far as Im concerned. Thankfully in these one parent homes, there will be plenty of help,money and love to go around.I have FOUR children, One planned and three SURPRISES…I love surprises,doesnt everyone? As far as Bridget and Tom s baby.Toms family will be there for their new little guy as Bridget s will..ALL YA NEED IS LOVE

  8. eminencegrise says

    I agree, Janey. That she’s seen as such a sad victim is all the more indicative of a society that’s going to the dogs.

    She’s a ho.

    Another illegitimate child – just what the world needs!

  9. mags says

    I love Bridget and this picture looks terrible.
    She is always smiling and put together, but not here in this picture…i almost feel bad for her….she looks sad.
    Hopefully she’ll have the baby soon and smile!
    Think she’ll have the baby tomorrow on Tom’s
    birthday? That would be a present that Gisele
    can’t give him!
    Love ya Bridget and good luck with or without

  10. sweetie says

    Sarah I agree with you, but at the same time think about almost all of Hollywood marriages end up in divorce anyways. By the way I think she looks really nice, and very very ready to give birth, all the best for her and her baby.

  11. sara says

    I just think it’s sad to see all the Hollywood types: Mel B, Bridget M, etc… having all these babies without the father around or marriage. It’s sad to me.

  12. Georgia says

    I thought she was suppose to have the baby a couple of weeks ago aswell? Thats what i read anyway….weird

  13. Essie says

    Wasn’t she supposed to give birth on Giselle’s birthday? Which was a couple of Friday’s ago, I believe. This is why nobody should ever believe tabloids or gossip sites. They don’t know a thing!!

    And Tom is not a thug!!! He’s doing the best he can given the situation. He and Bridget have decided together on a name for the baby and he plans to be there for the birth. What more can he do since he’s not the one who planned this baby??

  14. Angie says

    I certainly hope it’s not weeks away otherwise he was openly two timing. Looking good Bridget!

    She should be due either this week or next based on her announcement and the confirmation of being 5 months in early March.

  15. Janet says

    I think she’s going this week. That bump is HUGE – but nothing else is. Bridget looks great as usual. I just love her. Safe delivery THIS WEEK Bridget – and welcome to the little one!

  16. says

    A few weeks to go??? Wasn’t it posted on this site that she was due about 2 weeks ago??!!

    Anyway, love Bridget and best wishes to her and her baby boy.

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