1. Ashleigh says

    i think the baby is reeli cute and i thnk akite is a great mum and very carin she is dow 2 earth and princess is jus cumin up to one yrs old and she is still stunnin!! x-x-x

  2. Natswallerbies says

    I think the whole family look great, Katie is fantastic. LIttle princess is a cutie and no doubt will be stunning when she is older. I just wish Katie and Peter all the luck in the world, being a parent is not easy especially in the land of stardom where everyone criticises everything. ( I know it goes with the territory). I had Post Natal depression after my first little boy and it is awful, I really hope Katie is fine and they can enjoy their family. xxx

  3. Neano says

    Katie was so smug after having Harvey and Junior in announcing that she had NO stretch marks. There’s no mention of it in this OK interview and she seems to be hiding her belly in every photo. Does that mean she’s not been so lucky this time around? We’d respect her more if she was honest. I recently delivered a 10 and a half pound baby and was very surprised to escape with relatively minor stretch marks, but I see them as my “stripes” and a reminder of my two beautiful children. Why should she make the rest of us feel bad by bragging for not getting stretch marks. Most women do, and she should just be honest. As I say, we’d respect her more!!

  4. jade edwards says


  5. megan says

    She is very cute! she looks alot more like katie than junior does but she still looks like peter i think! good luck to them! xx

  6. becky says

    I couldn’t wait to see their baby girl. I watched there programme all the time, it was amazin. She is a stunner, just like her perants. I think Red hair suits little girls.
    She definatly looks like Katies brother! Cnt wait for the programme to start again!

  7. Shemia says

    Kimmy, “If they were born her they are Anerican not African-American” So AmyY meant to say 95% of American women have fake hair? What the heck is a “ginger” ? Is that something in England.

    American who is black!

  8. parsnip says

    NUMBER 78 U R A JEALOUS COW JORDAN IS A BUSINESS WOMAN U R JEALOUS JEALOUS JELOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. candice says

    i think katie is great shes so down to earth and she is very pretty! the new baby is gorgeous ive watched all her series on itv2 and they were really good i think every1 should stop slating her! most girls are just jealous of her in my opinion!!!!

  10. Da Missus says

    I cant belive with a greek dad she has turned out so PALE, its awful, and ginger too u know jordan is well disapointed i bet she wanted a tanned blonde baby.

  11. eminencegrise says

    Yes, just shove a dummy in her gob when you’re not giving it SMA with throwaway teats.

    She was paid off by SMA. Katie doesn’t do things for free and those types of bottles and teats you can only get in hospital and SMA itself.

    How do such ignorant slags get so much money?

    Oh, right! From getting their baps out on page 3, or going on Big Brother and getting their fanny out as well or shagging some footballer who’d be knee deep in ASBOs if he weren’t on the pitch.

    What a fine role model for Britain’s young people!

    The mind boggles.

  12. Michaela says

    I think That Princess Tiaamii is a spitting image of Junior! She is very sweet. I love her diamond Dummy

  13. hannah jones says

    aww such lovely fam katie looks great such a pretty women and i love the name of there little girl.

  14. proute says

    De toutes façons, Desiree, tu n’es qu’une petite salope qui a besoin de se trouver une vie pcq les commentaires et les gossips des celebrites ne compte pas pour un metier! Alors va te faire enculer! Mwahahahahaha!

  15. proute says

    But #62 only a fool would not know that u can’t find out the baby’s gender when it’s not even in it’s fourth month!

  16. mimimi says

    GEEZ!! people why all the hate!? Can’t we just try to accept everyone’s perspective? Just celebrate the joy of another weird-named celebrity baby if it wasn’t for them this web site would not be running and we would not be wasting our time posting comments!

  17. kelly says

    Hate to say it, but that baby is ugly she looks like a old lady. may she has progeria. The disease that make the baby’s grow old fast.

  18. karen says

    who cares if the baby has ginger hair..she appears healthy isnt that all that matters,the name tiaamii sounds ok not sure about princess as a name,its more of a title given to royality!i wish people would think of the affect it will have on there kids when they get older before giving them a name celebs child or not!

  19. Dezz says

    I thought that was Jordan…. Not Kaite??? Hmmm who knows all those uk couples seems to look alike

  20. Jodie says

    i keep coming back to have a look at this baby! i just can’t quite get over the way she looks – definately unique, anyway, lol

  21. C says

    I wasn’t even talking to you and you think that I need a life? I used the term “African American” because the poster who I was posting to did. Since you use black I will you that when addressing you.

    I never denied that black women wore weaves. If you read what she wrote it says that ALL African American women have fake hair and I am sure that you know that it isn’t true. Do you know how many black women get upset when someone asks if their hair is real?

    This site is always feeled with stupid racial remarks when they are clearly not needed. You don’t know me so you can call me sensitive all you want. It doesn’t bother me.

  22. N says

    Most black women do not wear hair weaves. Where are you getting this info Kimmy? What group took a survey and came up with the numbers to support your so-called claim.
    Paris hilton, Jlo, penelope Cruz, britney spears, Jessica Simpson, Ashley simpson, eva longoria……I can go on and on about white women that wear fake hair.

  23. jessie says

    I dont get the name. Is it Princess Tiaamii? Or Just Tiaamii and Princess is just like a fun Title?

  24. says

    # 53, I read where she said it on Just Jared. There are ways to find out things without being a stalker, but of course I would not expect a fool to know that 🙂

  25. Denise says

    There is nothing wrong w/ not breastfeeding – I did not breastfeed and my daughter is happy and healthy. Not everyone is comfortable with it.

  26. eminencegrise says

    Is this the same article in which she says that she formula feeds because her breasts are ‘for one person only’?

    She who gets her baps out at every turn in order for millions of men to oggle for money!

    She may be a nice person, but she’s still a chav!

  27. ellen says

    she looks just like pete and junior,nothing like kate,i agree kate way overdone it with the fake tan

  28. becks says

    i think she looks like katies brother big style, i cant believe she is a red head but did think katies comment she ginger but will love her anyway was a bit strange. why is ginger such an issue does my head in. princess isnt as lovely as junior but then she only a month old. but i think she is lovely

  29. proute says

    Ummm… #46 how would u know if nicole richie is having a boy she just anounced that she was four months pregnant?! Stalker!

  30. Zbella says

    My first thought was her tan looks so fake next to her baby’s soft, natural, newborn skin.

    I don’t know what ginger means and I guess I don’t want to!

    Red hair is great IMO – good thing since I’m a redhead and so is my daughter!

  31. Alexa says

    She looks a lot like peter. I think she’ll have brown hair and brown eyes when she gets older.

  32. WTFDYC says

    The baby is cute but the name is very stupid and the dad looks very gay with those eyebrows…please!

  33. says

    Christina Aguleira is having a girl! I love her and I can picture her with a little mini me. Awww. Congrats. 🙂
    Nicole richie is having a boy.

  34. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    That is the worst airbrushing I’ve seen in a long time- totally un natural and way overboard.

    I still don’t know who either of these people are and frankly don’t care.

    Newborns are sweet no matter who’s they are though and I like the first pic..although the orangish skin next to the baby’s fair complexion looks odd.

  35. Girlygirl says

    I am very happy that the baby is healthy and has no problems. The “ginger” hair is really cute and who can tell the true color of her moms hair when she dyes it all the time.
    I do think thought that this baby is not too cute yet. Give her a few months and I am sure she will a beautiful little girl.

  36. Tia says

    My daughter has blue eyes…and my hubby and i both have brown. My dad and his mom have blue thats where my daughter gets them from

    but # 24 is right…my brothers eyes were blue until he was a year old then they went brown.

  37. kimmy says

    C- if they were born here they are American-not African American. I’m Scottish- should I be called Scottish American? How stupid!! second of all, you’re way too sensitive. Get a life. The truth is a high percentage of black women have hair weaves.

  38. Miranda says

    Cute baby 🙂 But I really have some problem with the name. Princess Tiaamii? I kinda like Tiaamii but I don’t get why Princess must be there too.

  39. C says

    25. AmyY …All African American women DO NOT have fake hair. Do you know all of the African American women in the world? NO!

    That was such a stupid and untrue comment for you to make. I do get that you were trying to defend Caucasions but why do it at the expense of African American women? It just makes you sound STUPID!

  40. Debs says

    Emma, post 5, I agree she looks a lot like Katie’s brother! I think she said her dad had blue eyes like Princess, but not the ginger hair. Then she joked that they had a ginger-haired gardener!


  41. kimmy says

    The baby doesn’t look like either of them. In the last pic he’s probably thinking, “This isn’t even my baby.”

  42. sara says

    Those are some egotistical looking parents. Man, huge egos – I am surprised the baby was even allowed in the photos.

  43. Denise says

    My daughter had beautiful red hair at birth at now at 11 months its a beautiful blonde hair. Stop acting like red hair is some kind of birth defect. The baby is adorable

  44. Carole Danielle says

    It’s like Peter is looking at his little girl and wonder how
    come she doesn’t have platinum blonde hair with long
    fake nails and bib boobs.
    Sorry Peter but that’s the way babies are born.

  45. kim--original kim says

    All I can think about is how old this woman is going to look in a few years if she keeps up with the tanning…. look how gross and fake that looks next to her natural baby… yikes.

  46. Debs says

    Hahaha! That’s what I forgot to say. I completely agree Jordan looks a bit too tan. I think cause Peter’s Greek he is naturally darker, but hopefully that’s makeup on Katie’s face. Just doesn’t look natural.


  47. Debs says

    I’m not going to get into the hair dye debate. I reeaally don’t think Peter’s gay though. I definitely agree he seems gay and acts gay! Katie even said that on their show, to his face! She was like, ‘you’re not gay, but you look gay, and I like it!’ But you can tell he’s got the hots for her! They have this other show here in UK called, I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, which takes a group of B-list and lower celebrities (maybe a couple of A-listers) each year and takes them all out into the jungle in Australia (I think) and makes them do all sorts of Fear Factor type things like eat bugs, treasure hunts, and more physical and more dangerous stuff. Well, before I came to live here, they had Jordan and Peter Andre (had a few good songs, I don’t think I actually really know any of them) on. That’s where they met and fell in love, and my boyfriend says they had the ‘funniest telly moment’ ever. Apparently they were doing something and he moved away, and you could see he had a big hard-on! Haha.


  48. KTT says

    Did any of you read that paragraph at the top of one of the photos of all three of them? It talks about how big Peter’s junk is. That’s gross! How full of himself is he? I mean, if you’re big – good for you! But you don’t have to flaunt it out all over the place….jeeez!

  49. Debs says

    I love Jordan! She is so funny, I love how blunt she is. You guys have their show on tv, right? I’m living in England right now, and they had a show on television called Katie and Peter. And they just finished showing another one called Katie and Peter: The Baby Diaries, which showed right up till she went into the surgery room, and then when she came out holding the baby. She didn’t show the baby, it was hidden from view cause the magazine with the pictures came out the week after. I’m sure they’ll have all that on tv in the States. I don’t know, I’ve met some Brits that, even though they are educated people, seem to have an aversion to ‘ginger’ hair and skin! Obviously there are other people that don’t give a hoot. I think she’s really cute. I once saw an old picture of Jordan in a magazine, and Princess Tiaamii looks a lot like her too. Same nose.


  50. AmyY says

    First of all, Katie Price is not atractive whatsoever…. she definitely does not have a pretty face and personally I think Peter is gay. His mannerisms and speech are very homosexual. And Miapocca, so what if caucasian women dye their hair? African American women all have fake hair.. whats the difference

  51. stacey says

    jodi, how evil are you, she is a baby you dont go around saying things like that. you fool. i think she is a lovely looking baby and the name is just fab! congrats. and british people are not afraid of having ginger babies. get your facts together number 9

  52. Jodie says

    omg, i was shocked when i saw these pictures!!

    i can’t believe the baby is GINGER. She looks just like Peter (poor thing) but with ginger hair. And I think she looks quite a bit like Junior.

    I like Peter and Katie, I am just shocked how their baby has turned out!

    I don’t think she suits the name they have given her. Too exotic for a pale, ginger girl!!

  53. Gigi says

    I think that her eyes are going to stay blue; I also think that she will be blonde. My cousin was born like that, with red hair, but by the time she was 2 she was super blonde.

  54. carleigh says

    Mia, I dyed my hair through both of my pregnancies and I believe that it did not harm either one of my children. They were born perfectly healthy and beautiful! Why so glib and glum?

    I think Princess looks like her daddy she has his facial structure, but I’ve got to wonder where she got the blue eyes? I know the “most babies are born with blue eyes”…blah, blah, but this little girl is over a month old now and if those eyes were going to change I would think they would be starting to now? I know it can take up to six months but still..she’s very cute though.

    Nice to see they finally got the beautiful little girl that Katie has been longing for..she’s going to be very spoiled and extremely loved! Good for them!

  55. Elle says

    Really nice photos of the family! I wish Katie would make the effort to look like this all the time it really does suit her! Definitely a Daddy’s girl, all the best to them!

  56. Denise says

    Wow are you just a ray of sunshine Miapocca – Since you are so educated in hair coloring thought I would let you know it is safe to use normal hair color while pregnant and who cares if her hair is dyed a lot of women dye there hair.

  57. scarlet says

    Those pictures are so precious…The baby looks like daddy. Just like Jr. The genes in that family are Pete’s..Very sweet…

  58. Pika says

    I’m not so in love with this baby. I know she’s young….but she looks like a boy…..(not that there’s anything wrong with that… ) : )

  59. says

    The hair is obviously dyed…and she you can dye your hair while pregnant with vegetable dyes I beleive…Britney did that as well…very few people on this earth have natural hair that color..blonde hair products always try to improve on making the hairl lighter by using lemon juice and all kinds of tricks…and as you grow older your hair dulls, that why so many caucasian women dye their HAIR!

  60. says

    well , she cant look like that all the time because it takes wya too much effort to make her look rquires certain expertees of a very talented staff of make up artists….

  61. grubgal says

    She’s been quoted as saying the baby doesn’t look like either of the parents or her previous children. And that she can’t believe she has a “ginger baby”. But that she will love her anyway.
    That baby looks just like Peter to me though. But apparently in the UK people are scared of having a “ginger baby”. LOL.

  62. dori #1 says

    nice to see some decent pics of this family.
    Is she s natural blonde or was she dying her hair the whole time she was pregnant? I wonder because this is the same hair color she’s had in all of her pics.

  63. sara says

    CUTE! At least she is wearing clothes! The other threads of the models weren’t as discrete! I love these because they aren’t “showing off” too much. After living in Japan for many years, the modesty is nice. Darling baby!

  64. Emma says

    Sooo sweet . Katie real Dad has red hair so thats were its from.I think she looks just like katie’s brother if any of you have watched there program.

  65. Denise says

    I agree – She looks a lot better in these pics she should go w/ this look more often – the baby is cute

  66. joanna says

    Does the baby have red hair? Hmmmm. She looks like her daddy. And Katie has way tooooo much make up of fake tan….

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