1. Jennifer says

    Geri’s brave to give her phone to a toddler like that…I’d be afraid it was going to be dropped and broken. Bluebell is adorable though && i love the last pic of the series. Soooo cute!

  2. Kelly says

    What is up with her legs? looks like sores all over. No tan? She does not look very good for someone who is ready to go on tour.

  3. obnoxious spice says

    wow, what a little cutie, and she always appears to be dressed so sweetly…
    it seems to me that motherhood really agrees with geri…

  4. K says

    She does look like Shiloh, only a more beautiful version. Shiloh looks dull and too boyish but is OK.

  5. lia noelle says

    cute! i wonder how former spice girl emma “baby spice” bunton is doing with her pregnancy..

  6. Blair says

    I did some research on GOOGLE and it seems the father of Bluebell is an actor named Sacha Gervasi.

  7. Kate says

    Did you all hear that the Spice Girls are doing a reunion tour? The closest performance location to me is in New York (I’m in IL) but, I really want to go!

  8. carleigh says

    Bluebell is a completely beautiful little girl! Love the frilly little girly pink dress. Makes me remember mine when they were little! She’s just impossibly cute!

  9. jessie says

    She is really cute. But has the gayest name…..friggin Bluebell madonna. what the hell was she thinking?

  10. says

    Awww very sweet. I love her little dress and she does look like Shiloh except for the hair. Very adorable baby and they both look very happy. Don’t fancy her name though.

  11. Aisha says

    I love how Geri dresses Bluebell like a baby and not like a mini Adult. She looks so gorgeous and sweet. Geri looks very beautiful in her summer dress, I would love to buy that dress! I wonder where she bought it from!

  12. megs says

    So cute! Geri looks great, so sophistacted and sweet…Motherhood really agrees with her. Her dughter is adorable.

  13. says

    Yeah..the lip doe slook like shiloh..maybe is the baby chubbies that give the lips that appearance..and of course the open mouth…cute

    Gerri had a little mini me is coloring…probaly looks like the dad in the face…thats was also a noteh baby daddy drama..the guy was not allowed in the hopsital ??? anyone knows what happened with the daddy

    What is it with babies and cell friend had a number of folks on speed dial and she run out of miuntes pretty quick, only to find out baby had been punching away and calling her friends on speed dial ahahahhaha

  14. me says

    i was just gonna say she kinda looks like Shiloh. Unofrtunate name though – what is wrong with these ppl

  15. Aphrodite says

    Doesen’t she kinda look like Shiloh? Especially the lips? What a precious little baby girl she is.

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