A Delighted Suri!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Just such a sweet pic of Katie Holmes and Suri out for a stroll in Berlin! Sure looks so delighted!



  1. oriana says

    dori, punky and N don’t count as anyone that someone would be concerned about so don’t fret one bit over what those two lunatics say!

    I just can’t believe that Nicole would be stupid enough to get pregnant if she knew Tom was sterile! I see her as smarter than that to try to pull that off!

    I love Texas!!!! Ca. is so high and ridiculous they don’t care about giving people any breaks here! 8.25% on things here!!!!!! And the cost of living is worse than even in Hawaii!

  2. N says

    I said I dont like u….. SO…..that is at least one person. Punky doesnt like you….there’s 2. Im sure if i took the time to go through evry thread I would find more.

    Have a nice day.

  3. DMITZ says

    Hi Oriana! Hope you are doing well too.

    Everything is good, we are taking our family pictures tomorrow and going tax free shopping next weekend. Not sure if other states have that, but TX gets a tax “break” every Aug before school starts.

  4. dori says

    yes nicole did have a miscarriage and I believe thats why the marriage ended abruptly Tom knew it wasn’t his because he’s sterile!!!

  5. N says

    Dori, I could care less if no one on this dumb ass site liked me. This is a means for me to pass my time at work. But…. I have read other posts saying they dont like you. So…. its not just my opinion that you are a lying flake.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  6. dori says

    why don’t you take you black shadow , daily jones over to another website smoke your mary jane and be punky somewhere else shequida?

  7. dori says

    Oh I oticed on the Brit thread you’re fighting with everyone over there. It’s YOU who is NOT welcome here. You don’t communicate you talk sh’t about everyone and start fights with everyone .go play in traffic ooops sorry you’re old enough to drive yet are you???????

  8. dori says

    Carol I believe you are correct! I read it too that Tom was sterile years ago when he was married to Mimi Rogers. I’m pretty darn sure Suri is not his biological daughter. But it is true that he is daddy. He is the one raising her and loving her and making a home and family.

  9. dori says

    Let me remind you it wasYOU who started the fighting by posting that nasty Brazilian comment when I WASN”T even posting or speaking to you.
    YOU STARTED IT AND I”M FINISHING IT> and it’s YOU nobody wants to talk to ….. look around you is anyone communicating with you? or are you just spewing your hatred all over this website?

  10. carol says

    There sure is alot of angry on this website going on about people noone knows. we all have our opions, i know i do not spell to good but i am writing anways, I do not believe that suri is Toms blood daughter, Years ago even before Nic. Tom wanted a child and his wife could not have one it was told that he was sterile, they divorce and then she has achild with someone else, then he marries nic. no children ,they adopt, Know he marries Katie and there is achild right away, if you look close that child does not look like Tom, she looks like Katie, she is beautiful and precious, I think Katie had artificuial insemnation and chose a donat tat had the features of Tom but it does not matter, she is their child and i believe they love her, you can see that in the pictures.

  11. says

    believe me Dori…nobody want your @ss!
    stop trying to make everything about you!
    you shouldn’t say stupid sh*t, and then maybe people won’t attack you(dummy)

    Salami skin, is the skin that is on Dori’s chest!
    Blotches of reds meat everywhere! LMAO!

  12. oriana says

    Nicki honey, your 8 year old niece prob has more manners and sense than half the people on here, including me!!!! Ha!

  13. dori says

    I am very tired of this multi personality schizo attacking me even when I don’t post this jerk makes comments about me.
    I wasn’t on here for 3 days and came back to find this jerk making very rude comments about me. What am I suppose to do?
    And I do mean foul mouthed sexual comments.
    As well as I know myself I know this is a a young teen as well because of the use of language but I am being harassed.

  14. dori says

    you don’t know anything about me yet you presume you know everything what a stupid fool you are.

  15. Nicki says

    LOL~oriana. I don’t know what it means:lol: but a cute question in the fray of the conversation.

    Dori #1~ the more attention you give the instigator the more they will annoy. I mean seriously she isn’t more than 15, and and less mature than my 12 year old niece. Actually I have a 8 year old niece who is better mannered and more mature. So who knows really how old she is?:lol:

  16. dori #1 says

    you know I am growing weary of the teeny boppers in here spewing their hateful angry nonsense
    PLEASE GO AWAY find a website appropriate to your own age group

  17. N says

    I think Dori is slow…… She doesn’t understand that no one likes her. If you dont like her then you become a multiposter posing as Lib or Shadow. Watch….she’s going to say I’m a multiposter too.

  18. dori #1 says

    look at your language it’s so obvious you are a kid and desperate for attention. You mom is probably a crack whore or prostitute and you have nothing to do because you have no life and are totally bored again I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU

  19. dori #1 says

    now punky how would you know anything> you’re just some stupid little 14 year old angry at the world becuSe you’re so pitiful you have no friends and thats why you come in here and post with adult women LOL LOL LOL and I repeat those comments you just made well only you would recognize those conversations because you were posting under the name of SEQUIDA, JAMAL, SHADOW GIRL/DAILY JONES/MARY JANE AND NOW PUNKY BREWSTER LOSER IS WHAT YOU SHOULD REALLY CALL YOURSELF GET SOME FRIENDS YOUR OWN AGE FOR GOD SAKES AND HAVE A LIFE

  20. dori #1 says

    now punky how would you know anything> you’re just some stupid little 14 year old angry at the world becuSe you’re so pitiful you have no friends and thats why you come in here and post with adult women LOL LOL LOL and I repeat those comments you just made well only you would recognize those conversations because you were posting under the name of SEQUIDA, JAMAL, SHADOW GIRL/DAILY JONES/MARY JANE AND NOW PUNKY BREWSTER LOSER IS WHAT YOU SHOULD REALLY CALL YOURSELF GET SOME FRIENDS YOUR OWN AGE FOR GOD SAKES AND HAVE A LIFE

  21. dori #1 says

    now punky how would you know anything> you’re just some stupid little 14 year old angry at the world becuae you’re so pitiful you have no friends and thats why you come in here and post with adult women LOL LOL LOL and I repeat those comments you just made well only you would recognize those conversations because you were posting under the name of SEQUIDA, JAMAL, SHADOW GIRL/DAILY JONES/MARY JANE AND NOW PUNKY BREWSTER LOSER IS WHAT YOU SHOULD REALLY CALL YOURSELF GET SOME FRIENDS YOUR OWN AGE FOR GOD SAKES AND HAVE A LIFE

  22. punky brewster says

    nobody cares if you have raised teenagers..i don’t remeber asking you! This is not the dating agency>>i know that your husband isn’t laying the pipe..and all, but this is not the pick up for men, or your gay conquest! thanx!
    I will never go away..you must have forgotten that you can’t/don’t run nothing..you can’t even run your marraige good! You run your husband away..sour @ss!
    yeah..i know that you are strong from using your hand all the time…LMAO! You are probably a tranny, that would kind of explain the adoption! NO female organs! that must be tough huh? NO matter what kind of surgery you get…you are still a male! That means your jewish husband must be attracted to “TUCKERS”

  23. dori #1 says

    you know the tom kat threads usually bring out a lot of controversy and are very long threads and usually Libraesque would be posting in it … where are you Libra?? are you under a new name??

  24. dori #1 says

    Believe me you don’t want to see me I am a seriously strong and fit woman and would kick your butt from here to next Tuesday. My daughters have boyfriends that are afraid of me…… so watch it punk.

  25. dori #1 says

    I will not shut my mouth….. yell all you want…. I am on you and will remain on you until you go away.
    New name same junk comming out of your mouth. I’ve raised teenagers and I can handle you and I will continue to bust your act every time you come in here under a new name. You are so transparent your laughable!!!!

  26. oriana says

    Bluebell is sooo cute and sweet, always dressed so pretty and seems so happy.

    I also don’t think Kelly is a multi poster either.

  27. bebe says

    bethany, who is bluebell? why compare the unknown to the most popular baby in the world. nonsense.

  28. says

    Damn, there is so much anger here.
    The topic is Suri Cruise.
    Thats it. She is gorgeous! There is no denying that. Take a chill pill.

  29. punky brewster says


  30. punky brewster says






  31. says

    shadow mutt

    come-on …Like I said ” you have a love affair with your four walls”, and your Tom cruise Posters are getting kind of yucky! We don’t have to specualate..you open your life up…like a friggin book! GET REAL! I am just going off what you said! I don’t have to buy anti-wrinkle cream..I am black! If you didn’t know…our skin don’t age that much! We still look lovely after the age of 24….unlike you amazons!

  32. Shadow Girl says

    Well well….immature little teens speculating about my personal life yet again. Speculate all you want, I don’t give a rat’s @ss about any of y’all’s opinions of me.

    What is with the deal about mentioning wrinkles around the eyes? I mean, your skin has to go somewhere when you make an expression…physics! Only complete vain pigs would go off and buy anti aging crapola. I personally think we should all be proud of our ages and age gracefully.

    Sigh, irrelevance.. At any rate, TC is probably off in some German hotel, banging the teamsters because he can’t get it up for Katie.. and I thought $cieno would help in that way….LOL..

  33. says

    Suri is honestly the cutest baby I have ever seen, not your typical blonde hair blue eyes, the dark hair and her big blue eyes are a very flattering combination, what a sweetheart!

  34. MARY JANE says

    OH Dori,
    comeone..you know while hitchiking goin to pick up your kids…you stopped, and smoked out of peace pipe…I knew i could count on you yp give the proper defintion..thanx!

    But again you are whining as usual..I know that is something that your grommy hands can’t control! You are losing your way…dumb@ss!

    I am not shadow girl, if you remove the wrinkles from around your eyes, then you would have read above that I gave her some of her own medicine above…smudgy@ss!
    thanx agagin for the drug knowledge! Those brazilan jungles are full of m@riju@n@!

  35. dori #1 says

    anyway suri is a cutie pie and it doesn’t matter who the father is she’s a sweetie .. my only thing here is the baby bottle. Why isn’t she using a sippy cup? She looks very capable of handling a cup by now.

  36. dori #1 says

    like I said shadow girl, daily jones and ???? and NOW Mary Jane is a man have you ever heard a woman speak that kind of language?????

  37. obnoxious spice says

    #60 – why the hell did you feel the need to drag ME into your comments, i haven’t even posted ANYWHERE online for the past two weeks as i have been away…leave me alone and i shall do the same to you…

    as for this pic….suri is looking more and more like katie as she grows….apart from her height, i see nothing of tom…

  38. Shemia says

    Suri is very cute and looks advanced for her age. I bet she is very bright. Now the bottle, well even if it is a exclusive brand, they should take it away starting now or they are going to have trouble getting it away from her later on.

  39. mary jane(chronic) says

    NO shadow…go bang yourself! NO, NO , and NO..i don’t think you know who you are!
    It is so much easier to say that over the internet isn’t it?
    Well…..I know that you are lying..because you look up to people here..on this site, SMDH..to give you complliments..what a low life!… I bet you are the type that has a sink, and bathtub full of dishes…GOOD LORD roaches everywhere! ..UMMMMMm nobody want your day jobday dreaming of having a p@ssy……we know how you really was born..that is why you slag on DADDY tom…..HE know what he is…and that is being married to Katie HOT Holmes!

  40. Lola says

    Only an incurable idiot can think that a baby who has only two lower teeth can be 20 months. Then again idiots seem to be everywhere. Look at Suri, even her run/walk is that of a 15 month old, yes she has hair, but she has always had hair and that crap about no babyweight is hogwash, in VF she had not baby fat was she 20 months? People, you do not need to advertise your neverending stupidity.

    Mia and Lib are the flag bearers for demented pigs. I wonder what their mothers did to them.

  41. Shadow Girl says

    Oh, go finger off you bunch of immature little pussies. I know who I am, I know i”m not a xposter(x meaning multi, @$$holes)…. so have ur little pussies and f u c k them too! Go get off or something…or are u here becauz u can’t get any? Haha!

  42. cherisse says

    In plus it is normal , maybe Suri has Katie genes. She might be talllike Katie is. I mean i see it, i am black and i have a cousin that is white and her father is tall and she looked like she was 5 when she was 3 because she was tall like her father. And also some people grow faster than others.

  43. kelly says

    i have to agree, linda, is right like alot of you are. this is about our opion’s. and what we post is being put out there for an opion. and i was not removed shadow girl, but, i am mature and i am moving on. i am better then that to be arguing with 3 little kid’s, and you know who you are, unless you changed your name once again. to everyone else, sorry that people that ignorant and immature are ruining our site’s like these. i scrolled thru the different comment area’s after some of the celeb kid’s and the same 3 are causing chaos there as well, check it out. and they use there same name’s. they need to grow up.

  44. Linda says

    Judging people is what this site is all about. Someone judges them to see if they are fit to put up (only the most popular star’s children) and then they are judged by those of us who post when we say they are beautiful or not. Just because you are saying “nice” things doesn’t mean you aren’t judgeing.

  45. bambamswife says

    Shadow girl, Lib, and Mia, could you guys stop with the horrible comments about people. It’s not for you to judge people. This is a baby site. Anyone who could say horrible things about a little baby girl and little baby boy needs help. Can’t you just enjoy looking at these beautiful children and not be so critical.

  46. MARY JANE( CLINTON) says


    NO one cares what you believe..how many times do I have to say that! DRILL IT THROUGH YOU BIG HEAD, that We don’t care about you, or your beliefs!

    Once you said”Stop the Ghetto stuff”….what you said, and say just flew out the door!
    I am not male, and any man…including your husband…can Sexy body of mine!

    This web page is not ran, by you…it does attract alot of vistors…..scum! I guess in that small village where you picked up your kids…don’t have that many people!

  47. dori #1 says

    all kidding asode ladies I do believe that Daily Jones, Shequida Eddie ????? and now Mary Jane Clinton ( (haha)
    from what I have gathered from various arguements is a BLACK MALE Untraceable pervert running around this website under all these names and starting fights. Perhaps his mother is a prostitute or crack whore and this is how he entertains himself. Perhaps the FBI should be notified and he should be traced because if he is untraceable that means he’s out here playing with your children as well.

  48. kelly says

    i am not a multi poster, i am intitled to my opion, everyone has a right to post what they want, if it does not have anything about the celeb babie’s and there parent’s. then don’t submitt your opion, most of the comment’s (99.5%) stick to the topic or picture. this is not a blog to bash other people. and i only submit comment’s under my real name, how many time’s have you been posting comment’s under alias name’s??? shadow girl, i did not insult you, i am entittled to my opion, once again, this is not about you personally, i beleive it is about suri. so, if you don’t like what i have to say, please don’t read my comment. this is why people get thrown of blog’s, not because of comment’s directed to the picture’s or celeb babie’s and there parent’s. but, my opion is the one’s that trully start trouble, they should be thrown off. and i stayed in the guide line’s of this site. if this is your site, i could understand that you or other’s have a right to ban other blogger’s. can we please stay on the topic??????

  49. dori #1 says

    Libraesque is one person this manwhore is trying to divert the attention away from himself.

  50. dori #1 says

    You hide behind your computer and change names and start trouble because in the real world no one will talk to you. I know you’re a boy and probably so pitiful no girls will acknowledge you so you come in here and use your foul mouth to get attention well i know your game and I’m not playing it anymore so talk all you want swear all you want you will not get a rise out of me anymore you aren’t worth my time or trouble
    i feel sorry for you
    lonely little boy

  51. dori #1 says

    Mary Jane
    is Shadow girl daily jones and ?????ANOTHER NEW NAME

  52. The Tan says

    tcha! it’s not just any bottle, it’s a bottle from Mother (L Ron) Hubbard’s cupboard…filled with nutritious barley water, milk, lots of sugar – the breakfast of little Thetan champions!

  53. Ali says

    Cute, but way too old for a bottle, and Katie’s hand’s are starting to look like Angelina’s. Eat people……….eat!

  54. MARY JANE( CLINTON) says

    you are correct Oriana..they do sound alike..they are the same! Lib is shadow scum, and that is that!
    Dori..you can reach the wm, and keep trying all day….My regular address isn’t the right one….matter of fact…my email address..doesn’t even go to my real one..so cry now, and weep later!

    Shadow (hot bed for diseases) I am not kelly…I am you..no I am LIb, no…I am Wanderlust…OHHHH who cares..I love tearing you down,,,when I get a chance!

    I dislike people that can turn on the fire, but so to say can’t stand the heat..when it starts raining on that @ss!

    SO..I just love it when you people that seem flustered are in getting your Fruit of the looms in a bind! LMAO

  55. oriana says

    Don’t know about mult posters, but do know that Lib and Obnox Spice sound a lot a like!!!!!!!!

  56. Taylor Mastronni says

    I am in agreement with dori. I am growing weary of posters stealing other ID’s to post gross comments. It has gone on for so long now it is hard to truly tell “who is who” anymore. Please web-mistress do something about this. It has gotten completely out of hand here at babyrazzi.

  57. dori #1 says

    Perhaps not Miapocca But I know for Shadow Girl Daily Jones Shequida Eddie and ?????? are all one person. Look at the the time of the blogs always closely related.Within 1 hour. The name changes the attitude is always the same. Fight with one and suddenly a new name appears and starts a new fight
    It’s psycho biatch….. look out

  58. dori #1 says

    It’s time for a mass mailing and lets rid ourselves of the teeny boppers who are ruining this website….

  59. dori #1 says

    #37 Shut up…. I did not speak to you and in the future leave my name out of your filthy blogs

  60. carleigh says

    Oh and to post something on this topic..I love seeing pictures of Suri..she’s fast become one of my favorite celeb kids, she’s beautiful, happy and just seems to be a little ray of sunshine! She’s precious!

  61. carleigh says

    Shadow Girl–Multiposters or maybe a better name MultiPOSERS..haven’t been banned from this site otherwise we would be required to register our information. You can report anyone to the webmistress as much as you’d like but chances are you won’t get a response, I haven’t in a long, long, long time. Good luck though, you can try.

  62. Shadow Girl says

    OK kelly, I think it’s time for you to hit the road. You are an obvious multi poster and continue to make up things about me and my friends. I have emailed the moderator and we shall see. If you continue to say untrue things of which you have no hope to substantiate, you will be banned. I will see to it. Same goes for Malayka and a few others. No more business about me being Mia, LIB, or anyone else. Multiposters have been banned from this site and will continue to be so.

  63. bethany says

    bebe i find bluebell more beauitul then suri i agreed with scarlett just cuz we dont find her cute you dont have to bother us

  64. bethany says

    bebe i find bluebell more beauitul then suri i agreed with scarlett just cuz we dont find her cute you dont have to bother us

  65. kelly says

    yeah, lib. is everywhere and know’s everything about nothing. if she knew what she said she does she would have went to school untill she was 80. please can we get over lib, we know she has no life. and yes, i will sign. everyone has had enough. this is about family and children. so, lib get on with your boring to no life, while the normal one’s who have family and children can discuss the matter’s at hand… no, i don’t see the hype about suri either. they are making all this fuss over this child. yes, everyone has there own opion, and i don’t want to bash these kid’s. there parent’s are the one’s to blame. like she has an entorage and a stylist and a hair dresser. please, they are going to have this child
    in therapy and on drug’s and alcohol by 1st grade. please we all love our children and we want to show them off and scream from the mountain top how great they are, well, i just hate to see this effecting her as she grow’s up. i just hate to see these children suffer while the are hanging in the balance to try an have a normal life. so, tom and katie , let her be a child. not a prisoner or princess in her own fortuous. and now on to zahara shiloh jolie-pitt and the federline bros. they are all not cute, shiloh i feel for her and zahara, you got to admit. shiloh look’s like she is droiling all the time, because her lip’s are to big, z is just not cute and is a chunky monkey and her mom thing’s she is the funny one, ye, funny looking. and there is no hope for is it still brit brit or is she 25 this week, her boy’s overweight, rotten teeth, and scared of there mom, i would be afraid if she were my mom to. o.k. who did we leave out. oh, kingston he is the one who has the most hope.. go kingston. your parent’s keep you away from all of this, go gwen, you have my vote, for the #1 mom. if we can just get rid of, lib, we could call it a day. where do i sign???????

  66. scarlet says

    I have never thought this child is cute in any way other then being a baby. The picture of Suri smiling with pure delight of see the doggie is adorable..Little Suri is just odd looking child..Maybe she will grow into looks or maybe not..

  67. ???????? says

    hurry up…sign right here to ban


  68. ???????? says

    hey hotbed for germs..are you still trying to bring down the Tim Machine, or is Lib, and mia afraid to come out of your warped little mind? Did you do any drywalls lately? I think that you are jealous because you can’t aafford a nose job…she is no different from any other baby..everybody is different looking….example lIke I am beautiful, and you are not! You couldn’t be….only people that know that they are a losing battle..talk about a babie like this! And again he isn”t the only celeb to embrace scientology…and No one cares that you are against it! You are not important…at all!

    Lurker is Shadow p@ss! don’t be fooled!



  69. Malayka says

    This pictures is beautiful. I always feel like someone should give Katie some of these pictures and this one is one of them.

  70. N says

    You would think since evrytone thinks Suri is suppossed to be 3 years old or something she would have more teeth!….. Oh I know….. Per shadow girl they pulled her teeth for the cult. 🙂

  71. LAURYN C says


  72. minkysmom says

    the hair means nothing! my child was born 3 weeks early and had so much hair, when she went to her 4 weeks checkup, the doctor was like, this is all going to fall out, but it kept growing. It didn’t stop growing till she was two. Suri has alot of hair b/c Tom and Kate do!

  73. bebe says

    bethany, how do you perceive beauty? for a 15 month old baby, Suri has all the features to be called a very beautiful baby, open your eyes and see the truth.

  74. Lurker says

    #14–you made me laugh! 🙂

    Suri is cute, but I just think the family is really weird, IMO, of course.

    The hair thing is silly to me..and not that strange, because all of my kids were born with full heads of hair too.
    But I agree with the poster that said it only seems ‘different’ because of the fact her hair is styled and she’s dressed more like an older child than a year old (15 mo old, whatever!) toddler.

  75. Shadow Girl says

    $cieno is not a religon, it is a cult. Do your research and stop coming here so ill informed. And furthermore, Germans see it for what it really is, a cult. Look up Lisa McPherson and you’ll see what I mean. What kind of ‘religion’ sucks money out of you and isolates you from your family? A CULT!

    Yeah, I can spit venom when I want to..don’t piss me off or you’ll see it for real. Watch it, biatches.

  76. DEEDS says

    Suri is the cutest child I’ve seen on the web. She looks like she is very happy and not afraid to express herself. What a doll.

  77. says

    Where’s Nicki? Thanks to her we saw this pic before it was posted here 🙂 I love it. Suri looks older than she is to some people because she’s tall for her age. She’s gets her height from her mummy. Get over it people and I have seen a lot of babies Suri’s age with much more hair than her. My last daughter is 7 months and she has loads of it already. Love that little doggy 🙂

  78. elisa says

    Oh Jodie and all the haters … : the only strange thing here is that there are still some people who are trying DESPERATELY to find something to pick on when it comes to Suri !!! Dori # 1 : Suri is 15 MONTHS OLD ( no 1 year ) … but I’m pretty sure that you exactly knew it !

  79. DMITZ says

    Thank you Oriana, yes she is. I love fixing her hair everyday. It was pretty funny to have the only baby at day care with little pigtails or clips in her hair.

    I bet your Ozzy is cute! I like dogs this size, they are perfect if you want to keep them indoors.

  80. Jodie says

    this is a very strange child. there is something just not right about her. she is older than they say and her features just don’t seem right on a child.

  81. LAURYN C says

    don’t listen to shadow B. She is always ……….always talking about Daddy Tom, and his ladies!
    Who cares….she is blowing steam..her mouth is like a (Hot Bed) for germs! She spits venom, and it does nothing..Now I have to admit..that she has a nothing follower..named Libra..something…I don’t know the name..she is really not that important..but they get together, and plan these anti-Tom teas parties….I WISH THAT THEY WOULD GET GRIP..TOM DON’T EVEN KNOW THAT YOU 2 EXIST..FARTHER MORE..YOU ARE NOT MAKING A DENT IN HIS MONEY. VALUE…KEEP WARMING UP THOSE (HOT BEDS) MAYBE THEN YOU WILL DISINTERGRATE!

  82. Bee says

    Shadow girl: The “wonderful Germans” will not tar and feather someone because of his or her beliefs/ religion. By now Germany is a free, democratic and tolerant country because of the help of the Americans several years back. So remember that fact and stop talking about this scieno thing. It`s really boring and we`re just interested in Baby Suri. She is simply gorgeous…

  83. melissa says

    Suri is a beautiful child. She looks older because she has an actual hairstyle and her outfit with a black cardigan. We just arent used to seeing someone so young with such a beautiful head of hair.

  84. say-u-see-me says

    why are so many people so hateful towards somebody that is so successful and happy,and full of life and a supportive family and a wonderful wife

  85. say-u-see-me says

    it is a baby site.anyone talks about other religion and being against about is discriminating,and if you have time to critisize a child, you are just pitiful as any one that is so hateful because of ones religion and personality.

  86. Jen says

    Aww, what a cute picture. Suri is adorable and this family is indeed a wonderful and happy one. All the best to them.

  87. The Tan says

    Suri, for your own safety, keep away from that four legged Thetan, for the love of Xenu! He may appear as a cute puppy to you but they are masters of disguise, beware…spray the LRon juice to deter it, if you have to!

  88. LAURYN C says

    who cares what you people think about suri! I think that you ahave wrinkles around your eyes..if you don’t see that this baby is cute!

  89. oriana says

    DMITZ, I bet your daughter is gorgeous! I enjoy seeing little children with lots of hair, much prettier to me than bald babies!

    The little doggie looks just like my Ozzy!!! Same color and identical!!! So cute! This is clearly a wonderful happy close family!

  90. maggie says

    I think suri is beautiful, I love her hair and its not weird that she has a lot of hair, a lot of babies has their head full of hair even more than suri, shes just precious, sweet and looks so happy

  91. Lauren says

    Suri is just precious! She’s always photographed happy and smiling. I luv seeing pictures of Suri. 🙂

  92. name not important says

    Enough w/the Scientology stuff. This is a baby site and your conversation is B-O-R-I-N-G.

  93. Kate says

    Suri is precious and always dressed in the cutest little outfits. Kate seems like a really dedicated, loving mother to her.

  94. Shadow Girl says

    TO THE REAL NICKI: thanks for sticking up for my pals, LIB and Mia. I’m not them, nor do I post under any other SN, the moderator can prove it. The other jack@sses just say that to make conversation…

    Suri the little alien spawn finally discovers dogs! And Katie’s taking her to her first nose job, lol.

    At any rate, Tom Crude should be tarred and feathered by the wonderful Germans. Y? Because he’s $CIENO! The number one cult! Sometimes I hate America because it’s too keen to please people, labeling that CULT as a RELIGION.

    I could go off on a tangent, but I’ll save that for another time. Goodnight all.

  95. says

    I was born with a full head of hair. It’s not uncommon, every Indian is born with lots of hair on their head. Really people, not all babies are bald. I have yet to see a picture of Suri unhappy. Shes always smiling and laughing. Just beautiful!

  96. dori #1 says

    Suri really does look older than 1 year and does have lot of hair. But my daughter did too. Some kids just look older than they are at some point in their lives.
    It just seems to me she should be using a sippy cup by now shouldn’t she? That bottle sucking is not good for the teeth. I know it’s more portable and easier when you’re on the go to let them carry a bottle but she’s probably coordinated enough to manage a sippy cup… don’t you think??

  97. DMITZ says

    Get over the hair thing! Seriously, it’s genetics people. My 14 mo old daughter (younger than Suri) has more hair than she does and I’ve seen others that have even more or longer. Get over it.

    IMO, I think she is beautiful. She looks so happy in this pic.

  98. bethany says

    suri is not cute of beautiful as many said i find her odd looking her eyes are too far apart her nose is too big for a baby and the hair

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