US Magazine Cover Claims Britney's Boys In Danger

Britney Spears

Uh oh…hopefully this is just nonsense but my optimism about Britney is wearing a bit thin. I didn’t think the pics were in any way appropriate for this site, but those pics that surfaced of Britney back in February modeling her thong with some strange folks seemed to be is very poor taste, and also recently surfaced were the pics of her pole dancing for the shooting of her new video. I found the pics way too discouraging and irrelevant to put up here. (Reportedly she is financing the video herself)

I think she is addicted to attention….any kind of attention. Still, I only wish the best for Britney and her family.

US Magazine


  1. Christina says

    I think that everyone should leave Britney alone. She was brained washed and used by Kevin. Everyone has to understand that the entire world witnessed kevin using her and cheating. How embarrassing is that. The world knows your business she was staying at home and looking stupid while Kevin partied. She had a breakdown and she is giving up because the media is too much in her business. The judge should let her get her kids and tell Kevin to back off and pay support. Leave Britney alone.

  2. Rox says

    I think that she needs to get a grip of her life i too left my husband but not becasue of that i went and got drunk. I think she should handle things differently.

  3. N says

    It is not as easy as you ladies think to take away a child. The child services department will try to work with the parent before snatching them out of the home. SORRY….but she has displayed nothing for any child services to take her children. ITS NOT THAT SIMPLE.

    Also, The privacy law HIPPA prohibits doctors from telling personal/confedential information on patients.

  4. N says

    And so what if she tested positive for drugs…… i know plenty of women that have tested positive for alcohol/drugs/ etc and still keep their children. Acting like a spoiled brat is not going to get her children snatched from her……She still has 50/50 custody doesnt she!…… If they were going to snatch them what are they waiting for? Especially with all this so called media attention that “proves” she is a bad mom? LMAO

  5. oriana says

    #63, DMITZ does not sound stupid at all and makes tons of sense!!! She is a mother and a wife, and a decent mother which is clearly seen by all the posts she has done. I can see you are a big fan of Britney’s, but it is painfully noticeable to all that has followed her story, she needs help, mental, and emotionally! Those kids are in need of proper guidance which she cannot help with. Showing off her body, dressing and acting the way she has, she is a mess! And her family is well aware of it also.

  6. Uniquely ~Taylor Mastronni says

    #66 If people could get into trouble here for using other peoples names you would indeed be arrested. You are such a loser! Do you not have a name of your own to use? Instead of using mine?

    Also… I don’t use profanity in my posts, Because it is uncalled for.

  7. Taylor Mastronni says

    To poster #60……This is the real Taylor BIACH………Grow up and stop using my name.

  8. obnoxious spice says

    to me, it seems brit has NEVER had the chance to ‘grow up’ herself…and was therefore never ready for the responsiblilities of mothering two young children so close in age to each other…it is a tough enough job for anyone, so bear in mind this isn’t a normal person we are talking about here – more so, it is a young woman who has been managed and catered to all through her adolescence and beyond…
    i am sure she truly DOES love her two boys, but it is obvious to me that she is out of her depth and has too many issues (whether they be drugs, relationships, body image, alcohol etc ) of her own which appear to be affecting her parenting of these children…

    how much longer are we going to have to sit back and watch this car crash lifestyle she is living, waiting until something terrible happens to either her, or god forbid, one of those poor children….

    why the hell doesn’t someone (manager, mother, friend, assistant WHOEVER) grab her and try to shake some sense into her before it is far too late – and i am NOT talking about her career…

    although i sincerely do hope she gets her act together quickly, it just seems to me like she is spiralling out of control….and at a quick rate too….

  9. kelly says

    i don’t like brit, but, i am so glad this is coming out now, her condition. if the postpartum or the bi-polar are being investigated and looked into, i feel bad. but, the children need to be safe. those 2 boy’s look horrified, especially jayden. i think they are so confussed, with there mom’s changing her appearence. and if it is true about her being on medication(paxil) and not taking it, i guess that would account for some of her action’s. but, i am not a doctor. everytime i see these recent pic’s of brit with jayden,and sean on the boat, i am horrified, the pic with jayden( him with the green polo shirt) he look’s like he want’s to get away from her. there are alot of pic’s with him with the shirt on, i think they were snapped all in one day, to make it look like she spend’s so much time with him. they are not little, i think there alittle chunkey, and definetly need to stop eating all the junk food, look at sean’s teeth. why would you do that???? those boy’s will see these pic’s of all of this. i hope by that time or hopefully in the near future, she will get the help she need’s, a stlist, and a full makeover and focus on herself, and get the help she need’s. and hopefully it is not to late, and she can salvage her relationship’s, her son’s, her mom and sister, and kevin, for the sake of the boy’s.

  10. star sixty nine, back at you! says

    well dmitz the reason why we don’t see you do because you don’t have the chance to! You are nothing….
    WHO KNOW’S YOU? Who are you again! You are nothing but a nickname..matter of fact…we we wouldn’t even know who you were, or that you have a opinion, if you didn’t type it on this blog! SO…stop setting yourself up to sound stupid! TATA!

  11. oriana says

    carleigh, I agree with you all the way. I don’t think she will wake up, she is too out of control and needs a strong guiding hand which she has not had. It is sad and serious, just too much money, too many YES people around her, and she needs counseling which she has resisted, with the bodyguards and lots of people around, the kids may not get hurt, I see her catching a disease and sinking deeper and deeper in turmoil.

  12. carleigh says

    I am just wondering how much slack the public should give Britney? If the average person did half the stunts that she’s done all played out in public we would either be locked away in a looney bin, incarcerated or have our children taken away from us! It’s just sad because this girl has so much money, apparently nobody around her is going to tell her how badly she’s behaving for fear of having their meal ticket cut off, and she doesn’t seem to care or maybe even realize how low she’s become?? They say people don’t realize they have a problem till they hit the absolute bottom…well I for one am wondering how much lower can this girl sink? Does one of her children have to be gravely injured or worse before someone gets a clue or Britney wakes up herself and stops doing stupid things!!!!!!!

  13. Taylor Mastronni says

    #55 You are so immature, it’s not even funny. Why don’t you grow up and use your own screenname! And stop posting under my beautiful name.

  14. Terry says

    I listen to everyone talk so much crap….If you had camra’s in your face all the time when you were out with your mother you would look sad, unhappy and maybe nervous……. 🙁
    You never saw Kevin out with the SPF before the break-up only Britney and even then you couldn’t give her a break…..I think that she has never had a life of her own to live….and will wise up soon…….The reason you never see kevin with the kids is because NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THE SCUMB BAG…….And the only reason he even wants to have full or joint custody is because Britney is a meal ticket…………and he will never stay far away from her pruse strings. She is young But I Belive that she loves her Kids……And Why not be able to take them out…..If the Pap’s would leave her alone you would notice that she may have faults but I belive she is a good Mother………

  15. carleigh says

    N–it’s true that she didn’t test positive for are correct……HOWEVER, the rehab facility didn’t test her until TEN days after she arrived..ya think maybe that has something to do w/ the clean drug/alcohol test?? HHHHHHHHMMMMMM, I sure do.

  16. N says

    She would not be in court for any of these things….In no particular order, it’s the tantrums, screaming, crying, raging, inappropriate or wildly overreactive behavior, foul language, and incoherence (all of the above often around the children); not to mention the very sketchy (mild word) family relationships and hiring/firing history…… You ladies obviously know nothing about family court. Also….child protective services has been to all of her homes and found nothing. Also, what drug test are you ladies viewing that said she tested positive for drugs. She is a spoiled celebrity….. Kevin didnt know his place in their relationship. As far as Shar… dont see pictures of her because she does not generate the type of buzz (money) Britney does.

  17. jessie says

    Kevin should get the kids. Britney is friggin a crazy Ho. Please go and kill your self Britney so your kids can be normal.

  18. Taylor Mastronni says

    I am the real Taylor so please stop using my name, i’m getting sick of it. To poster #43 there is nothing wrong with flies following a person. Flies follow me all the time, flies like the stinch of rotten fish and garbage, Nothing wrong with that, leave Brit alone.

  19. Sarah Bea says

    those poor little boys. I never thought I would have anything nice to say about that skanky K-Fed, but I think he should have custody of those poor babies. They need a bit of normal in their lives away from their crazy mother. I think Brit is heading for a serious meltdown…she is totally out of control. Sean and Jayden are SO cute!

  20. DMITZ says

    I’m a mother of 2 and I’m not out there showing my stuff and making a scene in nighclubs. I have dignity! And yes, it is okay to go out every now and then, my husband and I try to get out 2-3/month. But there are limits when you have children. That’s why you should get out all your crazy partying and wild side out before having children. They deserve better than that. I know Britney has been quoted as saying she’s been working since she was a child and has had to grow up so quickly and that’s why she wants to experience her fun now but it’s a little too late. She chose her own path.

  21. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    #34&47- i agree with everything u have stated thus far- she WOULD be in court and being scrutinized even if she weren’t famous. it really does seem also that she’s ‘acting out’ as an adolescent would. she must have had quite the crew keeping her together in her younger years because although there were the Colin Ferrel’s and the sketchy outfits from time to time, she seemed to be polite and fairly level headed. one has to wonder if she didn’t have an earpiece at all times whispering all the right things to say and do or if she’s just merely abandoning all those morals and values she touted so publicly.

  22. Girlygirl says

    I have to agree with you #48. Maybe if she was given more stability in her life and shown how to behave and how to deal with stress and everyday situations then she woud be a better mom. I dont think her mom showed her even the basics of being a lady. Such a shame. I really want her to make it. I just hope she can wake up and make it happen. Who cares about a comeback album. How about just being the best mom and person you can be.

  23. dori #1 says

    I kind of feel sorry for her it’s almost like she doesn’t know any better You know when you’re a star as a child and not exposed to the mainstream and other kids perhaps you don’t learn certain things. Maybe her mother was so busy mangaing her career she forgot the simple things like etiquette? Perhaps she was always pampered and catered to and doesn’t honestly know any different.
    I’m not saying she’s innocent …just try to imagine her life… it’s so very different from what most of us can even comprehend.

  24. y.b.g. says

    @ Patti #35 and others: “if she was one of us,” they WOULD be talking about her … in family court. The comments of many of us here are based on her public behavior — and I mean the straight objective *facts* of incident after incident (NOT the made-up interpretive stuff “reported” in magazines and on the Web). And we’re not talking about her taste in clothes, food, men, or hairstyles. Or whether she has any talent or can spell. The behavior we’re concerned about is very public and obvious (and you don’t need to know her personally to see it for what it is). In no particular order, it’s the tantrums, screaming, crying, raging, inappropriate or wildly overreactive behavior, foul language, and incoherence (all of the above often around the children); not to mention the very sketchy (mild word) family relationships and hiring/firing history. I stand by my original comment (34). @ Ana #45: No, I don’t care for people judging me. That’s why, unlike Britney, I’m not an exhibitionist (where being judged kinda comes with the territory) and lead a pretty circumspect life (which many a celebrity manages to do, y’know). Britney’s not evil, she’s very troubled … I wouldn’t care so much if she weren’t patently toxic (you’ll pardon the expression) to her children.

  25. kim--original kim says

    She is just a huge disaster… pop career is over, tabloid career is all she’ll ever have now. She has burned the entire music industry, numerous failed lawsuits, record company and other professionals are no longer interested in all of the money and effort required to put out a successful record with hits and a tour to support it. I was a personal assistant to a major pop star for many years, and that’s how the industry works. She’s just spinning her wheels at this point, and has become nothing more than a joke at this point.

    She fires people, pushes family away, is irresponsible in every sense of the word. Completely self-centered, addicted to attention at the cost of everyone and everything else, and total paranoia and mental problems abound. Those poor boys… I truly hope KFed wins custody.

  26. ana says

    how can people judge brit if they dont know if it is true or not so stop cause you wouldnt want people to judge you.

  27. LAURYN C says

    Well from the scandelous info floating around..I say that they wanted to be on her wall! I don’t think that she is nasty..she can dress how ever she wants..who are you to judge……………………………………………………ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm NOBODY! step back!

  28. carleigh says

    LAUREN C.—Speaking about flies being nasty…how many do you think follow Britney around????

  29. LAURYN C says

    How do you know that she parties all the time………………………………………………….waiting………………………………………………………….still waiting…………………………………………………….YOU DON’T KNOW! Do you? What if she found a baby sitter for the night…you mean to tell me that she isn’t allowed to have fun..go out on a Friday, or Saturday night? SHE IS A SINGLE MOTHER OF TWO YOUNG BOYS! GET REAL!
    Who are you to talk about who isn’t a good mother, or not! I don’t care what certificate that someone else that got the same certifcate as yours said!
    @name not important…are you working for one of those scumloid magazines..were you sent here to tell us false info! Better yet..were you a fly on the her house? I just want to know! FLIES ARE NASTY!
    Believe me people that are from the old school..use to give their kids make them sleepy! Tiny sips!

  30. Denise says

    I bet everyone of us would be crazy if we spent every moment w/ a camera in our faces. This girl has no sense of normal any more

  31. says

    While I do know that the media overdoes things, I still don’t like her and I don’t believe that she is a great mum or role model. I hope that Kevin does not get the kids either. Britney’s mum will do a wonderful job of rasing the boys, better that both their sorry parents. I don’t believe that Brit will ever make a comeback and she does have a serious drug problem. She needs help ASAP.

  32. name not important says

    Britney Spears has publicly battled with her mother and ex-husband Kevin Federline (their divorce became final on July 30), but the latest crisis in the singer’s life involves her children, Sean Preston, 22 months, and Jayden, 11 months.

    Sources tell Us Weekly that Spears’ friends and family have become concerned about the pop star’s mothering skills.

    Case in point: The tooth fairy may be making early visits to 22-month-old Sean. “He’s having dental problems because Britney just shoves a bottle of juice in his mouth all the time to stop him from crying,” a family insider tells Us.

    Another source says that, in April, Spears “asked an L.A. dentist if he would whiten her kid’s teeth!” The dentist refused.

    The bizarre behavior doesn’t stop there. Spears and her kids became high-end squatters July 22, when they toured – then took over for several hours – a Pacific Palisades home, on the market for $6.5 million.

    Upon arrival, her bodyguard removed the FOR SALE sign, then went to her Beverly Hills home to fetch some of their belongings. The result was a home seller’s nightmare, with Spears and her kids trashing the house before money exchanged hands.

    “She ate tacos on the bedroom floor!” a source says of the home. “She got crumbs and grease everywhere. She let her babies and her dog roam the floor. She left the bed a mess – I don’t know what’s wrong with her.”

    For more shocking revelations on Britney, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands this week.

  33. DMITZ says

    There’s a difference between Pamela and Britney. Britney was supposed to be a pop icon of some sort. Young girls looked up to her. I think people are going to criticize Britney because they expected more from her, not for her to marry her back up dancer, pop out 2 kids, get divorced before her 2nd child turns 1, and then turn around and party all the time. And for the person that brought up Bono, that wasn’t only speculated on this website. It’s on a lot of other sites as well. How would you feel if you were his wife?

    I didn’t realize her pole dancing was for a video, but I highly doubt that Britney had to make such a spectacle of herself. And I’m sorry, I just don’t think anywhere in the world it should be okay to give your 2 yr old a “sip” of beer. Giving them sips of coke or diluted sodas is different from giving sips of beer. Just because your dad did it doesn’t make Brit a good mother. I had hopes that she was going on the right track but there is just too much working against her. In my opinion, she is doing this to herself.

    How many other actors and performers have the same busy schedule and have children like Brit? I don’t think it’s the pressure, I think it’s her.

  34. dori #1 says

    I used to defend Brit… but it is beginning to look like she needs help. I don’t believe she’s a bad mother… I do believe she loves her children. What bothers me the most is that the paparazzi won”t allow this girl to breath or give her any privacy at all. It is enough to make a person crazy.
    They take pics and then make up stories to go with them. None of us knows the honest to goodness truth about her and her life so we shouldn’t be so quick to judge. I wish Brit would come forward and speak on her own defense though. I’d like to hear what she has to say.
    If I was her I’d take my kids out of the country for a while and let the dust settle and just get away.
    And when you think about it Is Kevin any better??? Honestly ???

  35. y.b.g. says

    A young woman who’s been pushed and worked and pampered and public and isolated from reality since early childhood —- and unschooled in every way (including relationship and social skills). Now as late as her mid-twenties, she’s acting out differentiation/individuation the way the rest of us do (normally) as toddlers and teenagers: i.e., primitively, as “Not-you, parents,” “Not -you, authority figures.” So basically we have a toddler or a 14-year-old, with gobs of money and ‘status,’ acting all of this out on her accustomed stage, with no trustworthy support system, AND responsible for the lives of two very young children. While I’d never count anyone out, Miss B is surely riding a wave of disaster … I’m not a doctor (and I don’t even play one on TV, haha), but it seems obvious that she needs to quiet down and go private, get help, and tend to her and her family’s health before the damage is completely irrevocable. (rant-of-the-day, sorry)

  36. carleigh says

    Hi Diana–CONGRATS on the pregnancy and a baby girl is coming HOW WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! I’m sure you are very, very excited!
    KellyMay doesn’t show up very much anymore but I chat with her sporadically on yahoo and as for Braydie, she popped in once to say she had her baby girl in May and that her name is Ella I believe. I wish both of them would come back and blog, it was a lot more fun back when we had more people. Instead now we have rampant ID theft, foul mouthed teenage girls and just a bunch of weirdo’s…: (
    I can’t get over how stupid Britney is and as far as not knowing what does on “behind” closed doors, if this behavior is playing out in the media and in the eyes of the public…I cringe as to think of what goes on behind closed doors. Kevin is going to court and seeking full custody and I think he really deserves it. If one looks at the abundant differences between his two exes, the contrasts are startling.
    Shar doesn’t go around showing off her crotch, drive w/ her children in her lap, have DCF called all the time for so called “accidents”, bounce in and out of rehab,run around at all hours of the day and night from club to club, puke all over herself in public from being so drunk she can’t hold her head up, she doesn’t abscond with the kids out of state and her child hasn’t been injured in a melee between her bodyguard and a photographer, her kids haven’t fallen out of highchairs, and the list goes on and on and on.
    I don’t think Kevin is the bad party here, I firmly believe we can compare Shar/Britney and the mothering qualities of each woman and the common denominator is Kevin, I don’t believe he’s the unstable one. I believe for those boys that their father is the absolute best, safest and most logical choice! Britney has behaved badly long enough and it’s time someone puts a stop to her erractic and unstable behavior.

  37. Diana says

    I think the media do tend to exagerate many things in regards to celebrities in the press, however I think it is very sad that these little boys lives will never really be protected from the world due to what the media writes about their mother and the relationship that she has with them, whether good or bad. Sadly we all make mistakes and I am not saying that Britney is a good or bad mother at all. She certainly needs a lot of help and perhaps some time out of the limelight (which I doubt will happen!) in order to reflect on her life. I am not one to judge her as I believe that judging others is used to make ourselves look better and nothing good comes out of that, but that is just my opinion. Carleigh – it is nice to see one of the old gang still posting on here. I am now seven and a half month’s pregnant and can’t wait for the birth of our little girl! It is just too excitiing for words!! 😉 Do you still hear from Braydie? KellyMay?

  38. Bub says

    It’s diluted not deluted. Looks like you are deluded though. Soda diluted with water is still soda. Sweetener is bad, and if it’s not light but regular soda, the sugar will give small kids extreme high and lows. Which will already make their systems want fast sugars that early in life. Cool, huh? Not. The only thing you do by diluting it is giving them a bit less of a very harmful thing.
    Common sense would not go amiss for some of the posters here.

  39. ashlynne says

    ok lauren c there are many many stupid britney done stole a guy from a pregant girl almost drop sean p him on her lap while drving falling off the high chair smoking in front of her boys telling sean to get her lolipop the what she called cigarettes shaving her hair off and on again rehab passing her boys off to her bodyguard when they are crying and the last thing cussing in front of her boys when they are crying

  40. ashlynne says

    ok lauren c there are many many stupid britney done stole a guy from a pregant girl almost drop sean p him on her lap while drving falling og the high chair smoking in front of her boys telling sean to get her lollypop the what she called cigarettes shaving her haie off and on again rehab passing her boys off to her bodyguard when they are crying and the last thing cussing in front of her boys when thet where crying

  41. Lauryn C. says

    And another thing…It is nothing wrong with letting her kids drink soda..if it is deluted with water!..I do it with my children, and their not in danger! Do you know what? My father use to give me tiny sips of beer..when I was 2, and I to this not a alcoholic..never has been…

  42. says

    I am defending her..i wish that I was her defense attorney..Because I would sue the UNDERWEAR off of This magazine!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  43. says

    I am sick, and tired of the MEDIA downing her! We don’t know what she is doing..behind closed doors! That little pix that you from a video that she is filming! ALL they(the media) have to do is plaster a pix of her kids..on the front, and put her project..that she is working on, and What do you know..they say some stuppid stuff like this! I guess that America wants to see her knock herself off! It’s crazy! You people feel sorry for the lying information..that they are giving to you! I think that she will be ok…I think that she loves her kids…P.S. do you want to know a double standard…well Pam Anderson..loves to show her breast, and Back side off..and her kids are old enough to know what..breast look like..Why isn’t the media..all over her? Yes..I know that Britney is supposed to be wholesome..but get real..she is a adult..and she is supose to grow with her feelings about things..might be different from when she was 16..SIT DOWN, and THINK ABOUT IT!

  44. Carran says

    Ellen, I see your point, I had never thougt about that. But there are so many famous little ones out there and we don’t see them as upset as often as little Sean and Jayden seem to be. Or maybe it’s just the way the media all spins it, who knows.

  45. Ellen says

    Carran – I’m in NO WAY defending Britney, but I have to imagine that the constant and overwhelming crush of strangers holding cameras and chasing those kids wherever they go, yelling things to get their attention, I can understand why those little boys for always looking upset and scared. I’m 37 and it would reduce me to tears.

  46. Ellen says

    You’re furious over a picture of Bono with two women who have been very devoted to his One organization and causes (Helena Christiansen, by the way, is a former Supermodel of the time of Linda Evangelista and is now a very well-renown photographer) and immediately think he’s doing something wrong, the same Bono who has been devoted to his wife and family and bettering the world by working with everyone from those like Helena and Penelope to Desmond Tutu to Jesse Helms to Bill Clinton to George W. Bush causes you rush to judgement about a photo that doesn’t appear to be anything but a posed shot at an event, but you’re optomistic about BRITNEY?

    I totally get it now. Totally.

  47. DMITZ says

    I just don’t understand what she is thinking. I would think she has to know that this is hurting her custody chances. I know I’m not perfect, but the thought of messing up and loosing my children is unthinkable!

  48. Taylor Mastronni says

    This is the “real” Taylor Mastronni and I do not appreciate someone using my name to bash and terrorize other posters! And I do not agree with anything my imposter wrote. I wish the web-mistress could do something about this problem of people stealing other peoples screenames.

  49. phnxgirl says

    You know, I have to say that I feel sorry for Britney. No one obviously knows what is going on in her head, but I think she is lonely and she is doing anything she can to get people to still notice her. Celebrities have such messed up lives. Always being in the spot light, always being scrutinized. Yes there are obvious perks, but I think that the bad sometimes outweighs the good.

  50. oriana says

    It is not to late for her, she is prob tortured, she is well aware she needs help and nothing will change until something drastic happens. It is sad and could end up tragic! I think her mom will end up helping care for the boys, just a matter of time. And I think her bodyguards are well aware of the desperate situation.

  51. DMITZ says

    Taylor Mastronni, you are obviously posting under a different user b/c you only come out when Libraesque comments.

    Whoever made the comment comparison between Britney and Heidi, are you freakin serious? There’s a big difference between classy and trashy and I’ve seen Britney pics similar to Heidi’s pose and I’ve never criticized those. Britney is just plain trashy and I had faith that she was starting to change but looks like there’s just no hope. I doubt that story is BS.

    I do feel sorry for her boys being exposed like that. They are so young and innocent and Britney should feel ashamed for putting her kids thru that.

  52. Carran says

    US Weekly and now also LIfe and Style are saying exactly what I have been thinking the past few weeks. It seems every picture you see of those two boys they are crying, or upset or just very unhappy looking in someway.

    Never thought I would say this but Kevin looks to be the much better choice for parenting.

  53. Taylor Mastronni says

    Libraesque get off your high horse, it was not that long ago you were putting soda and kool aid in your baby’s bottle so don’t bash Britney for doing it when your doing the exact same thing. I heard that you have your trailor up for sale to help raise money to stay in Dean & Tori’s B&B….If I were you I would stay put we don’t need trailor trash staying at Chatue La Rue…That’s to nice of a place for you.

  54. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    I just threw up alittle in my mouth after looking at that pic of her humping the pole….

    …that said: who freakin cares! strippers have kids and i dont see anyone jumping in to make sure they are taking care of THEIR kids. if Federcrap is so concerned, why isn’t he doing anything about it??
    i am not a fan of hers nor do i think she’s a good parent or role model for anyone but i think everyone is taking it all alittle too far. i agree, that was a cheap shot using the babies like that to make a buck. that’s exploitation in my mind. poor things-they deserve so much better. they are my fav celeb babies.
    lots of prayers for them- they have a hard life already, can’t get much easier from here. 🙁

  55. carleigh says

    Britney is very trashy and everything she does is just a ploy to get any kind of attention she can. Someone really needs to step in and examine her home environment and make doubly sure that these baby boys aren’t being neglected or subjected to her irratic behavior. I believe she’s crossed a line here and may be a danger to her own children.

  56. says

    Wow, webmistress, I’m surprised by your inclination to suddenly censor photos of mothers…I recall some revealing photos of Heidi Klum here not too long ago!!
    Otherwise, this is just par for the course for Britney, I don’t know why anyone would have trouble with her most recent behavior – seems pretty typical to me!!

  57. Lauren says

    Poor Sean and Jayden. They deserve a better mother than that. I truly hope Kevin gets full custody. They need a normal life. 🙂

  58. alex says

    first of all i think media can’t use her kids like cant just put them on the cover and sell them out like that….this boys are young and i feel sorry for them because of their parents…
    2nd they are cute sean is both brit and kevin and jj is all bit ..
    3rd way back i was brit brit fan….but all the things that happend its just too much for her to come back and behave like nothing happend.she should do something like christina aguilera did have like a personal album …for her kids …i heard her new song is slave for u type of song….i understand when you were like 20 or 21 i went trough period when she was into like having fun(sex) and stuff like that but now as a mother you have to have some bigger emocions ….
    and way i don’t us is 100 % true but who knows?

  59. alex says

    first of all i think media can’t use her kids like cant just put them on the cover and sell them out like that….this boys are young and i feel sorry for them because of their parents…
    2nd they are cute sean is both brit and kevin and jj is all bit ..
    3rd way back i was brit brit fan….but all the things that happend its just too much for her to come back and behave like nothing happend.she should do something like christina aguilera did have like a personal album …for her kids …i heard her new song is slave for u type of song….i understand when you were like 20 or 21 i went trough period when she was into like having fun(sex) and stuff like that but now as a mother you have to have some bigger emocions ….
    and way i don’t us is 100 % true but who knows?

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