Princess Leonor On Holiday With Her Family In Majorca

Princess Leonor

Princess Leonor

Princess Leonor

Princess Leonor

Princess Leonor is too adorable! The 21-month-old Princess, the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Felipe and Crown Princess Letizia of Spain, was snapped on her family’s annual holiday on the Balearic isle of Majorca.

And here Princess Leonor’s 3-month-old baby sister, Sofia, is pictured as well!

Princess Leonor
Princess Leonor

Princess Leonor



  1. obnoxious spice says

    oh wow – she truly DOES look like a true little princess….they are both gorgeous gorgeous little girls!!
    so sweet!!

  2. Julie says

    #16, the third picture is my favorite, too! #13, how does enjoying relaxing family time on the boat make them “lazy”?? How lucky they are to be able to spend that time together!

  3. jandksmummy says

    I think princess Leonore looks like the grandmother especially when she’s wearing her sunglasses

  4. Julie says

    They look like such a happy family! So beautiful! And Leonor’s blond curly hair is perfect! I like how she’s wearing Grandma’s sunglasses in the one photo 🙂 I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve not heard of this family until recently, but I sure do enjoy the photos!

  5. Midge says

    What an adorable family!!!!! Princess Leonor is one of the cutest little girls, and what a cutie Sofia is.

  6. Sarah Bea says

    that is just a beautiful child. One of, if not the, prettiest of the royal babies/toddlers of all Europe.

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