Katie Holmes & Suri In Berlin!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes and 15-month-old daughter Suri were snapped out shopping on Monday and Tuesday in Berlin, Germany. Such cuteness!

They are in Berlin to accompany Tom Cruise as he is filming the new movie Valkyrie there.

Check out Just Jared for more great photos!


  1. d says

    for all d people who criticized the cruise family,u are called very ignorant and damn…U’re very jealous of their beauty and their happy life ,coz u are very far from them,u are all insecure…..I know it’s hurtful fo nicole kidman’s party but we had nothing to do,that’s life sometimes…..If i will be nicole,why she never had a biologic child to tom cruise,ther’s a big difference between adoptive and biologic children….I probably say that Tom Cruise is more happy than his previous marriage because of suri…..Nicole had also faults.

  2. d says

    ur jealous melanie,she is the prettiest celeb baby that i see….ur absolutely wrong,damn…I have a q? are u beautiful as katie and suri?I’m absolutely said no,so stop criticizing.damn

  3. melanie says

    I think Suri is far from cute…lol…I mean…all babies are cute in their own way…but I think you people are SOOOO obsessed with these fake people….that you would think anything they did, say, owned, was perfect. Ive seen WAYY cuter kids…shes definitly far from the cutest child ive ever seen…lol…but cute just the same…you people really need to come back down to earth and worry about your own lives…instead of what 2 complete strangers are doing…just because they are famous…doesnt make them worth the time youre spending getting mad at each other over what someones says about 2 people…you will never know…wouldnt your time be better spent, obsessing about something else like child povertly than 2 people….who dont care what u think….and dont need for anything..its quite ridiculous….wake up people!!

  4. dori #1 says

    The 6 month arrangement is good because I recently saw that Nicole Kidman has some movies comming out soon which means that the time they were with Tom she was making movies and now they are with Nicole and Tom is shooting a movie so in this case when the parents share custody and try to have an acting career it works pretty well.

  5. oriana says

    Nicki honey, cute picture, all of her pictures are really cute, they dress her better than any celeb baby I think!

    Does Katie wear heels all the time now with all her outfits practically? Ha! I do like her, she is gorgeous!!!

    Hope you are resting tonight!!!!

  6. gloria says

    jaja, this is not an english or a grammar class, anybody here is just expressing their opinions/views about the baby and tomkat. please check your spelling also, like beneath.

  7. bebe says

    oriana, I think you have a baby beauty blindness syndrome, suri is a very beautiful baby for her age, though her features are not so well develop yet.

  8. Deeds says

    Again I say Suri is a doll. Does anyone else think it’s a bit strange for Babrazzi.com to lure people to it’s web site with the promise of photo’s of celebrty(sp) breeders?

  9. Nicki says

    51. Shadow Girl ~ I’m not sure if your talking about me or not, but I didn’t write #12 or #18. You have my permission to ask the site owner to verify this FACT! Please do.

    I stood up for Libra, and Miapocca, when awhile back people wanted to ban them. I have said on many other threads, for the imposter Nicki, to stop using my name. Please feel free to check this out.

  10. dori #1 says

    I don’t know for sure what the arrangement is with Tom and Nicole but I honestly believe they share custody of the kids. There was a time just before the wedding that Tom and Katie had the kids a lot I believe that was a publicity stunt ….Nicole has always had custody of the the kids … Remember when she dated Lenny Kravitz? She had custody then….they were just spending some time with Tom and Katie and Suri

  11. Jeje says

    Cute little girl.How old is Suri now?
    And yes,it’s really cold here in Germany,a bad summer 🙁

  12. kim--original kim says

    Suri is a cutie, but she doesn’t often look like a very happy baby….
    Katie is starting to look more and more like Jackie O. in these photos…
    She has to wear her engagement ring on her right hand because her wedding rings don’t leave any room for it! She’s got an eternity band of diamonds, and a tri-color-gold ring of 3 bands intertwined…
    Too bad she’s married to a WACKO!!! Down the road she’s going to get the hell outta there, I think…
    And now we NEVER see Tom’s older kids…maybe they’re with their mother filming in Australia now that school’s out??

  13. bambamswife says

    I still like Tom Cruise. He must be intelligent to make himself a miuti-millionaire. There are a lot of actors who are short_ Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, just to mention a few. The real fact of the matter is that none of us really know about these people in real life. I have unfortunately read a lot of miapocca’s comments. This site shouldn’t allow miapocca to make any comments. They are so very, very, very awful. Mopst of the time they don’t even make any sense.
    Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and baby Suri are a beautiful family.

  14. LAURYN C says

    shut up shadowless girl! Get off of Daddy Tom….familt jewels! We all know that you hate him..because you hate yourself..for not stalking at the right address! Some of you do not have a life..i think that you, and libra is one on the same! Who cares if he practice Scientology..We are not dying because of this..matter of fact you don’t even know when he goes to service, or do you? Stalkers are crazy that way! Just when you think that u get rid of them..they just keep popping up..why don’t you do yourself a favor, and do what Letterman stalker did..LAY DOWN IN FRONT OF A TRAIN, AND DIE!

  15. Shadow Girl says

    Yeah, yeah, BULL$HIT!

    Say what u want about me, go on ahead. The webmistress has gotten more strict. Watch what you say, LOSERS!

    At any rate, Suri’s really a boy trapped in a boy/girl body. Katie’s tryin’ to get preggers again, but I move that Tom and all $cien freaks be NEUTERED/SPAYED. Not to mention half the posters on this site. I’d really hate to see the world come under the influence of pro Tom freaks of nature.

  16. Jodie says

    omg, that child is frightening!! she looks kind of possessed in those photos. i’ve always thought she was quite scary looking but these are the worst i’ve seen.

  17. genie says

    sarah, what kind of person are you commenting to a baby like that, you’re the devil not the innocent very beautiful baby girll.

  18. +Libraesque+ says

    why on earth does this 19 month old kid constantly have a bottle!!!! she’s too old for one!

  19. says

    These pics (and all the others from this same day) are great. I love seeing these 2 together. They are getting like Jen and Violet, very cute mother daughter pair. I love how she dresses Suri as well. My favourite celeb baby. Suri is the prettiest little thing! 🙂

  20. says

    Next headline will be..Bridgette moynhan had her baby weeks ago and reunited with tom brady during a very special moment and gisele is livid so flew over to LA to kick thier arses…however her carefully encased manparts fall out of their armor when brady tackled her in her attempt to smakd bridgette on her yapping mouth ahahah

  21. say-u-see-me says

    You all people who cant specify left and right hand, are very sorry.need your eyes check,she is wearing her wedding ring on her leftt ring finger,the engagement ring is on her right ring finger.maybe need to check again before commenting sorry biatches…

  22. says

    Anytime I hear teh nonsense about accepting peopel for who they are, I am just completely aghasted that with all the information exchange one hasnt botherd to read up on a cult…

    Frankly its an opinion board, you entitled to your comments on teh cleb just as anyoen else is, extrapolating form a celbs life to another persons life or yours is just sheer nonsense to me…

    I am quite happy that some of us are soooooooooo accepting, but be it mormon, catholic., irish, black or white, all things harmful to human lives should be called out..

    I find the cult offensive in endangering lives and stealing from families the same way I find pedophilic catholic priests offensive and anyone in the upper echelons of power in such a dangerous organization should be held accountable!!! and Yeas MIdget is at the upper end of the chain in the cult!!

  23. says

    I have made no mention fo anyone in any of my postings, therey are only opinions,remember that when you go abnout asking stupid rude questions..at this point , those who scream about how myself , shadow or LIB are being rude shoudl note that the Rudeness always starts from your end, we just bite back harder…so if you want to spoil another thread for those who are respectfully using it, I suggest you learn to diagree likeregualr human beings.

    I also suggest that the monitor of this site try to be a a lot more objective is going over the ocmment s and start from erasing all the previous rude comments before goign after anyone who responds to an initial nasty comment…

  24. celine says

    Victoria Beckham has the beginnings of an Irish Menopause, the official haircut of white Moms of a Certain Age across America. It’s up short in the back, and the bangs are longish to make it more feminine, and over time it gets shorter and more like a ducktail. Really it’s the same haircut you’d give a little boy. This is what comes after the Mom Shag recently sported by Katie Holmes.

  25. says

    Yes, and I do realize in a couple of sentences in my previous paragraph entry, that I do have an “er” typo mistake for the word “grammar” and a typo mistake with an “s” in the word “embarrassing, so you can put your claws back in.

  26. says

    “Cuteness”…? This is NOT a word! Whomever is writing the captions for the photos on this site, needs to learn proper english. I have found this to be irritating for quite some time, and usually try to not read what is written beneathe the photos, wondering who in the world writes like this! Making up your own language is NOT “cute”, just annoying, and actually embarrassing for whomever writes like this. Say, “she’s really adorable”, or “she just could not be any cuter”…learn correct english and stop embarrasing yourself, writer. And, if you think you’re not, you are. My girlfriends look at this site with me at times, and have said the same thing. Though..if a person is NOT educated or does not know proper grammer, I guess they would not know any difference. So, if you’re going to cut on me for expecting “proper grammar” in this illiterate, stupid world we live in today, go for it!

  27. FOUR LEAF CLOVER. says

    Oh my gawwd here we go again..with Shadow scum, and Lib-man…I knew that they couldn’t resist another dance with DADDY TOM! This is funny..it is amazing how a celeb that don’t even know you..get’s under your skin…simply for believing something that you don’t believe in..You might be morman, but do that mean that i should hate you..because you are a morman? NO…so grow up, and accept people for who they are..I know people accept you for being GAY..so give everybody else a chance!

  28. Lurker says

    I do think Suri is cute, in an unusual sort of way.

    I can’t STAND Tom Cruise and I personally feel like Katie Homes is ‘brainwashed’ or something–but if it works for them, who am I to judge? But I won’t be the least bit surprised if she wakes up one day and leaves his behind either.

    I have to agree though, Scientology sonds like an awful way to raise a child.

  29. Miapocca says

    hmmm and they say black is supposed to be slimming..ahahhaha

    anyways..no accepting insults till 24hours from now..so enjoy

  30. Miapocca says


    At no time did I address you anywhere in my my opinion…maybe youRSELF should check yourself for emotional problems before projecting

  31. kaleah says

    Isabella Damon, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Kingston Rossdale ALL look the same age, BUT Suri looks MUCH OLDER than this 3 babies! Suri looks even older than Violet Affleck!

  32. phnxgirl says

    Anyone who has had a baby girl would know that keeping clips in their hair is difficult. You put them in and they take them out! I think Suri is adorable even with messed up hair. 😉

  33. oriana says

    Suri is very cute, she is unusual looking and unique to me. I just pray she doesn’t have Tom’s Honker when she gets older!

    I think she is very healthy and I see Katie balking at feeding her daughter any of Hubbard’s nonsense, I don’t see anyone in their right mind that has EVER read anything about Scientology that wouldn’t know it is science fiction and started by an insane man! There were lots of geniuses that were nuts, Hubbard wasn’t the first!

    I think Suri is adorable but I don’t see beauty. And I know she will be difficult to control the older she gets! Already a hand full now, just like Dannielynn is!

  34. bebe says

    15. Shadow Girl, Are you blind? Open your eyes so wide. Suri is a very beautiful baby girl. Can’t you see that?

  35. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #15, nope, us “broads” in Britain wear our wedding rings on our left hands too.

    And Janice, Miapocca is completely right. I just don’t think that scientologists can raise a baby responsibly. Children do not belong in cults.

  36. sara says

    I think she is adorable! But, Tom is too old for Katie and she needed someone her own age who doesn’t have a past and other kids that are NEVER mentioned. He seems to be getting all this glory for marrying a younger “starlet” and having a baby…..ugh! She seems to be enjoying being “wife y” of Mr. Cruise and the lifestyle he has created…..not too sure about it.

  37. Janice says

    If my baby had such hair, I would buy all sorts of clips. She never has clips in her hair, she still is the most beautiful celeb baby that is for sure.

  38. Lola says

    Suri is too beautiful for words, I wonder if I will ever get tired of seeing her cute face. She gets all her beauty from her beautiful parents.

  39. Malayka says

    Shadow girl stop answering Miapocca’s questions. Most of us don’t care about your rants anyway.

    Suri is the most beautiful kid. She seems to have a strong personality. I wonder what was making the ladies in the first picture laugh. She must be a handful.

    One thing though, she is too beautiful for words.

  40. Shadow Girl says

    Nicki, why would you care about what a complete stranger would think? I mean, really.

    Wedding rings go on the left ring finger, people! I think broads in Britain use the right ring finger.. don’t know why.

    Suri so looks like a boy. They’re letting her look like one because Tom’s not ‘man’ enough to give her a boy.

  41. Bee says

    No, it isn`t very cold in Germany, about 75°F. I don`t understand why they have to travel such a long distance several times! Poor Suri. Can`t they stay three months at one place?

  42. Nicki says

    9. Miapocca – do you have emotional problems? Who cares about Tom Cruise? We are just admiring Suri. You cannot deny how cute she and Katie are!

  43. says

    From the pages of this week’s US Magazine come these tips for child-rearing, Scientology-style.

    Silent Birth: we all know this one. It’s how Katie Holmes is planning to give birth. During birth sounds are acceptible but speaking is verboten. Why? “Words spoken during moments of pain and partial or full consciousness can have adverse effects on an individual later in life.”

    Scientology Juice: The Church of Scientology has no official position on breastfeeding, but the Scientology Handbook apparently includes a recipe for “formula made from barley water, milk, and corn syrup.” Mmmm, mmmm. Hubbard believed the blend was “sometimes better than breast milk.” (Please do not try this at home.)

    Scientology lessons: Children should attend Scientology classes several hours a day to avoid non-Scientologists who could inadvertently talk to the children and “invalidate them.” Lessons also include teaching caregivers how to do “contact assists.” For example, when a child gets hurt, parents will “gently recreate the incident until (the child) smile(s).”

    And there you have it, a peek into how TomKat might raise their little alien.
    From Here:

    Interesting because midget can control his environment and minds now, the little midget flies to australia with the foolish hag for a funeral..is that a pillow or a baby ..ahhahah

  44. Jane says

    Why does she (and a lot of other celebrity wives) wear their wedding rings on their right hands? I don’t get it. Suri is cute though!

  45. Julie says

    I love how they match in the first couple photos! Again, Katie looks fabulous, and Suri is just precious! I still can’t get enough of her!

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