It's A Boy For Jenna Elfman & Husband!

Jenna Elfman

Actress Jenna Elfman and her husband Bodhi welcomed a baby boy, Story Elias, on July 23rd in Los Angeles.

The former Dharma & Greg star is doing fine, while Story – who weighed in at 7 lbs. 2 oz. – is already a fan of “classical music, a clean diaper, mom’s boobs and long naps,” Elfman’s publicist, Jenni Weinman, tells People magazine, adding: “Story wants to give big props to his mom for all the hard work.”

This is the first child Jenna, 35, and Bodhi, 38, also an actor. The pair have been married since 1995.




  1. obnoxious spice says

    although i find jenna revolting (please don’t forget for one moment that the CHARACTER she played in dharma was just that – a character, have any of you READ some of the vile stuff she has spewed out recently??!!) all the best of luck to this child – it will need it being born into this cult following family….
    she certainly DID look like she was expecting twins didn’t she??
    don’t really think i like the name at all for a boy…i don’ t mind it for a girl and spelt the way a poster above has said her niece has it though…

  2. Miapocca says

    AHAHHA..Xena, welcome back…:)

    Hmmm the ELF MAN indeed,…sad little bunch..I think scientology has a special breeding program…All well know in fertile folks are giving birth mysteriously and those who havcev bene married for years without kids are suddenly popping out thetans..Maybe thats where JLO is getting her kids

    From the pages of this week’s US Magazine come these tips for child-rearing, Scientology-style.

    Silent Birth: we all know this one. It’s how Katie Holmes is planning to give birth. During birth sounds are acceptible but speaking is verboten. Why? “Words spoken during moments of pain and partial or full consciousness can have adverse effects on an individual later in life.”

    Scientology Juice: The Church of Scientology has no official position on breastfeeding, but the Scientology Handbook apparently includes a recipe for “formula made from barley water, milk, and corn syrup.” Mmmm, mmmm. Hubbard believed the blend was “sometimes better than breast milk.” (Please do not try this at home.)

    Scientology lessons: Children should attend Scientology classes several hours a day to avoid non-Scientologists who could inadvertently talk to the children and “invalidate them.” Lessons also include teaching caregivers how to do “contact assists.” For example, when a child gets hurt, parents will “gently recreate the incident until (the child) smile(s).”

    And there you have it, a peek into how TomKat might raise their little alien.

    On scientology juice:

  3. onatear says

    Watch what you say, Kalista….with your “race”….comments..
    If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.
    How hard is that.?

  4. Lilo says

    I want to see the baby. I demand to see the baby. I think she does not like the media so it is most likely that she will not sell the photos of the baby to any magazine. The only way that we will see her kid is through paps hard shot candids.

  5. Nicki says

    I love her. She was so funny on her show. She has the right to name her baby boy whatever she wants. I don’t like the name, but maybe it means something to them. Best wishes………..and congratulations on your new baby boy!!! Best wishes.

  6. says

    I agree with #16. I’ve heard much worse. I do wonder how they came up with that though. I also thought that she was carrying twins. There has been a lot of baby boys this past week, and Bridget is having a boy as well. I love that her and her husband have been together for so long. Something so uncommon in Hollywood. I like Jenna a lot. I think she is a great actress and she is pretty. Never seen her husband though. Congrats and hope we get to see Story.

  7. boo says

    Wow I’m surprised people haven’t been going nuts over the fact that the WM is only just posting this now when the Baby is over a week old! 🙂
    I Think the name is different but doable… much better the Pilot inspektor or Kal El don’t you think? Some celebs have the craziest names that for sure!

  8. phnxgirl says

    Is she a scientologist? I had no idea. I wonder where in the world they came up with Story. I have never heard of that as a name before. 😉

  9. Lauren says

    I thought she was having twins.

    Anyways, congratulations! Not feeling the name but to each his own, right? 🙂

  10. Xenafan96 says

    Hiya to everyone! Hope everyone has been well:)

    I am actually surprised the baby wasn’t named something a bit more “exotic”. Story is out there, but actually not as out there as some other celeb names. Am I correct in thinking that it is unusual that Jenna is breast feeding? I thought that was a tenet of Scientology to feed a special barley based formula only?

  11. SaintMegan says

    “I hope her kid is good looking and does not get her husbands jewish nose”?

    I have news for you, you ARE mean.

  12. Sarah Bea says

    why do celebrities name their kids such stupid names? Where did “Story” even come from? I thought Bodhi was bad enough…gees!

  13. Kalista Brat says

    I think she is pretty just not so much in this particular picture. I hope she lets us see the baby. I hope her kid is good looking and does not get her husband’s jewish nose. I don’t think ” story” is a normal name. If I was mean I would definitely make fun of her kid’s name. All aside I want to see the newest additon to the master race.

  14. Ionia says

    Silent birth or not — that baby will need a leg up; my nephews (ages 2 and 5) got a head-start with early developmental software that’s designed to start them learning before they can even speak! Amazing — kind of like “Story…” Yikes…

  15. amy r says

    Aren’t they scientoligists, too? Or however you spell it 🙂 I am still burning with curiousity over a “silent birth’. Is that really possible?

  16. Kit kat says

    omg whats with all the baby boys latley Trista, Naomi now her? wow.. guess its a boy season! lol Congrats

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