Milla Jovovich Celebrates Her Pregnant Form In Jane Magazine!

Milla Jovovich

Milla was snapped celebrating her pregnant form in Jane magazine!

Milla says:

Now that I’m pregnant I love my boobs. The way my body has changed is crazy
for sure. Last summer, I had muscles and my arms were all cut and strong, and now I look like this healthy Russian farm girl. I’m really curving out and becoming feminine – 25 pounds later.



  1. Mat says

    forgot to mention this but #3-5 your all idiots shes not a whore or a skank because she is infact married look closely and her ring finger in this photo

    theres very clearly atleast a wedding band on her finger that makes you 3 a bunch of jealous prudes who’s husbands were drooling over her instead of your ugly asses even if you not ugly physically

    your definetly an ugly person on what matters most

  2. Mat says

    first off you church going prudes needs to get off the internet and get laid third for all we know she could be married not all celebrities like advertising that their getting married some want private weddings

    karen amy and monica if anyone is a disgusting pig its you 3 althought im betting your the same person with 3 emails
    theres nothing wrong with being proud of your body and showing it off

    and if you spout religious bs consider this adam and eve were both stock naked in the bible and they were happy if you say its not natural ill quote the fact that cavemen went around naked for the early age of mankind

    number 25 you obviously havent seen her recently shell still looks as hot as ever even after a kid

  3. Michelle says

    Shemia, are you even in high school yet? I don’t know anyone past puberty who refers to a woman’s vagina as a “coochie” let alone says that it’s gross. Please grow up and take some sex ed classes. I feel sorry for you that you look down upon the gorgeous form of the human body like that.

    Comments 3-5 need to go back to their shrink and get their perscription for Zoloft refilled.

    Milla Jovovich is as beautiful as ever. I am glad to see that she is very healthy during her pregnancy. BTW, It’s official, shshe is having a girl.

  4. Nicole says

    Hey, Amy, maybe you should shut the hell up and not be jealous that even on your best day you could never look as good as her on her worst day. it’s none of your business whether or not she was/is married. She looks beautiful, as always!

  5. Ignác says

    Karel se rozhodl, že p?jde koupit vlka a brzo se pokusí n?komu d?ležitému vylízat prdel. D?lá to moc rád.

  6. terrydrav says

    considering she was one of the beter looking women around. she struck her self down in her prime.

  7. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    #20- she’s a model/actress originally from Ukraine..was on ‘The Fifth Element’, main character on the ‘Resident Evil’ triliogy, played Joan of Arc on ‘The Messenger’, more recently ‘Ultraviolet’.

  8. PC sex machine says

    She’s pretty but the shot looks kinda seedy to me…so in that respect…cover up girl!!

  9. phnxgirl says

    Pregnancy is not like it used to be. Not so long ago it was normal to hide and wear a mumu all the time. Nobody flaunted their pregnancies. Now everyone celebrates it, and I think it is great!

  10. Jennifer says

    some of these people are just jealous that they are not rich, famous, and able to look that good naked.

  11. Miley says

    I dont know who she is either. She is very pretty though. What is up with 3,4,&5? Wow…do you not live in the real world?? More people get pregnant OUT of wedlock than in… maybe you should learn some tolerance..She looks beautiful.. Shoot if I had a body like tha I would walk around naked all the time!

  12. says

    Haha, what won’t you people say…

    Milla is a beautiful woman and she looks great pregnant. She knows who the father is people, and she is not the first and only to become pregnant before marriage.. Congrats and best wishes to her.

  13. dori #1 says

    don’t you realize how obvious you are? your hatred comes through no matter what name you use…. the minute you stop blogging on one name a new name pops up here.
    busted again!!

  14. dori #1 says

    #5 got a new name AGAIN…
    miapocca shadow girl daily jones eddie and now MONICA.. all the same angry bitter little person.

  15. Ana says

    I think that Milla is the most beautiful model who can also act very good. Rare thing… She is also much better in the Resident Evil than ACTRESS Angelina Jolie in the Tumb Rider, in spite of the quite opposite public opinion.

  16. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    u’d NEVER catch me takin all my clothes off for millions of people to see while pregnant..she has guts for sure! she looks healthy pregnant..and more normal than some of the other celeb mommies that pose naked..bigger thighs & calves..makes me not feel like such a freak when i gained a buncha weight…she’s so gorgeous. the only qualm i have with her is that she wore such high heels in the begining of her pregnancy. that’s kinda scary. other than that- she’s lovely.

  17. Monica says

    She looks very skanky to me! Probably sleeps around and doesn’t know who the father of the bastard child is!

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