Kelly Preston & Ella Bleu

Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston, 44, was snapped with daughter Ella Bleu, 7, on the set of the movie ‘Old Dogs’ at Shea Stadium in New York City. John Travolta, Kelly, and Ella Bleu have all been cast in the movie!


  1. oriana says

    Hygiene and the way someone is dressed doesn’t reflect on someone’s mental capacity to me, whether they are a genius or mentally retarded. Jett has parents and nannies to help and assist him, yes, to me he looked like sloppy, just like Brad Pitt looks like a slob and sloppy all the time.

    Obnox Spice, who cares what you think about me or my opinions? You are nothing to me, I don’t respect your way of thinking in any way! And he isn’t a child, he is a teenager, he isn’t a baby. The way he dresses and looks relfects on his parents and their care and the welfare they show him.

    Sorry Carleigh, but a slob is a slob, it doesn’t pertain to disabilities.

  2. anomonys says

    ella looks like her dad alot she is very pretty just like her mom. john and kelly are great parents and kelly is most likely an awsome mom. ella is a very pretty girl and looks like her dad alot!

  3. obnoxious spice says

    calling someone, especially a CHILD, that has a mental health disorder, a ‘slob’ is more than heartless and ‘kind of harsh’, in my opinion it is downright nasty and evil…
    it makes me laugh how people can be this nasty on one thread then all self righteous on other threads…
    anyway, i think ella is a beautiful looking child…she has ALWAYS photo’d very well…very pretty…

  4. Ron says

    John and Kelly are great parents. They don’t have to tell the world their about personal things. I’m sure Jett is getting the best of care,whether he is autistic or not.
    I had the pleasure of meeting her in person 3 years ago,she is very nice.
    Kelly is a very sweet person,everyone who’s every met her says that.about her. If you ever she her in interviews or on talk shows,she comes across as being very nice.

    .She’s is amazing beautiful for any age. Ella may look more like John,but I think she will be as beautiful as her mom ,when she grows up.

  5. Zbella says

    There is a picture from May 2007 on that link. It’s so hard to believe that is the same boy from the other pictures. He has gained a lot of weight and looks very different.

    I do think they love him. Perhaps they choose to help him quietly without making it public. Not everyone wants to make their child a spokes person for a disease. I wish them well.

  6. oriana says

    sara, I saw pictures a few months ago, he looks like a big SLOB! Clear he is autistic and looks like John to me.

  7. sara says

    They do seem to push the girl. I’ve never really seen a pix of the boy! Well, I think they want to try and have a #3 sometime this summer.

  8. oriana says

    When Jett was younger he was with them all the time, not so much since it is more noticeable now he has a problem. It definately shows up. The little girl is their pride and joy. Can’t stand Kelly! I am sure Jett would rather stay out of crowds now and be to himself more often, he was with them in Hawaii recently though.

    John is a big boned man,, he has a large frame, Ella looks like him, nothing like Kelly, so she will prob be a big girl. She has a pretty face and may enjoy being in the industry.

  9. Elaine says

    If Jett is autistic he may not react very well to being taken into crowded situations, and that might be why he does not go to premiers etc. His parents probably want to protect his privacy by not talking about his condition.

  10. phnxgirl says

    My opinion, but I do not see John Travolta or Kelly Preston to be that way. I see their kids as the center of their Universe. At least the interviews or pics I have seen of them with both of their kids.

  11. Krista says

    I dont think Ella look big boned, OMG give me a break! I agree with 11, it is people like you who push these kids into eating disorders. And as far as Jett goes.. I personally agree with everyone who says they ARE ashamed of him. Heaven forbid they amazingly beautiful celebrities dont have a perfect child! personally I think they are terrible parents who need to stop babying their daughter and show some love for their son as well!

  12. says

    Religion was created by man, so everyone has the right to choose their own and I don’t see a problem with Scientology. They are not ashamed of their son and I do agree with #8, he is a teeanger and might not always want to be with his parents. What about the pics of Kelly and Jett at the beach? They looked very close to me.#5, what a stupid thing to say, she is 7! By the way, Ella is very pretty.

  13. Donna says

    Jett really does have autism…John and Kelly have finally opened up about that. But I seriously doubt they are ashamed of him!

  14. jenni says

    ella is lovely!!! kelly is lovely!!! yeah have to admit she looks a little run down; probably just a bit overtired but to say that ella’s ‘dream’ is to be in frotn of the camera, the poor little thing doesn’t look too happy about it!!! in all the pics i’ve seen, she hasnt’ even smiled!!! perhaps she is being pushed into it ………… i dont know but she is only 7 and filming seems a draem and fantastic but the reality of it can be quite diffferent. boring, waiting around, she’s little she shuold be out playing with friends….. poor thing

  15. kidada says

    that is only you opinion…at the end of the day..they are still people that are human..with different beliefs! Ok…you believe in democrats..when it is some people that believing in republicans..don’t ask me why, but they do..but anyway..what if someone shot you down over your beliefs?
    It is crazy…we are all human..i don’t hate no one for their beliefs!

  16. oriana says

    Well now, maybe I am seeing wrinkles and shadows under eyes where there aren’t any! And her complexion isn’t exactly peaches and cream to me!

    And most definately people should have the right to choose their religion, or CULT for Scientology is not a religion to me, Chocolate is and Pizza, and maybe a good glass of wine or lemonade, or perfume, or pearls, or cats and dogs, but Scientology, nope, don’t think so!!!!! And oh yes, maybe Elvis, that’s right, I said it, ELVIS!!!! And Jon Bon Jovi, but NOT Scientology!!!!

  17. kidada says

    i don’t think that they are ashamed of their son..their son is a teenager, and maybe he don’t want to be under his parents like that! I know when I was that age I didn’t want to hang around my parents!
    I think that Kelly looks real nice for her age..what are you are you seeing ORIANA? She is beautiful!
    I think that people have a right to chose what religion that want to go with…that isn’t going to make me hate you..people should broaden their horizions!

  18. Lauren says

    #5, She is only 7. Geez.

    Ella is a beautiful kid. She looks a lot like her father. I wonder why we never see them with their son.

  19. Lilo says

    I think Ella looks exotic and kind of pretty but I don’t like the last pic in wich she looks too big boned. I hope she does not turn fat when she gets older. She needs to be skinnier

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