Catherine Zeta-Jones Hosts A Luncheon

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Hooray! More Catherine! Here she was snapped hosting a luncheon to celebrate ‘No Reservations’ on July 26th. I know I’ve said it a thousand times before, but she is impossibly gorgeous!


  1. Taylor Mastronni says

    Catherine looks absolutely stunning as usual!

    @ note… I did not write that above! That’s my imposter.

  2. onatear says

    Org. Kim: Check out CZJ’s hand (on the little guy’s shoulder.)( Is he the baby in these pictures? Well, he is the tiniest person.)

  3. Taylor M. says

    Is the webmistress stupid or what???? These pictures have nothing to do with babies..I hate seeing pictures of just the parents when this is a baby site……..BABYRAZZI………………Retard

  4. carleigh says

    Catherine is a very beautiful woman, but I am left to ponder just exactly what she has had done in the last picture she doesn’t even look like her “normal” self? Just me but she did marry Michael Douglas who is no stranger to plastic surgery himself…but Catherine is a beautiful woman either way, but I still scratch my head and wonder why she appears to look oddly different in the last picture.

  5. Fifi says

    Catherine is stunning! I used to watch her in Darling buds of may when I was a Kid and thought she was really pretty. Loved her in Traffic and Chicago!

  6. kidada says

    LOVE MARTHA STEWART! This dress does nothing for her.
    I hate those shoes with it! She is on the other hand..beautiful…I see why MD..paid all of that money to get divorced from his wife! I just hope that her beauty is SKIN DEEP, and not SHALLOW!

  7. Andrea says

    I wouldn’t have worn what Martha wore to a special luncheon. Maybe to the movies or something. I think she needs an image/dress consultant.

  8. kim--original kim says

    She most definitely IS so gorgeous….
    But Martha Stewart’s hands are a bit scary…

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