Bono Behaving Badly


Quoted from People magazine:

U2 frontman Bono happily plays tour guide to two lovely ladies – Helena Christensen and Penélope Cruz – during a visit to Club 55 in Saint-Tropez on Wednesday.

I can’t help it..this picture makes me angry! I know it is probably totally innocent…like they were just shooting a commercial together or something, but the media is definitely not portraying it that way. Bono should anticipate the way that the media will spin things and show some restraint and respect for his wife (the mother of his 4 children and childhood sweetheart). I know that she is probably totally cool with his fame and very laid back, but this is just pushing the envelope too much! And just to throw it out there…Ali is SO much more beautiful than either of these two!
Here is Bono with Ali.



NOTE: I still love Bono!



  1. says

    Just had to go back up and read some of this stuff..all I can say is wow!

    No ne on here knows what is goign one, these are only comments on a board. True his family is important, but we dont know what goes on with BOnos family life and realtionships unless of course we are Bono, his wife and Penelope

    Unless you are one of those, I dont think anyone has the right to denouce anyones comments based on their own OPINION and not facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. carleigh says

    It’s the webmistress that’s insecure NOT Bono’s wife. We don’t hear her (Bono’s wife) complaining and filing for divorce now do we…leave it alone, it’s for publicity and the green earth campaign…innocently enough, nothing sinister and Bono is one of the few stars who seems actually committed and in love with his wife and his family is extremely important to him.

  3. Elsa says

    Are you kidding me? This is absurd. This and the Lossip link. He hugged and kissed oprah on her show too. We should be appauled. Come on! Even the Lossip is rediculous. They are HOLDING HANDS. They are CELBS. They work together on many different things (Penelope is involved in the ONE campaign.) If there WAS something going on, I doubt they’d be public. I’m sure Aly is home thinking your all nuts.

  4. minkysmom says

    sorry but his wife isn’t prettier than either of them. and I feel like she is used to this stuff. she’s been with him long enough to know the hollywood lifestyle.

  5. Malayka says

    I agree if he is still with his wife he should know better than do this especially the pictures on x17. They look suggestive. I met Bono at the beginning of this year, he is a really cool guy with a big heart. I hope this is a big udo about nothing.

  6. Dnice says

    Oh Please….this picture is much ado about nothing. Bono has become one of the biggest icons in our society, it’s only natural that people including other celebs flock to him. Oh and just as a sidenote… Ali is not bad…but better looking than Penelope Cruz…I think not. It seems as though whoever posted this had a little haterade this morning.

  7. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I don’t get what the problem is, should he not let himself be seen in public with members of the opposite sex incase the media takes it the wrong way? Who cares how the media take it, I’m sure his wife knows him well enough not to have to listen to the media!

  8. Irene says

    It’s women like you who are women’s worst enemies, thinking that every time a man and woman are standing next to each other it’s shaming his wife or some such paranoid nonsense.

  9. Donna says

    Bono and his wife have been married forever, unlike most rock stars and their wives. And although Bono gets on my nerves sometimes with his rock star schtick, I think he’s genuinely dedicated to making the world a better place. So if he wants to stand next to a couple of beautiful women and his wife doesn’t care…who are we to be critical?

  10. Miapocca says

    hahaha that was soooo funny…even old married men dserve a litle spice of eye candy now and then..he is probably flattered as they are, there is no harm in showing mutual admiration , it doesnt mean they are cheating..besided penelope star stair climber has no man to cheat on..she seems to be trying to follow salma in the boob job arena though..I never noticed any such boobs in her chest..these celebs.hmm, …………ahhahahha

    GO BONO!!

  11. ney says

    Penelope Cruz did model Bono’s Product Red Campaign for the Gap, so she’s just a close friend maybe, as for Helena Christensen, I really don’t know who she is so I can’t really say anything about her. So just chill.

  12. Lauren says

    What’s the big deal? They’re just taking a picture together. It doesn’t mean he cheated on his wife or anything!

  13. Aditi says

    hey, i agree wholely with the admin, because there are other pics which she hasn’t put up but which i and she probably saw as well .. which are really flirty and inappropriate..

  14. y.b.g. says

    This picture makes you, um, “angry”?!?! Good Lord, what adjectives do you use when you think about the truly despicable stuff that goes on in our troubled world? Your head must explode on a daily basis!

  15. Administrator says

    I know! 🙂 I am PMSing bigtime…and this just rubbed me the wrong way! I know that that has more to say about my own fears and insecurities than anything else! My apologies!

  16. kim--original kim says

    Oh, relax, it’s all about publicity! The ladies probably requested a photo with him (and who wouldn’t!)…doesn’t mean he slept with them…

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