Ryan Phillippe With Ava & Deacon

Reese Witherspoon
The trio was snapped in Beverly Hills.

Photo courtesy of Buzz Foto.


  1. COLE says

    There what i call a GOOD looking family i absolutley love her in her movies and her children are adorable but are growing really quick!!!

  2. Toiie says

    I don’t know how anyone could say these children aren’t cute especially Deacon, look at his little face.

  3. sammi says

    i personally think ava’s getting prettier as she gets older, she does look like her mom alot but she doesn’t have reese’s chin and that’s a good thing 🙂 and deacon looks like his sister alot. these kids resemble their mom so much!

  4. oriana says

    Totally cute kids. Ryan is gorgeous and a very gifted actor too. The little girl is getting very tall!

  5. says

    I don’t think these kids are that cute. I like Ryan and he always seems mad when the paps take pics of him and his children. Can’t blame him though because the paps overdo it…

  6. Lauren says

    Beautiful kids. Deacon is getting so big. Ryan does look upset that the paps are following him and his kids.

  7. Ricky says

    No way! Get a life! OF COURSE some of us want to see the celebs (private life or not) – that IS the curiosity some of us have towards celebrities. But if you are saying that you don’t even remotely agree with her saying that she feels bad for him in THIS instance with THAT face he has on, than you would make a great member of the scuzzy Paparazzi. I definitely have a twinge of sorrow for him too. Why is everyone seeming sooo desensitized? Don’t be such a hard ass.

  8. sara says

    We all love to see how celebs live their private lives….it’s only human. If they didn’t want us to be taking pixs, reading about them, etc…then they need to hole up in Idaho somewhere until their kids are grown (Demi Moore anyone?) That way they’d be sure they weren’t monopolized like they are in LA.
    I think these kids are cute…..I like his brand new shoes.

  9. Poor kids says

    Dori: I don’t mind looking at photos of celeb babies/kids (obviously – I’m on this site) but I feel sorry and sad for this dad who is upset by the people taking photos of he and his children. Little different than a mom or dad willing posing with their kids. Or even unwillingly but not with such an upset look on his face and protective bobdy language. Just feel bad, that’s all.

  10. Oh boy says

    He certainly doesn’t like the photographers like Denise Richards does, huh? She would (and does) go to the ends of the earth for a photo op like this. This poor guy is just trying to walk down the street with his children!! It’s photos like this that make me feel guilty for looking at sites like this.

  11. dori says

    Ava looks like a mini Reese and Deacon looks like his dad. They are a couple of the cutest kids.
    If they didn’t take those pics we wouldn’t be here talking about them now would we?
    But I agree if you go back 30 years celebs were not stalked like they are today. The movies stars private lives
    were private. We didn’t even know who they were married to. Except the famous couple Bogie and Bacal still they aren’t photos of them out to dinner.

  12. Poor kids says

    I feel so bad for these kids! Their father obviously is trying to protect them from these crazy photographers (look how he’s holding Ava’s hand). I’m all for the celebs being photographed (it’s what they signed up for with the job), but can’t they give them their space when their children are with them??? It’s one thing if a photog is in their face when they are by themselves or another adult but can’t they go a little easier when the kids are around(they didn’t choose their parents profession)?!? It’s not like he has them at premiere or award show – he’s just walking down the street!!!

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