Patricia Heaton & Family At The Simpsons Premiere

Patricia Heaton

Everybody Loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton, 49, was snapped with her family at The Simpsons premiere on July 24th. Wow…I didn’t know she had 4 sons! Her sons are named Sam, John, Joseph and Daniel.

Also, Patricia is the chairman of Feminists for Life. The homepage says, “Women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy also deserve unplanned joy.”


  1. oriana says

    Very nice looking family! I am for Stem Cell research all the way! I do think, not in my lifetime, but one day it will help save lives and make people better.

  2. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    It’s just another way for people to complain that Republicans have no heart for the inflicted- just wanna ram their beliefs down everyone else’s throats. I am neither Republican nor Democrat but I sure wish people that say they are one or the other would lay all the FACTS out on the table and either agree with it or don’t. I’m sick of hypocritical poiticians that won’t answer a damn question straight cuz even they don’t know what they believe. It’s sad that we have all this knowledge around us and noone is using it. (off my soap box now!! lol)
    her boys are so handsome and i think this is also the first time i’ve seen her husband. he’s very good looking!! i applaude her for being so honest in an industry that would have us believe that all celebrities (even the youngsters) are naturally built perfectly and have had no alterations. it makes me like her all the more. can’t wait to see her new show and i hope she doesn’t join that hen-pecking fest the view. it wouldnt do anything for her career anyway.

  3. Lauralin says

    Days — thank you for your informed and intelligent statements, because I just didn’t have time to do it today.

    People do your research — umbilical cords are being thrown away with life-saving stem cells in them. These stem cells have actually cured…. scientifically proven.

    Why are we so determined to prove that life isn’t important — we don’t need to create babies and destroy simply to show that we’re no longer a christian nation.

    Science shows that even in embryonic stem cells were to cure something…. 10 – 15 years from now (as stated by the scientists working on them) – there is proof to show that it wouldn’t be neurological diseases. That being said.. it wouldn’t help parkinsons or alzeimers.

    I believe that all life is precious… even those suffering from these diseases… but please don’t be fooled by false hope.

  4. days says

    For #17 Donna:

    Let’s get the facts about stem cell research straight:

    Patricia did not campaign against stem cell research. In fact, she is for ADULT STEM CELL research which WORKS and continues to be promising.
    Embryonic stem cells ( the stem cells from an embryo), on the other hand, is risky, has been unsuccessful time after time. “There is already evidence that ES (embryonic stem) cells are genetically unstable in long term culture, and are especially prone to chromosomal abnormalities.” (Institute of Science in Society). Research shows using embryonic stem cells is associated with uncontrollable growth and tumors.

    The reason some people are against embryonic stem cell research is that it destroys human life. Joni Eareckson Tada who is a quadriplegic (paralized from the neck down and as hopeful as any for new developments in science research) says it aptly when she said that you shouldn’t destroy a life to improve another.

    Please do your research before bashing people and their stances.

  5. dori says

    now that I have revealed way too much of who I am I can no longer blog here under my own name so from now on if you see the name dori it won’t be me. I’ll come back in a couple days but it won’t be undder my own name anymore thanks to Miapocca/shequida/shadow girl/daily jones/eddie
    this person is ruining this website

  6. Donna says

    I think she’s a good actress and has a nice family…but I really don’t respect her because she campaigned so vigorously against stem cell research. As someone with a relative suffering from Parkinson’s, that really saddened me.

  7. dori says

    4 boys geez I knew she had four kids I didn’t know they were all boys.. Must be nuts at their house.

  8. Lauralin says

    It’s ok to be a Republican “as long as you dont push it onto the rest of the world like she does”.

    Expressing one’s views and believing strongly enough in something that they don’t back down… that’s not pushing it on the rest of the world… that’s integrity.

    She believes that abortion is murder… it’s not a believe that means that it’s simply not ok for her to murder her baby… it’s a belief that it’s murder and that human life should be respected — beliefs should not be relative.

    Again I repeat… GOOD FOR HER!!

  9. Miapocca says
    Soon enough, though, Heaton, 45, switches gears and talks about her own plastic surgery, which has included a tummy tuck (much needed, she says, after her four sons were all delivered by cesarean) and an accompanying breast lift. She also raises her chin to show where some loose skin had been lifted. She really does look terrific, thin and toned. She is wearing a sleeveless black top and Burberry plaid pants, which — in the true test — do not amplify her behind. On the contrary, you can barely find it.

    “Plastic surgery is like the big elephant sitting in the Hollywood living room,” she says. “Everyone does it and apparently, no one is supposed to talk about it. I understand privacy, but when women come up to me who’ve also had four kids and cesareans and say ‘My body’s shot, but you look so great,’ I’m not going to lie to them. I probably look better now than I have my whole life, including when I was 15. Some people are cool with the fact that their bodies bear witness to this great thing they produced, their children, and I understand that. But on a personal level, it makes me feel better that my breasts are not down to my knees when I’m undressed in front of my husband.”

    “The fourth kid did me in,” she says. “But I also found that I do well with surgery. I don’t bleed or scar, and painkillers don’t make me nauseated. I could operate heavy machinery on Percoset.”

    she talks about her surgery on Opie O hay

  10. Miapocca says

    8: she had a list of surgigal procedure after her last child..she says she deserved all the lifts for all the hard work of popping out all those boys..I agree with her on that one..

  11. Wow! says

    She looks so good #1 for her age and #2 for having had four children!!! T-I-N-Y & little flat tummy!

  12. Miapocca says

    This woman is a judgemental republican hag..I sincerely hope her kids all walk on the straight and narrow or else she will get a beat down from the press

    According to the New York Post, Patricia Heaton is the most likely replacement for The View’s Meredith Vieira, who’s heading to the Today show this fall to take over for Katie Couric.

    Insiders say Everybody Loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton will step in for Vieira. And to help boost viewership among Latinos, the young, Argentine-born Marianela Pereyra, a veejay on Fuse TV, will be added – perhaps booting the hapless Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

    “Patty Heaton is a Republican, so they won’t need [Republican] Elisabeth any more,” said our insider. “And Elisabeth doesn’t really add much. Marianela will bring in the young Latina viewers – which is important,” said one source.

    Nice that they’re checking all the boxes, huh? We can only assume that Star Jones Reynolds is on board to bring in the hard-to-reach self-promoting, freebee-loving, gastric bypass-denying demographic with gravity-defying breasts that network execs are so eager to capture.

    This would be the second bootation for poor Ms. Hasselbeck, who first rose to fame when she was kicked off Survivor in favor of tax-evading nudist, Richard Hatch. Everyone has a gimmick, apparently.

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