1. Mohammad Riadh says

    Heidi Klum is a great model and being a woman, she is doing her part to have children. The most excited thing for a woman is to give birth to a child. Just ask a woman who for some reason can not give birth to a child. She feels unfortunate enough and emptiness in her life, I know lot of women who feel depressed because of this very reason. Good luck, Heidi Klum, and continue your mission in this world that God has given to all the women in this universe.God bless all the women of this universe.

  2. Genevieve says

    I personally think she looks really great. For being a mom of three she look absolutely amazing.
    The pictures are sexy but done tastefully.
    So I must say Go Heidi.

  3. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I’ll admit…I take a certain amount of pride in being a hot mom, but these pics are inappropriate. To everyone who says, “No parts are hanging out”, since when is an a$$ not a private part?

  4. haha says

    @ Dori, if I wanted an opinion from a clueless cunt, I would’ve asked for you for it.

    @ Jenna M. (UK): I said you ‘sound’ really dense, I did not call you dense. Basic comprehension. But obviously, my point went way beyond your head, which isn’t shocking at all. lol @ your “best friend” comment. Please. You’re no more than you appear to be — a patronizing imbecile unworthy of a keystroke.

  5. says

    i feel you.OS!
    IF I had her body I would pose like that!
    Obviously, the people that are making stupis comments…about her bosy, wish that they had a body like this..You know they are fat…Hey fatums it is ok! CAlm down..Get a south beach diet meal, and a bottle of Vitamin water..that is a healthy start!

  6. obnoxious spice says

    ok ok, so she is a mother and perhaps these kind of pics AREN’T appropriate nowdays (considering she DOESN’T need the money), but hey, airbrushed or not, WOW! she does look great…

    what about the actresses on this site, all of whom are mothers, who strip, have s e x scenes, portray criminals, r a cists, etc….

    this photo shoot is fantasy…just as movies are…and if you consider this to be inappropriate for a mother to do then the same outrage should also be vented towards the actresses who do they same, if not worse…

    fair is fair…

    don’t know if i would do the shoot myself…but, then again, if i looked that great (yeah, airbrushed or not) then i don’t really know…just being honest

  7. Jodie says

    bit much to show her arse imo. She is a mother. I think that’s not very nice at all. Her body looks amazing but is massively airbrushed, obviously

  8. Jenna M. (UK) says

    “you have absolutely NO RIGHT to presume how a black person should react to the racism that still very much pervades the world as we speak. Have you stepped outside of your door?”

    Uh, I WASN’T presuming how a black person should react to racism. All I said was that black people do not have some sort of skin privilege to use that word if they expect others not to. Apart from the fact that its completely hypocritical, I feel that it belittles and makes light of the horrific arocities suffered by black slaves.

    And I can assure you I have stepped outside my door and I am very much aware of the racism that unfortunately still pervades the world today. Especially considering the fact that my ex-partner and best friend is black.

    Also, I feel that it is YOU, and not I that is dense. I was initially very hurt by your comment: “your mentality is a filthy incarnation of the ‘rationale’ for slavery”. I think that slavery was unfathomably disgusting and would never ever condone it. I would absolutely on pain of death never attempt to rationalise or excuse it, there simply ISN’T any excuses.

    It is, however, plain to me that you don’t care what I say (which is fine by me), because you will only hear what you want to hear and carry on believing what you want anyway.

  9. dori #1 says

    eye of pearls that was great! They took 20 lbs off her in the photo just like they took 20 lbs off Heidi in these pics. She doesn’t really look like this… And besides why is the webmistress posting photos unrelated to celeb babies???

  10. haha says

    @ 97. Jenna M. (UK):

    Just as a non-Scott has no right to dictate or presume how you “should” feel about attrocities leveled against your ancestors, you have absolutely NO RIGHT to presume how a black person should react to the racism that still very much pervades the world as we speak. Have you stepped outside of your door?

    Please tell me you’re absolutely clueless, or that this sense of moral authority is pure hallucination. Do you for one second think that any black person goes around worrying about how a white person refers to another white person? You have the nerve to suggest how a black person, whose experience you will never fathom, should behave, and you wonder why whites attract a near-natural anomosity all over the world? In my books, your mentality is a filthy incarnation of the ‘rationale’ for slavery.

    In very simple terms, you sound really, really dense.

  11. N says

    Dori…. You know nothing about “Ghetto talk”.. I am not Daily Jones…. and I have never liked you. It could be probable that a new visitor to this site read your comments and they dont like you either. Daily Jones does not have to be 6 different names. I believe these people really dont like you. Also…… Black people use the word N.I.G.G.A ……. not N.I.G.G.E.R They dont mean the same thing “according to blacks”.

  12. oriana says

    My comment waiting moderation too and I didn’t say anything negative at all!!!!! The webmistress needs to re-read again!!!!!!

  13. kimmy says

    Webmistress- you’re got to be kidding- my comment is awaiting moderation? You are some sensitive people. So much for freedom of speech. I hate this stupid site.

  14. Jenna M. (UK) says

    That’s crazy! Why on earth is my comment awaiting moderation webmistress? Because I don’t approve of the N-word? And yet Daily Jones is allowed to say whateer s/he wants? I have to admit, this may be the straw that broke the donkey’s back, I think I’m going to have to find another celeb baby website.

  15. Jenna M. (UK) says

    And just to make it clear, I’m not saying its OK for white people to use that word. I think its a horrible, vulgar word and nobody should say it as it makes light of the horrors suffered by black people during the slave years and is highly offensive to a lot of people.

    But if a black person says that word, they have no right to say anybody else can’t use it because of their skin colour. Assuming that you have some sort of skin privilege over whites to use that word is the basic defintion of racism and hypocrisy.

  16. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Daily Jones, people are going to take this totally the wrong way but what is with all this “us” and “they” shit? No, YOU were never a slave, YOU were never whipped by “us” whites. Slavery was a horrible, horrible thing, but it happened over a hundred years ago and it didn’t happen to you, so that doesn’t make it OK for you to use that word.

    If we we’re all going to carry our ancestors grudges around and hate on people whos ancestors suppressed our ancestros the world would be an even WORSE place than it is now. I mean I’m Scottish for example, my great-grandparents were burned out of the home they built with their own hands by the English to make way for sheep. Does that mean its ok for me to carry a grudge against the English or use a word that they can’t? Of course not, thats just ridiculous.

  17. Daily Jones says

    and farther more…I could just use another name…but I am not..I am using my name…SO ..USE YOUR COMMEN SENSE!

  18. haha says

    LMAO @ 61. Samantha H

    I’m sure she gives a damn what you or your friends think. She’s a supermodel who’s valued at about US $300 mil, who can pretty much pick whomever she wants but happens to like REAL MEN. Black men at that. Deal with it or go play in traffic.


  19. So Obvious says

    Daily Jones is certifiable! Dori she’s doing it to get under your skin, long term troll here! Sad woman needs to get a life one of these days! So there Dearest back out to play? Ran the others off the site and now your bored 🙁 Poor you! Hah watched your game for over a year now easy to see your style! LMFAO

  20. Daily Jones says

    shut uo whining make me want to give you a bottle, a BIG bottle! OOOOOO you are repeating yourself like a broken record! This is the last time..I am going to tell you kooky lady…I am Daily Jones..I don’t have to hide behind nothing, or lie to are nothing to me…I just thought what you said was stupid! So I had to say something as well as other people, obviously!
    I am not a teenager, so I know what I am talking about. You are very good at playing victim here, but I don’t care how many commenters say what ever they may feel like…because Im still going to say whatever it is that I have to say! If you P you are is no getting around it!
    I hope that you are smart enough to know what P stands for…FITNESS INSTRUCTOR…hahahah! LMAO

  21. dori #1 says

    Some of the up and comming teens are using computers and TV’s as their entertainment. They are a generation of couch potatoes not getting much physical activity and are probably overweight and unhappy kids.
    I’m not saying the majority…. but some….
    What happened to going out and playing ball or going to the nearest swimming pool , rollerblading , bike riding???? but no they’d rather come to their computers find a website of women and start fights because they are angry and frustrated.
    It’s sad actually.

  22. dori #1 says

    I know Oriana…. this is city ghetto talk , which is why I felt the n word was appropriately given to this person .

    Shequida aka Miapocca aka Shadow Girl aka Daily Jones aka Monica and possibly eddie. Whis is all one person who keeps comming in here incase you haven’t noticed is obssessed on starting fights with me. It is getting tiresome and frankly not fun here anymore for me.
    After being on this website since it began back in the days of Braydie and Kelly and Carleigh and 4 babies 4 me etc. Most of whom have left because the enjoyment has gone out of this place.
    Yes back a year ago when we used to have great conversations this blog has now attracted some teenage boys and girlas who are bored out of their little minds and starting fights, using foul language and frankly enraging me daily because they don’t have a life.
    If their parents had any money these kids would be in camp not sitting at a computer harassing mothers grandmothers and lovely women who like to chat.

  23. oriana says

    I am from the South, I have lots of friends there that are black, what they did for fun? They cooked, they danced, they read, they shopped, they played sports, they went to church, same as me and not one time did they call anyone “cracker”, I heard that phrase more from my own race that were trying to be smartmouth! And the part about tipping cows over, I wish my family had owned some cows to begin with!!!!

  24. Daily jones says

    I know that your skin is crawling you wanted to say the N word so bad! Now…you did! If you are a cracker …then you are a cracker!
    If your not sure how to go about saying it, and what comes along with it…then shut your big fat pie hole!
    For all we know….you could be Shequida, eddie, mia, and shadow girl…
    I type nothing like Shadow girl, Mia, and Shequida!
    I guess..what you are really trying to say that…..all black people write alike…..
    That’s stupid! DO all brazilains look alike? What about Jewish people? ……………………………….I didn’t think so!

    and for thr record #73…..I am a woman….i guess that blew your bubble…huh

  25. dori #1 says

    thats what black people in the southern states do for fun I guess.
    watch for posting by this blogger…miapocca/ shadow girl/ daily jones/eddie/ possibly monica
    this is all one person

  26. kidada says

    i swear that this happen..everytime that Heidi Klum, or her kids are posted on this web site!..I guess the world hasn’t changed since 1964!

  27. Daily Jones says


  28. dori #1 says

    I am dori the one who has been posting here for over a year. This person Miapocca/Shadow girl/daily jones is a lunatic running around in here using my name and behaving very badly. If you check the other threads you will see I have benn here a long time and I am the crazy person fighting with everyone.

  29. jandksmummy says

    Airbrushed or not, mother or not ….at the end of the day she’s a model and is doing her job. Her breasts aren’t falling out of her shirt and so what if the top of her bum is showing. I’ve seen more of my building caretakers butt than hers and his is way uglier..yech!

  30. Martha says

    You know what? Regardless of the stupid things any of you children (Daily Jones) has to say, that is way below the belt to say such things about adopted children. I can’t believe you would even go there. That’s pathetic. But I guess a low life that has no other information about people on this website would have to say things like that. And the fact that I’ve never seen your posts before does lead me to believe you are one in the same as some of the SN’s Dori listed.

  31. Daily Jones says

    I’m a miserable black little boy who has no friends so I enjoy comming in here and using other peoples handles to get my jollies. I am a desperate lonely little boy

  32. kimmy says

    Daily Jones- I’m a little confused. Why do you automatically think that it’s a redneck that said those things? After all, black people call each other that all the time. Oh, I forgot… it’s alright for them huh?

  33. K says

    As a mother of three, she should respect her body more. Floricking around like this is disgusting and disappointing.

  34. K says

    As a mother of three, she should respect her body more. Floricking around like this is disgusting and disappointing.

  35. minkysmom says

    get over it. she is not a slut. these bored homely jealous housewives are always insulting somebody.

  36. Daily Jones says

    *say some dumb*
    Why don’t you do the REDNECK shimmy for me, and tip over some cows?

  37. Daily Jones says

    @61) what is a N.i.g.g.e.r. tramp?
    I know that I can’t cahnge the whole world way of thinking..because no matter how I want everybody to get along(other races) We are never going to be as one, and for you to day some dumb crap like that….It just shows to me, and everybody else…that you are a dumb as they come!
    A N.i.g.g.e.r. tramp? You are very lucky that you are sitting behind a computer screen! WHO cares about the bums that you know….their opinion don’t amount to a hill of beans! Do you think that…….that smal group of dummies…will have a effect on her career?…………………………………………………………………………………………….NO! So, redneck…keep flapping your dirty jaws..about how you don’t look good, and how all of your dog smelling friends wish that they had an opportunity to move from that “OUTHOUSE” that you consider home!
    TATA…eat those big wonderful juicy B.A.L.L.S.!

  38. V says

    What happened here? IS there no one out there to moderate this ridiculous fight. I am here to discuss the celebs and there babies….not each other.

  39. Samantha H. says

    It really does not matter what she looks like, she’s a ni66er tramp, none of the men I know have any interest in her. one guy said that no matter how she looks, she still eats crapp, and nobody wants a woman with poop breath!

  40. Daily Jones says

    OOOOOOOOK DORI….yeah, and I bet your kids are royality!
    Is you husband from a jewish royality family too?

  41. dori says

    now that I have revealed way too much of who I am I can no longer blog here under my own name so from now on if you see the name dori it won’t be me. I’ll come back in a couple days but it won’t be undder my own name anymore thanks for ruining the website and my ability to blog here

  42. dori says

    54 was not my comment
    I am a a fitness specialist and personal trainer and if I ever come near to you I wil kick your butt from here to eternity

  43. Daily Jones says

    I told you Dumbass..I am Daily Jones….Other people do read the web-page, or are you that S.L.O.W.?
    Fitness instructor my A.s.sI ttook you 12 minutes to come up with that….GAWWWD very creative…..LMAO

  44. dori says

    I am proud I adopted my children and you have a lot of nerve making a comment that belittles the fact that my children are adopted . once again you prove you are a lonely miserable and bitter person who probably has no husband or children of your own and you come in here to start fights with people you are a loser.

  45. dori says

    your comments are mean and hurtful
    you throw low blows it shows how bitter and miserable a person you are
    miapocca/shequida/shadow girl / daily jones

  46. Daily Jones says

    The sad thing is DORI…You adopted your children….and I know that your body don’t look like this…SO…..WHO IS JEALOUS? You better get a head start, and HIT the gym….ASAP!

  47. Daily Jones says

    I am saying that you used GOD name in vain…you should get down on your knees…RIGHT NOW!
    Come-on tell Jewish people pray…like we do?

  48. Daily Jones says

    No…sweetheart…I am none of those women….I am WTF…this is my name! I know about the trash that you were talking! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

  49. Nicki says

    38. Daily Jones —:lol: But your right about using the Lords name in vain….Who should be reported??? This is Babyrazzi, that should not be used.

  50. Daily Jones says

    Hi D….How are you doing….did you have that big talk with God? I wonder do other religions pray to god the way we do? I want to learn…that TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. dori says

    you’re welcome pleasure
    so don’t deny you are Miapocca shequida shadow girl daily jones because you’ve just admitted you are by bringing up stuff that Miapocca spoke a week ago…

  52. Daily Jones says

    stop whining…are you 5? get real..who cares that you are reporting me? You just reported to the LORD for using his father’s name in vain….Don’t you feel stupid?
    NO…I am not Jealous of you? Why would I be?
    I just want to throw a little GHETTO TRASH your way…Now that is the real meaning of GHETTO TRASH…I guess you learn something new everyday!….And I didn’t even curse ONE time at you…..Thank you for doing the SHIMMY for me!

  53. dori says

    At least I have a husband…one who loves me and a family…. unlike you….You’re so god damn jealous you feel the need to single me out and make ridiculous comments directed at me.
    You’re a miserable angry bitter person whose blogs are obvious no matter what name you use because your nasty statements all sound the same.

  54. dori says


  55. Analise says

    Can’t stand her, but the prudes here are far more annoying. The second pic would look better without the shoes.

  56. Daily Jones says

    I know that your jewish husband would love these pix!

  57. Daily Jones says

    HATERS! She look very good! I love these pix!
    She should be happy….I understand why all of you fat women are disgusted…you wish that you had her body..
    her kids are going to see theses pix..but guess what…she took more revealing pix than this please shut up, and go wash tose dishes that are lingering in your sink….2weeks…gawwd!

  58. dori says

    eddie this is a baby website I’m sure there’s a website for registered sex offenders somewhere else on the internet. GO THERE!!!!!

  59. oriana says

    Is this Playboy? She is gorgeous, she doesn’t look nasty to me like Brit does, she looks like she smells, Heidi is sexy and I like her but I don’t think these pictures belong here. Baby #4 before long!!!!!!

  60. Lauren says

    What’s the big deal? She has an amazing body and is showing it off. She’s doing it in a classy way. It’d be a different story if she was posing for Playboy or something. GO Heidi!

  61. says

    Just because she is a mother does not mean that she has to hide her body. I don’t think that anything is wrong with these pics, she looks great and her body is amazing after 3 kids. She is a model afterall and its not like her private parts are showing. She is very classy and a great mum, so I personally don’t see anything wrong. Love Heidi anyway.

  62. N says

    I read that they have naked pictures of the family on their walls….SO ….the kids may have already seen her naked.

  63. dori says

    I agree these are playboy type photos. I thought she was a runway model. Oh wait she must be too fat for that now. She’s not under 100 lbs.
    Once again… in Europe this nudity is a lot more acceptable than it is here.

  64. Andrea says

    Looks like soft porn to me.
    I say if you don’t want your kids to look at it (at whatever age), then don’t do it. Use that as the standard.

  65. N says

    I think she looks hott too… what she’s a mom….she was a woman first. The kids will get over it.

  66. princess says

    Just because you have kids does not mean you can’t be sexy!!! Heidi looks HOTTTT. Don’t be such HATERS!!! All the people with mean comments wish they could look as good her. She is a classy woman and I love her!!!!!!!

  67. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I don’t think that these photos are vulgar, I think they are beautiful. Lots of woman do this. So what if she’s a mother, she still has a great body and shouldn’t feel ashamed of it.

    And before anybody calls me a hypocrit for what I just siad on the Eva Herzegova thread, its completely different. Heidi isn’t having a baby photo shoot done here, it is all about her so it is more than ok if she wants to show of her body.

  68. carleigh says

    Heidi looks great! I wouldn’t have the confidence to bare all in a mag but then again I’m no Heidi Klum either. She looks fabulous, w/o a doubt!

  69. Martha says

    What’s the big deal? She looks beautiful and it’s not like she’s in adult films or anything. She’s a good mother and proves it by spending lots of quality time w/her children.

  70. V says

    I agree that these are totally airbrushed, which is a shame because I am sure she has a great body with out that. (I did see the Faith Hill cover of Redbook, and was very disappointed in them). But don’t forget her JOB is as a model and she is being a model. Just because she is a mom of three doesn’t mean she should now be ashamed of her body and hide it. All her “parts” are hidden away.

  71. says

    Photoshopping, airbrushing aside, is this a porn magazine or something? What exactly is she selling?? Sure she has 3 kids and looks amazing, but I think she looks a lot more amazing hanging around with them (in clothes) than like this. Maybe she was getting threatened by the media calling her a good mother or something, and needed to do something to change it up a bit! And for all of you who will say it’s just fine, imagine if Angelina did this?!

  72. Real nice says

    Her children should be proud. Shouldn’t there be a certain time in you life (like when you are the mother of 3) when you decide that you shouldn’t take your close off to be photographed (shopped) for all the world to see (no matter how hot you are)? One would think so. NO kid in the world is going to think his mom being naked in magazines, while he was alive, is cool. Maybe when the kids grows up he will… She really likes herself, huh? You don’t see Julia Roberts or Reese Witherspoon doing this…

  73. Lauralin says

    Gee, I wonder why women have body image issues… if only we all had a staff to airbrush us into perfection.

  74. kimmy says

    Oh my gosh- what a classy lady!! Not. She should be ashamed of herself. She is a mother. I’m not against sexy pics but she could’ve kept her clothes on and done that. What a tramp.

  75. Melissa R says

    I say good for her. She has the body and looks, why not?? Let’s keep in mind that these are airbrushed by the magazine before release. Did you see Faith Hill on a cover of a magazine?? (I forget which one) They made her skinny and took off a mole and erased her collerbone.

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