New Pics Of Larry Birkhead & Dannielynn!

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith

ET reports:

Can you believe that baby Dannielynn is almost one year old already? Now, Larry Birkhead gives ET the latest update as we reveal exclusive photos of father and daughter!

“Every day she does something new, and now she’s sharing her bottle with me,” Larry tells our own Mark Steines. “So if I say, ‘Give daddy a drink,’ she’ll toss it over her shoulder. It’s cool being a dad.”

The former boyfriend of the late Anna Nicole and the father of her baby came out to the big Hollywood premiere of ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ Wednesday night with his nephew, and said that the requirements of being a new dad are almost the same as being a super spy.

“If Matt Damon drops out of the next movie, maybe I’ll be available,” he jokes. “I’ve been punched and kicked and slapped by my daughter, so I’m in defense mode. She’s using me as a teething ring.”

But there was one hitch on the way to the red carpet: “She actually spit up on my jacket I was going to wear, so I had to take it off and do a quick change.”

Dannielynn is going to have her first birthday in September, and Larry says he’s weighing his options for the special day.

“I’m thinking big,” he says. “Her mom called her princess, so I’m thinking of doing something kind of Disney princess, or Hello Kitty — something real cool, so she can look back on it and say, ‘What a cool party.'”

As for any ladies in his life, Larry says there’s only one girl for him right now.

“The only lady in my life is my daughter, and she takes all my time, and that’s all I need right now — making up for lost time,” he says. “We’re just having fun together and hanging out.”



  1. says

    Hope you have a happy birthday in september.
    Hope you get lots of great gifts from daddy and family and friends in louisville.
    You are a cute little girl.
    Larry you are a great dad with her you can tell she really loves you alot. I love when she smiles and laughs at you.


  2. Chnadra says

    Most beautiful Hollywood baby I have ever seen. I hope her father takes very good care her future and her wellbeing and protect her all the days of her life!

    May she live a long and blessed life!

  3. Gina Miranda says

    DannieLynn is the most beautiful baby i have ever seen besides my own! However, the eyes are magical i love the fact that she has that little “crossed” look in her eyes.

    She’s seems so Happy and Larry is doing a wonderful job, I just wish they would get the h*ll out of L.A… its no good for them.

  4. KRISS says

    Could she look anymore like her daddy if she tried??? She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so glad that she is w/her daddy and growing up healthy and happy! Anna is resting peacefully w/her son and looking down knowing that her baby girl is being taken care of!!!! Good for Larry and Dannielynn! You go Larry!!!

  5. Buzz says

    Yep. Her eyes are definitely crossed, I’ve noticed that before about her, but no so obvious in these pix.

  6. jen says

    Yes, her eyes are a beautiful shade of blue. Cross-eyed as hell, but a beautiful shade of blue, yes.

  7. Natai Zap says

    baby looks happy, things happen for a reason, theres a reason Anna is no longer an mother to Dannlyn, Anna wasn’t taken care of anna she left for everyone ele to do, so when your not taking responiablity for the ones you love. In the end you really do loose and Dannlyn is in a better place . anna was no closer to gettin her shit together in this life time she was so self distructive.

  8. oriana says

    I hope Larry gets his money back from that snake of a lawyer she was holding from him, and VERY glad Virgie is out of the way, hope she stays out! Be strong Larry, we are all praying and pulling for you!!!!!!

  9. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    #23- that’s very insensitive to say that it’s a blessing in disguise that this child has no mother. geesh- how low can u get? i don’t think ANS was a wonderful anything, other than maybe a wonderful idiot, but her life was tragically cut short and i don’t think it was in any way a blessing of any kind. was it also a blessing in disguise that Daniel “is outta the picture for good” too?

  10. Coco says

    Hi dori… I’m sorry that some moron here has stolen your ID!
    That seems to happen alot here at b.r.

    Dannielyn is precious. Her eyes are spectacular. I agree that Larry is a wonderful, hands on father.

  11. dori #1 says

    #28 not my comment.
    my comment was #4
    She is beautiful and i am so glad Larry is the father and I believed all along he would make the best daddy for dannielynn. I love seeing pics of them so happy together.

  12. oriana says

    I missed them on Larry King but heard she is a hand full! I don’t think these pictures are all that cute. She does have pretty eyes though. I do agree that Larry is a good father and takes good care of her, prob spoiled rotten and is held most of the time, but who can blame him under the circumstances. She is definately a happy baby! Anna was a mess and Larry is prob a better father than she would have been a mother. Sorry, but look at her life!

    Larry can sell pictures and make thousands of dollars and he does have that right, he has his daughter, a home and a income, and I am sure he isn’t lacking for companionship in the lovelife dept either!

    No, I don’t think he works any more and prob won’t for a long time to come.

  13. carleigh says

    Daily Jones…why don’t you get A LIFE and leave other people alone. WE all have a right to be here and to do so without being harrassed…you my friend fit the profile of a cyber stalker!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be an adult!

  14. Kate says

    OMG! I love Dannielynn! She is absolutely stunning, with those blue eyes and dark hair….Such a unique combination. Plus, she always seems so happy and playful. Larry appears to be a great dad.

  15. Jan says

    I agree she is cute, cuter than an average baby but am yet to see a baby that rivals Suri Cruise, that one is a gem.

  16. says

    OMG, her eyes are very pretty. She’s a beautiful child and she does look very happy. Love the first 2 pics, she looks soooo much like her daddy in those 2.

  17. Holly says

    omg what a gorgeous little cutie-pie!!! what a poser in the first photo she is! hehehehehe to adorbale for words!

  18. Daily Jones says

    @dori….stop that whining…if you are a fitness instructor…I know that you don’t instruct that many people….It is not meant for whining….people want someone strong, they don’t want sissy’s!
    And farther more..what the hell is the big anouncement for…who cares! It is sad that you get your jollies off on a baby blog!

  19. JJ says

    I’m sooooo happy that Larry got full custody of D-L and that he is the sole caregiver and nurturer!! He looks like he would be an awesome father. I hate to say it but it’s a blessing in disguise that Anna Nicole is outta the picture for good!

  20. dori says

    now that I have revealed way too much of who I am I can no longer blog here under my own name so from now on if you see the name dori it won’t be me. I’ll come back in a couple days but it won’t be undder my own name anymore thanks to Miapocca/shequida/shadow girl/daily jones/eddie

  21. Tia says

    what a wonderful daddy he is! She looks like a health, happy baby..and look at those eyes! She is beautiful! I can’t wait to see what she’ll look like when she’s older!

  22. Lauren says

    Dannielynn is a beautiful little girl! I can’t believe it’s already been a year since the whole Anna Nicole/Howard K. Stern/Larry Birkhead paternity battle. Larry seems to be loving fatherhood. It’s sad that it took the death of a beautiful woman for him to finally experience it.

    R.I.P. Anna Nicole & Daniel Smith.

  23. Nicki says

    Wow I don’t know how that snile with the cool shades got there. It was suppose to be an 8, a number eight. Just in case it doesn’t work again.

  24. Nicki says

    Look at those “great big beautiful blue eyes,” She is a cutie and looks like she is fun, comical. I read somewhere else she has 10, (maybe 6 or 8) teeth, Wow. She is a 10 month old cutie. She reminds me of one of my best friends (I have 3) little girl, who is 18 now. She was the the best at having a great time, no matter what was happening. Everything was fun to her. Dannilynn looks like she is like that.

    oriana~he probably did sell these pics. With many people calling him about seeing her, why not pick one and sell them. Howard and Anna made millions off her since she was born. Why can’t Larry, her real Dad made a buck or two, for her. You don’t see him bringing her out everywhere, just to get a shot, which would probably be scary for her. She is use to having to photogs in her house, thanks to Howard and Anna. (may she rest in peace).
    People want the pics, they will get them and sometimes in the worst ways, camping out at schools, hiding in bushes, etc. so if he made some money, good for him. Legit photos for a legit photo shoot. At least the paps didn’t make all the money from the obscene ways they go about getting them.
    He seems like a good Dad, and I have said from day 1, Larry is the Daddy, no way Howard ever could be or was.
    Best wishes to Dannilynn and Larry. He will be hounded for the rest of his life for pics of his (and Annas) lil girl. Why not let them profit from it instead of the intrusive paps.
    JMHO. Best to you oriana! Try the Bananas Foster! It is simply heavenly. (this from a chocolate lover:lol:)

  25. dori says

    Oriana what gives you the impression he doesn’t work? He’s a photographer. He may very well be working. He can get a sitter and go to jobs. It’s very possible.

  26. megs says

    Wow, already a year??! She is a beautiful little girl & Larry seems like a good dad – congrats to them both for making it through this year, it must have been taxing mentally & emotionally.

  27. name not important says

    Love her Lover her, she is so adorable love her eyes and love her super cute smile in the first pic

  28. carleigh says

    Seeing him with Dannie makes me all mushy inside…ANS is missing out on this precious little angels life but what a beauty she is..perfect combination of Larry and Anna. She has beautiful blue eyes like Suri-pie! They are my two fave Shi too though! Just a whole bevy of beautiful baby girls recently! How sweet it is!

  29. maggie says

    OHHH shes a sweetheart, dannie is the most adorable and beautiful baby, and agreed with her eyes they are deeply blue. I love this little baby, shes my favorite

  30. Daily Jones says

    Oh my…she is beautiful! Anna….knew how to make some pretty babies! RIP ANS! I don’t know about larry!
    I’ll give him…some credit..though her has been taking very good care of her…keep virgie lee..away!

  31. Jackie says

    Her eyes are so blue it’s amazing, she’s a beauty and looks like she’s being loved by her dad so who cares about anything else as long as she’s being cared for now that her mommy is gone. Let them be.

  32. oriana says

    She is going to be tall and large frame like Anna. I don’t understand why he can’t still work and be a father too, how many millions of men do! And they didn’t have a home handed to them either. I like Larry but he needs to help support this child.

  33. dori says

    She is a beautiful baby looks like a combo of Larry and Anna. Those blue eyes…oh my goodness!!!!

  34. phnxgirl says

    Her eyes are amazing. She seems to be the center of Larry’s universe. You can tell he loves her so much. What is sad is that it took Anna Nicole’s death to let him be a father. You know if she was still alive she would still be denying him his rights somehow, even after a DNA test.

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