Larry Birkhead And His 'Little Monkey'

Anna Nicole Smith

Larry Birkhead says being a dad is “the best experience of my life” – and reveals his pet name for his 10-month-old daughter, Dannielynn.

“I call her ‘Little Monkey,’ ” the proud daddy told People magazine at the Hollywood premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum Wednesday. “It’s because she just rolls around like a little monkey all the time with me. I call her ‘Cricket’ sometimes too.”

Larry, who fathered Dannielynn with the late Anna Nicole Smith, said he’s been overwhelmed by all the support – and gifts – he’s received since winning custody of the baby. “You know I get tons of things from people who I’ve never even met before and so everything means a lot to me.”

He added, “Dannielynn loves all kind of toys. She loves anything that makes noises and sounds and lights, and she’s really alert – she’s just a great baby!”

And the 34-year-old is loving being a father. “It’s the best experience of my life,” he said. “I get up early in the morning and I run in as soon as I hear the first cries and I take a peek at my daughter and scoop her up. It’s great! It’s a lot of fun and it’s a lot of hours.”
As for Dannielynn, she’s already said her first word – sort of. “It’s gaga, said Larry, ‘but I’m trying to make it Dada.”




  1. oriana says

    It would not surprise me one bit if Howard doesn’t end up in a mental hospital. He has lost everything, Anna, the baby, his reputation, his job, he knew he wasn’t the father all along, I don’t doubt that he may have had sex with Anna once or twice in her drunken stupor and drugged state, but she didn’t love him. I feel sorry for him, I can’t help it. I think he did whatever Anna said and demanded, just like Brit Spears and Lindsay Lohan with her enablers. Howard is destroyed.

    I think eventually Larry will marry but the baby will always come first with him over everyone.

  2. Nicki says

    oriana~ my friend. I’m not sure Howard deserves that honor. He knew all along he wasn’t Dannilynns dad. Yes he was a good cover for Anna. But why the heck do you think got, supplied her with those drugs? Instead of having her go into rehab? Howard. Yes I do believe he loved her, but she didn’t love him, she use to laugh at him. He was her fool. I think Larry will let “uncle Howard” see Dannilynn, but Howard knew from day 1 that Larry was the Daddy, and he made it hard for Larry.
    Larry fought, and won, and Howard looks like an idiot. Much like he did on Anna’s show. Howard is a sad, excuse for a man.
    But why make it harder on the kid? UncleHoward will stop by on birthdays and Christmas. I think that is generous from a man who was denied and fought against for the first 6 months of the babies life.

  3. Georgia says

    I have to say that Dannielynn is the most beautiful baby ive ever seen, she has the most captivating eyes. Thats such a cute photo 🙂

  4. N says

    Nope….Since he has become a father he no longer takes pictures on the side. She inherited her moms home ….and that is where they live. He has money from interviews and the money he had before she became his officially.

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