Jerry O'Connell's Baby Wish!

Rebecca Romijn

Jerry O’Connell, 33 and Rebecca Romijn, 34 have been married for two weeks and Jerry is hoping that they will get pregnant!

Jerry says, “We definitely want to have kids. Hopefully, they will take after their mother.”

Best wishes to them!


  1. nat says

    thats so ironic, didnt she divorce john stamos bc SHE didnt want any kids??? maybe now she realize her career isnt going anywhere might as well have kids???

  2. sally says

    i think she pregnant already too..trying to do ‘damage control’ so to speak..for whatever reason…

  3. D'Anna says

    Tam, I agree. That’s exactly what I thought…and John Stamos still doesn’t have a baby.

    And I do bet she is pregnant already.

  4. Tam says

    weird didnt john stamos want babies and she didnt so thats thereason they split now she wants babies? lol

  5. dori says

    now that I have revealed way too much of who I am I can no longer blog here under my own name so from now on if you see the name dori it won’t be me. I’ll come back in a couple days but it won’t be undder my own name anymore thanks to Miapocca/shequida/shadow girl/daily jones/eddie

  6. dori says

    I’m sure they will have beautiful babies. jerry looks like he’s lost some weight. His face looks thinner than it did before. Maybe it’s the angle of the camera. Does anyone else see it?

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