Eva Herzigova & Husband Present Their Son

Eva Herzigova

Eva Herzigova

Eva Herzigova

Eva Herzigova

Eva Herzigova
Eva Herzigova

Eva Herzigova

Eva Herzigova

Eva Herzigova

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! George was born in Paris on June 1st and is quite the cutie!

Many thanks to the JJBer who shared these beautiful pics!


  1. Jennifer says

    Beautiful shots. 🙂

    I am less descreet when I try and use my Hooter Hider, than when I just nurse my daughter without any props.

  2. Gina says

    Oh, please. There are thousands of pictures of women in bikinis appearing in magazines every day that show even more of the breast/cleavage than these photos do, and no one is shocked. You see more of Eva’s breasts in the shot with the cream-colored bodysuit than you do in the breastfeeding pictures.

    I have been around our friends when they’ve nursed in public dozens of times, and it’s barely been noticeable–you’d really have to be looking for it to have any idea that the baby is nursing. And no, they don’t toss a blanket over the baby’s head. Would you like to eat with a blanket over your head (or in a stinky bathroom or some of the other places people suggest nursing mothers go to “be discreet”)? I have never once seen “swollen breasts flopping around” when a woman is nursing…I think this is a ridiculous exaggeration.

    Nursing is a normal and natural way for women to feed their babies, and it shouldn’t be treated as something sexual, shameful, or in need of being hidden and done only in private. If you don’t want to see it, don’t look. If you’re not capable of looking away, seek therapy.

  3. Eguz says

    I don’t understand. You would feed your baby snacks or maybe a little solid meal in public, right?? Breastfeeding may have the benefit of a bonding experience, but it is first and foremost baby’s means of nutrition. That’s what breasts were made for. They were not made to be oogled and “sexed” up by the media. When they are being used for the right purpose (feeding baby) there is nothing wrong with that happening in public.

  4. Cricket says

    The magazine’s in German, duh, that’s how you can tell it’s not America. Let’s pay attention here and not get blinded by the breasts! 😉

    Speaking of which, Eva made her name as the WonderBra model, didn’t she? So it’s hardly surprising that the cleavage is on display. I much prefer the breastfeeding shots to the ridiculous “fashion” ones like the high heels, bathing suit and pram shot.

  5. Kate says

    We are mammals because we have mammaries. They literally define who we are. American culture, in particular, has sexualized breasts completely. Europeans are much more matter-of-fact about them.

    (BTW, I’m appalled that the U.S. movie-rating system cares more about bare “boobies” than about, oh, shooting people and blowing stuff up. It’s ridiculous how prudish we are!)

    Breasts are not always sexual. For instance, when a baby/child is nursing. (or during a mammagram, for another example) Feeding a child trumps anyone’s discomfort with possibly — gasp! — getting a glimpse of a fatty deposit (aka breast) Geez.

    Discretion is often appreciated but never necessary. Many (most, in the US) breastfeeding mothers try to keep that in mind. All know there’s a chance they’ll flash someone. And they either accept that risk or genuinely don’t care (it’s hard to care about anything else when you’re holding a screaming child).

    Happy breastfeeding week!

  6. N says

    I agree with V…..If you dont want to see then turn your head….. Dont look. Its just as easy for you to do that. If you are at a restaurant and you feel your husband is going to stare at a woman that is breastfeeding her child and resort to sexual fantasies instead of just looking away and continuing his meal…..then you ladies can leave the restaurant and go eat at home. As adults we should be able to control our urges….. A breastfeeding woman does not bring sexual thoughts to my mind….. If it brings those type of thoughts to yours…… I feel you are the one that really needs the help.

  7. V says

    JJ- I’m done discussing this with you. Have a nice life and I hope you don’t run in too many BOOBS!

  8. JJ says

    V – to each their own. I’m illustrating the fact that there are options for women when trying to feed an infant in public. It’s not an all or nothing concept. I prefer seeing the bottle in public, not a lactating woman’s swollen breasts that are flopping around her babies open mouth while the baby is screaming and attracting more public attention to her and her exposed breast.

    As for Eva – I still maintain that this photo shoot of her breastfeeding was not necessary and by putting theses photos in a magazine does not necessarily “normalize” anything other than seeing more breasts in mainstream magazines.

    It’s nothing new! We’ve seen it many times before. Women showing off their breasts in magazines to sell a product. Do you mean to tell me that Eva is selling the idea of breastfeeding because society is too stupid to know any better? Breastfeeding is hardly a modern concept.

  9. V says

    JJ – My children took bottles when I was not with them! If I was with them, there was NO WAY I was going to have to pump yet again to give them a bottle in public. Like I said many of us who choose to breastfeed try and be as discreet as possible and sometimes it is not that easy.

    These picures are pretty discreet…the ones of her not breastfeeding show more of her cleavage than those that she is.

    I think it is wonderful to have public pictures of woman breastfeeding their children. The more we see it, the more it will normalize it and that is a GOOD THING!

  10. Ws33 says

    Dear V,
    What your views are on breastfeeding is different from poster “Zbella’s”, who says she doesn’t use a coverup or any sort of discreet tactic. I’m in favor of breastfeeding in public. My friends do it all the time—discreetly. Not flaunting their boobies for men of all ages to see.
    What Eva seemed to have done was just that, flaunt. If her baby was hungry, why not ask the photographer for a break while she tended to her baby’s needs?

    To Zbella and others, your boobies may just be mammary glands, but ladies, let’s not be naive. They will always carry a sexual connotation, as Kimmy stated.

  11. JJ says

    #62 “V” – I’ve given the whole breastfeeding in public considerable thought and I still believe that there are ways to feed your baby in public while practicing some decorum and modesty while doing it. First of all, there are these bottles that have a nipple on the end of them that you can actually put liquids inside such as breast milk or water, juice or baby formula. When a women goes out in public she can use the bottle to feed her screaming and hungry child. That’s an option that works very well with many women.

    Then at home a women can do what she wants…in front of her husband, her extended family members, her girlfriends, her husbands friends, the buddies her husband plays football or racket ball with…she can let it all hang out…breasts, nipples…everything…no bars held. After all it is her choice and her home – so why not be brazen about it?

    There are alternative options to the politics of breastfeeding in public!!! Personally, I wish that men could breastfeed too and take the responsibility and discomfort away from women. I would totally welcome that option. No more breastfeeding required for women, no more sore nipples, no mastitis infections…wooo-hooo!!!

  12. V says

    I am 100% in support of breatsfeeding anywhere and everywhere needed. I have breastfed both of my children and am still breatsfeeding my youngest. I am appauled that someone on this site believes that a woman would breatsfeed in publc because she wants to show off her breasts. No, her child is screaming and hungry and needs to eat.

    For myself and many of the woman I know that have and are still breastfeeing….we do our best to not have our boobs just haniging out and to be respectful to those that may not be comfortable with that. But it is not always the easiest thing to do. I would not put a blanket over my childs head in hot humid weather and once they hit 6 mos and up many of them throw it off any way and then you are ven more exposed because you are trying to grab the blanket and get the baby lached on.

    Kimmy, I would love to hear a report after you have your baby. If you choose to breatsfeed and you have a screaming baby and you are in public what choice you will make. Run and hide? or feed your baby? Its not always that cut and dry.

  13. kimmy says

    Candles- if someone boob is hanging out right in front of me, it’s human nature to glance. I mean C’mon let’s be real. If a mans penis was hanging out wouldn’t you look too? Breasts, whether you like it or not, are still considered a sexual part of a womans body-even when you’re breastfeeding. Do you think that women should all walk around topless?? That’s basically what you’re implying. I’m pregnant right now and my husband supports me whether I bottle feed or breastfeed. But I’m not going to disrespect him or myself by letting other men see my breasts-even if I am breastfeeding. Those are his and his only!! I think that the latest bloggers on this site are making the argument about themselves and not the baby. They’re using the baby as an excuse to be able to show their breasts in public- and that’s not fair. Sorry ladies, most people in general don’t want to see your boobs while eating. It’s beautiful that you’re providing nourishment for your kiddo but cover up!! it’s not that hard!! It’s common courtesy.

  14. JJ says

    #58 “Candles”

    Teenagers know a lot more about their body than you might think! Especially today where most teens are exposed to all kinds of media from the internet to television to magazines.
    Your sense of “logic” might be better applied for teens living in the 1930s or 1940s who did not have access to on-line information or television…they also don’t need to see their favourite celebs getting pregnant at 17 or at 20…because guess what?? It suddenly becomes the “in” thing to get pregnant “as a fashion accessory” (we can thank Britney Spears for that one).

    My 6 year old niece sees her mother breastfeeding her younger sister. She knows all about breastfeeding…she will take this experience and file it in her brain as a positive experience and draw back on that experience as an adult…The general public does not need to see celebs in magazines breastfeeding their young – it isn’t necessary! We get the picture….Eva breastfeeds…good for her…applause…now, show me something I haven’t already seen a gazillion times in the past 30 years of my life…what’s the next step in the magazine industry? Showing pictures of celebrity couples taking a shower together? or sitting on the toilet? Oh wait…that’s already been done..thank you Jenny McCarthy!!

    There is a such a thing as too much information about people’s private lives…it’s just TOO MUCH!!

  15. kimmy says

    Zbella- breastfeed anywhere you want- what is so hard about using a blanket? Is it that much work????

  16. Candles says

    That’s just the point – 15 year olds are just the people who need to be influenced. It’s clearly too late to influence the adults who think that there’s something wrong with feeding a baby in the most natural and healthful way possible. 15 year olds are under such terrible influences to look skinny and to be sexually attractive, that it’s wonderful to have someone demonstrate that there are other aspects of beauty.

    If you don’t want to see a breastfeeding boob – then don’t look! You see less boob when breastfeeding discreetly than you do when a woman wears a plunging neckline or balconet top.

  17. Ws33 says

    Nicely put, JJ.
    Zbella, no one is saying that they’re against breastfeeding in public. It’s the method. You said you didn’t use a blanket or any sort of coverup… Hmmm. Then your principles are in disagreement with everyone out there with some sort of sense because take a look at the movie ratings, for instance.
    Why do you think movies are rated G, PG, R, etc? Nudity or other showing of your “boobies” is not what everyone wants to see, especially for children/ or raging hormonal teens.
    Society just doesn’t work the way you see it:
    “What I do is my own business” is your statement, but no, your actions affects others as well. We are not barbarians who do whatever we want, whenever we want. What if I pissed (excuse my French) on your lap because hey, that’s what I want to do and Darn it, I’m comfortable with it… just like you said about breastfeeding.
    Your sense of reasoning just doesn’t make any logical sense living within a society.

  18. JJ says

    #45 – the only women that would be influenced by what a fashion model does are 15 year old teenagers!! Breastfeeding has been around since the beginning of time it pre-dates the Bible…people who don’t know about breastfeeding or what it looks like – must be living under a rock…so don’t try to justify this photo shoot as educational ….it’s all about readership and selling more magazines….and YES!!! breastfeeding is a private and personal act…unless the person wants attention from the media or the general public…just like Eva here …

  19. Zbella says

    Wow – they are so natural and beautiful. You can still see her linea negra on her stomach (w/the 3 of them in bed – my fav pic).

    Kimmy – I am American and very comfortable with breastfeeding. I actually was on the news last month in support of nursing in public. Where I live, it is the law that a woman can feed her child ANYWHERE they are legally allowed to be. A woman was recently asked to cover up or leave a public place and I take issue with that.

    I was breastfed by my mother, so that is probably why I’m very comfortable with it myself. My dad has seen me breastfeed, my priest, everyone. I’m not ashamed – in fact I’m PROUD! 🙂

    I have breastfed 3 very healthy babies. And yes, they get hungry at the park, restaurants, the zoo, school, church – not just at home! As I said on the news “As a nursing mother, my intent is not to make others uncomfortable, but to provide for my child. In my opinion, a baby’s need for nourishment outweighs another individual’s feelings of unease at glimpsing a breast.” And no, I don’t use a blanket to cover my children or my breast. No one has ever complained!

  20. kimmy says

    Alison- I’m not European-that’s what I meant to say. Another thing- I’m not against breastfeeding. Why would I be against that? I just don’t think that women need to flash people if you’re in a public place. Breasts are still breasts even if you’re feeding a child. That’s why they made feeding blankets. In fact, imagine you’re out with your husband and a woman is breast feeding next to your table-right there in the middle of everyone with no blanket or anything. That might make some people (not just men but women too) uncomfortable. That’s all I’m saying. I just gave my opinion about Eva. I don’t dislike her or anything, but personally I wouldn’t do these pictures. We can agree to disagree, but please let me have my opinion. After all, I’m in America… : )

  21. Alison says

    yes pistachio I was joking 🙂
    “alison- but I’m n European and I’m going by my opinion”
    you are n (?North) European?
    so why do you say “I am so tired of people comparing *us* to Europe?”I am very confused….
    This is a European mother, posing in a European magazine, and by European standards they aren’t trying to “prove” anything and it isn’t “obnoxious” to feed your baby. And there is nothing immodest about feeding your baby. Is is possible you might have some ishoooooos about breastfeeding?

  22. kimmy says

    Danica- that is a very unfair assumption. Maybe some of us are just modest. People have different opinions about this.

  23. says

    Yay for breastfeeding! I wish more American magazines would show this instead of only breasts as sex objects. You people that think this should be “private” only think of breasts as sexy mounds of flesh and they are much much more than that!

  24. Sam says

    I think these pictures are beautiful! As women, we need to support each other and create a hospitable society for breastfeeding since it is the best thing for our children. Any woman who has ever nursed can tell you babies don’t just get hungry at home. Why is it that so many women say mothers are “flaunting” their breasts if they drape themselves in fabric or hide away in some room? To cover up something that is so natural adds to the misperception that women are sex objects and nursing is a dirty act.

  25. pooka says

    Good for Eva!
    I don’t agree with comments about breastfeeding being a private bond between a mother and child. What rot! Breastfeeding is just that: a means of feeding a child. Proven to be the most effective and beneficious way of feeding a child.
    The shots also demonstrate that, contrary to some opinions, you can feed a baby without showing any more flesh than would be seen on the beach in swimwear.

  26. Candles says

    JJ – Actually NOT everyone knows what breastfeeding looks like, and many of those people who don’t know (and might not breastfeed as a result) are precisely the people most likely to be influenced to breastfeed as a result of seeing a famous model doing so.

    And why should feeding your baby have to be a private thing, anyway?

  27. Fio says

    Maybe Eva is actually trying to make a point that her breasts are real and able to feed her sweet baby as nature intended

  28. loralee says

    “Breastfeeding… should not be marketed in fashion magazines for the world”. Sorry, did you really say “marketed”? Like formula is “marketed” by companies seeking to maximise their profits? Who exactly stands to gain from women feeding their babies the milk designed perfectly for that baby, for free?

  29. pistachio says

    Alison- comment 38- sorry to be pedantic but English is a European language too. (Alongside German in this magazine shoot)

  30. Piffle says

    Gorgeous pics, gorgeous family, gorgeous baby, gorgeous breastfeeding shots.
    Far more useful breast images than when she stopped traffic in a 60ft billboard in downtown London all those years ago.

    she is obviously very confident and comfy in her body, why should she not show it off as a model and as a nursing mother.
    It is her choice, she has freedom of choice and by the way breastfeeding in public is not actually a crime against modesty.

  31. says

    Those of you who think breastfeeding should be kept private are really making me laugh… can someone tell me what is going on in those photos that is so offensive? I see no more cleavage than in a straightforward fashion shot.

    Other than that, what she’s doing is wonderful, she looks great and happy and is a fantastic advert for nourishing her child with her own body. What are breasts actually for, after all?

    But of course, I am a European…

  32. Alison says

    by kimmy | July 26th, 2007 at 3:07 pm
    “dori- but this isn’t Europe. I’m so tired of people comparing us to Europe. I mean, how arrogant”
    kimmy, have you noticed that the magazine text is not in English. It is in European 🙂

  33. days says

    You should all just state your opinion here WITHOUT throwing personal insults, EVEN IF you disagree with someone. For example, no need to call “Kimmy” a prude. Her views are different from yours. Leave it at that.

    …. And you make yourself out to be a far worse word than “prude” (which we won’t mention) when you stoop to insult another person on this site.


  34. JJ says

    yeah…I agree that these photos are not for everyone to see…Breastfeeding is a private thing and should not be marketed in fashion magazines for the world…she has huge breasts full of milk and is flaunting them in public…I’m surprised her husband is cool with it! Everyone in the world knows what breastfeeding looks like…we don’t need to see it on a fashion model with super skinny thighs and post-pregnancy breasts!

  35. Nicki says

    People of course it is staged.It is a PHOTO SHOOT. That what a photo shoot is, staged pics. I just wish we saw a few more of lil Georges face. It was apparently a photo shoot for Eva, not the baby.
    She is beautiful and not sure when the pics were taken, he was born June 1st, but looks like soon after. She looks great, and the baby is adorable, just wish we could see his face in more of the pics.

  36. Analise says

    Three of these photos annoy me. The pink dress one cause it’s ugly and the two breastfeeding pics. Can we say staged feeding??? Plus I hate public breastfeeding. But she looks fabulous!! She’s got it, she should flaunt it. kimmy you ARE a prude. Jenna… hugs to my best friend on here!!!!!!!! XO

  37. says

    Nothing wrong with breastfeeding at ALL, but these just seem a bit too staged – like they decided with THIS shoot they were going to call attention to how natural it is to breastfeed your child.

  38. Denise says

    There is two Denise’s on here and I am one of them. I myself breast fed my sons. There is nothing wrong with it.

  39. Denise says

    There is two Denise’s on here and I am one of them. I myself breast fed my sons. There is nothing wrong with it.

  40. Julie says

    Ok, first, I want to say that a woman should and has a duty to breastfeed (if she has chosen to breastfeed) whenever and wherever her child is hungry. However, this spread seems to be showcasing her breasts more than the child. The text refers to her as the Wonderbra Model, so obviously they meant to have pics of her ample bosom, but I don’t think it’s quite appropriate to use a picture of her breastfeeding in the “Wonderbra Model” context. It’s creepy. But let me be clear, again, I’m all for breastfeeding wherever and whenever. I’m all for photos of mommies breastfeeding, and I’m also supportive of any woman who gets photographed because she has fabulous breasts. But I don’t think those scenarios should be combined in the same photo. Especially not when the term “erotischsten Mutter” (Most erotic mother) is used in the text!!!!!!!!!! Scham dich!

  41. Denise says

    Jean – I don’t think is being a prude Kimmy.
    You sound closed minded and unable to accept someone might have a differnt oppion than yours. You throw insults rather than try to understand someones else point of view.

  42. Nicki says

    Beautiful pics. I like that she is breastfeeding. I just wish out of the nine pics we could have a few more of the lil guys face. From the 3 1/2 pics I see of his face he is a cutie.

  43. says

    I do agree that here in Europe, nudity is not that big of a deal…
    Also some of you should keep in mind that this website is not just for the US…..

    Anyway, this is a beautiful family. She looks great and her baby is cute 🙂 I do have to agree also that some of the pics don’t look appropriate for presenting a baby, (the one with the carriage and the last one with the pink dress). Still I love the rest. Precious…

  44. kimmy says

    dori- but this isn’t Europe. I’m so tired of people comparing us to Europe. I mean, how arrogant.

  45. phnxgirl says

    Oh my lord people, who cares if she is breastfeeding. She is beautiful, happy and the baby is adorable.

  46. dori says

    oh my g-d she looks so great I also love that she’s breast feeding In Europe nudity is more acceptable so these pics are natural and beautiful. Beautiful family . The baby is very sweet.

  47. N says

    I also think the breastfeeding photos are precious. Yes her cleavage is ample…..but the deed is precious.

  48. D'Anna says


    Someone should tell that baby to have some modesty and not get hungry while his mother is doing a photoshoot.

    If you’re offended, put a blanket over your head and eat your dinner in a bathroom, because it offends me.

  49. Andrea says

    It’s great she’s breastfeeding and that’s working out for her, but to chose that as one of your poses for a magazine?? And photographers–give her some privacy!

  50. V says

    I have to admit that some of the photos are rediculous and I do agree with Jenna M. that it is a “baby” photo shoot. But the pics of her in the overalls and with her son are adorable and again I love thst she is breastfeeding in some of them.

    But she is a model,so that is probably why they did those other photos.

  51. Denise says

    I am w/ Kimmy

    Breast feeding is a bond between mother and child not for the world to see.

    I have nothing against breastfeeding but keep it private the way it is suppose to be.

    There are some good pics – she looks very happy

  52. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Kimmy, I think the word you are looking for is condemn, not condone!

    I think its great when celebrity others (and indeed any mothers) aren’t ashamed to brestfeed in public. Its a perfectly natural thing. Some of the other pictures however are far too over-sexed for a baby photo-shoot. Her cleavage and not the baby seems to be the focus of three of the photos.

  53. Tiffany says

    What a gorgeous family. I think it is very cool for a magazine to allow the mom to breastfeed her child in the photos. That is part of being a mom and I think it is great that this magazine took some very “natural” pictures. On the other hand…the pic of her in the swimsuit thing with the baby buggy……not natural at all.
    Cute pics and gorgeous family.
    I also would flaunt it if I looked that good after having my kids…..

  54. V says

    Why should she cover up? If I looked that good after having a child (which I don’t) I would not be covering up.

  55. V says

    YEAH for her!! I LOVE that she is breastfeeding in a couple of these pictures. They are a beautiful family! Of course this magazine is not an American magazine…..where we need to normalize breastfeeding and realize that is what they (boobs) are there for!

  56. Calm yourself says

    Easy on the hysterical laughing while breastfeeding and holding your baby while he sleeps!!! Maybe she’ll cover up when she’s a mommy for awhile and realizes there are more important things in life. Who am I kdding, look at Klum.

  57. kimmy says

    Ok- What with the breasts hanging out all over the place? It’s like they’re trying to hard to have them hanging out. It’s obnoxious. I don’t condone breastfeeding but I really think it’s a intimate bonding between mommy and baby. What are they trying to prove?

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