1. martha says

    Just because u people are so jelous of celine dion. Nowonder u people saying nonsess thing, just because u people do’t have any TALENT like her. She looks nice when she SING.Celine dion and husband,son looks nice in the photos wow!!!!!!!!!

  2. COLE says

    Celine dion is a great singer love all her songs yeah her kid needs a hair cut amd looks wierd but whose to say what wiered is maybe youse could be the wiredo’s well you cant judge people that family doesnt judge you and remember this saying “if you dont have something nice to say dont say anything at all” unless you want to be judge!!!

  3. Buzz says

    On Oprah, she talked about how the kid is on her sleeping habits – they are up all night and sleep all day. This works best for her schedule. Keeping her son up all night and having him sleep all day. Good God.

  4. oriana says

    He may very well be a Rock Star before it is over with! Ha!

    I think he is much cuter than Kate Hudson’s little boy, he is plain looking and looks old in the face, this little boy looks like he has a fun personality! I say, Let it Grow!!!!!

  5. Toiie says

    I am in agreement with 34,35,36. Their comments are my sentiments exactly. I would rather see hair on a child than no hair at all. I also cannot stand extremely short hair on men.

  6. Cyberkitten38 says

    Mannnn u ppl r freakin SHALLOW! I can’t believe what an uproar hair could cause! Have ya’s ever thought that maybe HE wants his hair that way? I’m all FOR my children expressing themselves whatever way they want..if that means green hair, then so be it..if they wanna shave it all off (i have girls)..all the power to em. Jeez It’s only HAIR..GET OVER IT!

  7. Tia says

    hahaha Oriana! to each his own darling! (his hair is a bit long but apparently celine said in a Mag. that she’s tried to cut it, but he said he looks like a rock star so she let him keep it)

  8. jessica says

    the comments that some people leave on this website are horrible. does no one moderate what is written? and when did having long hair become unacceptable for boys? going on that lodgic then short hair is unacceptable for girls, but then would you all be calling a girl with short hair a lesbian?

  9. oriana says

    Oh he isn’t Gay! The little boy looks like him, I think he is cute, and Tia, I will leave them alone just for you!!!!

  10. Coco says

    How do all of you people who say her husband is “gay” know for sure? Or do you just want to talk crap!

  11. Zbella says

    Celine is wonderful and you can tell she adores her son. I don’t understand the age difference attraction but best wishes to their family.

  12. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    it’s funny that i put a good comment about someone i like and i get “comment waiting moderation” but people can come on here and talk so horribly about an innocent child…i dont like this site’s ridiculous. maybe if i didnt have a heart or a conscience i could fit in and be like all u “cool” people that treat other human beings like dirt..less than dirt actually.

  13. oriana says

    I love her singing, she has a beautiful voice, I don’t like watching her perform, why does she keep hitting her chest all the time? I am glad they had this child, wish she had more kids but she has plenty of siblings, I think they are a nice family and she does help a lot of people, I did hear that he has a gambling problem but they can afford to do whatever they want too. She is not pretty at all, without makeup, plain Jane, but wish them well.

  14. Amy says

    If I were given free concert ticket ssitting in the front row I WOULD NOT GO TO A CELINE DION CONCERT! Don’t like her. She is a strange person!

  15. says

    You people are ridiculous. Just because a boy has long hair does not make him queer! While I would not have my son’s hair that lenght, if she likes it that’s fine. That’s her child after all. Those 2 really love each other! I love Celine, her music is beautiful.

  16. mazer says

    You people here are very opinionated without any scruples! You say Heidi Klum posing porn-like shots is okay “because you have a nice body so why not” –but you go off on something so superficial as hair?
    Men in Europe have long hair, so why not a young boy?
    Hmm. Your values are way, way off and screwed.

  17. Stacy says

    Why the hell would anyone do that to a little boy? Weird.
    Good god cut that kids hair. It’s just gross.

  18. Tia says

    Leave them alone! I love this family, and Celine is a wonderful person! She has done soo much for canada and the CF foundation. Désirent ardemment de phase ce beau chanteur !

  19. Lauren says

    Cute kid. He really needs a haircut. I don’t get why some parents who have little boys let them look like girls. Long hair is understandable, that long of hair is crazy.

  20. maggie says


  21. No she didn't... says

    That child (boy, right?) would be so much better off with hair like his dads than his moms!!!

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