1. womn says

    Margaret is right I feel so sorry for Lance’s wife she stood by him and nurse Lance testicles back to health well what did it get her but a broken heart.

  2. Bub says

    She did not ask for a white baby. She waited like the rest of us, and did not specify race or gender.
    A friend adopted in Missouri, single woman too, not famous, not rich. They put her on the list, and she got a child 8 months later. All above board, no shortcuts.
    She too said she did not care what race.
    So #19, no need for your snide remarks. Not all of us are hell-bent on getting a white child.

  3. Molly says

    11. Margarett Foyer-Sherman – you are a very ignorant person. Your statements are completely wrong. Your face looks like it got run over by a truck!

  4. carleigh says

    I agree well said Borninaustin! Margaret knows absolutely nothing..if ya wanna be a gossip monger then at least get your facts straight lady!

    Anyhoo, Sheryl looks radiant and she deserves some happiness after the last 2 years she’s had to go through. This baby was something she has obviously been longing for and wanting, Wyatt was very wanted and is going to diluged and spoiled with all her love! Good to see her radiant, lovely smile!

  5. Borninaustin. says

    Margaret, you have your facts and timeline screwed up. And aside from all that, you’re just plain dumb. And blind too,by the looks of it
    She met Egoman after he and his wife split, and unfortunately for her he did not learn from his mistakes.
    And right after he decided a few weeks before the wedding that hey, maybe the world is too big to get tied down, she learned she had breast cancer.
    As for your other remarks, they show your spirit and it ain t pretty. Why don t you take that hate somewhere else.

  6. Margarett Foyer-Sherman says

    Hmmm…I still cant forgive her for stealing Lance Armstrong from his wife, and she is too old to be a mother and her face looks like an old shoe.

  7. Sweetpea says

    This lady has the heart and courage of a lioness, to bounce back like that.
    She’ll be a great mom.

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