1. Anzhelika says

    If man can afford to have 5 or 100 women,so good luck to them! All men prefer to have a young woman next to him than wrinkle old moaning bag…

  2. carleigh says

    Love Rod’s music, Rod the man..that’s another story altogether. Little Alastair is just too cute and love the pic’s!

  3. Janie says

    8. dori – I totally agree with your comments. The only reason all of these old men get these young women is because they have money and fame!!

  4. dori says

    Just another young blonde wife like his other 4or5 blonde wives. She’ss turn 40 and he’ll dump her too and marry another young blonde and have a baby with her too. He’s so damn predictable. I love him and his music but he’s a man whore.

  5. sara says

    I love his music! But he’s as old as my dad and she’s my sisters age…I just don’t get it??? !!! UGH! Alastair is darling…love the name….very European.

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