An Expectant Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber Out Walking Their Dog

Naomi Watts

An expectant Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber were snapped walking their dog in LA. That’s a very cute dog!
Can’t wait to hear to hear their happy baby news!



  1. says

    I love dogs, and this one is really cute. Not to be mean or anything, but I really am fed up of seeing pics with this pregnant woman. Jeez…

  2. Tina says

    I think she might have it on my birthday the 29th-sunday. Now that would be really cool. I guess we just have to wait and see. TIK! TAK! TIK! TAK!

  3. kim--original kim says

    She’s going to have this baby any minute, and that cute little dog won’t know what the hell has happened to his world!!!

  4. Lauren says

    What a cute little dog! 🙂

    Naomi needs to have this kid already. I’m sick of seeing pregnant pics of her! But, she looks beautiful.

  5. Julie says

    Holy Christ! Birth your child already!!!!!!! Keep walking! Have sex! Drink castor oil! Whatever you need to do!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. H says

    Seriously, me either. I’m sick of seeing pregnant Naomi pics. Not that she isn’t beautiful, but come on… Getting a bit of Naomi overload.

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