Julia Roberts & Husband Out For A Stroll With Henry

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts and husband Danny were snapped out for a stroll with Henry in NYC. Danny is looking very Grizzly Adams! 🙂


  1. oriana says

    Shombee, I think it was disgusting behavior of her breaking up a marriage, wearing a shirt slurring his wife and she didn’t have any qualms over chasing after someone’s husband. The kids are not cute at all, and I don’t see her as America’s sweetheart! She looks like a bag lady most of the time and he doesn’t look much better.

  2. Shombee says

    I think life is hard enough as it as. It seems being a celebrity makes it even harder. It’s not enough that these peoples work makes us laugh, cry, dream and aspire to do things with our lives, but society won’t even allow them to have personal lives or the privacy that we hold so dear every day. I think it’s disgusting and ungrateful to be judgmental of these wonderful people who actually live their lives rather than sit around spying, and trying to hold other peoples lives under microscopes as we do theirs. Everyone should be grateful for whatever happiness and bit of normalcy these people can get considering the vulchers swarming and waiting for them to make one slip up as if they don’t eat sleep breath and have emotions like the PEOPLE they are. Julia and her little family look absolutely, wonderfully happy. I hope they can hold on to that happiness for as long as they possibly can.

  3. dori says

    This is a happy well adjusted couple and they are starting a family why would anyone think there is trouble in paradise? I wish them the best and congrats to them on their new baby.

  4. Daily Jones says

    Maybe she like him like that! I know that the sruffy look release passion to me! I think that he is sexy! I like them! I think their kids are cute!

  5. kim--original kim says

    Looks like little Henry has a serious carrot-top goin’ on there! I love it…very cute. Danny’s gotta be hot with all that face hair!!! Yech.

  6. carleigh says

    Mia, why so negative? All marriages today I believe have over a 50% chance or a bit higher even perhaps, chance of divorce. The odds are stacked against anyone who gets married, much less a celebrity couple. I wouldn’t doubt it if the divorce rate is even much, much higher for celeb’s. Just seems sad to harbor so much negativity, I’m not picking on you so don’t take it that way. Just bad enough they have children and to have people around them gloating about karma and the shelf-life of their marriage is a bit depressing. Him and his ex-wife Vera had no children, him and Julia seem happy and you simply can’t steal another human being away if they want to leave and aren’t truly happy then they will go at some point. Julia has everything she always wanted and I think it’s quite wonderful.

  7. Miapocca says

    Julia forget to sign the checks for his personal hygiene products..afterall she was busy bringing Henry into this world….hmmmmmmmmmmmmm at least they are still together for now…KARMA will strike one day, the longer it waits the more painful it is,, hahha

  8. says

    He’s been this way for way too long. Why doesn’t he shave? I don’t think that Julia minds lol. I can’t wait to see the baby.

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