Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

In case anyone hasn’t seen them! 😉 They are from the LA Galaxy game that David Beckham was playing in, and they are certainly adorable!
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  1. MisMoe says

    I think that Tom and Katie make such a perfect cuple it tends to rub people the wrong way. They look so happy. And that baby couldn’t get any cuter.
    Toms a weirdo But weirdos need love too….

  2. blurb says

    Dear Darla (#80) Why is your mother staying with you? Do you have a husband? boyfriend? significant other? Do you NEED your mother to stay with you? If not, you need to gather up your courage, plan exactly what you’re going to say, and tell her “My House, My Rules, Mom who you’ll have to go back to your own house! Grow up, Darla, or you’ll never get any respect from your son.

  3. liz says

    seeing pictures of tom cruise, suri and katie absolutely delight me. suri is such a doll. there are pictures where she looks a lot like katie and there are pictures where she looks just like tom, especially her expressions. she is my favorite celebrity baby. i think shiloh is very pretty also and is starting to look a bit more like her mom now. and violet affleck is very sweet and cute but I believe she will look more like ben as she gets older. but all in all suri cruise melts my heart the very most.

  4. oriana says

    Tia, so scarey that people like Hubbard exist in this world! And I do think that the guy that took his place is as looney as he was, probably psychotic too! Hubbard was a genius though, but a demented one!!!

  5. cherisse says

    Shodow Girl why don’t you do all of us a favor and just get off this site and never return every damn time you are on this site you always have to be such a negative person. Maybe you and my grandma should met i think you and her could hit it off.

  6. Tia says

    so..Hubbard is now a doctor? gimme a break!! nothing is better then breast milk!! what is wrong with these people??

  7. Shadow Girl says

    Wherein boob juice can be proved to help prevent asthma and stuff like that. Barley would not provide anything useful, milk is good, and corn syrup is not a good thing! Infants should not be privy to that kind of bull, especially since they can’t speak up for themselves!

  8. says

    ahahah ..shadow shadow shadow ahahhah

    From the pages of this week’s US Magazine come these tips for child-rearing, Scientology-style.

    Silent Birth: we all know this one. It’s how Katie Holmes is planning to give birth. During birth sounds are acceptible but speaking is verboten. Why? “Words spoken during moments of pain and partial or full consciousness can have adverse effects on an individual later in life.”

    Scientology Juice: The Church of Scientology has no official position on breastfeeding, but the Scientology Handbook apparently includes a recipe for “formula made from barley water, milk, and corn syrup.” Mmmm, mmmm. Hubbard believed the blend was “sometimes better than breast milk.” (Please do not try this at home.)

    Scientology lessons: Children should attend Scientology classes several hours a day to avoid non-Scientologists who could inadvertently talk to the children and “invalidate them.” Lessons also include teaching caregivers how to do “contact assists.” For example, when a child gets hurt, parents will “gently recreate the incident until (the child) smile(s).”

    And there you have it, a peek into how TomKat might raise their little alien.
    From Here:

    Interesting because midget can control his environment and minds now, the little midget flies to australia with the foolish hag for a that a pillow or a baby ..ahhahah

  9. Shadow Girl says

    SURI LOOKS LIKE A BOYY! Anyway, she’s such a little girl and I feel sorry for her, mind being poisoned by $cieno trash at such a young age…

  10. Tia says

    No family in myrtle beach, just a much needed holiday!!!
    I was just thinking i never see Xena on here anymore too!! i wonder where she has gone to!

  11. cherisse says

    Suri is just to perfect. If you look at her pic on the fourth one she is so beautiful. One of the reason is she has these big huge Blue eyes that makes you just stare at her you just can not take our eyes off her. They are intense and captavating. They just grab ur attention. I mean think about it you rarely seen bruettes with blue eyes u always see blones with blue eyes. I think she gets her intensedy from Katie because she has the same with hers, you can also see the pout we all know on the last pic of course.

  12. cherisse says

    No# 87 i seen the picture and i just laughed. I didno notice right away that Tom was sweeting but it was funny. NOw not to sound gay or anything but i got to hand it to Katie she looked sexy, i mean ive never seen her dance like that be4. Even though Tom was sweety she made him look good. But they looked like they were having a good time.
    But i still think Suri is a cuty. And who ever said she got Shilio beat u r right as hell because not to sound mean but everybody thought that Brad n Angelia baby was going to be cute but they baby look wierd. She still is bold headed. And her lips do not look right on her. She look like a boy. ( God forgive me for my sins but) they baby like RETARDED.

  13. oriana says

    Hi Tia, Enjoy yourself!!!! Do you have family in Myrtle Beach? Hope it isn’t raining any while you are there! Love my Cracker Barrell! Ha! See if they have any jars of Chow Chow relish. Don’t know if you like beans or not but it is good in them. I love great northern beans and pinto beans with cornbread and the relish, good with blackeyed peas too! Mrytle Beach is a nice place too.

    Tia, what has happened to our Xena? I miss her!!!!!!!

  14. Tia says

    Everything is going great over here! Me, my hubby and my dauther are taking a trip to Myrtle Beach next week…and i found out they have one of your cracker barrell restaurants there! im excited to go!

  15. Shadow Girl says

    Yada yada…same old BS on the board by one pro Cruiser pretending to be others. . . don’t u know the moderator deletes multi posters? ANd I’m still here so that must mean SOMETHING..


  16. Coco says

    Good day to you Shadow Girl -aka- Libraesque. It must be quite hard deciding which ID to choose next….

  17. Shadow Girl says

    No u don’t. Nobody does except the moderator. And for cryin’ out loud…SHUT UP ABOUT THAT $HIT!

    Coco needs a vibrator, the same for everyone who tries to rattle chains by blabbing about double posters.

    Try writing about TomKat and how Suri will get her first nose job at the age of two.

    Hey Malayka, go and get a dildo or something, to keep you busy and from polluting our minds with your BS.

  18. Coco says

    Well you took the time to respond to my comment Shadow Girl. You’re one of the unfriendliest, most bizarre people who post here at tis site. I also happen to know that you have different id’s here.

  19. Malayka says

    Miapocca and Shadow girl are definitely the same. And I always trea them as such. She uses many aliases to give an illusion tha there are many Tomkat haters. It is jsut her and her handful of miserable friends. The picture of Tom and Katie dancing is the best of them, they looked like they were having a hallelluva time and all caution was thrown to the wind. They do have great chemistry

  20. Miapocca says

    The website is pink for crying out loud, thats NICE enough without making it sickening iwith sugary oohh and aahhh 24.7

  21. Jen says

    oriana, I wish I can see the video too, I’ve just been reading about the party in OK magazine and it looks like everyone had a great time. You might be right about Victoria. lol
    I wish I was a fly on the wall.

  22. Shadow Girl says

    Katie’s been brainwashed, Tom thinks still that $cieno ‘cured’ his dyslexia. He’s been brainwashed into $cieno in the first place, I’m so not surprised. Kinda doubt she’d be able to get away with her boobs intact. That dancing picture was horrible!

    Living proof Tom likes to u know what…. up her butt.

    Look kids, dori learned how to type! Still needs work on capitalizing and a hooked on phonics book would do her a world of good! At any rate, believe what u want…only one you’re deceiving is yourself.

    Little miss broken record. Has nothing intelligent to say, so keeps trying to state something that was already settled WAY back. The very epitome of dedundancy.

  23. oriana says

    Jen, I wish I could see a video of them dancing! Katie can prob dance much better than Victoria Beckham, her legs might move but the boobs would be standing still! Tom has always been a good dancer and his shirt is soaked!!!! In the picture with the couples together, Jada looks like the Alien to me! Ha!

    I still can’t understand why Tom was so religious, wanting to be a Priest, and turned into a strong believer of a Scientology cult, a big transition!

    I really have a hard time believing Katie will accept the idea that an Alien spirit is inside her adorable daughter! I see Defecting on down the line!!!!!

  24. Miapocca says

    Jealous of a hag.,..ahahha

    Miapocca is hot and knows it..ahahhahahhahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjejejejejjejejejjejej

    thats hilarious…I am very comfortbale with ME …havent had surgery yet, so I must be happy with my hotness for now and hopefully for years to come ahahahhahahhahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  25. Miapocca says

    So what happened to all those pre tom hag friends…see they are still banned from the new Hags life..hmmm…proverb the people you meet on your way up are the smae you meet on falling down, wonder if they will catch you if you ignore them for years aahahhahha..poor hag

  26. Miapocca says

    Hey shadow, where is LIB..saw you thread on other l..ouch that was some Deep Dirty you threw out there hahahahha..still laughing about it…cant continue though, will have to think think to coem up with wit to match those one liners of yours…its might quiet on there…………

    till later.

  27. Hana says

    Oriana, same people who are saying they’re acting said Tom and specially Katie can’t act so there goes the Oscar. lol

    Jean thanks for the link that picture is cute and Tomkat know how to have fun!

  28. Jen says

    Oriana, did you see the dancing pic? Its priceless! I do believe they’re happy and in love and very beautiful family but there will always be those who are cynical.

  29. oriana says

    Hello to you Tia!!! Hope all is well with you. I love the pictures of Suri, she is adorable and actually looks like a little girl, not a boy, or a Hollywood Princess, but a normal cutsie little girl, so sweet!

    It is amazing to me how Tom never seems to age! Katie looks older and more mature, she is beautiful to me, but Tom looks the same as ten years ago! If they are acting like they are in love, happy and having fun, then give them both the OSCAR!!!

  30. Shadow Girl says

    Children, it’s not nice to contradict people. The polite way is to say ” In my opinion” that way people can’t rag on you for it.

    And stop asserting that we who hate Tom are either jealous of have no life. It’s getting really old.

  31. joy says

    68. Miapocca, you are jealous of this most popular couple in the universe, plus they a very pretty and cutest baby ever.

  32. grace says

    68. Miapocca, tomkat are the most beautiful and famous couple on earth, and their baby is the most adorable and prettiest baby in the world. this is the truth. i am not really the fan of this couple. maybe you are the fan of brangelina, the cheater, adulterer and sexyholic. low moral values, birds of the same father flock together. right?

  33. Jen says

    I saw that pic yesterday. I absolutely love it!
    To me Tom still looks the same as he did in Risky Business and Katie, she is a natural beauty and grace. Its very refreshing that US printed a story that actually happened.

  34. Jodie says

    63 – i disagree with you. That baby in the link you posted is not even cute. it looks like a like pig with flared nostrils. I have never rated Suri’s looks particularly but to compare her and the baby in the link in laughable – sorry but rofl….

    these pictures are some of the best i’ve seen of her.

  35. Jean says

    Nicki, Katie is dancing hip-hop style bump n grind. Miss thing is getting her groove on. I love that picture it just shows what kind of fun couple they are.

  36. Mary says

    oh my god, I didn’t know Katie had it in her to dance like that? It must have been a great party. They look very cute and so much life and fun!

  37. Shadow Girl says

    Darla, beat it.

    Lea and Dori, believe what you want to. Everyone else knows the truth and the only way you’d find out is if you pull your head out of your butts.

    What a shame, you could have actually been smarter than this. I am only Shadow Girl and I’m quite confident of myself and have never usurped another’s SN. Besides, all the SN stealing people have been banned from here.

    Believe what you want to, when you’re in your little cells at the insane asylum.


  38. dori says

    No I know Libra that is not her but Miapocca has several names Shadow girl is one and Shequida is another This girl is so desperate for attention she blogs under several names and actually communicates with herself.

  39. Darla says

    I apologize for this being off topic…. but does anyone know where I can get relationship advice? I am a 42 year old woman and my 67 year old mother is staying with me. The “problems” I am having with her is that she thinks she can run my life! she tells me what I can and cannot buy, she asks me how money I have ,etc etc. and it is totally driving me crazy !I also have a 19 year old son at home and she thinks he can do no wrong! He can get away with anything as long as she is here “according to her”. Any way thanks so much for letting me vent. I am so frustrated with my life. I too am living with Lupus and that doesn’t make it any easier. Please help. 🙁 I’m so desperate. I have told my mother many times to (stay out of my affairs) and she will not listen.
    I think she is treating me disrespectively and as a child… and I’m so sick of it. Anyone ever been in this situation and have any advice for me? I would so appreciate any help. Thank you.

  40. *L*I*B*R*E*S*Q*U*E says

    you two are beating a dead horse and it’s so boring. For the 450th time, we all met on an anti-tc site, so really enough with the nonsense

  41. Lea says

    I have been saying that all along dori. I also believe that she is obnoxious spice and Libraesque as well.

  42. dori says

    why does shadow girl respond when you speak to Miapocca? They are one and the same person thats why.

  43. Jess says

    Amy the earings are special, Tom gave them to her after the birth of Suri. I still think Suri is one of the cutest babies I have sen if not the cutest. She is so different and has such intense eyes. I would defintely stare at her in the park.

  44. kendra says

    Suri is cute, but I’ve seen cuter. Also I think other people have pointed out her eyes… my cousin’s eyes were also set that way when he was young but he looks fine now.
    And I like Katie with short hair, she doesn’t come across as so young and girly anymore.

  45. Miapocca says

    Thanks Shadow….Its always baffling to see those who come after you with swords drawn, they obviously cant distinguish themselves from celebs, quite pathetic since the posting begun with BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER

    So in actual fact here are no consensus in time that someone is ugly or beautiful, just what SOCIETY thinks at one point in time counts…also note that MY opinion is that the child is not exceptional to ME in anyway and ther mother isnt either. Why do I pick on the mother, because she works so hard to fit into what Hollywierd thinks is cool and she still falls short,. On the streets in Ohio I am sure she will be considered beautiful one way or other…

    Lastly try to give YOUR opinion and leave other bloggers out of your nonsense. This blog has come a long way and I see several peopel disagreeing respectfully…I dont need to hate someone to write my critism on them..critism is not borne from hate or wil help you in your life to learn to accept critism and move on without becoming vindictive…

    What an arse of a Molly…………

  46. Shadow Girl says

    Yeah, that’s right. I think it’s pretty low to call any little child ‘plain’. I mean, they all have distinct personalities that are being developed as they age, etc.

    Molly, we don’t give a flying rat’s butt what you think of any of us, so don’t try making it personal, all right? Just because we comment the way we do doesn’t mean we’re necessarily anything that you presume us to be. You’d be better off not making crack assumptions about people you don’t even know off the boards. Keep that in mind.

  47. Andrea says

    Karen #67:

    I do think Suri’s cute. In fact, I believe all kids are cute! But no, she’s not the kid I would stare at in the park. That’s simply being frank, not mean.

  48. Tia says

    ok, i agree that Suri is a cute kid, and usually im not one to say anything about a baby in a bad way. But there is something weird about her face? maybe the way her eyes are set?

    and im sorry…Katie Holmes is beautiful!

  49. Molly says

    68. Miapocca – you sound like a very jealous and miserable person. There is no denying that Katie Holmes is a very pretty woman. You are very FUG!!

  50. Shadow Girl says

    Just my point. Notice Katie’s grinning and happy whenever she’s by herself? Crude’s grip on her may be pretty bad on her to look like that when she’s out with him. Betcha he makes her wear flats instead of heels. Either that or she’s too pigeon toed.

    OK, I digress and say Suri actually looks cute. I also say that Suri looks older than they claim she is. It doesn’t add up.

  51. Ali says

    Does anyone know why these earings are so special? Katie wore them on her wedding day and several times since.

  52. Miapocca says

    Beauty is in the eye of the in my family are the most beautiful I ever saw…the cruise kids looks wierd that all I can say without being mean

    Holmes looks homely , with all the money they have and all the surgey she has smapled she still is not goign to look any better…sad but true there are genetic limits to looking good even with plastic surgery, look at Kathy on the D list

    Hmmm that said she lookes frumpy at best next to her new acquired friends at theri welcoming party and it seemed she gained weight overnight, which tells me she does some serious fasting to look like the washbaord she present and with just a glass of water that dehydrated hag will bloat…seems she foudn the frumpy dresses quick enough to please the midget goebbels just in time…

    The happy laughing girl from the hair spray premier dissappeared quickly ….big difference why midget shows up in town….there is something wrogn with those people or at least they are not mainstream normal..

    The waste of money for sheer stupidity on clothes, surgeries and parties is enough to make me go kiss Whorelina’s feet, even if she is doign it out of some narccisistic tendencies, at least it helps someone..this family are a useless bunch of wasted air in society

  53. Karen says

    I disagree too Alexia. If the child you posted was the child belonging to Tom Cruise or any star, she would be sweet, cute but nothing to talk about. Many would agree Suri is something to talk about. I didn’t think she was that cute too and said she is just unique but I have since admitted that she is the most gorgeous baby I have seen and not because she is a celebrity baby but she is jst very beautiful. She is that baby you would stare at in the park. She is also intelligent and has so much life1

  54. Kate says

    Ooops, I meant to say just “the combination of dark hair” . I didn’t mean to say she has dark eyes too, as obviously I go on in that same post about how they are blue.

  55. Kate says

    # 63 I respectfully disagree. They are BOTH gorgeous, but Suri’s look (in my opinion anyways) is much more unique and intersting. Look at her little pumpkin face, the perfect bob haircut and omg…I cannot get over how stunning the combination of dark hair & eyes with blue eyes is.

  56. GW says

    Awww I love these two! They are soooo adorable together. At first I wasn’t so sure about Katie’s new haircut, but now after seeing these pictures, I think Katie looks awesome with her new cut!! I’m starting to wonder if I’d look good from going long to short!

  57. Shadow Girl says

    snoopy, I agree w/you one hundred percent! Tom’s family is like a sideshow freak fest with that screwy $cieno BS. I won’t watch Hairspray(though I love musicals) because Travolta is a $cieno freak.

    I feel sorry for his son, his parents are letting him be a fat lump of crap where he could be in therapies and be making some real progress. Meanest I could say is I hope Suri develops autism.

    Come to think of it, I wouldn’t wonder why child welfare hasn’t come knocking on Travolta’s door… oh well. None of my concern.

  58. Nadia says

    This child is the most beautiful baby ever. She is not just there with her mouth open like a retarded. Full of life and happy.

  59. snoopy says

    #50……………….I would really like to know the scoop on why Nicole has left her kids with Tom. Although I like Nicole, it doesn’t say much about her as a Mother. At least she was smart enough to remove herself from his grip. Maybe some alien stepped in so she couldn’t get the kids.

  60. We'llSee says

    If I may fly this up your flagpole…just think, this family with it’s fame, fortune, corporate and international connections….comments about Katie looking like Jackie O…Remember Ronald Reagan the actor running for president? Tom still has several more years to be thinking about that one and since Arnold cannot…we’ll see but could you imagine??! If the Scientologists keep running his life, who knows what they’ll evoke him to think of/do next. Suri–delightful, Katie, poor sweet thing.

  61. L*i*b*r*a*esque says

    I also find it extremely strange that ALL of them live there. Apparently the mother came sometime before the birth and has never gone home to her husband. Her friends say they’ve never heard from her, it’s as if she “died”
    I find that extremely creepy. And I don’t care HOW big your house is, you should not live with your mother if youre in your 40’s and a newlywed. She should be able to have “naked sundays” like Christina…………well, since he’s gay I guess that’s out BUT STILL

  62. phnxgirl says

    Katie is beautiful and Suri is adorable. This is off the subject, but did anyone see Victoria’s Show, Victoria Beckham coming to America?? It was SO funny! The critics totally panned it, but I thought she was hilarious. In all the pics of her in magazines she looks so stuck up, but she was quite funny on this reality show. I wanted to see more!

  63. carleigh says

    Jen, I made the comment about TC’s family always being around because of the interview Katie just gfave Ladies Home Journal about how they all “live” together in a big, big house..don’t you find that just the least bit strange? I know I surely wouldn’t want to be shacked up with my hubby’s entire family breathing down my neck and watching my every move. Katie should be able to have some sort of privacy for herself and her family, that’s what I was alluding to.

  64. Miapocca says

    thre are tons of tokat stories everywhere today,the publicist is working overteim..try tmz and just jared..

  65. omfgwtfbbq says

    Omg this baby is the cutest baby girl I have ever seen! She has such a unique look unlike plain baby Violet, more Suri less Vi please!

  66. Analise says

    snoopy I also question the type on mother Nicole is leaving the kids with crazy Tom. The whole lot of them need help. Scientology needs to die a painful death.

  67. snoopy says


  68. Analise says

    First of all ANDREA, IF she’s “1” she doesn’t have to lose the bottle yet. HOWEVER, she’s clearly NOT 1. She’s easily closer to 2 years. Look at how they have altered her looks from when we first saw her (not newborn, HAH HAH). She’s looking less Asian. What sick people she is around to do that to her. My hatred for her Jackie O brainwashed wannabe mother is growing. That poor child.

  69. snoopy says

    SOME BODY PLEASE MAKE THE SUR/TOMKAT NIGHT MARE END. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Jana says

    Katie’s Mother and father were there also,it was not just his mother. Go to tomkatcrazy to see her parents. You people are criticizing everything.

  71. Andrea says

    Nice pictures. But there’s another picture in this group that’s not posted where Suri is holding a bottle.
    … Time to lose that bottle. Hasn’t Katie heard of sippy cups, at least?

  72. dori says

    Oh my gosh these pics of suri and her mom are fantastic. She looks a lot like her mom. I don’t see Tom’s features on her that much but I do think she looks a lot like her mom.
    Thses pics are great … thanks!

  73. snoopy says

    Did Posh leave her sunglasses at home? That is not Posh? Well maybe it is her mini me Katie. That kid………………………………………..

  74. chica says

    Suri is officially the most beautiful baby on earth ! love this baby ! Moooooooore pics of Suri , please !

  75. Karen says

    Katie is a natural beauty and that is where Suri gets from such beauty. She is such a pretty thing I can’t stop looking at the pictures. I wish they could have more babies. I wonder what a boy they would have would look like. Probably as handsome as Tom. Can’t wait for him to come.

  76. Tam says

    Katie looks wonderful in these pics… anyways suri is the cutest and prettiest hollywood baby by far she is sooooo damn adorable who could ever say she isnt.. my goodness cute overload

  77. Lauren says

    Suri is just precious. I love that picture where she has her hands folded. She’s going to be a knockout when she gets older. Soo cute. 🙂

  78. Jen says

    carleigh , I forgot to add, Katie and Suri were in NYC by themselves so I don’t know why you’re saying Tom’s family are always with her.

  79. Jen says

    #2. carleigh , Katie is out with the whole family including her mum and dad. The man next to Tom’s mum is Katie’s dad. It looks like it was a family outing, Victoria and David’s mum and dad were there too. There is a video of them at splash news.

  80. Miapocca says

    oh lala…teh clams are out full force to say repeat the chants from their master…

    Perfect, awesome, a litlte nit of both parents ahahahhaha

    They are nice pics nothing extraodinary in those pics..HOlmes is wearing make-up..sorry to diabuse you of those thoughts, but this is what is called the natural look and it defintely involves make-up depending on whose face it might be a ton of make-up but made to look very natural..I dont think holmes requires a lot of makeup but she still ahs make-up on….

  81. Jessica says

    It is hard to be hard on Tomkat when they have a beautiful child like Suri. Sometimes I wonder if a fake relationship can have such a beautiful happy child. I am starting to believe that may be…just may be, this family could be a happy family and we are their only pain in the butt.

    Suri is perfection.

  82. Lola says

    Katie’s hair has grown on me. I wish they would not cut that Angel’s hair. She is jsut too beautiful.

  83. claire says

    i was watching tv when they showed katie and suri and they showed suri clapping at one point. it was one of the cutest things.

  84. Clare says

    Suri is just too perfect to be true. I wonder what she will look like in 15 years. I bet she wins the battle in beauty with Shi. But Shi is still cute. Brangelina are still my fave.

  85. Janice says

    Lets build another conspiracy. Suri is the scientology specimen of a perfect baby created in a lab. LOL. But she looks too perfet it is surreal!The picture whenshe is clapping is priceless. Katie is beautiful too. Wow!!!!!!!!!

  86. Lola says

    I guess the lack of teeth should finally convince those who think she is older. But some people will forever hate I guess. I didn’t think Suri could get any cute but look what we have! And yes Katie’s family is also around.

  87. Malayka says

    Look at Katie, still perfect without makeup. She looks very happy and if Suri got any cuter am going to steal and eat her. LOL.

  88. kim--original kim says

    They are both GORGEOUS here!!! And, yes, that’s Tom’s momma tagging along… I’ll bet there were other Team Cruisers there, too…

    My daughter’s 10 and 1/2 mos. and JUST finally cut her bottom 2 teeth in the last 2 days… Every baby is unique…

  89. K says

    Suri is an unparralled beauty.

    For those who see only Tom’s mum, Katie’s dad and Mum are there too and you can see her dad in some of the pictures.Her mum not so much. I guess it was a family affair because even Tom’s sisters and one of Katie’s sisters was there.

  90. Mom says

    Absolutely adorable! Katie looks SO happy and Suri is with her a LOT as it should be . . . she appears to be a great mom! Suri is just gorgeous!

  91. Erina says

    All that beauty has left me speechless. Dare I say that Suri is a perfect specimen? I thought Shiloh would be this pretty but looks like Suri has taken the prize. She is too precious for words and I agree Tom should watch out.

  92. Aimee says

    Carleigh, That was my first thought; there’s the ever-present Cruise patrol lurking. How creepy. It would drive me nuts to live with my mother-in-law … or anyone but my husband and kids, actually. It’s not healthy! I’d love to see Katie take off some day.

  93. Daily Jones says

    ooh they are so pretty! katie looks amazing with her hair cut! I think that it made her look more mature! YESSS!! too cute for words! I love seeing her little teeth! It almost make me want to have a baby myself! Honestly!

  94. Libraesque2007 says

    the loser is at it again, hijacking my screen name, once at 2:00 in the morning, and on every thread
    WOW what a life you must have, how pathetic

  95. She's So Glitzy says

    I love the way Katie dresses Suri. She always looks so cute and feminine, like a little girl should. Take notes Angelina.

  96. says

    Suri is beautiful and her mum looks very nice in these pics 🙂 I think she’s looking more and more like her mum everyday, but in the 3rd and last pic, you can see Tom in her. Tom’s mum was present as well as Posh and her sons, and Eva Longoria. There were more pics where Brooklyn and Romeo were making faces at Suri so that she would laugh. Too sweet. Suri is still the prettiest baby in Hollywood in my opinion.

  97. Émilie says

    She is the cutest baby of Hollywood in my opinion. She looks like a porcelain doll in the fourth picture!

  98. Martha says

    I saw this pic of Tom on msn and I still think he’s attractive. Prior to all his $cientology BS, I still remember how sexy he was in some of his movies back in the day. It’s hard to believe he took a turn for the worse.

    Suri looks very cute in these pictures.
    #4 Kimmy some children take a long time to get their teeth and others just keep sprouting them like weeds. Guess where Suri overcompensated with hair she lacks in teeth. But she is SO precious.

  99. kimmy says

    Very cute, and someone please correct me if i’m wrong, but at over a year old shouldn’t she have more than 2 teeth on the bottom in front?

  100. DMITZ says

    Suri looks so beautiful in these pics (so does Katie). Love to see pics of them! Katie looks like she loves being a mommy. She is always carrying Suri and I don’t blame her, I would too!

  101. carleigh says

    I love, love, love the picture where Suri has her hands folded. She has the most perfect skin and beautiful blue eyes! Her daddy better be watching out when she get’s older she’s a completely beautiful little girl! She’s gonna have the boys chasing her and beating down her door!

    I think in the last picture that it is Tom’s mother behind Katie and Suri..looks like her??? Why does his family trail along every single place they go??? Is Tom afraid she might take off or something? Gosh, the girl can’t even take her baby out for an afternoon w/o Team Cruise trailing behind her in typical Cruise Control fashion. Something about that whole family living together, being together 24/7 that I don’t think is normal. I understand about being close to your family because I am very close to my own, but we do NOT live together, NOR would I want them living w/ me and my family. That’s the whole point of a man getting married…supposed to make his own new family and bond with them. I just don’t know how Katie can put up with it all the time, I know I couldn’t no matter how much I loved them and how well we all got along. Sorry, Mom but at the end of the day take your butt to your house so I can have private time with my husband and child. Just me I guess, does anyone else find this just a little wee bit strange?

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