Pamela Anderson Takes Her Boys Out For Ice Cream

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson, 40, was snapped taking her sons for ice cream in Malibu yesterday after picking them up from camp. Brandon Thomas is 11 and Dylan Jagger is 9.


  1. Cindy says

    Do you want to know whats funny…everything that everyone says about all celeberties posing naked and how its going to traumatize their kids have nothing to say to Pam…makes me wonder there..

  2. sara says

    I think Pam is great! She looks so good for 40!! I am 39 and my kids are still small…..I didn’t realize hers were so big!!

  3. Miapocca says

    why pollute this thread with stories about jordan or whoever…she is nto fit to clean pams little toe.


  4. omfgwtfbbq says


    thank god!

    The babies name is PRINCESS TIAAMII

    which is only slightly better

  5. Daily Jones says

    It’s great that no one has said a bad comment about Pam!
    Despite what some people might think of her..i truly think that she is a good her children! i really just think that….her act is a gimmick! She’s cool with me! her boys are cutie pies! I hope that her, and tommy lee can work it out!

  6. Lauren says

    Brandon and Dylan are sure getting big. It’s nice to see Pamela and Tommy putting their issues aside and put their boys first.

  7. Nicki says

    I like Pam, she seems to always put her boys first. Tommy seems to love them as well. It is nice they can get along and put the boys first. They are getting so big.

  8. Miapocca says

    they are so grown up..seems like the little one is a tommy in the making ..I wonder how timmy will react to someone behaving like him ahhahahah

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