Britney & Her Boys Go House-Hunting

Britney Spears

Britney was snapped with 10-month-old Jayden James while out house-hunting in LA on Sunday. Britney’s new manny carried 22-month-old son Sean Preston during the tour of a $6.5 million mansion in Pacific Palisades.



  1. Natai Zap says

    Kevin be a daddy and come take these boys away from her for good until she can figure it all out. Don’t give them back in 2 months. Be a man and take these kids.

  2. Denise says

    N, that doesn’ t make sense not having respect for material things. What does make sense is having respect for other peoples property. So, she doesn’t need material things so lets trash someone elses stuff. You are way off. Lets teach her kids not to respect material things and so what if it’s some one elses. We can buy 5 more like it. No sense at all!

  3. N says

    You guys are dilusional…..OK is a gossip mag like the National Enquirer…..none of you know if those things they wrote are true. Were any of you ladies at the photo shoot? Speak on things you know to be factual. Stop assuming…. And if she did wipe her greasy hands on their dress it shows she has no respect for material things like clothes. I’m sure she could buy 5 of those dresses and more.

  4. DMITZ says

    Hello Oriana! Welcome back.

    I agree, I was just starting to find hope for Britney, but she keeps giving people reasons to talk about her.

  5. oriana says

    Who in the world is going to be so low class and trashy to rub greasy hands on their clothes to begin with, much less “borrowed” designer clothes? Low class, disgusting isn’t even the word for it! Just too much money and lack of morals, she needs not only psych counseling but a lesson in manners also! Even crazy people would have better sense than that!

  6. dori says

    did you hear todays news? the photo shoot and all that? I have been trying to defend thi girl but it’s beginning to look like there is no hope for her anymore. She can’t seem to pull herself together. Maybe you all are right she is beginning to look trashy to me too.

  7. y.b.g. says

    Please forgive me, but Jayden seems sort of “affectless” (let’s say) in all the photos we’ve seen. Sure hope his needs are being met (though what are the odds? alas).

  8. kim--original kim says

    The boys are cute, but she is a MESS! Addicted to attention…maybe she’ll put out a hit record, but then what?? A tour? Yikes…

  9. dori says

    I can understand her going out occasionally she is a single 25 year old try to keep that in mind She’s entitled to a life as a woman not just a stay at home single mother. If she were married sure but again she is a star not a suburban housewife.

  10. Daily Jones says

    I love B.S.! He babies are cute as ……..
    I think that she is getting her life together! I think that for all of you that is critical of her, don’t know what goes on Behind closed doors! I think that her family is really greedy! i think that when the mega bucks rolled in..they really wanted to control her that time..Britney was grown, with kids! To late for that! It was her mom that put the info..out that she needed to go to rehab..she said that she was depressed over her marriage! So..I understand why she would be mad at her mom! She has nobody in her corner…Her cousin(her ex assistant) now wants to become a singer…

  11. Lauren says

    Jayden is a cutie. Sean and Jayden are handsome little boys.

    Britney seems like she’s trying to put her life back together. Hope she realizes her sons come first.

  12. Nicki says

    Her babies are very cute. Jayden has straight hair and Sean Preston had curly, or very wavy hair at JJ’s age. Very cute boys.

    But to dori, you must have missed them many pics of her out at night lately, going to clubs. Not saying, partying, but hey, maybe.

    I hope she pulls it together, her boys deserve a Mom.

  13. dori says

    It really looks like Brit’s trying to put her life together and moving forward Why are some of you are always looking for something wrong with her? She’s cleaned up her act, she’s happy, she’s out there with her babies, she’s moving on with her life. Why do some of you feel the need to find somehting wrong in that? Can’t you see the big picture ?

  14. Jean says

    I saw pictures like these earlier today. She had on heels. She probably took them off because her feet hurt.

    Her kids are adorable!

  15. omfgwtfbbq says

    it could be just the way her top hangs but it looks like shes got a bit of a belly there…

    #4 I agree that she does make cute kiddies

  16. phnxgirl says

    Don’t we all go shopping for multi-million dollar homes in our bare feet. 😉 She reminds me of that show way back when…..The Beverly Hill Billies. 😉 It’s like she has the cash, but no class! I do have to say though, her two boys are two of the cutest kids around. Actually, Brit is quite pretty, she just doesn’t do a good job of putting herself together.

  17. Ketty says

    I don’t like Brit honestly, hse still lots to learn and grow as a woman, but i don’t see nothing wrong of her being barefoot, she is trying to show what she is, and before she couldn’t, she lived a life underground hidden, let’s accept because nobody is perfect, are you?

  18. SOL says

    Give her credit for one thing…she puts out cute kids. So why doesn’t she just settle down and enjoy those babies and quit all this *drama*!!?!

  19. aliciasweets85 says

    he looks just like her.
    i hope she finds a publicist soon, because she is more and more slipping into the genre of hollywood trailer trash

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