1. juicylicious93 says

    i love keri russell and she is sooo pretty. even after she gave birth, she still looks hottt with a slim figure.
    she does seem like a loving mom and the baby is cute.

  2. AmyY says

    She was on the show Felicity back in the 90s which I loved.. and shes now in the movie Waitress… I think shes adorable too!

  3. Kit Kat says

    ummm yeah i have no idea who this is lolis she married to kurt russel lol… idk sorry!! but beautiful mother son team!! 🙂

  4. colleen says

    Keri is a beauty and one of my favorite actresses. I am sure she is loving every day with new baby.

  5. dori says

    Theres lots of pics of her floating around. She gets out a lot with her baby. Looks like she’s a loving mommy.

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