Tori Spelling & A Cutie In Malibu

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling, 34, was snapped with an adorable little boy in Malibu. My oops! I knew Liam was four-months-old and that he seemed to have REALLY grown, but I was tricked! (I had previously said that this little boy was Liam before a reader corrected me) Sorry!


  1. obnoxious spice says

    dori, i have been away….what has been cleaned up?? hopefully nothing I have said…(um, err….yep…guilty of being a b i t c h at times!!)

  2. dori says

    webmistress is a good lady she’s got a lot going on don’t be too harsh….she’s cleaned up this blog in case you haven’t noticed.

  3. dori says

    I’m confused ….you say this is not her son?
    He seems older than her son would be. So who is he? And where’s her son? I’d like to see him….

  4. BITCH MUCH!!!!! says

    What does it Matter if the Webmistress was Incorrect on some information she has givin??? seriously, Who gives a shit??? thats No need to call her Stupid!!!! A simple ” You are wrong WebMistress, the Baby she is holding is not her son” would have been the polite way of correcting her!! Jesus some of you people really flipping Pathetic!

  5. oriana says

    Carleigh, you made me laugh!! This is a very cute little boy, I do love to see chubby babies. I would like to see a recent picture of Liam but haven’t seen any. I bet he is a cute baby too! Absolutely right about bloggers out of control on here, and I have been guilty of that recently myself, will not stoop that low any more, hope things are going well with you.

    And phnxgirl, have not forgotten how nice you can be! Hope you are doing well too!

  6. carleigh says

    Hey phnx nice to see ya back, I mean that too. Maybe I might have been a bit harsh but it’s frustrating that this website has gotten so bogus lately. From all the other bloggers tearing each other limb from limb, the horrible, filthy language, the WM not putting up any new pic’s for days and days at a time and then viola’…the second she does it’s not the correct information…that’s why I was so harsh. But either way good to see ya back again!

  7. carleigh says

    The webmistress is stupid..this isn’t Liam and it says so on SEVERAL websites. I wish the owner would CHECK for accuracy before posting pic’s…this was taken at Tori Spelling’s Beach Party and it is clearly NOT LIAM!

  8. maggie says

    omg Im very impressed how big is he and so gorgeous, I dont know who he looks like, super cuteeee

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