Peter Andre Explains How Children Make A Marriage Indestructible

Katie Price

Peter Andre has claimed that his marriage to Katie Price (Jordan) is now “indestructible”.

The singer and reality TV star revealed that having children with Katie has strengthened their relationship like never before.

“I think the key to a successful marriage is children; it creates such a strong family unit,” Peter told OK! magazine. “I think lots of people think if they get married, if it doesn’t work out who cares, but if you have kids you’re tied together. We’re even more indestructible than before.”

Peter added that Katie, who gave birth to a baby daughter named Bunny last month, has not been showing him much affection lately.

“I could happily have 20 people a day visiting, but I don’t want her to have post-natal depression again,” he said. “I think she’s got post-husband depression actually. She’s not giving me any love.”


  1. gem-jay says

    well they have a name for the new baby now and its not bunny. they have called her princess tiaamii! wot a name! poor lil thing. see if us not famous people desided to give our children stupid names they would get the piss taken outta them. but its ok for famous people to give their children stupid names because they are famous! i dont getit!

  2. Jenna M. (U.K.) says

    If I was married to that perma-tanned washed-up Peter Andre, I would fake post-natal depression to get out of sleeping with him. Seriously though, I hope she gets help and gets through it if she does have it.

  3. Kraiven says

    He looks more feminine than she does….but that’s beside the point. Leave it to a (alleged) man to complain about not getting any when his wife has just given birth. Poor you, who cares if your wife’s business has just been ripped apart and sewn back together again, you should still be getting “Loving”, right?

  4. obnoxious spice says

    3 kids in 5 years…WELL DONE!! –
    the thing is, we all go into it saying, ‘oh, they will be best friends…bla bla bla…my eldest can’t stand his younger brother, though the younger one worships him…but the fact remains, i am so pleased i had my two so close together…and that is only two, not your three…it gets easier as they get older, trust me…..again…well done…i am jealous…

  5. Zbella says

    ob spice – so true. I mean, kids can actually break a marriage! The first year after having a baby is supposed to be one of the hardest – and my husband and I have had 3 in 5 years! Obviously kids didn’t keep Katie w/the father of her first child…

  6. obnoxious spice says

    hahahaha,,,,,,the LAST thing i felt like giving my hubby after i had either of our children was some ‘loving’….well, not for a while anyway!!
    i have to say i strongly disagree with his comments that having children makes a couple ‘indestructible’…i understand where he is coming from, in that with children in the picture you can’t simply walk away the first time the going gets a bit prickly…but children don’t ‘make’ a marriage and you should never stay married just for their sakes…my opinion only

  7. Zbella says

    Duh – who has time to be loving up on their husband when they have a NEWBORN!?! I’m VERY happy to hear that bunny is simply her nickname. It’s a cute nickname – but please find a nice classic name for your baby girl!

  8. me says

    okay i seriously hope that the people who claim “Bunny” is not her name are right because if they’re not and that is her name…..oh my jesus

  9. Sarah says

    what a stupid name for that poor baby. What were those idiots thinking…gees….the celebrity baby names get worse all the time.

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