Katie Price & Peter Andre Have Named Their Daughter Bunny!

Katie Price

OMG! It was reported a few months ago that Katie Price (Jordan) was planning on naming her daughter “Crystal” after the title character in her second novel. OK! magazine has revealed that they have named her Bunny! A little crazy, but also very cute and Jordan-y!

Katie totally should be headlining the magazine cover!!! Who cares about that random couple..Eva Longoria and the sports guy? Yuck!

Katie Price

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  1. says

    thak you for showing the baby girl she is beautiful i wish i could have her lots love ellie

    p.s.when is your next chapter on e mail plz

  2. NICOLE says


  3. Deb says

    That’s the biggest load of **** i have ever heard! she has not called her bunny at all!! get your facts right ppl. its a mixture of both their mums names, go work it out for yourself!

  4. says

    if u all read the magazine then u will see that they have not called the baby that katie just calls her that as a nickname

  5. hayley says

    I bought this copy of OK magazine and the baby is NOT called Bunny. Bunny is the baby’s nickname while they think of a name for her. I admit the front cover is misleading but her name is Not i repeat Not Bunny. Katie actually said inside that she has a name she likes but it is a bit over the top and everyone keeps telling her not to call her baby that, so as yet her and peter and still undecided.

  6. Sarah says

    I have to say all these small minded people need to take a look at themselves and ask if they have the talent (you may not think getting your tits out is a talent but have you seen how much money Katie makes?) or the strength to be able to care for her disabled son (with little help) and work full time as well? I know the answer so I say she has the right to call her baby what she likes and if you believe everything you read in the papers it says it all……….oh one more thing “Poor Kid?” yeh right! that baby girl as her brothers will want for NOTHING for the rest of their lives there are a lot worse off children in the world and a name isn’t the end of the world.

    I will exit my soap box now
    xxxxxx mwah!

  7. name not important says

    If you all care about Eva and her husband go read about it on another site or go buy the magazine. They don’t have a child yet so here nobody cares about them.

  8. Emma says

    Just read the interview she did and she isnt calling her Bunny or Crystal ( thats her book name). Katie has got a name she likes but her mother has told her she couldnt possibly call her that. We will just have to wait and see.

  9. Miranda says

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! A babygirl, daughter to one of the most famous women on this earth, is named BUNNY. B-U-N-N-Y? I really can’t belive it. Wouldn’t Crystal be better, as she planned first? Normally, I don’t like like to make comments about any babynames, and I AM really open to a lot of unusual names, because I like it. But Bunny?

  10. Camille says

    Random sports guy? Tony Parker is only the point guard of the NBA Champions this year. Just because you may not like sports doesn’t mean he is random. In fact, I would say Peter Andre is more random than Tony Parker. BTW, I do agree that their wedding is overly publisized.

  11. Emma says

    No No No they haven’t called her Bunny they haven’t thought of a name yet it stated in UK OK mag. They have been calling her ‘Beautifull’ ( which im sure she is) ‘Bunny’ or ‘Baby’. Here in the uk we get six weeks to decided on a name b4 he/she has to be registered. (i was sure it was three weeks) I thought it was quite a hard decision to think of names for our son but as soon as i had him i Knew .

  12. carleigh says

    I just can’t wait to see actual pictures of their baby..no matter what her name is I know that Katie had been dreaming about a little girl and now that dream has come true. Congrats to them all!

  13. says

    Webmistress, webmistress, webmistress, why would you say something like that about Eva and her husband? Believe it or not, a lot of people like them. I think many people would also prefer seeing pictures of a wedding, than reading about choosing a baby name. It’s not like they even released photos of their baby so that they could occupy the entire front cover!!! In other words, if there was a photo of the child, it might have been another story.

    Katie does looks good in that photo. Both look very happy. They certainly did not name their daughter Bunny. It’s a nickname for now.Get your facts straight before posting them here for the world to see webmistress!!!

  14. Lylas says

    I think the webmistress is wrong in her comment… some people actually DO care about Eva & Tony, and not necessarily this Jordan chick… OK! magazine was the only magazine to get pictures of the wedding, so we want to see them!!

  15. Tempany says

    i couldn’t believe it either, but it’s just the magazine trying to sell copies. the baby’s not actually called bunny at all, when you read the article inside it turns out that they’re just calling her ‘bunny’ as a nick-name for the time being whilst they’re still trying to think of a ‘real’ name for her. xx

  16. Essie says

    Didn’t LonBoria and Tony have the entire cover of the U.S. edition of Hello??? They have to put some Brits on the UK cover I would imagine.

    Webmistress, Eva and the “sports guy” got $200,000 for their picture. How much did Katie get, I wonder?

  17. kk says

    its weird but the first thing that came to mind when i saw this was bunny becomes a playboy bunny but i guess its cute im just not sure its cute enough to name your child that

  18. Zbella says

    #7 – You might be right.
    Bunny is a terrible name. A student at my school had that name. I felt so bad for her. Katie looks pretty in that picture – more natural.

  19. Lauren says

    O..k.. this name tops all weird celebrity baby names. True, bunnies are cute but not for a baby name.

  20. Karen Spicer says

    I have read the article & it says they still havent got a name for the baby & Jordan has been calling her ‘baby’ or ‘bunny’. It hasnt actually been confirmed as the name in this uk mag.

  21. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Dont see anything wring with the name..at least she wont be doing a name change when she starts her glamour career at playboy…instead of using a nickname and writing another name, might as well make life easier for little miss bunny….hmm maybe bonnie owuld appease the crowds ahahha

  22. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Holymoly on peter andre
    The beaming lard-covered simpleton has grinned that slack-jawed yokel smile and drooled,

    “I think lots of people think if they get married, if it doesn’t work out who cares, but if you have kids you’re tied together. We’re even more indestructible than before.”

    Unfortunately, Katie has been a bit down in the dumps, no doubt from a combination of post-natal depression and sheer envy at the Beckham’s triumphal entrance into LA life, which is having a knock-on effect on her attitude towards Peter, though anyone viewing their terrible reality series could see that her feelings for him started at ‘contempt’ and reduced to ‘bleak pity’.

    “I think she’s got post-husband depression actually. She’s not giving me any love.”

    She’s just a baby you twat.


  23. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Nah…the wedding alwyas headline..too bad Longoraia wasnt consiedered A list enough to have a cover all to herself..ouch…they dont need the publicity anyway if they want that marriage to last

    Dont like Katie, but I hope she makes it through the PPD..its tough on anyone skank or not

    uMMM…Pos h skletor alwyas has to share space with Katie aka jordan..hilarious..marriage is difficult sure enough, but if you are m arried to a chick magnet like beckham you gotta sit your ass by his side or else another rebecca loos will do the job for you..ahahha

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