Katie Holmes & Suri

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Just another sweet pic of Katie and Suri! Suri really is getting exponentially cuter by the day!


  1. oriana says

    Jen, I enjoyed reading on the link you posted!!! I didn’t know he used to live in Louisville, Ky. Very interesting. Is Emilio (best man at one of his weddings) a Scientologist also? I don’t understand if Tom is a vegetarian why he is always at a Steakhouse all the time?

    Suri is precious, very cute to me!!!!

    I have to say that Jada looks weird in that dress and those boots! Or are they shoes? Don’t care for that style at all. And Victoria needs to cover up those fakey boobs all the time! She does have gorgeous legs though. Love the Red dress Katie has on too. Very classy and stylish, lovely!

  2. Miapocca says


    check this pic out…very cheeky love it..posh skeletor outdid all teh other women out there..those shoes are killer…

    hmmm..wahtthe heck is wrong with Pinkett, she looked frightful…and why is katie trying sooo hard to be OLD…she needs to hide in the closet with midget………….

    I totally dig posh and becks on this one…glad to see she covered those nuts in ther chest and went with ehr best assest..THOSE LEGS..hmmmmmm

  3. Shadow Girl says

    Wonder if TC named his pets after his own once loverboys? ROTFLMFAO!

    TKC needs antidepressants. I wouldn’t wonder if the cockass’s movies are laced with subliminal messages about $cieno.

    Crude, classic candidate for bipolar disorder!

  4. Shadow Girl says

    Yeah, RIP Tammy Faye.

    IDK, but sometimes my pet dog seems possessed of the devil…. He’s here with me right now.. doofus.

    U should see my brother’s cat, Spazzy, Russian blue looking with some Siamese in his voice. They called him Nuts before he was neutered, for obvious reasons…

    I’m off to the shelter to be with the kitties and other animals..later!

  5. oriana says

    Shadowgirl, L. Ron Hubbard was a brilliant and dangerous man, I wonder if any Presidents ever met with him? I am going to convince and brainwash myself that no Aliens are in cats and dogs! That way I can still sleep in peace every night with my Zoo in bed with me, like Sharon Osbourne! Ha! I do believe that some animals are a lot smarter than others, and I have observed my fatty Cat, Mango is his name but he is so Fat and slow, but very lovable, the female is the meanest one in the house, she beats the crap out of the other two! Ha!

    Carleigh, my Dear, when will you be finished with school? I know it is very tiring at times to raise a family, focus on children, and study at the same time, hats off to you in a Big way!!!!! I know you are looking forward to some rest and hopefully free time!

    Going to Reno tomorrow, so hope everyone has a peaceful and safe weekend!

    Have to say this, I have prayed for Tammy Faye that she wouldn’t be in pain and not linger any more, and I do believe God forgives and she is suffering no more!!!!!!

  6. Shadow Girl says

    I don’t know about L Ron Dickhead’s policy on that. Crude has had some dogs and cats in the past, he might still.

    That stupid cat Salem/evil kitty likes to hide behind the water heater, gets up into the rafters so you can hear him in any room in the house! That little idiot can be good, but it’s rare.

  7. carleigh says

    Oriana…I am seriously laughing at your #93 post about TC having cats or dogs…sorry, but I just found it comical. I’ve been really into positivity and surrounding myself with things that make me happy, I’ve cleaned up the previously messy ends in a once turbulent private life and I’m just happy now. I am continuing going to school and focusing on my beautiful girls and just living life to the fullest. Thank you for the compliment I appreciated it. I really enjoy coming to blog here and find it to be a splended outlet and source of entertainment between cramming in study time for school. I can’t wait for my break to come next week! Take care ladies and have a WONDERFUL weekend!

  8. oriana says

    I know this question is going to sound stupid but it is a serious one to me. It just occurred to me about Scientologists, now I have read they are Aliens in human bodies, but what about Pets? Do they have Alien Cats and Dogs too? Does Tom have any dogs? I am not trying to be funny but it does sound like it, do the Aliens only occupy human form or do they do animals also?

    I cannot deal with a dog or cat from Xenu!!!!!!!

  9. oriana says

    #90, Shadowgirl, I would have loved to have seen that and I would have laughed too! I picture in my mind a big furry Cat! Ha! My cats are two male (Tabbies) one weighs 15 pounds, and I have one female Cat, a Russian Blue, you are prob bored reading this but just wanted to share with you. Sorry!

    Carleigh, you make more and more positive sense in your posts each and every one I read, I enjoy them VERY much! Thank You my Dear!

  10. Jean says

    I’ve just read this wonderful comment and all the people who have problem with Libra, Mia, Shadow girl and others should follow it.

    #54. carleigh | July 18th, 2007 at 6:12 pm

    Dori just ignore Mia..she’s just trying to get to you and she can and will only if you let her. I stopped giving into that crap a long time ago. Someone else did that to me on another thread here just in the last day, I responded back w/o using a bit of profanity and this person is MORE than free to keep up her tirade and entertain herself. I just find that scrolling past all the filthy langauge and not stooping to name calling, rudeness or filthy talk has worked for me. I haven’t had problems with Mia before but if I did just like with anyone else..let them post what they will it can only bother you if YOU let it honey.
    Hi to Oriana…been awhile since I’ve seen you around here but then I’ve been off and on myself. Hope things are well and you are having a great week! Take care!
    Just let em’ say what they want and to h*ll with it all! It’s just a computer and what they say can’t do a thing to you, unless you let it. Some people can just be sad and petty because they are miserable, lonely, depressed, antisocial or all of the above..and have no other form of personal expression or no other avenue to vent or outlet. Pity them!

    #57. carleigh | July 18th, 2007 at 6:15 pm

    P.S. You will find that once you call the people out on their ignorance and their rants..they get more preterbed for a bit because they like the attention but they do NOT like it when someone figures out their motivations behind it all. My guess is that just ignoring it and NOT responding directly will be all that’s needed to shut them up.

  11. Shadow Girl says

    Hehe, I’ve seen cats who chase their tails and chase each other!

    Oriana, my friend’s cat wanted to come out very badly, so he launched himself at the screen door and just hung there for a full minute, watching us! I said it was so Garfield… ! That cat we call Evil Kitty because he truly is.. 🙂

  12. oriana says

    Mia, don’t be dissing CATS!!!!! You know I have three!!! Ha! They are very clean, smart and they don’t chase their tails, they chase each other!

    Have a nice weekend!!!!!!!!!

  13. Nothing But The Truth! says

    84. and 85. why don’t you just admit to being the same person? Everyone here knows it already. ALSO can’t you express yourself without the constant use of curse words? Geeesh!

  14. Shadow Girl says

    People who think they have to crowd please obviously have no sense of identity themselves. I say we shouldn’t be taking flak for our opinions. The POLITE thing to do is POLITELY disagree, so we can have an intellectual conversation. At least for the adults here.

    No adult would keep blindly contradicting people and not backing up what they say without solid fact. Try to keep that in mind, MARTHA, etc. And stop accusing people of stalking..it’s getting really old and to keep saying that means that you want attention without having to do anything else. How about doing some actual reading, hmm?

    Time to go and get a life, MARTHA. Piss off.

  15. obnoxious spice says

    do you know what ‘name not important’…
    i haven’t even bothered reading ANY other comments but the last two…
    i have no time at the moment to get into a fight with some f uc ki ng scientologist clam…
    f u ck you and f u c k your opinions on miapocca…
    you have NO idea what this woman is about…or perhaps you DO and that is why you are harassing her on a baby site…
    she is an extremely intelligent and articulate woman (ok, she is lazy and doesn’t have the time to spell check as often as she should but hey..that’s no crime)
    the thing is this….whilst many disagree with SOME of her comments here…there are MANY, and yes, some of those are people that disagree with her comments, that have the utmost RESPECT for mia, owing to the fact that she never lies, always has FACTS to back her comments up, is open minded, and isn’t a crowd pleaser…she has no agenda..she is what she is…..and you?????
    so f u ck off, we have seen your type before…we know your game…it won’t work….mia might disagree with people here, but they don’t hate her…they actually grudgingly respect her…and will back her if push comes to shove…SURPRISED???!!

    so… -”. -”. -”.yourself…

    mia…ignore the clams….don’t forget…i have the linguine…sally has the garlic and wine…feast in a week!!

  16. Miapocca says

    ahahahah clam alert…………….

    You dont need to understand anyone , all you need to do is SCROLL over …i think Jackie the Biatch is back y’all


  17. name not important says

    Does anyone know what Mia is talking about? Words are coming out, but all I read is “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah”.

    She’s doing this: >”. >”. >”.

    But we need her to do this: -“. -“. -“.

  18. Miapocca says

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmanother mentally challenged baffon,…,if serious tomkat fans know that teh marriage (if it did happen) came after the baby…LIB doesnt even need to respond to your pathetic arse….either make a comment on your own ot STFU …

    Why the need to tag on to someone’s statement…pray tell you are projecting..the fact that you WANT to be the hag with bas posture who cant eat so shops till she drops is quite obvious…For all the time I have known LIB, I can stay for sure that she does not want to be a hag…;;;

    Get over your lousy pathetic brainless self

  19. Miapocca says

    why waste time feeling sorry for peopel who obviously dont need it or car..If you need to ffeel sorry for someone maybe you should look at pictures of hungry kids in whichever country jolie jets off to next..they need it more than us …hahah

  20. joy says

    12. Libraesque, you are really jealous of katie, or you want to be with tom cruise, right? Katie is a very decent woman, has a very high moral values. You are a big fan of angelina, birds of the same feather flock together. Katie and Tom were married twice, she got pregnant after marriage. You are so evil and pathetic, get lost on this web site.

  21. name not important says

    You ladies have no life. Nothing better to do but complain and fight. I would say I feel sorry for your husbands but chances are you are single.

  22. Miapocca says

    jsut had clams in wine and garlic sauce as sally suggested it was scrumptious…now back to work ahahhaha..I seriously coudl do with more clams….

    I wonder what happened to the clam BIATCH jackie..she is probably lurking around aka martha, marriane etc…hahahha…scared jackie, sad about tha tone, she had everyone fooled for a while including her best defender Malayka….

  23. Shadow Girl says

    try to be a little more direct, weirdo above me. The multiposting debate was resolved some time ago, Martha, and I highly suggest you shut your big filthy trap and haul @ss out of here.

    Otherwise, as Crude fans only title about one or two now, you’ll get drowned out by all the others who have done the research and hate Crude for who he is, not the faulty image he’s trying to present. Can’t believe some people are dumb enough to fall for it.

    Stuff it, $cieno clams. I eat clams for lunch…..

  24. Miapocca says

    Where do these empty headed people come from anyway………………..Thats right I enjoy SCRIBLING away not babbling…Unlinke you and the rest of the fools who have to tag on to others, I do have an opinion and I write it down..I have no need for other people like you who dont have one…


  25. Miapocca says

    Marianne, find yourself another target and express your opinion on the pictures…you are not here to tag on to other bloggers or what they have to say..if you have nothing original to say, it quite simply scroll over and go away..you also completely missed the point,,try to understand before jumping into a conversation…or or you the tail invented by Martha..let us know so I dont bother with another nit wit on this site

    bad news for selma hayek…for those who were so offended that she was called fat..she is FAT and that has posed a risk to her baby and herself..
    Hopefully she is being well manage and will give birth to a health child and come through gloriously.

  26. Marianne says

    Mia you are one to talk.

    You’ve been babbling on here about who knows what on EVERY single picture.

  27. Miapocca says

    Martha and Dori of this world shoudl nto be on blog…you start trouble and then play victim..get over yourselves..
    why not just create another ID and stalk that…Cats love it , they chase their own tail around…I bet you will love it too seeing your intelligence level is far below normal standards….

    Animalistic arse, if you have nothing to say , just shut up ….

  28. Martha says

    And if you could read correctly, I agreed with a comment above me. I don’t mulit post the way you do Lib. You want to come on here every other day and find someone to pick on. YOU need to stop. This is a baby site and you are always looking to fight. Is your life that miserable?

    I know you are Lib, Shadowgirl and probably a few others. Just because I went to babyrazzi to check the site out and saw your name there doesn’t make me a stalker. Like I said before, ANYONE can access the members whether you are a member or not. So get over yourself and GET OVER THIS.

  29. Libraesque20007 says

    now I’ve got that trail of cat sick lea following me around from thread to thread.

    I guess since Martha was humiliated off the board she’s now turned up as lea

  30. Shadow Girl says

    Some of them did get deleted, yeah. I’ve had to moderate my own tongue(choice of language). All I can say is that Martha pops up whenever LIB does, and that she’s a definite cyberstalker.

    Grow up, (Martha)brat, get a boyfriend or something. You can’t faze us, we’ve called out many others on their stupidity before.

  31. Libraesque2007 says

    also, before some of the posts here got deleted you posted something as Martha, then posted “I agree” under Martha, which proves that in addition to being a stalker you’re also a multi-poster


  32. Libraesque2007 says

    martha you got your a s s handed to you yesterday, so you’re the one who needs to get over it

    you admitted to going to my profile on Hellorazzi when I NEVER even said I was on it.
    that’s called stalking someone

    also, I think it’s HILARIOUS that you called me a “fatty” when the picture I have posted has three girls in it, and none of them are fat

  33. Miapocca says

    Dori , note that your stupid complaints dont absolve the nonsense that you have noted up thre…you may blah blah all you want, but it only magnifies your ignorance and shows how little you care about the nasty comments you have made….I sincerely hope you never have enough time on this earth indoctrinate any children into your foolish thought process….

    sick woman

  34. Malayka says

    Suri is just a little superstat though it is sad that her threads have to degenrate to someone insulting Lib all the time. I wonder why people don’t learn that she is just an attention seeker and enjoy pics of Suri and her cutie mama. Katie is turnignout to be a trendsetter and a fashion icon.

  35. Marianne says

    Miapocca: What do scandinavian eyes look like?

    I think she looks a lot like both Tom and Katie. Tom and Katie also say she’s their daughter, so I really have no reason not to believe them. So what if she wasn’t? But really, there’s no doubt that she’s their biological daughter. Also, the eyes have changed, but the characteristic fold on them is still there like from the baby pics. And babies evolve differently, I think Suri looks older because she’s so tall and has a lot of hair.

  36. Nicki says

    55. Martha- And for the slow person who said she was leaving one thread to go to another, Why did you keep coming back to the Angie & Shiloh thread?
    In #54 you had the nerve to shoo me away to there, yet you kept coming back with your stupid contest about couples which was wrong, then you changed it to person. You are making no sense.
    You need to take a break and learn to scroll over thing if you are getting “pissed off” at people. You have a choice to engage in or ignore. It shouldn’t be personally upsetting.

  37. Holly says

    martha and libra holy cow guys just CHILL!!! trying to read other ppls comments in between ur guys fighting is ridiculous! i’m 17 (and love all the adorbale babies on this site:)) and i have never EVER had a cyber fight this childish. i’ve never even had one FULL STOP! coz in the end its just a computer site and NO ONE CARES WHAT OTHER PPL THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! other bloggers just come on here to see the babies and thats it. so seriously you two just take a chill pill and stop pissing off the other bloggers. much love xx

  38. Martha says

    and for the slow people that don’t get my comments, when I said “going to another sandbox” I meant another thread, not website.

    if you think your childish antics are going to keep me off this site, think again! if every person lib pissed off went to another site, there would be no babyrazzi.

  39. Martha says

    Nicki aka Shadow Girl aka Libraesque.

    STFU. Go the the Angelina/Shiloh thread and see who started it. Opinion or not, Lib is the same way when someone comments on her comment.

    Now this is pathetic, you guys are stalking me. Bet if we took a count on who hates Lib the #s would be overwhelming.

  40. Nicki says

    35. Jean – It has nothing to do with the fact that Martha has made a comment or complaint about Libra… Martha is stalking her thread to thread. I don’t care who complains about who.my motto, just scroll past it. But it is a blog, and comments are expected. You can respond or not. But to harass someone, it just seems weird (actually very funny) to me when you are unarmed with a good response. I’m amused by it. Martha did say she was going to another sand box, yet she is still at it.

    I don’t care who is a fan of anyone. I like oriana and she doesn’t like Angie, I do. I can’t stand Tom, but I like Katie. Everyone has a choice to respond to people, or not. But stalking someone is going a bit far in my book.
    But I do find it quite humorous, and got quite a laugh today. It is getting weird and creepy now. She needs to stop now. She said way earlier this afternoon she was done, but yet she continues. Peace.

  41. Martha says

    See all?

    Lib said she was going to ignore me and she keeps starting up with me. Someone tell her what a restraining order is (STALKER!)

  42. Martha says

    Oh yes, I’m stalking you Lib. Get over yourself and your 10 “friends” that are all one in the same. And I clicked on babyrazzi from this page to see what it was about and it’s not that hard for any person to click on members to see who posts there. I went when you and Oriana were arguing so I could see what you guys were talking about. So don’t flatter yourself fatty (saw your picture)

    LIBRAESQUE started with me first and is now obessing over me. Like it is stated above, we all know how your posts go and just how crazy you are.

    And to your altered ego that just joined us recently why don’t you read other threads moron before assuming I’ve ever wasted my time posting to Lib’s comments.

  43. Libraesque says

    Z, there is this weird theory, well it’s not even a theory, there is this NUT on tomkatcrazy, she says her name is Claire Cruise and she claims Suri is a triplet
    Granted this girl is CRAZY, I mean certifiable, but in the side by side link I posted, I noticed that Suris eye shape is totally different in one pic than the other.
    I’m not saying I believe that nutsack, I’m just saying it’s really WEIRD that she looks almost like a different baby in some photos, and no other celeb baby looks that different frmo pic to pic

    want to be really entertained? read claires myspace page, it’s a hoot


  44. Zbella says

    #52 Guess I have no idea what you are trying to get at?! So her eyes changed? I don’t really know, I don’t pay that much attention to Suri. I saw her in VF and then again a few months ago when I found this site. But what are you saying – they had plastic surgery or it’s a different baby or what?

    I come here to enjoy the photos and for the record, I am not a TomKat fan and I ADORE the Jolie-Pitt clan. At the same time, I am certain Suri is indeed Katie and Tom’s baby!

  45. Juci says

    i dont see how suri looks like a boy i mean yeah maby katie could do something with suri’s hair but shes 15 months old. all children that age have that kind on hair boy or girl. shiloh looks more like a boy then suri

  46. Libraesque says

    hey shadow, on the other thread she said “you live for babyrazzi and hellorazzi”


    If that doesn’t prove she’s TOTALLY stalking me I don’t know what does
    How would she know, and why does she care if I’m on Hellorazzi!!!!

    what a freak!!!

  47. Libraesque says

    #50, are you serious? You do realize I’m saying from one day to the next this kid has different eye shapes.

    And I’m 99% positive the eyes you’re born with are the eyes you’re stuck with. Age may make the LID droop etc, but that IS NOT what I’m talking about

  48. Shadow Girl says

    Bugger off, Martha and Jo. Jo likes to feed us bullshit all the time, I just ignore.

    Appears to me that Martha really is stalking, you notice that she doesn’t say anything until LIB puts her opinions up. I wouldn’t disagree with anyone’s opinions, but there is a nicer way of politely disagreeing, or just plain contradiction.

    At any rate, I’m one of LIB’s friends and if you want to call me a bodyguard of hers, I don’t really give a flying Philadelphia, all right? You’re just blowing hot air, all the more knowingly making yourself look like a giant idiot. You’re one of those damn pimples on society’s ass and you should be medicated.
    GO LIB!

  49. Zbella says

    Too many angry, mentally unstable people on here. Martha – I understand where you’re coming from, but don’t waste your time. Just enjoy the photos.

    Suri is a stunning baby girl. My eyes were almond shaped as a baby/child but no longer. Of course eye shape, face shape and body shape change from baby to toddler to child to adult. It’s a simple fact – not an opinion. 🙂

  50. Julie says

    Yet again, Suri is delicious! I love her love her love her!!! And #1, Miapocca, thank you for the link to the pics of Tom; he is looking hotter than ever!!!!! Yummy!!!

  51. Fifi says

    Suri is not a cute baby at all!! the first pictures of her were adorable but shes getting more unattractive everyday!!

  52. Libraesque says

    yes martha, everyone can see how you’re done talking to me, 10 times over since I told you to GET OFF MY ASS.
    And once again you’re not getting the concept of an OPINION.

    NOW, I’m going to do EVERYONE a favor here and NOT respond to you anymore

  53. Jean says

    This is a public forum and I’ll stick my “snout” any where I want, just like everyone who seem to be doing that.

  54. Martha says

    Who is your friend? All 10 of your alias? PUHLEASE. Look who’s stalking who. I’ve been done talking to you and you keep responding. You stalk everyone on EVERY TOMKAT thread. You can’t stand that anyone actually like this little girl or anyone who actually thinks Tom is her daddy.

  55. Libraesque says

    Jean I would advise you not to stick your snout in where it doesn’t belong.
    26 comments ago I told her to get off my ass, and yet she follows me from thread to thread trying to stir up trouble with me.

    And martha, are you JEALOUS that I have friends here? Why else would you make childish comments?

  56. dori says

    Hey Libra love the link who is the father huh? I think she looks a lot her mom but also like Josh Hartnett hmmmm??????

  57. Libraesque says

    calling me out??? ON WHAT?????

    putting me in my place???? you have GOT to be kidding.

    you’re the one making a fool of yourself following me from thread to thread cutting and pasting comments, saying I started something on another thread so you’re finishing it here…..WTF!!!!!
    you need to just STOP

  58. Jean says

    Nicki, I do like your comments and you seem to be such a nice lady BUT why just pick on Martha when obviously a lot more people have complained about Libraesque and she seem to be the stalker or some of the other nasty posters.

  59. Nicki says

    Martha- seriously you need to stop stalking other posters and get along to another sand box. LMAO. You sound obsessed.

  60. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Interesting link …Hmm I say she looks a lot like Hartnett..no because the timing fits but just a look at the other 3.Klien looks like he had his nose done so I cant compare that nose…they all have those scandanavian/asiatic eyes though, at least we can tell the hag is attracted to the eyes and not the height..

    hmmm I really cant tell the age of a child from their height , a, manners etc etc….development differs in all children so its a longshot on that one, thats why its easy for them to get away with any fabrication on age, because development does differ from child to child

    In anycase,..we kn ow hag and midget want another baby, so lets wait and see how the insemination is done …ahahhaha..I guess it helps to virilize hag while they delude themselves into trying

    Anyway, tms reports usher is mad at his fans for slamming the faincee/manager..so he is asking his fansite to be shut done..that girl sure got some voddo..I just saw her naked somewhere and it wasnt pretty at all..ahahha…I will take hag anyday over that one

  61. Martha says

    Lib, idiot. You started it on the other thread. I’m just finishing it. Talk about being obsessed. LET IT GO. You can’t stand someone calling you out can you? If I’m such a stalker and stupid or whatever you called me then just ignore me. You can’t, can you? You can’t stand to be put in your place.

  62. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    You clams are seriously funny….can’t you just see an opinion is just an opinion, no one is right, LIB doesnt claim to be right, she is just putting what she think s out there..so why dont you all do teh same ans stop tailing on the opinion of others…some of you are just need a might swat now and then…………

    The interesting thing is that LIB and myself have extremely opposite views of Jolie, yet we never fough over it…y’all just need to learn how to write your own comments and stop attacking otheres for expressing tehir..ifyouare on clam juice thats a whole different case a lot more pitiful because you cant help yourself

  63. Martha says

    Poor Lib. You must have heart attacks always trying to prove yourself and shut people up. You can’t stand being called out. Bet you stay up at night wondering about your last arguement on her and what your next words will be.

    Quit making it sound like I’m obsessed with you. YOU were the one that started it and I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit back and let you talk to me like you TRY to talk to everyone else.

  64. Libraesque says

    martha, you may not have noticed this but NO ONE tells me what to do
    why are you so obssessed with me??? you’re following me from thread to thread!!!

    and YOU”RE THE ONE bringing up Shiloh on every Suri thread and Suri on every Shiloh thread, so you really just need to get over it

  65. Martha says

    How about this? Go post on a Brangelina thread and leave the rest of us who like Suri in peace. You are the most hated poster on the website so I’m sure that should make a lot of people happy.

  66. Martha says

    Yes I wanted to show you how ridiculous you sound. You are so obsessed with hating TomKat you will stop at nothing to make everyone agree with you. LET IT GO SWEETHEART.

  67. Lauren says

    Luv seeing pictures of Suri and Katie. Beautiful mother and daughter team. Suri looks a lot like Tom. Beautiful little girl.

  68. Libraesque says

    martha, what the **** are you talking about? I wish I could find my comment where I said Shiloh looks like a boy, except for her lips, because she looks so much like Brad

    Now, if you’d kindly GET OFF MY *** ON EVERY SINGLE THREAD

  69. Martha says

    Lib why do you think Suri looks like a boy but Shiloh doesn’t? Suri has more (longer) hair and actually wears dresses. I think this is because you don’t like her parents.

  70. Jean says

    That looks like tablecloth or towel Suri is holding. lol
    I bet they tried to take the towel off her but she refused.

  71. Jean says

    Oh my, Tom is just getting younger. Thanks for the link.

    I’m enjoying all these cute Katie and Suri pictures, thanks webmistress…the more the merrier.

  72. Libraesque says

    what’s wrong with her arm? Is that a bandage??? Minus the dress this kid looks like a boy, why can’t they do something with that awful hair???
    why do they all have the same haircut, it’s SO bizarre

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