1. Marianne says

    Children aren’t stupid, she probably looks stressed in the photos because she can sense that her parents are stressed. Who wouldn’t be with cameras following you and your baby everywhere looking to pick at any little thing (like shock, horror! No shoes or cutoff shorts?). I think these celebrities should have an official media sitting once every 3 months while their children are little and then the media should lay off following them. The children don’t choose to be famous.

  2. kelly says

    Matilda always looks so scared or sad, maybe it’s the paps that bother her. But most celeb babies seem not to mind the paps. Heath looks good again lately and Matilda is cute. Michelle is the only one in the family that annoys me.

  3. patti says

    Aw, how cute they both look. Heath looks like he’s deep in thought, not angry. I love the chubby legs on Matilda. He and Michelle treat her like anyone else’s child would be. They take her out, and apparently let her be comfy without shoes, when on here stroller rides. It does look like she had a chance to run about (the smudge on her knee). Good mum and dad.

  4. Melissa R says

    It always surprises me that these stars make a killing at what they do…then look at the way they dress. Like they should be homeless and on the street. I agree that they shouldn’t have to wear a tux every time they go out, but people please use some discretion. Those jeans look stained…that is just tacky!!!!

  5. Linda says

    It looks like thoes yellow shoes she has been wearing in some of her pictures are in the back of the stroller. Also mabe they were at the park because I see her knee looks like she has maybe been on the ground.

    I believe he has the headgear on to maybe keep his hair back as he has it longer right now because of making the DK movie.

    I live in Oh, which is close to NY and they have had the same weather as us and it has been very hot in July this year. Cut off jeans is no different than women wearing capri’s and he doesn’t seem like a sandal person to me.

    All of it is just observation as I do not know him personally as do most people who give their personal comment.

    I’m sorry but I just think he is hot no matter what he is wearing or looks like and Matilda is a very cute baby as is some of the other star babies. But, everyone has a right to their opinion. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me as I do not everyone else.

  6. maggie says

    matilda is not a cute baby, sorry but its the truth, she looks like her dad but her dad is super hot

  7. Analise says

    I say he is a jerk and my comment is awaiting moderation? Yet people say the F word like it’s gospel with no problem here. lol

  8. Nicki says

    Linda-If it were so hot where they are, why the heck would Heath have on a long sleeved shirt, homemade long cutoff shorts, socks, ankle-high boots and two types of knit head gear? I mean the daughter even has on 3/4 length sleeves. It doesn’t look too hot there.

    My point was she is 20 months old, living in NY (a not very clean city) and she seems to be usually barefoot. They are not in thier house, where every child could and should go barefoot. At 20 months I would hope she was active enough to want to get out of the stroller once in awhile and run a bit. Most of the homes in NY have steps of some sort, so they either carry her up after thier stroll, or she walks up shoeless. No big deal just an observation.

  9. Zbella says

    US WEEKLY has a much cuter picture of the whole family. Matilda is so cute – like her HOT daddy. I do not like the hair do, but otherwise, he’s looking good. I love barefoot babies. SO CUTE!

  10. Linda says

    She is so cute just like her parents. She sure looks a lot like Daddy although she does have some of Mommy’s features also.

    Coming from these two she has to be.

    It has been very hot there so why wear hot shoes. I think he has a right to wear shorts like everyone else. People think everytime stars go out they have to be dressed fit to kill all the time. They are just normal people like everyone else. DO YOU always get all dressed up to go out for a walk? They just want to be normal like everyone else.

  11. Julie says

    Sorry, I thought she was a boy too at first. She does look like daddy, who I think is attractive. I think it’s an easy mistake to make as she’s not dressed in clothes that shout out “GIRL!”. Also, I’m all about barefoot babies. I love baby feet, but more importantly, they develop their muscle coordination better without shoes on. Around the house or if I know they’ll just be in a stroller, my 18 month olds are always barefoot.

  12. dori says

    Michelle’s little girl is adorable and what a hunk he is. I don’t know if I like thislook on him… It’s kind of funny looking isn’t it?

  13. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    She is matilda minime…quite homley looking at this stage…she will grow into her beauty with time I bet….

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