An Expectant Bridget Moynahan Working Out With Her Trainer

Bridget Moynahan

An expectant Bridget Moynahan was snapped working out with her trainer in LA. Wow…she is dedicated…she is reportedly due this Friday…on Gisele Bundchen’s birthday!


  1. jane says

    Why the assumption that Bridget was on the pill? Many women – for various reasons – do not use the pill for birth control, and no birth control is fullproof. Also, if a woman is planning to try to get pregnant within the year – which Bridget made clear she wanted – then it is wise to go off the pill. And accidents/b.c. failure happen all the time. We would hear about even more if it wasn’t for abortion, and I am glad that Bridget did not go that route! Good for her.

  2. sheila says

    My respect for Tom has slipped too,she has a part in this, too. If he wasn’t wearing a condom…tell him to. If she skipped the pill…it’s on her. I sort of smell a trap here.

  3. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    I don’t remember ever smiling and laughing when i was trying to work out, but that’s just me. He is an ass though! I hope he comes to his senses and goes back to her (if she’ll have him back). Can you imagine explaining that situation to your child?? Poor kid! Super model will move on to someone bigger and better…track record says it all.

    You’d think all that exertion would make her water break!! LOL Best of luck to her and her bundle of joy!

  4. jay says

    Looks like she might not make it till friday.She looks really Sad. Some Men are evil.Best wishes to her.

  5. Lauren says

    Wow, looks like that Bridget dropped already. She does look kind of sad here. Stupid Tom for getting her pregnant and abandoning their child and her for a stupid supermodel.

    Team Bridget!

  6. JANET says

    Bridget will be fine no matter how things turn out with the QB. She is an amazing and beautiful woman and I am sure will make a GREAT mom. Here’s hoping for an easy delivery – if there is such a thing!

    Team Bridget all the way!

  7. Janie says

    She is gorgeous. The baby is going to be beautiful. I used to be a huge Tom Brady fan – but not anymore!

  8. Private Catt says

    That’s good that she is getting prepared! I know that secretly she wish that she could bash Tom’s head in with a 20 pound weight! She does look sad! I have sympathy for her! Bless her heart!

  9. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    She looks like she is getting mentally prepared to give birth.she looks like she has a lot of her mind,,,maybe she is scared..I remebered watching tori spelling who started balling when it was time..she was soo scared///

  10. carleigh says

    WOW..she is carrying very, very low. She looks tired and I’m sure she’s ready to get it all done and have that baby already. Can’t wait to see pictures.

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